tagLesbian SexCollege Girls Getting WeT & WiLd Ch. 02

College Girls Getting WeT & WiLd Ch. 02


Note to readers: Thank you for the overwhelming response and feedback on my first story. I have spent the past three years working on my second degree but promised that I would come back with a sequel. Certain passages from Chapter I were based on real life occurrences between me and Jessica. Jessica and I lost touch after I moved onto graduate school, but to this day, I still attribute the awakening of my bisexuality to that one very sexy girl.

What you are about to read in Chapter II is mostly a fictional account of what might have happened between us. This story picks up right after Cindy and Jessica share their first bisexual experience as roommates. It remains a personal favorite fantasy of mine and after all these years, it still has the power to ignite the passion deep within me. I hope you will enjoy it. ~Cindy

As sunlight crept into the room in the wee hours of the morning, Cindy felt her eyelids flutter against the soft light. She rubbed her eyes and allowed the image before her to come to focus. She gasped and then slowly released her breath through slightly parted lips. She fixed her eyes on the silhouette before her and reveled in how its warmth enveloped and comforted her. Cindy blinked a few times and images of young, supple curves soon formed and filled her eyes. Jessica was curled up on her side, still sound asleep, with rich locks from her silky hair cascading down her bare back and shoulder, seeking refuge in the valley formed between her luscious breasts. As she breathed deeply in her slumber, her chest would heave and the locks of her hair would brush up against and tease her pink nipples, leaving them erect and inviting. Cindy moved her gaze down the length of Jessica’s body and saw that her left hand was nestled between the crevices of her legs. Almost instinctively, she ran her tongue across her own lips as if trying to remember the taste…yes, the taste of hot nectar flowing into her mouth and running down her chin and neck. Yes…the guiding of her head to the hot center between milky white thighs, the filling of her mouth with an engorged clitoris, the gentle rocking and grinding against her tongue, the musky scent of Jessica’s wet sex, and the delightful mixture of urgent pleas and soft moans muffled against a pillow. Yes…it had all come back to her.

Cindy felt the heat of her passion rise up from her sex and course through her veins. She felt it sweep across her neck and face, infusing them with a radiant color. Her pupils dilated and her eyes burned with lust and desire. She was insatiable. She wanted and craved for so much more than what was given to her last night. But Cindy knew that she needed to move slowly. She needed to be gentle with Jessica because she didn’t know how Jessica would feel about last night, and whether she would regret anything.

Frustrated, Cindy flung herself on her back and felt the immediate coolness of the sheets soothe her inner fire. She took a couple deep breaths to calm down and gather her thoughts, but still couldn’t ignore the musky scent diffusing from between her legs like heavy perfume on a hot summer’s day. She couldn’t ignore the wetness that seeped idly from between her swollen lips or the rhythmic throbbing of her clitoris. She tried resisting the urge to touch herself and giving into temptation so easily. Cindy took pride in being a well disciplined person who seemed always to have things “under control,” but when it came to sex, she was no match. Sometimes she hated how easily overcome she was by her sexual desires and how she would stop at nothing to feel the pleasure build between her legs and the orgasm grab hold of her body and ride it hard and fast like a madman.

Cindy let out a soft sigh and turned onto her side to face Jessica. She reached over for Jessica’s hand and brought it to her lips. As she inhaled, she caught a faint whiff of her own scent on Jessica’s fingers. Cindy remembered how those slender fingers had toyed with and pinched her hard nipples and how they had coyly found their way between her legs where they caressed and fondled her clit without mercy. She remembered how slick and wet they were while plunging into her tight pussy to fill her up, and how she had creamed all over them when she came. Cindy closed her eyes and slid Jessica’s finger into her mouth, tasting herself. She swirled her tongue around the tip, teasing its nerve endings, and slowly eased the entire length of the finger into her mouth. Her lips wrapped around the base and slowly, she moved her mouth up and down while her tongue continued to caress it. She wished it would swell and fill her mouth like a cock, but instead, she slid another finger into her mouth and sucked hungrily while Jessica slept.

Jessica had tossed and turned all night. Her body ached and burned, and her skin shimmered with sweat. Ephemeral images danced in her head…images of her roommate Cindy…yes, of Cindy’s luscious breasts pressed against her face…of perky pink nipples slipping past her lips, begging to be sucked…and of an erect clit within smooth lips riding the tip of her tongue. Jessica’s eyes danced behind closed lids as if watching a movie only she could see. The fine line between reality and fantasy was fading quickly and her chest heaved while these images continued to invade her mind.

