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Entry 4

Yesterday night a girlfriend of mine, Michelle, called me up and asked me if I had plans for the night. She told me she had a job for us, a bunch of guys from her university had offered to pay her and a girlfriend four hundred bucks each if they came to the fraternity house and put on a striptease.

Michelle does this regularly, she goes to parties and strips for men, it is her job and she loves it. She also knows I enjoy posing as different people and creating erotic situations with the people I come in touch with while role-playing, so she figured I might be interested in posing as a college stripper for one evening.

I agreed and a couple of hours later she showed up at my house, dressed up in sweat pants and holding a suitcase. She came in and we started preparing for the party. I helped her do up her cupless bra, it was so sexy, and I kept running my hand over her nipple every chance I got. She helped me get all dressed up in an old cheerleading outfit from my college days. I did my hair up in pigtails as Michelle finished dressing herself in her tight leather outfit. We arrived at the party and we knocked at the door until a tall brown haired guy opened it and let us in.

"Hello, hello, come on in ladies" he said. We walked in an we saw at least fifteen guys there drinking beer and chatting it up. We looked at all of them and they all seemed to be in fantastic shape which made me even more excited for what was to come. The same guy who opened the door came up to Michelle and asked "Hey Michelle, what's your friends' name?"

"This is Ginie, she is in the cheerleading squad-third year, she likes to have fun." She answered playfully.

Someone else in the room put on some music while the rest of the guys sat down for the show. Michelle and I looked at each other, laughed and started dancing to it. As we started stripping I was getting turned on already watching all those guys get so aroused by me. I also saw Michelle take off her shirt and reveal her gorgeous set of tits to the admiring crowd.

We went over to some of the guys and casually gave them lap dances. I came up to a guy who was extremely blushed and I looked down his pants to see a huge erection trying to poke through so I sat over his lap and whispered in his ear, "Jerking off is allowed." I started grinding on his cock turning him on even more as I thrust my hips into his erection. Then I stood up and lifted up my skirt, I wasn't wearing any underwear, so they got a shot of my bare ass and I started rubbing it up and down on his cock while he reached around to feel up my tits.

Michelle came over to me a moment later and said "Hey, Tommy says they will pay us 1000 bucks each if we have sex with each other right here."

I smiled and I replied, "I am up for anything, I want some sex!"

Michelle giggled and started rubbing my tits over my shirt and bra, then she pulled my shirt off and began to pull my nipple outside of my bra. She started sucking on it and massaging it, then dropped to her knees and lifted up my skirt again. Michelle cupped my pussy and then extended her tongue while bringing herself closer to my wet pussy. She slowly started licking my clit and running her tongue over and around. I instinctively bent my knees and lifted up my hips so that the audience could see what she was doing. I reached my hand out and began rubbing her breast, and then I slowly laid down on the floor for her. She walked herself up towards my mouth while still on all fours and then she stuck her tongue out again to kiss me. I pulled her head down and sucked her tongue, tasting my own juices in her mouth. I kept pulling her upward and she could tell what I was doing. She turned around and straddled my face and gently lowered her sexy pussy to my mouth. I could see how wet she was through her panties and I licked out at her clit over her panties, causing a moan to escape her and sending shudders through her body. The audience of guys was going nuts in the background and I was shaking with anticipation for her to eat my pussy!

I pulled her panties to the side and spread her pussy lips apart with my hands and began lapping at her clit and finally she buried her head between my legs and pushed them apart to make room for her busy tongue and fingers. It was so hot laying there in a room with fifteen horny guys, making them crazy while 69ing my girlfriend in the middle of the floor. I had her ass right over my face so I began licking it and fucking her with my tongue while she fingered my pussy and sucked my clit, bringing me close to orgasm. I could feel her huge tits pushed against my stomach and I could feel her hard nipples on my skin which turned me on so much. I was about ready to cum and I could tell she was close too.

I took a moment away from licking her, only long enough to make a request that I knew would send her over the edge and that would really drive the guys wild! Michelle has the ability to squirt her girlcum when she was really turned on, and she knew how much I loved getting facials, from guys or girls...sooo....

"Oh Michelle, can you cum on my face?" I said to her quickly and just as I predicted, this sent her over the edge.

"Ok, ok, finger fuck me!" she replied. I began to slide three fingers in and out of her soaked pussy as I licked her clit harder than ever. She was almost out of breath but yelled out, "Pull your fingers out!" I pushed her legs out to create more pressure with my tongue and suddenly I felt my face and tits get flooded with girlcum. It turned me on so much that I began to feel my orgasm coming as well.

"Your turn!" she said through her panting breaths. I closed my eyes and I pulled my legs back and she opened her mouth wider while continuing to tongue my clit. My orgasm washed over my entire body and I grabbed my boobs and rubbed them together while I convulsed with pleasure.

When Michelle and I had finally come down from our orgasms we looked around to find the guys with their pants down and jerking off like maniacs. I found this so arousing and I stood up and walked directly over to a group of three of them and dropped to my knees to suck their hard cocks. As I was sucking on one of their cocks I would jerk off another two, and I would take turns sucking them off like such a dirty little whore. One of them grabbed me by the hair and pushed my mouth further on whoever's cock I was sucking. They would touch my boobs and my ass and they run their hands all over my body treating me like a cheap slut. One guy bent down and began playing and sucking on my tits, licking all of Michelle's girlcum from my body and neck.

The guy I was sucking looked like he was about ready to cum as he pumped in and out of my mouth. His moaning grew louder until he mumbled that he was ready.

I took his cock from my mouth and quickly positioned myself right under it and with my sluttiest dirtiest voice I said, "Oh yea, do it right on my face! Cum all over my face!" I leaned my head back as I felt cumshot after cumshot shoot all over my pretty face. It dripped down my cheeks and nose and onto my bare tits. A second guy stepped up and I grabbed his cock and jerked it hard and fast. It wasn't long until he was spraying his massive load all over my face too, even some in my hair and right over my head! After the third guy had stepped up and blown his load on my face, I was so turned on at how slutty I was being, I felt like I was going to have yet another orgasm. I fingered my clit furiously, while I let their cum run off my face and body, it must have looked so fucking slutty! Michelle had made her way over to me again, she too had taken several cumshots on her face and she sat on my pelvis and began rubbing her clit against mine. I placed one of my legs between hers and pushed my body further in so that I could grind my clit right against hers. It took only seconds for both of us to cum again, the thought of what we were doing simply too much to hold back.

It had gotten late fast and when we were exhausted, Michelle and I went to the washroom to clean the cum from our faces and bodies, pausing to joke about how dirty we each looked in the mirror. We finally came out to find 2000 dollars on the front table and the guys back to their drinking beers and chatting. They saw us come out of the washroom and one of them said, "Hey girls, I hope to see you two around campus pretty soon!"

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