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God she's beautiful. Her long brown hair, her beautiful face, those perky tits, and best of all that tight, firm ass. Every wet dream I've ever had combined into one doesn't come close to how sexy she is. Even better still, she has a smile that could light up a room and she is smarter than most people I know. She is, as Hamlet would say, the paragon of animals.

Oh, I'm sorry, I haven't introduced myself. I'm Liam. Liam O'Kelly. She's Rosita "Rose" Neil. In case you couldn't tell I'm very much in love with Rose and the only part that sucks is that it takes me so god damn long to show her. Well, the definition of "god damn long" is relative I guess. Almost all of this story takes place in one day, and it all started at the beginning of my college career. What better way to start a story then at the beginning, eh?

August 18th, 2009. The day I first laid eyes on the woman of my dreams. I was moving into my dorm room at college and there she was, moving in just a couple doors down. I was struck by the fact that she was moving in alone. Being the utter idiot that I am I didn't take the chance to introduce myself right then and there, instead taking the safe route and waiting until my parents left (last thing I need is texts from my mother asking me if I'm going out with that pretty girl I talked to the first day). Sure enough, some other guy did what I lacked the balls to do and helped her move in, and sure enough that guy turned out to be my roommate, Josh Finney. Josh isn't a bad looking guy and he's a good guy to boot so I thought he was going to get with Rose before I could even introduce myself.

I'm just sitting there, watching him set up, when I take the initiative I lacked earlier and ask "So who's that broad that you were talking to a few doors down?" (In case you couldn't tell, I'm from New York.) Now while he did give me her name, he also seemed to think that I had no chance with her. Let's just say that things didn't really go well from there.

*5 minutes later* "Fuck you man! All I'm asking is a chance to introduce myself before you seal the deal is all!" Unfortunately for me he wanted her as much as I did, but for different reasons. He said "Why would I let you do that? I don't even know you that well and I would become legendary if I could fuck the hottest girl in the building on the first day." So, we went back and forth like that for what seemed like forever until he relented. I always seem to get my way with Josh, probably why I think he's an alright guy.

"Alright dude. Go ahead and introduce yourself. I'll still seal the deal before you're even a blip on her radar." So I walked out and made my way over to her room. Now let's clear a couple of details up before I tell what happened next, because trust me when I say shit gets serious FAST. I'm a 6'1", 200 pound nerd that, while not bad looking, is certainly no Denzel Washington. Josh is a 6'0" 150 pound pot head that looks essentially like a Zac Efron minus that bull shit Greek god body. Rose is about 5'3" and I already told you what she looks like. Like Aphrodite minus...well minus nothing.

While Rose is my main target in this story, I might as well mention the other female lead. Rose's roommate is named Sarah and she's around 5'6" with a fat ass. She's nowhere close to Rose on the total package type of thing, but damn does Sarah have cake. Anyways, on to my first meeting with the girl of my dreams. *Knocks* Unfortunately Rose's face wasn't the one to greet me. "Hello?"

"Hello. My name's Liam. I'm from a couple doors down." This is going good so far, but just watch where this conversation heads. "Oh hello. My name's Sarah. What can I do for you?" Silly me. Did I think I could just walk down and introduce myself without a reason? "Oh, um, well I just was introducing myself. Thought I'd try and get to know everyone now before we barely see one another during the school year." Smooth genius. How does this help you meet Rose?

"Oh well then you succeeded. See you around." Fuck fuck fuck. Think of something dumbass! Damn you Sarah and your genius questions. "Do you have a roommate?" Ok, not the most disguised of questions, but luckily Sarah is not the sharpest tool in the shed. "Yea I do. Do you have a roommate?" Wait for it.

"Hey why don't I introduce you to him and I'll come back and introduce myself to your roommate?" Probably the smartest thing I'd say all day. "Ok." Now I'm not going to bore you with too much random dialogue here so I'll just say that I walked Sarah over to meet Josh and she almost started fucking him right then and there. I mean, he didn't get his name out and she started practically rubbing herself up against him. Long and short of it, I got way the fuck away before they did it. I'll relay what Josh eventually told me about that fuck sesh latter, the more important thing is what happens next.

