tagGroup SexCollege Swingers Ch. 05

College Swingers Ch. 05


Chapter 05: Full Swap

I don't know about you, but I've always been a little uncomfortable just having another couple over for sex. It's ok when it just happens, like the first time my wife Julie and I hooked up with Scott and Ann, but planning it feels a little odd. I mean, there you are, two couples standing together in the living room: "Hi, guys. How was your week? Let's fuck." Awkward much?

Julie, ever the practical one, suggested that we all go out and catch a movie before heading back to our place. At least then things could feel a little more natural. So Julie and I picked up Scott and Ann at their dorms and we all headed out to watch Kate Beckinsale in a skin tight black outfit fighting werewolves. Call me a geek, but it definitely diffused the awkwardness. It also provided a nice segue into our other plans for the evening because Ann, with her lithe body and dark hair, sure had the Kate Beckinsale look going for her.

Back at the apartment afterward, we found ourselves lounging around the living room floor, cheerfully ripping the movie to shreds. It wasn't coincidence that Scott was sitting with my wife and I was sitting with his girlfriend, but it was comfortable and relaxed. Which is not to say that I hadn't spent the entire time, in the car, at the theater and now lounging about, picturing Ann naked, flushed and panting. I had and I was confident Scott was having the same thoughts about Julie. (Hell if I know what the ladies were thinking. Total mystery to me.) It's just that we were all pretty relaxed and comfortable about it.

The pause in our conversation about vampire hybrids and lame sequels came quite naturally. One minute we were all laughing and then suddenly, everyone was quiet. The ladies shared a long, significant look. Then Julie and I looked at each other. Ann and Scott, I'm sure, shared a glance of their own. It was like a switch had been thrown. Julie smiled and I turned to look at Ann. She had a strange, almost dreamy, expression on her face.

"I really like your hair," she said, reaching out and running her fingers through it.

Hell if I know why, but lots of women seem to like my hair. This didn't seem like a good time to mention that to Ann though. So, I kissed her instead. She leaned into me, pressing her lean young body against me. Her lips felt hot and soft. I lay back on the floor and let her slide down on top of me, our lips still locked together. My hands ran along Ann's back and she arched, purring against my mouth. Ann and I lay like that, kissing, her hands wrapped in my hair and mine running up and down her back.

After a time, I was surprised by a second pair of hands on Ann's back. Ann sat up, breaking our kiss, as the new hands pulled her top up over her head and tossed it away. Ann never wore a bra and her perky, cone shaped breasts were a wonderful sight. Julie, the owner of that second pair of hands, seemed to agree. At least, she was smiling as she ran her hands down Ann's arms and cupped those wonderful little breasts.

Julie, I noticed, was also topless. Her breasts were fuller and rounder than Ann's. Julie's nipples, larger than Ann's little eighteen-year-old buds, were already hard and shiny wet with saliva. I shot a look at Scott, who was kneeling behind Julie. He was just grinning as my wife rubbed his girlfriend's breasts.

Ann arched her back and turned to kiss Julie. I watched as my wife's blonde hair mingled with Ann's dark tresses. Ann's perky little breasts pressed against Julie's full ones and their hands roamed across each others' backs. As Scott and I watched, Ann started to kiss her way down Julie's throat. Julie moaned as the younger woman's mouth nipped and sucked on her neck. Ann cupped Julie's breasts and lowered her lips to Julie's nipples.

"Ow!" Julie jumped suddenly. "Hey, no biting."

It was the first thing I heard anyone say since we'd started making out. Everyone laughed.

"Sorry," Ann said, blushing. She took Julie's nipple back into her mouth, gently sucking it. "Is that better?" Ann purred, her voice muffled by Julie's breast.

"Mmmmm, yesss," Julie sighed, wrapping her fingers in Ann's dark hair.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Scott tossing his shirt aside. I glanced over, and saw he was hastily unbuttoning his jeans. He paused when he saw me looking and his grin widened. Without further hesitation, he pushed his jeans and boxers off. Standing proudly naked in my living room, the lanky young man wrapped his hand around his long, hard penis and turned his attention back to the ladies.

Julie was gently pulling Ann's head up. Ann gave one last, playful suck at Julie's breast, causing my wife to moan deeply. Ann leaned her head back. Julie was cupping Ann's face in her hands, looking down at the younger coed. Julie leaned down and kissed Ann again, their tongues darting. Then, Julie started to kiss her way down the young coed's body until she was sucking Ann's pert little cones. Ann sighed, wrapping her hands around Julie's head.

Scott, naked and hard, moved to kneel beside Julie. He quickly pushed her skirt down off her hips. Not to be outdone, I moved up next to Ann and, reaching between the ladies, started to unbutton her jeans. As I struggled to push Ann's tight pants down, Julie started and moaned into Ann's little breasts. From the way Scott's hand was moving, I knew he was reaching inside Julie's panties to rub her pussy.

The ladies broke apart, both standing so that Scott and I could fully undress them. With Ann's help, I pulled her tight jeans off. As far as I could tell, she never wore panties, and her pussy was neatly trimmed and already swollen and wet. Kneeling in front of her, I couldn't resist the temptation. I pushed my head between her legs and dragged my tongue along her slick folds. She tasted wonderful. Startled, Ann gasped and moaned as my tongue probed her. Her hand clenched in my hair and she struggled to keep her balance as my tongue lashed the sweet nub of her clit. Ann moaned and started rocking her hips, pushing her pussy into my face. Suddenly, she pushed away.

"You're overdressed," she said with a grin. It was true. Ann was standing in front of me, naked. She was a sight with her perky little breasts, and their hard little nipples, flushed and heaving, her taut belly sloping down to the neatly trimmed strip of hair above her wet pussy.

