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It was just a few days before the start of the 2nd semester of my freshman year of college, and I had come back a few days early for what the college called 'Winter Solstice,' a few days of fun classes and parties before the winter semester started. It was a good way to blow off steam and get ready for the long nights of studying ahead. The most popular class by far was 'mixology', a course that taught you how to mix - and drink - 8 different drinks over the course of a couple hours. It was given at one the fraternity houses, and it was known to be a wild free-for-all that everyone who had taken it raved about.

In addition to taking the mixology class, I was also looking forward, with a mix of excitement and trepidation, to seeing my roommate. We had become better and better friends over the course of the 1st semester. He had a high school girlfriend back home, but it didn't stop us from going out at every opportunity to try to pick up girls on campus. We generally got shot down, but every once in awhile one of us would convince a girl to come back to the dorm and engage in a little or a lot of drunken groping, sucking and hopefully fucking. It was always hilarious to hear to give a blow-by-blow account of the previous night's sexual misadventure.

When we couldn't get laid, there was always jerking off. I did it every chance I got, and I bet my roommate did the same. We both knew the other's class schedule, and I would use the free time to fantasize and stroke my cock. When we both came home drunk and stoned from a party, we would both jerk off in our beds, trying to be quiet, but too drunk to care that we could both hear each other stroking out cocks. It didn't help the beds in the dorm were pull out couches, and were only about a foot apart on the floor.

A couple weeks before the end of the semester, while everyone was preparing for finals, we both went to a party at our fraternity. We hung out together most of the night, drinking cups of cheap beer from the keg and trying to convince two girls to go home with us. It seemed like we were going to get lucky, but after a lot of making out and groping on the front porch of the fraternity, they went home. Bummed out, we went back to our room, got undressed for bed, and talked about the girls and what we would have done to them. As we talked, we both unconsciously started rubbing our cocks through our underwear. Being drunk and horny, I wasn't shy about my roommate being only a few feet away and being able to see me. He didn't seem to care either, and I stole a few glances at his hand moving up and down on his cock under his boxers. The excitement of watching someone and knowing they were watching me was intense. I must have been lost in thought, because the next time I glanced over again, my roommate's boxers were gone, he was now completely naked, and he was looking at me intensely while he stroked his obviously hard cock.

I guess any remaining shyness was gone now, and I used my left hand to pull down my underwear and let my hard cock free. We were now both stroking it hard and staring intently at each other's cocks, trying not to make eye contact. The excitement and newness of the situation got to me, and cum came shooting out of cock and landed all over my stomach and chest. While I eased off, he came too, and I watched as his cum shot out the top of his cock and landed on this stomach. It was weird, like watching yourself in mirror, but I enjoyed it. Without really saying anything, I reached over to shut off the lights and we went to bed. The next day, there was no mention of what happened the night before, and we just went about our routine of going to classes during the day and studying at night.

When finals were finally over, and we had come back from a wild party, together, we were once again drunk and really horny. But this time, again without a word spoken between us, we both stripped naked and sat across from each other on the bed and pumped our cocks. And this time, he reached under is bed and pulled out a bottle of some sort of lube or massage oil and started using it on his cock. Just like before, we focused on stroking and watching each other.

But after a short while, he quickly moved over to my bed, lay down next to me, and reached over and removed my hand and put his in its place. I was a little surprised, but did nothing to stop him. And without thinking much about it, I too reached over and took his cock into my hand and began stroking it. It felt like mine, but a different shape and very hot. I just stroked it like I would my own, and we both laid back and enjoyed the feelings.

After a few minutes, he suddenly pulled his hand away, and moved down the bed toward my legs, pulling free of my hand as well. I had a quick moment of fear, not knowing what he was going to do, but was relieved when he, with the help of the oil, began to stroke my cock. But this time he used his other hand to squeeze my balls. He also would occasionally move his hand past my balls and just barely rub around my asshole. I was totally into by now, and laid back and started pulling and rubbing on my nipples. Rubbing my own nipples always increased the sensations in my cock and I couldn't help tugging on them hard. When he reached past my balls again to tease my ass, I couldn't hold it, and cum shot out of my cock in a super intense orgasm, 3 or 4 really strong and hot squirts. He keep stroking with both hands for a few minutes after the last of my cum spilled out.

I fell asleep for a couple minutes, but when I came took, my roommate was back on his own bed, rubbing his cock. Because of the way he made me feel, I set aside my inhibitions and moved to his bed. I did almost exactly what he had done to me; I sat down between his legs, moved his hand off his cock, and replaced it with mine. I took the bottle of massage oil, and squirted a huge amount into my hands. Then I started pumping his cock with one hand and squeezing and pulling on his balls with the other. I wasn't sure what to do, so I just did what I thought I would like. And it must have worked, because he was pushing his hips up in the air and lifting his ass up at the bottom of my strokes. And when his butt would lift slightly off the bed, I would move my left hand down beneath his balls and circle slowly and lightly around his asshole. I knew he liked it, because he would gently push his ass into my finger, pushing the tip just barely past the tight opening of his ass. It felt strange, but hot too, and I started to get another hard-on just a few minutes after cumming, just from the way my stroking and fingering were exciting him. The combination of the oil and my stroking made his cock feel incredibly hot. His cock was smaller than mine, but the heat of it felt good in my hands. The head of his cock was much bigger and thicker than the rest, and I squeezed it as hard as I could at the top of each stroke. I had a strong urge at one point to put his cock in my mouth, to taste it and feel the heat in my mouth, but I never did.