Feelings of lust and desire for another girl were foreign to her, and yet she had felt them. She was confused. In her dreams, she had known the gentleness of another girl’s touch and the softness of her lips. Her fingers had caressed skin as smooth and white as her own and they had found the little pearl hidden between swollen lips and deep, thick folds. She had tasted, for the first time, the bitter-sweetness that defined women, and had plunged her tongue into an inferno of desire. She had heard Cindy call out her name, begging her to lick faster and to suck harder, and she had felt a rush of wetness coat her tongue and trickle down her throat.

Jessica’s body began to pulsate and fill with fervor. She rolled onto her back, exposing her breasts to the coolness of morning’s air. Her nipples ached and filled with a rosy color as the morning chill teased them into erectness. “It’s all a dream,” her mind repeated like a broken record, but her eyebrows furrowed and her lips formed a pout. She knew it wasn’t just a dream. She had been seduced by her roommate…a female with such raw sexual energy and magnetism. Cindy’s lust was contagious, spreading and infecting those around her. Jessica recalled how hot and feverish she had felt when Cindy had touched her and how her body had yielded against her will to knowing and wanton caresses.

Jessica ran both hands down her neck and over her breasts. Her nipples hardened against her warm touch. She arched her back and moaned as her fingers toyed with and pinched her nipples hard. Her hands continued down the softness of her tummy, sending ripples of sensations throughout her body, and when her fingers found the dimple of her belly button, they dipped into it and rubbed the soft flesh around it in circles. Jessica smiled in her sleep and bit down on her lower lip. She reveled in the sensations that were flooding her soft, young body. And as her hand traveled down her naked body, it stopped to knead the soft mound of her shaven pussy and she parted her thighs when it reached down to cup her wet sex. Ooooh, so smooth…so wet…and so ripe for the picking. She felt the wetness from within build and release like a small tidal wave, coating and lubricating her inner walls and lips.

With one hand, Jessica’s middle and index finger formed a “V” to part her slick, swollen lips. Her inner lips were shades of bright pink and her clit stood erect like a tiny cock just begging to be sucked and licked. She imagined cool air being blown across her clit, causing it to stiffen and perfuse with blood. Jessica reached up with her other hand to cup her breast and tweak her nipple. She imagined a soft mouth gently tugging and biting on her pussy lips and a soft, supple tongue caressing her inner thighs and licking her smooth mound. She imagined hands pushing apart her legs, fingers prying into her delicious wet sex, and a hot tongue plunging into her folds, seeking out her clit.

Jessica felt a few light taps across her clit that caused it to stir and stiffen further. Her legs were spread wider as a thumb and finger encircled her clit and began jacking it off rhythmically. Jessica’s body jolted as waves of pleasure swept through her body, peaking at her nipples and fingertips. “This dream is too good to be true,” Jessica thought to herself. She felt a slick, wet tongue dip into her hole, caressing the walls within it and instinctively, her hot little hole clamped down on it, trying to milk that tongue for all she was worth.

Cindy was kneeling at the foot of the bed with her tongue buried deep in Jessica’s sweet pussy while her fingers jacked of her clit. She couldn’t help herself. Jessica had appeared so vulnerable and so sexy in her sleep, just like a girl waiting and begging to be fucked. She tongued the soft flesh between Jessica’s pussy-hole and asshole and felt the wetness pour out to coat her tongue. Her tongue slid down towards Jessica’s tight asshole and then slowly moved up to encircle that hot pink clit. She began to tease and torment Jessica by dragging her tongue ever so slowly and gently along the length of her clit, pausing every now and then to blow cool air across it. She drew circles around the clit and gently flicked the sensitive tip with her tongue. Cindy dug her fingernails into Jessica’s thighs, leaving imprints as she pushed them further apart and buried her face in that hot wet pussy. Her tongue began attacking Jessica’s clit with rapid, hard flicks. She used her upper teeth to lift up the hood as she sucked the clit into her mouth and began bobbing up and down on it. She loved giving Jessica a little blow job and GOD….she looked so hot with her legs completely spread and her hot pink pussy so exposed and vulnerable.

