tagGroup SexCollege Men's Room Ch. 3

College Men's Room Ch. 3


After he left, I quickly masturbated myself to a satisfying orgasm then cleaned up and left the restroom. It was hard to believe what I had just done, but the situation had seemed so right at the time. After all, as a 25 year-old married man, I was still used to having four or five orgasms per day, including performing my normal marital obligations. I had to face the facts . . . I just could not get enough sex. But this situation -- alone in a deserted restroom, with basically zero chance of getting caught -- and I had just sucked the most magnificent black penis I have ever seen, and brought orgasmic delight to a man twice my age.

I still could not get over how much I lusted for his thick hose-length member. The only decision I had to make now was whether to call him this afternoon.

Later that day I ended up at a local bar, sipping on my second ice cold beer. I was now completely recovered from my morning orgasm, and hornier than ever. As I fingered the business card in my pocket, I decided to give him a call. There were other things I lusted after with this very mature gentleman, and there was only one way to proceed. As I dropped a dime into the pay phone I wondered what I would say. Just then, a woman answered the phone. I stumbled around for a brief moment before finally looking at the card again to make sure I knew whom I was calling.

"Uuh ... is James there, please." I said, seeming to choke on my words. With some sort of nice foreign accent, the lady then ask who was calling. I explained I was a friend who had just met James that morning at the university.

"Oh, yes," she said. "James told me that you might be calling. He's not here right now, but I'm Krishna his wife, and you are invited to come over and wait for him." Not sure what to do, I decided to take her up on the offer, and after securing directions to her house, I left the bar and walked to my car.

The summer heat seemed oppressive in comparison to the air-conditioned lounge, and the bright sunshine almost blinded me. Nevertheless, I had a nice buzz going as I drove to the address she had given me. I wondered what I would do or say when I arrived. As I pulled up I noticed their house was a neat, white-framed cottage, with a separate garage in back. I pulled into the driveway and drove to the back of the house and parked. As I got out, I heard that same foreign sounding voice, from the back door, calling for me to come on in.

Krishna was a dark skinned woman, but did not have the normal African features of most black people. It turns out she was from India. She looked to be about 40 years old, and was dressed in a billowing, silk, flower-print housecoat. As I neared the porch, I could make out her very attractive facial features. She wore her straight jet black hair pulled back in a bun, tied with a bright yellow ribbon, and her wide smile, accentuated by a perfect set of white teeth, served to alleviate any nervousness I had felt on the way over.

"Come right in," she said with a very pleasant accent as she held out her arms as if I was a long lost son. She gave me a big hug, and immediately I could feel the size and heft of her extremely large breasts as they pressed against my chest. She invited me in and offered me a glass of wine which I eagerly accepted. She joined me with a glass of her own and invited me into the living room where we sat down on her sofa and began to chit-chat. She told me how she had met James at the university. Her father had sent her from India to the United States to go to college. She never returned.

By now, I had an opportunity to size up the situation, and the size of her breasts had reached the top of my attention list. She obviously was not wearing a bra under her silk robe, because her ample breasts were swaying and bouncing all over the place and the outline of her nipples made a definite impression as they pressed through the thin fabric. Her housecoat was buttoned at the top but fell open below, revealing her shear white night gown underneath.

As we sat and exchanged small talk, I could not take my eyes from her enormous melon sized breasts. My penis was now beginning to stiffen as the effect of the alcohol was taking hold and my lustful thoughts focused upon this full-bodied woman who was now beginning to openly flirt with me.

However, before things could progress any further, we heard another car pull into the driveway. It was James. He entered the house and gave his wife a kiss as he smiled at me. "Glad you could make it over," he said, as he slapped me on the back. "I see you've already met Krishna." She smiled at me as I nervously smiled back, not knowing quite what to say. I knew that I was very much sexually attracted to her, and visions of James' long and thick penis sliding between her muscular looking thighs caused my own penis to stiffen even more in anticipation.

James suggested we cool off by going for a swim in his back yard pool. When I reminded him I hadn't brought a suit, he offered me one of his. I accepted, even though I knew his trunks would be much too big for me. Nevertheless, I went into the bathroom to change while he and Krishna went into their bedroom. Sure enough, his swimming trucks were almost falling off me, even though I had the draw string drawn as tight as possible. I stepped out of the bathroom at the same time James came walking down the hall in his swim trunks. "Follow me," he said, as we walked out the side patio door and onto the secluded pool deck. "Go ahead and jump on in and cool off," he said, "and I'll get us a few cold ones."

The water was very soothing as I slowly lowered myself into the pool, careful not to dive in less my suit come off in the water. Soon enough James and Krishna appeared. She was wearing a strikingly white two-piece suit, that not only contrasted wonderfully with her smooth, blemish-free milk chocolate complexion, but it left absolutely nothing to the imagination.

My penis began to stir again as I gazed at the deep cleavage of her full tubular breasts, barely covered by the small swimsuit top. Her dark pubic mound was accentuated by several long dark strands of pubic hair poking out from the side of her small panty-like bottoms. It was obvious things were soon to become quite interesting as the three of us frolicked in the pool, with everyone's hands beginning to wander over strange flesh.

Before long, James recommended we all sit around and drink a few cold beers. As I climbed out of the pool, the weight of my wet trunks pulled them down, revealing my naked bottom. "Sorry about that," I said as I tried pulling my trunks back up. "Don't worry," Krishna said in her sexy accent. I turned and watched her reach behind her back and undo the tie strings to her top. Her heavy breasts fell free as she climbed up the ladder and walked toward me, tossing her top into the water.