So I walk back to Rose's room expecting her to be there. I knock, then nothing. I knock again, nothing. Here's where I pull a bone head move, I try the knob. It's unlocked and I poke my head in the door and ask if anyone's there. The room's empty so I think about leaving, and start to, when the most peculiar thing catches my eye. A whip. No joke, there was a whip under the bed in front of me. So I walked in and picked it up. Sure enough, it was some BDSM whip thing and, surprise surprise, there was a whole box behind it. We're talking monster sized dildos, anal beads, milk pumps, a nipple battery, and a fucking blender contraption that I would eventually figure out was used to attach a dildo too and use it as a makeshift human.

I was both horny at the thought of someone using these (I'm a human being. Sue me.) and shocked at all these items (Still a human being. I'm allowed to not like BDSM and still get horny at the thought of it.) Worst part, I'm kind of not into that shit and thought this ruined my chances with Rose. I sat there for probably 4-5 minutes not knowing what to do when I decided to put everything away before anyone came back, then what happened next hijacked my day. As I'm putting all this away I hear the door knob turn and I hide behind the bed I was snooping under. Then Rose walks right in wearing nothing but a robe.

How do I know she was wearing nothing but? Not half a second later she drops the robe and hops on the bed across from the one I was now hiding behind. Here was the order of what few, few, thoughts crossed my mind. First, thank god this wasn't her bed. Sarah must be the kinky one. Second, holy fuck she's beautiful. Third, I would fuck her from her until the next century before I even thought of being tired of that body. Notice anything rather important missing? I didn't fucking think about how I was getting out of this situation. As I'm peeping at the girl of my dreams from behind the bed of the girl of Josh's current reality she notices something on the ground. Want to guess what it was? "Holy shit is that a whip?" FUCK! How did I forget to put that away!!

So she walks over and picks the whip up and she then does the exact same thing that I did. She looked under the bed and sees the box. I don't know how she didn't see my shoe, but at the moment I was just happy she didn't. She then does the exact same thing I did and goes through it. The coincidences don't end there as, sure enough, she starts putting the box away when Sarah walks in looking both relieved and disheveled. (Use your brain and remember what I said earlier.)

"What are you doing under my bed?" I could see the trains coming in for a crash, and I was stuck in the blast radius. "I'm so sorry! I saw this whip sitting on the ground and one thing led to another and I saw your box of toys." Rose, Toys is putting it mildly hot stuff. "Oh my god I can't believe you did that!"

"Look I'll make it up to you! Let me go buy you lunch. I honestly didn't mean to invade your privacy." Am I really going to get away with this right now? You'd think that's how this was going to go, but no way do I get THIS lucky. "Alright but we'll need to talk when we get back." So Rose puts on clothes, much to my disappointment, and they leave. I sit there for possibly 20 seconds and realize I need to get the fuck out of there as soon as possible. I get up from behind the bed and move to the door.

As I open, no joke, as I fucking open the door whose face is right in front of mine? Let's just say it's not the one I would have preferred to look at. "What were you doing in my room!?!" Damnit Sarah. This would have been a lot easier if you weren't a fucking dumbass. "Uhhh nothing I just popped in to see if your roommate was here remember?" Nice thinking stud. "Oh. Well you sure took your time. You just missed her, we're going down to eat."

She's stupid, alright. She's really stupid. "Alright. Guess I'll try again later." I proceeded to almost run away at light speed to my room. Now let's back track a bit. Remember when I said Josh was going to give me all the dirty details, well here's the dirty details from his POV. See you on the other side!

"I'm just setting up the room, minding my own business, when there's a knock at the door. Obviously I go answer it and to my surprise I see this babe standing next to Liam, my roommate, introducing herself as Sarah. I immediately start putting work in, especially after I saw that ass. She'd make Kim Kardashian blush. It didn't need to put much work in because she started grinding on me before Liam could run and try and introduce himself to Roseta, or whatever her name is. We barely talked, or at least we barely put thought into what we were saying, while we started making out and undressing each other.

Next thing I know I'm looking at an alabaster goddess in nothing but a g-string. I throw her on the bed and rip that useless underwear off with my teeth as I bury my face in her honey pot. I lashed my tongue out and encircled my target, slowly and menacingly tasting every fold. She tasted as divine as she looked and my tongue dug into her pussy as if searching for buried treasure. I brushed against her clit a couple times and the jolts it sent up her spine was enough to encourage me to further my feasting.