When Jessica started to moan and whimper, Cindy could hold back no longer. She parted her knees and slipped a finger between her own wet lips. And as she sucked and tongued Jessica’s clit, she began rubbing her own clit with the same passion and fury. With her face buried deep in that hot, wet snatch, Cindy heard her own moans echo against the inner walls and felt the tip of her tongue vibrate against Jessica’s clit. She reached up to grab and squeeze the fleshiest part of Jessica’s left breast while her fingers tugged at her nipples.

Cindy closed her eyes to revel in the moment. As her fingers worked her clit and pumped in and out of her sweet hole, she couldn’t stop thinking about how lucky she was to have such a hot fuck in her own bed. Her tongue was drenched with Jessica’s sweet juices and the air was filled with the sweet musky scent of sopping wet sex. She just loved rubbing her face in Jessica’s sweet cunt and lapping up her pussy juices, bathing her tongue and lips in all that sweetness. She couldn’t help but grind her hips into her own hand and hump her fist like a bitch in heat. She was such a slut and she knew it. Here she was, on her hands and knees, with her tongue up her roommate’s cunt and her fingers in her own pussy. Man, did she love it!

Cindy dug her fingers deep into her pussy and slowly withdrew them. With her fingers now drenched in her own musky scent and wetness, Cindy got up onto the bed and slowly smeared her pussy juices across Jessica’s pouty lips. She pressed her lips against Jessica’s, kissing her gently but passionately...sliding her tongue over Jessica’s cum-smeared lips and tasting herself….then slipping her tongue past her lips for a deep French kiss. She then kissed the nape of Jessica’s neck, sucking gently on the soft flesh, and made a trail of wet kisses from the neck to her breasts. She stopped and swirled her tongue around a nipple, then took it into her mouth to tug and suck on it. She continued to flick her tongue across the nipple while milking that titty flesh with her hungry little mouth.

Cindy was getting so turned from sucking on her roommate’s gorgeous tits. She started rubbing her thigh against Jessica’s, but that wasn’t enough to satiate the ache that was building between her legs. Frustrated, Cindy parted her legs and mounted Jessica’s thigh. She then reached down to spread her pussy lips, exposing her hard clit to Jessica’s creamy soft thigh. Oooh…it felt so good to be rubbing her clit back and forth against Jessica’s thigh while filling her mouth up with soft flesh around hard nipple. She could feel the wetness from her pussy ooze out onto Jessica’s thigh while her hard little clit continued to hump it and fuck it. She wanted to cream all over Jessica’s thigh right then and there but decided that she would wait. She didn’t want all that cum to go to waste.

It was undeniable how aroused Jessica was in her sleep. Her face and neck were flushed and the tendrils from her silky hair clung to the side of her damp neck. Her nipples were dark and erect and her milky thighs glistened with sweat. Oh, what a lovely sight to see! Jessica was slowly slipping away from her fantasy world. She felt a sudden urgency to wake up…to abandon her dreams and surrender to the seduction of reality. Jessica could feel a sudden pressure build between her legs. Gosh…what was it that she was feeling? She felt her legs being parted again…not gently, but roughly. She felt a hot, wet mouth descend on her pussy, devouring it with long, fierce licks and several light flicks of the tongue. She felt the sensitive tip of her clit being pinched and sucked without mercy, and inhaled sharply when teeth were dragged over it. Jessica felt her pussy lips being tugged open and felt a tongue thrust into her, penetrating that hot pussy and fucking her sweet hole. The tongue was then replaced with several fingers that continued to plunge into her pussy while rubbing hard against that deep ridge of her G-spot.

Jessica’s body was undulating with pleasure. Her stomach tightened and her legs started to tremble. The sensations were almost more than she should bear. Her soft moans and deep pants filled the quiet with a delicious melody, and the soft grinding of her hips against the bed could be heard. Jessica heard a few muffled moans and felt something plunge deep into her pussy, filling it up and stretching it out. She gasped and her eyes fluttered wide open. She looked down between her legs and saw a gorgeous set of almond-shaped eyes staring up at her. She saw Cindy’s tongue flicking over her clit, sending waves of pleasure throughout her body, and a large, pink dildo slipping in and out of her wet pussy. God, it was so fucking hot to see her roommate playing with her pussy!

“Yeah, fuck it you bitch! Lick my clit and fuck my pussy!” Jessica hissed through gritted teeth. She was so fucking close to cumming…so close! She saw Cindy open her mouth and lower it onto her clit. She felt her lips wrap around it and start to move up and down on her clit while she flicked the tip with her tongue. She began pinching her own nipples while watching that big dildo ram into her tight hole and seeing it glisten with her pussy juices. Jessica’s legs start to tremble and grow weak; her breathing became more labored and her moans grew louder.