He came fast. I was startled a bit, and almost stopped stroking, but then caught myself and stroked him harder and faster, until no more squirts of come came out of this cock. He had 4 or 5 really intense squirts, and his cum shot high in the air, almost hitting me. It excited me to watch his cum squrit out and feel his cock jerk and spasm. When he was finished, I cleaned the oil and cum off my hands and went to bed. We still hadn't said a word.

The next day, he drove me to the airport to catch my flight home, and we were both excited to see high school friends we hadn't seen in 3 months, and he talked about excited he was to see his girlfriend. While I was home over Xmas break, I thought about what we had done, generally at night, and I would stroke my cock thinking about it. But I was busy catching up and partying with my high school friends. At one party at the beach, a girl from my high school, who I had never really knew, walked out on the beach together. I was surprised when she, after a few minutes of kissing, pulled out my cock and gave an incredible blow job right on the beach. I warned her I was going to cum, but she kept right on sucking and I shot my cum into her mouth. It felt incredible, and when we returned to the party, with sheepish smiles on our faces, everyone seemed to know what we had just done.

When I flew back to school before winter term, my roommate and I excitedly talked about what we had done on our breaks. I told him the blowjob during the beach party, and he told me about all the hot sex he had with his girlfriend. We were both excited to be back, and were totally psyched to be going to the mixology class that night. We weren't disappointed - it was a total drunk fest. It started like a regular class, but quickly degenerated into a drunken free-for-all. A bunch of us went over to the fraternity afterwards and got really stoned.

When we got back to our room later, we were still amped up from the party. The pot smoking had especially had got me really horny, and only a few seconds after we shut the door, while we were still standing, I undid his jeans, pulled his already hard cock out and started stroking it. He sat himself down on the bed, and pushed his jeans all the way down. I continued stroking him with both hands, pulling and squeezing on his balls. Again his cock felt super hot in my hand, and my own cock got hard. The pot had made me lose track of time, and I started thinking about the blowjob on the beach just a few days before. I again had the urge to put his cock in my mouth, and this time I didn't stop myself. I just went for it, and initially put it as far in as I could. I slowly stroked the base of his cock with one hand, played with his balls with the other, and moved my mouth up and down on the top of cock. I heard him say something like 'shit, I'm going to cum," and startled, I pulled my mouth of his cock and stroked it fast. A couple seconds later, he came hard, a couple really powerful squirts that I aimed onto my chest and stomach.

When I was done, he pushed me back and, unlike me, just slowly at first started licking around the head of my cock. He got more comfortable and started sinking his mouth onto me, pushing my cock deep into his mouth. It a lot different than the blow job on the beach, harder and quicker, but still good. And when he reached down and pushed against my asshole, I warned him that I was about to cum. He too pulled his mouth away, and I had a huge orgasm, shooting cum in long, thick squirts, and I pulled at my nipples as hard as I could.

The next night, we again went to the mixology class, and it was just as out of control as the night before. And when we finally made it back to our room, there was no beating around the bush about what we were going to do. We were both more comfortable and less awkward about what we were doing, and we both we anxious to get our clothes off. I again made the first move, and started stroking, and then sucking on his cock. The heat and hardness felt good in my mouth, and I reached down to squeeze my own cock a few times. This time, when he was warned me he was going to cum, I didn't pull away. I moved my hand and mouth up and down together, and I could feel his cock spasm and his body stiffen up. The first shot of come hit the inside of my mouth. I waited a few seconds, and then swallowed. I gagged a little, but it didn't bother me that much, and I swallowed the rest of it as it came squirting out. I kept sucking it until his cock got a little softer, than I let it out of my mouth.

I started to feel weird about what I had done. But before long, my roommate started stroking and licking my cock, really hard. He stopped for a few seconds to pull out his massage oil, and then he went back to sucking it and using the oil on my balls and ass. I felt his finger press against, my asshole, and I pushed back. The oil made his finger go easily into my ass, and he moved his finger in and out of ass. The combination of his mouth and finger were too much, and I warned him that I was going to cum. He pulled his mouth off me and replaced it with his hand, and I squirted hard. Once it was over, I quickly moved away from his hands and cleaned up. I really liked what had happened but at the same time felt weird about it. I was really into it while it was happening, but once it was over, it felt strange.

