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College Spanking


When I went off to college I was not doing very well in school and I needed some inspiration. One of my teachers was a young literature professor named Ms Meyers. I had a crush on her because of her gorgeous looks, adorned with long dark hair, brown eyes, and curvaceous breasts that she always showed off by wearing low necked blouses and sweaters. Several times she caught me staring at her breasts and when she looked up I turned red with embarrassment. She confronted me one day after class demanding I make an appointment to see her alone in her office. I thought it would be about my bad grade on the first term paper.

When I went to her office she answered the door with a big smile on her face. Ms Meyers greeted me with a hand shake pulling me into the room locking the door behind her. Ms Meyers was wearing a silk white blouse that was unbuttoned so low I almost could see all of her shapely breasts because she wore no bra. I was already getting an erection watching them bounce freely as she walked. Ordering me to have a seat in front of her desk Ms Meyers sat down and smiled at me. Before she spoke she reached into her blouse and began twisting her right nipple teasing it hard. I was astonished as to how open she was being alone with me but I was enjoying the moment. “Just as I suspected of you… You’re a voyeur and love to watch don’t you boy,” Ms Meyers demanded and answer?

Getting red faced again I put my head down and honestly answered saying, “I think I have a crush on you Maam and I apologize if it has made you feel uncomfortable… What can I do to make it up?”

“I am not sorry you have a crush on me boy because I kind of like you too. I was going to offer you some special educational lessons to get your grades up as well as your hard cock that I see almost sticking through your pants. Have you ever been spanked lately young boy?”

This caught me off guard and I turned red again. I wondered how she knew my fantasy about getting spanked by a dominant woman. Cautiously I said, “No Maam.”

“Well I think that your attitude towards how you look at women needs some disciplinary encouragement. You have no right to stare and fantasize about our bodies. Is that clear boy,” Ms Meyers chastised!

“I agree Maam… I am sorry Maam I won’t let it happen again,” I begged forgiveness.

“I am sure it will happen again boy but for now I can at least begin to groom you with better manners. I am not going to the Dean to report you this time if you agree to my 12 step program to learn how to serve women. The first step for you this minute is to lay over my lap for a nice long spanking delivered with my own tawes. You’re not the first boy to be spanked across my lap either,” she confessed! “Now get over here before I decide to get you myself,” she demanded with a stern face!

Sheepishly I walked over to where Ms Meyers was sitting behind the desk. I watched her open her top drawer and take out a leather strap about 12 inches long and 3 inches wide and made of thick pigs skin. The tawes was cut in the middle I suspected for streamlining its wallops. The handle was made of polished black wood carved like a huge cock and the ends of the leather were cut in a half circle. Ms Meyers took out the tawes and gave me a history lesson on it.

“I personally carried this from England on a visit when I was in college. A head master used it on my bare bottom several times for instructional purposes as well. When I passed my history lesson he gave it to me as a gift. I vowed to use it on my students as well and I have since I took this position with the blessing of the Dean. With my method I get lasting results,” she promised! Looking at me with a determined face she promised me saying, “After your get a few licks under your belt you too will become more appreciative of better learning!”

Grabbing my belt she unbuckled it and yanked my pants and briefs down to my knees revealing my huge seven inch erection. Her eyes lit up and Ms Meyers licked her lips as if she would rather suck me then give me a whipping, but was I wrong in my fantasy. Yanking up her skirt showing off her garter and stockings she pulled me over her lap so my stiff cock rested between the top of her nylons. When she closed her legs on me I could feel the nylons rubbing against my cock.

“I want you to use this valuable time of discipline for learning and healing. What goes on in this room is between you and I. I want you to scream, yell, curse, and let go of all your emotions as you’re whipped. Believe you me once I lay on the leather you will for sure!”

Wrapping her right leg over mine she squeezed me tightly so I could not move. Taking her left hand and holding my shoulders down, Ms Meyers prepared well for the spanking. Looking over my shoulder I horridly saw her raise her right hand with the strap and quickly blazed downward at my ass cheeks with the tawes whistling the leather across my bare ass cheeks. The sound of the leather beating my flesh was like a drum echoing off the office walls scaring me, making me jump forward. After a few lighter warm ups to get her rhythm she began to spank me with firm blows. I knew why she hiked up her skirt and stuck my cock between her nylons. The lace was caressing me back and forth keeping me rock hard. The feeling was like being in her silky pussy making me want her all the more. My cock was only inches from her hot wet hole too.

