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College Quarterback


It was my junior year in college and things weren't any better than before. I was still considered the brains of my classes and no one wanted to be my friend. I guess because I looked the part everyone avoided me. I was tall and thin, gangly you could call me.

I had a class where some of the football jocks attended. The main man was Joey, the star quarterback. I have to admit he looked the part. He was tall, blonde and had muscles everywhere. One day after class I had just walked out of the classroom.

"What are you doing here dork?"

It was a couple of the football guys trying to give me a rough time.

"Clear out pansy ass." One of them told me.

"Alright you guys, that's enough," I heard a voice behind me.

I turned around and it was Joey.

"We were just having a little bit of fun Joey."

"The fun is over, you heard me, on your way."

Those guys turned tail and I was left standing next to the star quarterback.

"C'mon, let's go get some lunch," he said

What could I say, he saved me from those bullies. We walked over to the cafeteria and sat down next to some of the team.

"Tom is helping me with some classes," Joey told the other jocks.

This was something they all could understand. Most of them were as dumb as a rock. Those players were barely passing their courses. After we had some lunch Joey said we should go over to his apartment. So I followed him to his place.

This wasn't like any apartment most students have. This place was decked out with nice furniture and looked like somewhere an adult would be living.

"My parents come from money, if you are wondering."

"Have a seat, I am going to get comfortable."

Joey went back to his bedroom and when he came out he was completely naked. I think my eyes nearly popped out of my head. Not only did Joey have muscles, but his cock looked gigantic. I got embarassed just looking at it.

"You might as well get comfortable too," Joey told me.

I sure didn't feel good undressing in front of a body like that. But what choice did I have. I took off my shirt and pants and my shoes and sock came off as well. I sort of took my time taking off my briefs, but I tugged them down to the floor.

"I knew you had a nice cock," Joey told me.

"You're gay, aren't you Tom?"

I guess I considered myself gay, but I sure didn't have any experience in that department.

"This is my secret between you and me," he said, "I am gay also."

My mouth nearly dropped to the floor.

"That's not something most athletes can deal with so I have to be discreet."Joey told me.

"I think I can trust you with my little secret,Tom"

"It's hard to have a lover here on the campus, I was looking for someone and I hope you might be him."

"Me?" "You are joking, aren't you?"

"Who better than the one guy no one would suspect," Joey said.

"I get so horny sometimes, I can barely take it," Joey told me. "Would you be my lover Tom?"

Here I was looking directly at his thick cock.

"I think you could find better than me," I told him.

"No, I don't think so," Joey told me.

"Joey, I have never been with a man before,"

"I will teach you Tom, it isn't that hard."

"Let's go back to my bedroom."

I followed Joey back to his bed. He had a large king size bed and Joey got on his back, his cock was resting on his belly. He motioned for me to come over and I got on top of Joey. We then had our first kiss together. I couldn't believe my luck. Here I was in bed with the quarterback, our cocks were rubbing together.

I can tell you I got hard in a hurry and so did Joey. His dick was pressing into my stomach. With all the grinding my cock dipped down between Joey's ass crack. I heard him let out a moan.

"God, your cock head feels good rubbing down there." He said to me.

Joey managed to bring his legs up and he exposed his asshole to me. Did he expect me to stick my dick into him?

"I need this Tom, Let me feel you inside me." Joey was half pleading with me.

What else could I do? I took my cock in my hand and I pointed it to Joey's hole. I pushed my hips forward and my mushroom entered Joey.

"More Tom, I need all of it in me."

Joey was panting by now. I started to slide my dick in even more. Joey was tight so I took my time. Inch by inch I went deeper into Joey's bottom. I finally gave in. I wanted Joey in the worst way. I plunged my cock all the way in. I was buried right to the hilt. Joey was thrashing around underneath me. He nearly threw me off of him.

Joey wrapped his legs around my back and then we went at it. There was lots of thrusting and skin slapping against skin. Sweat was pouring off both of us. I looked down at Joey's face. It was a look of ecstasy.

"I need your seed Tom, please fill my ass with it," Joey begged me to give him my cum.

I knew it wouldn't be long now. This was my first time with a guy and I knew I couldn't hold out very long. I pumped my dick into Joey's ass a few more minutes and then I felt my nuts pinch. I pushed in all the way and then I exploded.

I blew all my mancum deep in Joey's tight hole. It felt like a waterhose had been opened up.

"Oh Fuck!" Joey screamed out loud.

His body was shaking beneath me as we continued to fuck like two mad dogs in heat. I looked down and saw my sticky cum leaking out of his ass. It just got me so excited. We continued for a few minutes more until my cock went soft. I finally pulled out of Joey and then we just tried to catch our breaths.

"Thank you Tom, that was the hottest sex I had in a long time."

Believe me, the pleasure was all mine. I never thought my first time would be with a football player and that I would be the one doing the fucking. Tom said we should go and get a shower together. We got into the tub and the warm water hit out bodies.

Joey took me in his arms and we kissed some more. Damn, my cock was getting hard again. So was Joey's cock. He really was enormous. Joey stood behind me in the shower. He told me to put my hands on the shower wall. I knew what was coming, but I didn't think I could manage it. Joey pressed his body against my back. I felt his cock against my ass.

Then I felt a hard pinch and Joey had his cockhead inside me. God, did it hurt. He started to thrust deeper in me and I screamed. His big pecker was ripping my ass apart. He had me stretched beyond belief. Joey was like a mad bull. He just stroked his giant rod into my ass. He practically lifted me off the shower floor .

We must have fucked a good twenty minutes like that. I just took his massive dick deep in my belly. Joey finally showered me with his seed. I felt all his hot juices flowing deep inside my gut. Joey left his cock in me for a long time. He just didn't get soft.

Eventually he pulled out and I nearly passed out from the relief. I dumped as much of his cum out as I could and then we toweled each other off.

That was the beginning of the nerd and the jock as lovers. I would steal over to his place late at night so no one could discover us together. I never dreamed sex could be so good man to man. It normally started out with lots of cock sucking. We would then go to the main course. I did fuck Joey from time to time, but he mostly did me.

Joey would stretch my hole with his thick cock. I would get on all fours and Joey would rest his chest on my back. He gave it to me so hard I thought he would rip my ass apart. The best part was that we only fucked bare. Feeling the other guy's raw cock was the only way for us.

Joey said that after we graduate he wants us to be together. Whatever it takes to remain lovers, that is what he wants and I want him as well. I hope it all works out. Until then we will be spending lots of hours in bed fucking each other.

God, your cock head feels good rubbing down there.

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