The next day, we finally talked about what had happened. We both admitted that it felt really good, and that it had been the first time either of us had done anything like that before. We were more into it as a way to get off than anything else. We knew it would end as soon as one of us found a steady girlfriend at school, something both of us wanted. And we both agreed that there was no way we would ever tell anyone about it. I think the talk was a relief to both of us, and there was less silent weirdness after what had happened.

A few days after our talk, the semester started, and we went back to our boring routine of studying and going to classes. We only fooled around a few more times before we stopped all together. Probably sensing that it was coming to and end, and because of the honesty of our talk, we were very intense and uninhibited during the last few times together.

A few weeks later, after a night of getting really stoned, we fooled around again. We traded off stroking and sucking, then settled into a position on the bed where we could suck each other at the same time. It was a weird feeling to feel a cock in my mouth at the same time my cock was being sucked, and it was a little distracting. I concentrated harder on getting him off, and increased the speed of my hand and mouth on his cock. I could hear him moan or say something, and then I felt his cum start to pump out in hot and fast spurts into my mouth. This set me off, and I gave him a quick warning, and he pulled my cock out of his mouth and I came good and hard.

A couple hours later, after passing out for a few hours, but still horny, we sat up next to each other on my bed and again used the massage oil. But this time, we sat as close as we could to one another, our butts touching, so our cocks were pushed right up next to each other. He grabbed both our cocks together with one hand and stroked them. I could feel the incredible hotness of his cock squeezed against mine.

When his hand was at the very bottom of our cocks, I would stroke up from the middle of out shafts up to the heads. The combination of the two hands together and the warmth of both cocks felt great. I pulled my hand away, and with just a couple more strokes, I came. He kept pumping both of us together, my cum landing all over both our cocks and his hand. After my last squirt, he came too, and it felt hot to feel his cock spasm and shake as the cum came squirting out the top. He kept stroking until both out cocks were completely covered in cum. He squeezed our cocks together really hard a couple last times, and then we moved away and cleaned up. We both got in our separate beds and went to sleep.

It was only a short time later that I started seeing what turned out to be my girlfriend for the rest of the semester and part of the next year. We started out slow and then became inseparable. She also became good friends with my roommate and we ended up spending a lot of time together. The very last time my roommate and I got together was a few days after my girlfriend and I started going out. Probably sensing that this was it, we spent most of the night getting each other off. I came especially hard when he slowly worked a well-oiled finger into my ass, and then very slowly stroked my cock and slid his finger in and out of my ass. I pulled on my nipples and pushed my ass into his finger, trying to get it deeper inside me. My body shuttered when I came, and what seemed like a huge amount of cum shot from my cock.

To repay him for my great orgasm, I used a lot of the massage oil and sat between his legs. I worked my hands up and down his cock and balls, and his cock got hotter and hotter in my hand. I was still thinking about my orgasm from a few minutes ago, and how good his hand on my cock and his fingers in my ass felt. As I relived my orgasm in my head, I started stroking my own cock, and it quickly got big and hard again. Knowing this was probably the only time I would feel this way, and being totally aroused, I started rubbing some of the hot oil from my cock onto my asshole. Slowly at first, and then pushing a finger inside. I kept stroking his cock, thinking about how hot it felt, and started to think about how that hot cock would feel inside me.

I was totally focused on just the cock, not what was attached to it, or I probably would have stopped. But I moved up between his legs, sat up higher on my knees, and took his cock back in my hand, and pushed it against my ass. I put even more lube on both his cock and my ass, and I think he realized what I was going to try to do. I think I hoped he would protest so I could stop, because I was so nervous. But he didn't, so I kept going. I pushed the head of his cock right up against my ass, and slowly sat down to increase the pressure. The combination of the oil and finger in my ass earlier helped, and after a few seconds I sat down about halfway onto his hot cock.

Startled, I lifted myself back off. The second time, I slowly pushed it all the way in and didn't move. It felt big in my ass, and really hot, so much different than a finger. I instinctively grabbed my cock and stroked it a few times. Then very slowly, I started moving up and down on his cock, almost all the way out at the top, and settling back down onto it. He just laid back and watched. I put my hands flat on the bed and used the leverage to lift myself up and down. His cock seemed to get hotter in my ass, and I kept up a really slow pace of moving up and down on it. He reached up with one hand and started stroking my cock, and suddenly I could feel his cock tense, and I felt something super hot shoot into my ass. Feeling him come was too much, and after just a couple more strokes of his hand on cock, I squirted hard all over his chest and stomach, my cock and my ass jerking and spasming really hard together. It so super intense. I moved up and down on his cock a few more times, and then I sat up and moved over to my bed. We both got towels and cleaned up all the come and oil that was spread all over our bodies.

That was the last time we ever did anything sexual together. Within a few weeks we both had girlfriends, and over time I put all these experiences in the back of my mind. I knew I would never do anything like it again, and in the short term I regretted it. But years later, with enough distance from it, I was glad that I had those experiences.

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