I looked up her body as I was doing this and it was a sight to behold. Her small landing strip of pubes leading to her slowly moistening body from how hot and bothered I was making her, and then her perky tits. As soon as I saw those mounds of joy just sitting there, lonely and begging to be held, I was happy to oblige. I grabbed her full tits and started playing with her nipples as if they were the knobs on a radio. Then all I saw was her beautiful face with her mouth in a perfect O.

Her moans were all I needed to keep searching her folds for gold and stop my sight-seeing. Soon she started panting heavily and each twerk of her nipples brought forth another loud moan. Then she arched her back and I knew she was about to come even as my mind became blank at the sight of her body in such a position of bliss. Turns out she's a squirter too because next thing I know I'm drenched in squirt, and she's begging for more with her eyes. So I rip off my useless underwear and aim my love gun for the holster.

She stops me just as I poke the head in and says "Wrong hole. No condom, no pussy." I let this sink in for a second, smile, and flip her over like it was nothing. I slap her ass, hard, and watched the ripples with amusement. She seemed to get turned on by this so I started slapping the shit out of her ass. Each smack caused a yelp of pain and then a low moan of approval and lust. I left huge handprints on her ba donka donk and maybe even a bruise or two. After that, I then pressed myself against her backdoor and before I've done anything she shivers and whispers "I think I'm in love with you already."

She gives me a devilish smile and I pressed ahead. The sounds of ecstasy that filled the room after I entered were unlike I've ever heard. I've never been in anything tighter than her ass. It was like all of Earth's gravity was focused on surrounding my cock and simultaneously pulling me in and pressuring me to stay still. It borderline hurt, yet it felt soooo good. I just started thrusting with all my might after I knew we both were adjusted to the pleasure we were both receiving. I moved my hips back and forth until I formed a steady rhythm, and she started pounding against my hips with all her might trying to get me deeper inside of her. She squirted all over my covers not 3 minutes after we started.

She screamed obscenities at me in such a way my cock got harder in side of her. Maybe 5 minutes later I felt myself getting close so I growled out a very primal warning. If she heard me, I couldn't tell because as soon as I grunted she screamed, came, and her ass got so god damn tight I popped off with her. I could feel every millimeter of my dick being sucked in at that moment. The bliss of our combined orgasm was unlike I'd ever felt, it was like my body found ultimate and perfect release in her ass. Suddenly I got alittle light headed and collapsed, rolling to the side so I wouldn't crush her, my spent cock slipped out of her with an audible pop.

For a minute there was only our heavy breathing, sweat, and bliss. Then I turned to her and stared into her eyes and say a mixture of love, lust, and confusion. She then smiled, kissed me like I've never been kissed before, cleaned herself up and said she had to go. She said I should rest up and get ready for the rest of the year because she was going to take up as much of my time as she could. I smiled and she was gone. I knew I didn't have much time after she left before someone would inevitable walk in so I cleaned myself up and threw my now soaked covers into my hamper to be washed. Right after I did that Liam comes running in, panting, as if he'd seen a ghost. I sat him down and we swapped stories of our day so far. As great as mine was, his was much more interesting."

Did that little escapade into my roomie's head get you hard as shit? No? Alright, then you're a woman and it get you wet as shit, right? No? Well I can't help you then, because that's all the action you're gonna get for a couple pages, except for some wink wink nod nod stuff in a bit. Anyways, back to the story.

So after he told me about his sexcapades, I told him my peeping tom story. For whatever reason he found my story more fascinating, probably because of the fact that his new girl was kinky as shit. So the first thing he tells me, more so admits to me, is that he's open to that kinky stuff too, so this could be a match made in heaven. I don't buy it, because Sarah dumb as a sack of hammers and Josh has an actual brain, however I declined to tell him as such. Needless to say, he was now on my side with trying to get me with Rose and that would prove to be a game changer.

So the next couple of hours consisted of actual normal college life (weird I know, but the truth is my and my roommate's lives weren't constant sexcapades). Anyways, later that day I decided to try and officially meet Rosita for the first time. I walked over to their room and tried the same thing as last time. Knock knock. No answer. I knocked one more time and this time I get a "Hold your god damn cock!" Great. Sarah's the one that's here.