“Oh yeah…lick me faster Cindy. Oh yeah…fucking suck that clit and lick it like a whore! Do it faster! I’m going to cum…oh god….yes…I’m cumming!!!!” Jessica moaned as she grabbed Cindy’s face and pushed it into her pussy, creaming all over it. Her hips continued to grind against the bed and she rubbed her pussy against Cindy’s beautiful face, riding out the waves of her orgasm. Her body began to relax, and slowly, she loosened her grip on her roommate.

“Good morning, Jessica,” Cindy said while dragging the tip of her tongue across Jessica’s sensitive clit, sending aftershocks of pleasure all over her body.

“Mmmm…good morning, Cindy. That was fucking unbelievable!” Jessica replied while still in a daze.

Cindy got onto her feet and climbed into bed. She draped her body on top of Jessica’s and lowered her face so that their foreheads were touching. Jessica stuck out her tongue and let it run over Cindy’s cum-smeared lips, tasting herself. She continued sucking on the lower lip, then forced her tongue between Cindy’s lips, eliciting a soft moan.

“God I taste so fucking good!” said Jessica.

“Mmm, you certainly do. Now how about you taste some of me?” said Cindy. She got up on her knees and carefully positioned her pussy over Jessica’s face. With on hand, she parted her pussy lips, and with the other, she rubbed her clit with her thumb while fingering herself. Jessica could hear how sopping wet that cunt was.

“You know how I love having you watch me play with my pussy. God, it feels sooo fucking good Jessica,” moaned Cindy. Slowly, she lowered her pussy onto Jessica’s mouth until she felt a set of warm, wet lips encircle her clit.

“Yeah that’s it baby. Suck my clit. Give Cindy a fucking blow job with that nasty mouth of yours.” She could feel Jessica’s hand squeeze her tight ass while she worked on her clit with that tongue. Cindy then felt Jessica’s hands spread her ass cheeks wider and a finger slip inside her ass hole.

“Oh fuck yeah! Fuck my asshole while I ride your hot tongue bitch!” Cindy raised her hands up to her breasts and started pinching her hard nipples. She felt Jessica’s hard tongue slide into her cunt while another finger slipped into that tight ass of hers. Cindy moaned and starting grinding her hips against that hard tongue…riding it up and down and fucking it like a slut. Cindy grabbed that pink dildo and shoved it into her mouth, sucking and swallowing Jessica’s pussy juices.

“Mmm yeah baby, you make this dick taste so fucking good with your juices. Mmm…watch me lick this dick Jessica. Watch me make it nice and wet for your pussy.” After a couple more licks, Cindy bent back and slid that dildo up Jessica’s pussy, filling her up again. She heard Jessica gasp and moan, but continued to grind her clit into Jessica’s mouth. Her knees started to shake and she knew she was close to cumming.

“C’mon you bitch! Tongue my pussy like a fucking whore. Wag that tongue let me cum in your mouth!” Cindy pulled out the cum-soaked dildo and started sucking it. She loved tasted Jessica’s pussy juices on it.

“Mmm…oh yeah..mmm….I’m going to cum..mmm….I’m fucking cumming!!!!” Cindy moaned while pumping that dildo in and out of her mouth and grinding her clit against Jessica’s mouth. She could feel herself cream Jessica’s hot mouth, filling it up with her cum.

“That’s it baby. Suck it up and drink it,” Cindy said between moans. Her body felt thoroughly used and happy. Her eyelids felt heavy as she lowered her body onto the bed and wrapped her arms around Jessica. Together, both girls drifted off to sleep again…


Lee was outside leaning against the dorm building. At 6’1” and 175 pounds of pure muscle, this blonde hair, blue-eyed guy hardly went unnoticed as he made his way through campus. From the way he looked and dressed, you’d never have guessed that he was a total computer nerd…a computer genius in fact. His sun-bleached hair always had that sexy “I just woke up!” look and his long, lean features were hidden behind a stylish black t-shirt, faded blue-jeans, and a pair of black leather boots. Lee looked up to the third floor and smiled. “Third floor, Room 312,” he recalled her saying. He took one last smoke from his cigarette and threw it down to the ground. “Well, time to go pay some nice girls a visit,” he thought to himself, and pressed the elevator button.

(Story to be continued…)

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