The first 20 blows were warm ups concentrating on my thicker middle cheeks. Ms Meyers stopped a moment to adjust me on her lap and closed her legs tighter on my hard cock. “I want you to take some deep breaths and get ready for the real spanking boy because your ass is more than ready! I am going to give it too you hard and fast and no stopping so make sure you give me your whole heart and soul in this spanking boy!”

Switching to my lower ass cheeks my sexy teacher whipped them in a forceful upward motion that smacked my whole body forward. With each wallop my cock slipped in and out of her stockings getting me very aroused. The pounding got harder and I began to cry out and even cuss at the top of my lungs. Each blow seemed to sear into my consciousness bringing me into submission to her. I could feel the welts form on my cheeks and burn like an eternal fire. I begged her to stop at first, but she only struck me harder and held me tighter, catching my hand as I moved my arm backwards trying desperately to stop the blows. I was getting sweaty, my heart raced and my ass blazed like a forest fire as she whipped my cheeks sore with full pounding blows. I grew horse from yelling begging God to save me. Soon I was actually crying aloud sobbing out of control as she spanked me even harder. In a hastened angry toned voice she reminded me saying, “Never mind begging God even He is blessing this spanking because I am not sparing to rod my boy as a matter of fact your going to get it harder so get down there!” For a good five more minutes she walloped me so hard I cried out every blow my nose was snotty and my mouth drooled like a child.

Yet as I cried my cock was on overload and I instinctively began to shoot come all over her nylons as if it was going to be my last ejaculation on Earth a kind of primordial ritual. After I squirted so much come my balls ached, I was hoping she would stop spanking me but my orgasm seemed to enrage her to spank me harder. The whipping no longer felt erotic, it was really becoming discipline only. I kept crying and wiggling out of control on her lap.

The paddling went on for five more minutes. Ms Meyers showed some mercy concentrating on my upper ass cheeks giving me a brake from my tender spot that was still ablaze. Ms Meyers grew so tired of whipping me she was sweating on her forehead and completely out of breath. She pushed me off her lap onto the floor and disgustedly looked at her legs which I had just squirted with fresh come. I was still crying in a heap like jelly my eyes blurred with tears as I rubbed my blistered ass cheeks. She cursed at the mess but curiously scooped a dollop of come off her thigh on her middle finger and licked it up with a smile them offered me a taste as well, forcing me to eat my own come. After getting such a draining spanking I would have done anything for Ms Meyers. I opened my mouth and she rubbed come all over my tongue ordering me to swallow it all. Taking another finger full she spread come under my nose and all over my lips saying nastily, “Get used to this smell boy because your balls are always going to be aching when your in training with me!”

Still crying she took me in her arms and kissed my lips and wormed her tongue into my mouth. We french kissed passionately as I sucked on her tongue like a pacifier. Opening up her blouse so her nipples were exposed she fed me her left nipple to suck on like a baby. When it got hard in my lips she moved me to her right nipple for the same treatment.

“You’re lucky I have a change of clothes and a private shower boy. Stripping off her blouse she next unzipped the back of her skirt dropping it to the floor. Sitting down on her chair I watched her carefully remove her garter and stockings.

I actually got hard again as I viewed her naked body. Ms Meyers wiggled and posed for me eying my stiff cock as she teased me. Her voluptuous body was perfect and her ass was round like a heart. I melted as I finally saw all of her shapely melon sized breasts with strawberry rock hard nipples. Her pussy was shaven bald showing off her flower petal like labia lips. I could see that she was excited because her vaginal hole was dilated dripping wet from being sexually excited spanking my bare bottom. At the top of her sex was her clit which was so big I could see it sticking out from her clitoral hood as if it were a miniature cock. My mouth watered wishing a taste of her forbidden fruits. I also observed that my come was still dripping down her legs to her ankles. It had been a long time since the last time.

Wagging her finger at me Ms Meyers scolded saying, “I bet your thinking I do this with all my students well your wrong boy… I am also quite fond of you and I am going to make you successful, not only at college English but strictly disciplined and rewarded with sex with me as well! I am going to make you a man!”

Pulling me by my erection, leading me to her private shower, she giddily added, “Judging by your excitement you’re going to be lots of hot dick fun boy!”
(I thought to myself that this was going to be the beginning of a beautiful symbiotic Femdom friendship.)

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