tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCollege Rape: A True Story

College Rape: A True Story


I was in my third year of college when the "rape" occurred. I had been dating one of the football players and after the first three or four dates we ended up making love back at his house. He played tight end and even though I'm 5'9, his 6'5, 245 pound frame would nearly cover my body when we made love. I loved his hairy chest and his tight muscles. We had been dating more or less steady for 9 months. I had lost my virginity during my freshman year and, while not a slut, if the need struck me I would initiate sex with him.

Anyway, my boyfriend had taken me back to his house after a party and we had kissed and touched each other as we drank several more beers. I had several beers at the party so after an hour or so of petting and drinking, I was slightly drunk and very hot. I didn't object when he blindfolded me because several times during our lovemaking he had blindfolded me and frankly I found it very erotic.

He picked me up and carried me to his bedroom and we both sort of fell on the bed. Several minutes of kissing and touching and we were both naked. He pulled away and when I asked him what was wrong, he said that he wanted to try something new in our relationship. Being both hot and drunk, I didn't protest when he tied my wrists to the bedposts until I realized that the bonds very tight. I tried to see if I could get my hands free but couldn't. I said something about the bonds being too tight and hurting my wrists, but he ignored me and spread my legs and tied them to the bedposts at the end of the bed. With a little panic in my voice I ordered him to let me go, but when his mouth closed over my nipple and his finger lightly ran along my pussy lips and ended up on my clitoris I moaned in sexual need. He also reassured me that everything was all right and that I should relax and enjoyed the sensation.

He flicked the tip of his tongue over my hardened nipple and inserted two fingers in my vagina. Both of us could feel how wet I was getting as my juices coated the probing fingers. "Lord Lynn! You are so wet down there", he said as he worked his fingers in and out of my sopping wet passage. All I could do was moan! I was so hot and moaning in need as I felt the suction on my breast, drawing the nipple further into his wet mouth, his tongue lashing the nipple back and forth. He shifted his body and started sucking my other breast as I feel the fingers pull out of my pussy and move to the clitoris nub. My body moved slow and sensually against my bonds, writhing as much as I could, as I got hotter and hotter. I thought I vaguely heard a door open through my sexual heat, but soon forgot about it as he played with my body and brought me to the edge of orgasm. My breathing was ragged and rapid, moans of sexual need coming from my throat, as I felt his weight rise from the bed. I held my breath, knowing that the next step would be him going down on me and starting my orgasm before he entered my vagina.

The weight shifted on the bed and I felt his hands on my thighs. "Ohhhhhhhhhh", I moaned as I felt his tongue lick the length of my slit. Through my sexual passion I thought that he had varied his routine. Normally he starts lightly on my clitoris and builds the intensity from there. This time he was lapping like a thirsty dog drinks water. My body shuddered every time his tongue slide too far and bathed my clit and I tensed as I felt the orgasm approach. His mouth left my pussy and I heard him say, "Lord, your as hot as I've ever seen you." "Don't stop, oh, please don't stop" I begged as the mouth came back to my pussy, but there was something nagging at me. His voice had come from the side of the bed and I never felt his weight shift. That thought was lost as he moved up my body and I felt the tip of his cock nest just inside the lips to my sex.

Warning bells went off in my mind as I realized that this man was even bigger and much heavier that my boyfriend. His massive stomach and chest pinned me to the bed as I shouted, "Get off of me you bastards, you can't do this--- Get off of me or I screa---." A hand went over my mouth and I heard my boyfriend say, " Relax Lynn, he'll be good and it's not like you're a virgin."

Shocked, I lay there as the man shifted up my body and pushed his cock into me. I screamed into the hands over my mouth. The cock was huge and even as hot and lubricated as I was it hurt as it pushed deep in me. I gasped as the cock completely filled my vagina, the base and his pubic hairs pushing against my opening. Tears formed in my eyes as he ground the base against my sex, his cock pushing against the back of my passage. With a slow flexing of his hips he forced several inches in and out of me causing my juices and his precum to coat my path and I began to feel the pain ease. I felt a mouth on my left breast as the slow rape continued. The nipple flicked by one of the men's tongue. Soon my other breast was being sucked and in spite of the rape I felt the first sparks of my orgasm begin to build.

The man's cock increased the speed and depth of it's plunging into my vagina and I moaned in spite of the helplessness of my bound body and the fact that I was being raped. My nipples were rock hard as the two men sucked and teased them with their tongues. Almost out of control my body felt the sharp pangs of pleasure settle into my clitoris as the cock pushed me up with every stroke.

Without warning, I felt the massive body shudder and the first contraction of his cock as his cum emptied deep into my vagina. I squealed into the hand over my mouth and struggled against the bonds as he put shot after shot of his cum in my pussy. I groaned in frustration as the massive body settled on my chest. I could feel the wetness of his sweat against my breasts and the dampness of his cum on my upper thighs as some leaked out around his inserted cock. Several minutes later his bulk was lifted off of me and I heard the rustling of clothes and then the door open and close as he left.

My boyfriend whispered in my ear, "He's gone and I'm going to remove my hand from your mouth." When the hand was removed I spit out at him, "You bastard! Do you think you can just give me to anyone you want to? Have one of your friends rape me and think that I would laugh it off? Let me up you bastard."

There was a long pause and then I felt him mount my bound body and slide his cock into my soaked vagina. I groaned as he started to fuck me with long, hard strokes, his cock beginning to build the pleasure again. I tried to buck him off of me, but his body pinned me to the bed as he moved in and out.

I started to scream, "Let me up you bast---.", but my protest was cut short as he backhanded me. My face stung, his cock pushing deeper in me and I heard him sort of grunt. The bastard got so excited watching who ever it was rape me that he couldn't stop his ejaculation. I turned my head and groaned as I felt the second load of cum enter me. He kept pushing into me after each contraction of his cock, insuring that the sperm was deep in my vagina.

After several minutes he got off of my bound body. I sobbed softly as he untied me and I rolled over. In a low voice I asked who the other guy was. He simply said, another football player. "What's his name?" I demanded, but he just shrugged his shoulders as he got dressed to take me back to my dorm.

We rode in silence back to the dorm and I could feel the men's sperm seep out and cause me to squirm in my seat as I felt the wetness. "I hope it ruins the guy's car seat." I thought as we pulled into the dorm. Needless to say, I never dated that guy again.

I never found out who raped me that day, but sometimes walking to a class I would see a huge black football player smile at me and wink. I always avoided his eyes and hurried to my next class, wondering if it was him that took my bound body. I guess I'll never know.

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