College Student Does Odd Jobs


"There you go...Just undo that little clasp" she encouraged in a whispered as she stepped closer to me, my hard cock sliding up and pressing its full length against her stomach now. I fumbled with the little clasp for several seconds before I got it open and allowed the material spring around her sides. " take it off of me." She whispered, as I eased the material down her long slender arms as she stepped back from me. I dropped the bra on the pile of clothing as she stepped back to me, reaching down and wrapping her hand around my dick as she pressed her naked body against mine. "Hmmmm, it is a nice dick. Do you like to have it sucked on?" she whispered.

"Well, so far, yes." I admitted.

"Hmmm well, let's see what we can do about that then?" she cooed, stepping out of her flip flops and away from me. Without releasing my cock, she walked toward the pool, pulling me along as if my dick were a handle. She led me down the steps into the water and then guided me to the edge of the pool. "Up on the edge." She coaxed.

Almost as soon as I was sitting on the edge, her head was headed to my lap, her mouth quickly engulfing my hard cock and her tongue swirling around and around it while she pumped her head and hand up and down the shaft.

"Hmmmm that looks like it feels so good." Amanda said as she slid up next to us and lowered her head to my chest. I felt her tongue reach out and tease my nipples and wondered if that was what it felt like, to her, to have hers licked and sucked. I felt her leave my nipples and kiss her way up my chest, moving to my neck and finally licking my earlobe. "Why don't you return the favor now?" Amanda whispered. "Just switch with her and then I'll teach you how to eat her pussy."

"Will she like that?" I asked.

"oh yes....i guarantee it!" she whispered with a chuckle.

"Ok." I answered quietly, reaching for Vivian's shoulders and lifting her until she released my cock from her mouth. "Switch with me." I said as I slipped into the water. It only took a moment for her to move around and sit on the edge of the pool, her knees in the air and spread wide as she hooked her heels on the edge of the pool.

"Now just gently lick between her pussy lips." Amanda cooed in my ear as she pressed my head toward Amanda's lap. I tentatively reached out with my tongue and pressed it between her meaty lips at the base and was rewarded with a tangy wetness that fought with the chlorine water taste. I stroked up between her lips at Amanda's urging, until my tongue found the hard spot that was her clit. She jumped slightly as my tongue bumped over it before coming out of her slit completely. "Again." Amanda urged.

Again and again I stroked between her lips, her more sensitive inner lips becoming more and more exposed as her level of arousal increased.

"You are doing well." Amanda said as she reached between my legs and stoked my hard cock. "Now find her clit play with it with your tongue. Swirl it around and around it with the tip of your tongue and slowly press your finger into her pussy."

I did as I was directed, Vivian moaning loudly as my finger stroked in and out of her pussy in time with my licking and flicking of her clit.

"OH FUCK!" Vivian screamed suddenly, her whole body tensing up and shaking uncontrollably.

"Shit, did I hurt her?" I asked Amanda I was so startled.

"OH, far from it. Now stand between her legs and put your hard dick into her." Amanda coaxed me.

You didn't have to invite me twice! I was quickly rubbing my hard cock around her pussy lips, up and down between them, teasing her clit and letting my head engage her tunnel. Finally she hooked her heels on my ass and groaned as she pulled me deep into her incredibly tight pussy. I sunk slowly into her, my whole cock being massaged by her quivering pussy. I finally hit the end of her tunnel, my pubic hair mingling with her own, before I pulled back and quickly sunk myself back in again.

"YES...OH GOD YES! AGAIN!" Vivian cried to the cloudless sky as Amanda coaxed my ass to plunge my cock into her faster. I watched as Amanda climbed half on the edge of the pool, leaning her head over Vivian's chest, and sucked one of her nipples into her mouth. The sight of two naked women in front of me, one of the sucking the others tits, and the tight tingling massage that Vivian's pussy was giving my cock was more than my system could handle. With a grunt my body jerked, driving my cock into her so hard it bounced her a couple inches across the pool edge. "AHHHHH FUCK YES!" she cried at the top of her lungs as my dick exploded inside her, pumping squirt after squirt of hot cum into her pussy as my body bucked into hers. I felt Amanda slide her hand down my ass and between my cheeks, her teasing finger causing my last few shots of cum to pump more forcibly than I would have expected.

"Oh God!" Vivian panted as she lowered herself down to lay on the concrete, her chest heaving, her legs hanging limply around me in the pool. "That was the most intense orgasm I've ever had."

"I told you he was good." Amanda answered with a giggle as she slid back down into the water. She stepped around me and pressed her body against the back of mine, her hands stroking up and down my chest until it was teasing both the base of my shriveling cock and Vivians pussy.

"OH, he is that! How did you find him? Buy him from a slave trader?" Vivian joked from where she was laying.

"Nope. Heard from a friend he would do odd jobs. It wasn't till I watched him working shirtless for a few days that I got the idea to seduce him."

"How did you do that?" Vivian queried.

"Easy. What man can resist a woman in a bikini putting on tanning oil. And of course, getting that oil in all the right spots so pretty soon she isn't wearing any bikini." Amanda said with a giggle.

"Well, when you get done I think I have a bedroom that needs to be painted." Vivian said with a laugh as she sat up, holding a hand out to me.

"I'd be happy to help you paint a room." I said as I helped her back into the water.

"I bet you would, stud. And if you just happened to get naked while you were painting...well, you wouldn't get any complaints from me!"

The three of us laughed and joked around some more before Vivian finally decided she needed to go and I needed to get back to painting the fence. Amanda made me paint naked as long as she was outside, which was okay with me, since she had to put sunblock on me so I didn't burn. Of course she had to suck me off first, which was the first time I ever squirted all over a woman's tits and face, which she seemed to really enjoy.

I still had at least one more day of work on the fence when I finished for the day, and Amanda made me promise to come and start bright and early in the morning. I told her I couldn't wait.

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