"Hey Sarah. Wanted to see if I could meet your roommate since you've gotten to know mine so well." I was in no mood to play games with her right now. "He told you about that! How much did he say?" I paused as I decided whether to throw my roomie under the bus, or help his cause. I decided to do both.

"He told me enough for me to tell you that you should go over there right now and treat him to the best night of his life as long as you tell me where you roommate is." I was devilishly pleased by the response I got. "That little shit." Maniacal laughter lite up my brain. "I'm going to beat his ass and then fuck him until he can't think straight."

I didn't need to hear that, but at least I knew I came through for my homie. "So. Where's your roommate for fuck's sake?" Well, I hoped for fuck's sake, but now was not the time to split hairs on my verbiage. "She's taking a god damn shower. Wait on my bed for her if you'd like. I'll be using your room for a bit." Still too much information, but at least that's less blunt.

So she walked out of her room and stormed to mine. I took three steps into her room and knew immediately what was going on that prevented an answer to my first knocks. "Jesus Christ Sarah." She left that fucking blender contraption set up at the end of her bed and the room smelt of sex. I decided to just throw a blanket over the thing and spray one of the girl's Lysol cans before Rose walked in on this. Just in time too because as I sat down on Sarah's bed the door opened and my goddess strutted in with only a towel on. How did I know she only had a towel on? Guess. Did you guess she dropped the towel? Good for you if you did.

"Oh shit! I'm so sorry." What are you apologizing for idiot! She hasn't seen you yet! The thoughts that went through my head were INSANCE!! I went from thinking she was going to kill me to me realizing she had probably the greatest body I've ever seen. If it were possible, steam would have been coming out my ears!!!

"Ahhh! What are you doing in my room!" A lot of dialogue is about to happen that will set up the rest of my story, so try and follow along. Also, I just want to tell you now that throughout ALL of it she DIDN'T cover herself up AT ALL.

"I, um, decided to introduce myself to your roommate and she said to wait in here to meet you, that you'd only be a minute." Well that's a half-truth at least.

"She didn't tell you I was in the shower!" She was mad, and if I wasn't the one at the wrong end of that anger, it'd be so fucking hot. To answer her I went with the Truth. Truth is always the best defense. "Well she did, but I guess it didn't occur to me to...."

"To what! Not be a dumb ass and at least wait somewhere where I'd see you when I walk in!" She had a point, let's be fair, but I was in NO mood to be walked all over. Well, if she promised a happy ending I might have been more willing, but again. Not the time to bring that up.

"Hey! It's not my fault you dropped your towel before you even closed the door! Besides, you don't seem to mind being exposed to me too much!" I finally realized she hadn't covered herself as I said that and I blushed. Hard. If she wasn't so pissed she might have noticed my blushing, but luckily I didn't have to face that embarrassment.

"Well maybe that's because I'm really pissed right now!!" She then covered herself. A part of my soul started crying when she covered herself. Another part woke up because it now realized that even in just a towel and wet hair she was hot enough to melt the ice caps.

"Look. I apologize for not thinking ahead fully. Your roommate left a couple surprises in here that kinda distracted me!" I pulled the blanket off the blender thing and Rose's gasp was all I needed to now I had won the argument. In all fairness it was kind of shocking simply because you'd think she'd have SOME decency, but nah.

"She let you in here with that....thing set up?!?" Yea and it smelled like a 5 hour fuck fest in here too but I covered that up before you came in here. Again, not the time to tell her that. It may have helped my cause, but all her anger was already deflected away from me. "Oh my fucking god. I'll wring her horny little neck." The look of rage she had on her face gave me a very raging erection. I quickly fixed myself before she would notice. Somehow I had turned the tide of this confrontation to very much in my favor.

"Well you'll have to wait until my roommate finishes with her." Her look of confusion said more than any words could have. "Well to put it simply, when I introduced her to him earlier she opened her legs quicker than I could shut the door and leave." Saying it like that I made Sarah sound really slutty, and later I would learn she isn't like that. She actually just fell in love with my roomie at first sight.

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