James stood in the pool, just smiling, as his hot wife approached me. Her large full breasts swayed gently back and forth, as she opened her arms to pull me toward her with a big hug. Her areolas were the size of silver dollars, and her turgid nipples were easily as thick as my thumb. I put my own arms around her and held her soft body close to mine, reveling in the faint smell of her perfume, mingled with the slight chlorine odor from the water, dripping from her hair.

"You are one nice feeling young man," she cooed in her sexy accent as she continued to hold me close to her body. "You make Krishna feel real good with your hard muscles and tight buns," she said as she reached down and squeezed my ass cheeks, pulling me close against her breasts and thighs. I glanced over her shoulder and saw that James had climbed out of the pool and was now sitting in a deck chair, his swim trunks fully tented with a raging hard-on.

My legs started to quiver with sexual excitement as I began caressing her smooth chocolate colored flesh, pressing my own erection against her pubic mound, as I humped her soft thigh. My hands began to roam down and I grasp her full ass cheeks, playfully squeezing and fondling her as she giggled and cooed between sighs of pleasure. When I finally realized that James was more than willing for me to ravish his wife -- and rather enjoyed it as evidenced by his hand inside his trunks as he played with himself - I soon relaxed and allowed myself to become completely engrossed in this luscious woman who was giving her body to me.

I eased her down onto her back on the soft grass of her lawn. I slowly peeled her panties off, revealing her dark tangled pubic bush. Her thighs were gapped wide open as I ran my fingers through her curly pubic hair. I spread the lips of her thick labia with my fingers, revealing the wet pink flesh of her vaginal opening. Her rigid clitoris, like a small penis, poked its head from beneath the wet hood of sensitive flesh as I began to lick and suck her most private parts. She squeezed my head with her muscular thighs as I continued to sodomize her. She moaned and groaned in ecstacy as my expert tongue went to work onher womanhood.

I was on my knees, my head buried in her musky treasure trove, when I felt James begin to remove my swim trunks. I lifted each leg as he slid the large trunks off my body. He knelt behind me and I felt his large hand reach between my thighs and begin to fondle my low hanging scrotal sac, while his other hand reached around and began to gently grope my full erection. Pre-seminal fluid dripped freely from the deep urinal slit on my widely flared and swollen glans as I continued to suck and slurp on Krishna's clitoris.

I alternated between sucking and licking her well lubricated vaginal opening and dropping further down to assault her smooth dark nether hole. As I licked the rim of her tight sphincter muscle, I felt James' thick penis bobbing between my thighs as he began to rub copious amounts of tanning oil between the crack of my ass cheeks. I realized what was going to happen, but Krishna's moaning and groaning sent an exciting signal that she was thoroughly enjoying my tongue and mouth on her most secret body parts.

James now began to rub the head of his hard penis up and down my well-lubricated ass cheeks. He paused with the bulbous head of his penis directly against my anus. He grasped my hips and began to apply steady pressure as he pressed his large thighs forward. I relaxed as much as possible, reveling in the feel of his large black tool as he continued to press and probe.

By now Krishna was beginning to whimper in the early stages of her orgasm so I concentrated on her clitoris as she gave herself over to the erotic pleasure of my tongue and lips which were devouring her sex. About the time I heard her moan that she was cumming, I felt the head of James' penis slip inside my rear and he begin to move slowly in and out. The pressure of his hard flesh filled my backside and I soon felt the familiar sensation of my own orgasm starting to build deep within my loins as he began to saw in and out of my dark passage, in earnest.

The tanning oil had served its purpose well, fully lubricating the tight fit of his oversized penis between my butocks. He leaned over me, allowing the weight of his heavy stomach to rest on my back as he reached his arm around my waist and held me close to him. His heavy thighs were pressed against my own as I too began to moan from the pressure of his dark flesh against my prostate. His rhythmic movements in and out was more than I could bear as my orgasm built to the point of no return.

"I'm going to cum," I whimpered as he grunted and groaned in his own lust. Krishna reached up and grasped my stiff erection between her delicate fingers and began to lightly masturbate me, rapidly flicking her wrist back and forth, as her husband continued to pound his thick thighs against my bare white ass cheeks -- his heavy balls slapping against my own tight sac as he thrust in and out of my virgin ass.

The stimulation of his thick penis rubbing against my prostate, along with Krishna's nimble fingers around my throbbing shaft, was more than I could bear. I groaned and warned Krishna I was going to cum.

As James long thick penis filled my ass, I felt my orgasm erupt, ejaculating long hot strings of creamy white sperm all over Krishna's dark slender fingers. As she continued to masturbate me, she reached between my thighs with her other hand and began to fondle my scrotal sac as I coated her hand with another heavy load of semen. Just then, James began to grunt that he too was cumming as he pressed fully inside of me, and began to fill my back passage with load after load of his thick white ejaculate. I reached back and pulled him as deeply inside of me as possible. He too pulled me tight against his pelvis as he continued to deposit his hot sperm deep within my bowels.

Krishna lifted a heavy breast to my lips and I immediately started to nurse at her turgid nipple as James leaned over in exhaustion, allowing his semi-hard member to slip from my swollen sphincter. Several thick drops of semen dripped from his penis onto the grass as I collapsed on top of Krishna and began to drift off to sleep, nursing on her massive breasts, as if I was her baby boy. I knew I was not done with this beautiful and sexy woman. Before long I would be recharged and ready to slip my own manhood between her thighs and deposit my own sperm inside James' lovely wife.

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