Next to us, Julie and Scott were sitting comfortably naked together. Scott was caressing my wife's full, round breasts, his fingers playfully tweaking her big, hard nipples. Julie's hand was sliding up and down the length of Scott's hard shaft.

Meanwhile there I was, still fully dressed.

"I've been busy," I smiled, wiping Ann's juices off my lips. I quickly corrected the situation, pulling off my clothes as best I could. Sadly, I think only strippers can undress quickly without looking a little foolish.

I didn't have much time to feel self-conscious however, since no sooner was I naked than Ann practically pounced on me. With the sultry grin I was coming to associate with her at times like these, she pushed me down and positioned herself between my thighs. Looking over Ann's shapely ass, I saw Scott and Julie still sitting as they had been, fondling each other and watching as Scott's girlfriend lowered her head into my lap. I gasped as Ann's tongue fluttered over my balls. With little flicks, Ann licked her way up my hard shaft. Each brushing touch of her tongue sent a spark of pleasure through me. Throughout, I kept my eyes locked on my wife. Julie smiled back at me, her hand still lazily pumping on Scott's dick. When Ann's teasing reached the head of my dick, I moaned loudly. Julie smiled as Ann's hot, wet mouth engulfed my shaft.

Julie and I had done something like this once before with Ann and Scott, but this was the first time we'd really watched each other. I found it an unbelievable turn-on, and it just kept getting better. With a wide grin, Julie lowered her face down to Scott's lap. She looked me straight in the eyes for a second, then my loving blonde wife turned and lowered her head into Scott's lap. Scott groaned, and I groaned with him, as Julie licked tip of his shaft, swirling her tongue around his length before taking him into her mouth. Some people, I know, just don't get it, but for me the sight of my wife sucking that young guy's hard shaft was just outrageously hot. Of course, having his hot girlfriend swallowing my own dick while I watched sure helped.

I tore my eyes away from my wife's lovely blonde head bobbing up and down in Scott's lap and turned my attention back to the hot young coed who was vigorously sucking me. Ann lay curled beside me. Her long, dark hair was spread like a curtain over my legs, her perky little breasts rested on my leg and her lovely long legs and firm little ass were curled next to me. I ran my hands across Ann's lovely ass and up and down her long legs. She shifted herself, spreading her long legs apart. I slid my hand up her thigh and slid my fingers into her wet pussy. Ann wiggled and moaned around my shaft as I started to rub between her wet folds. Then she squealed, sparking even more pleasant feelings in my dick, as my searching fingers found the hot nub of her clit.

Next to us Scott started to grunt and moan loudly. I glanced over to see his eyes glazed with lust. He was laying back, stretched out with Julie leaning over him. My wife was vigorously bobbing her head up and down on the head of Scott's dick while her hand pumped his shaft. Scott was rocking his hips, pumping his shaft toward Julie's face, clearly trying to fuck her mouth. Julie was obviously struggling a little. Julie's a willing cock-sucker, but she just isn't able to do the deep throat trick. Scott was clearly trying to push his way deeper into her mouth than Julie could manage. Finally, with a gasp, Julie lifted her head off of Scott's thrusting shaft.

"I want you to fuck me," my wife said huskily to this young man. Scott, eyes glazed, his hips still bucking slightly, looked at her uncomprehendingly.

"Ohhh, fuck me now. I want this dick in my pussy." Julie repeated, squeezing Scott's shaft. Scott didn't need to be told again. He grabbed a little franticly for the box of condoms sitting nearby. Julie snatched one out of his hands and quickly rolled it down his straining shaft.

I sighed as Ann lifted her head from my lap. She turned to watch her boyfriend roll my wife onto her back and position himself over her. Scott settled eagerly between Julie's thighs, rubbing his latex-sheathed dick against her. Grinning, Julie reached down between her legs and guided his shaft toward her opening.

With a long groan, Scott slowly slid himself into my wife's wet and willing pussy. Julie moaned, smiling as his hard length penetrated deeply into her. Scott's scrawny ass clenched as he buried himself between my wife's shapely thighs. Julie wrapped her legs around his thighs, pulling him further into her. They lay together like that for a moment. I could see Julie smiling up at Scott. The younger man's ass flexed as he started to move inside my wife.

"Oh yes," Julie moaned softly as her hips rose to meet his thrusts, "Oh, fuck me."

Scott started to pump faster as Julie moaned, urging him on. He trust into her with quick, rough thrusts, just the way I know my wife likes it. Scott's eyes became fixed on my wife's full breasts which bounced and shook with each punishing thrust. With a savage groan, Scott buried his shaggy head in Julie's chest, sucking fiercely on her full breasts. Julie gasped. Her hands wrapped themselves in his curly hair and she arched and writhed under him.

Ann and I lay watching them in fascination. Ann's head was still resting on my lap with my dick resting against her cheek. I was rock hard and I could feel massive amounts of pre-cum leaking from my shaft onto Ann's cheek and hair. She didn't seem to notice. Her fingers gently caressed my balls. I could feel her hot breath on my thigh, panting as she watched. I rested one hand in her hair while caressing her firm little ass with the other. We just lay like that, watching her boyfriend's skinny behind pumping harder and faster between my wife's legs.

"Oh fuck," Scott groaned into Julie's breasts, "fuck... fuck... Fuck... FUCK!"

With a final shout, Scott gave a sudden, hard thrust, burying himself balls deep into Julie's pussy. His whole body clenched. His shout dragged out into a long groan. Somewhere far inside my wife's pussy, his dick pumped a condom full of semen. Julie gasped and arched under him, holding him tightly to her until the spasms of his orgasm had faded away.

"That was great," she said to the room in general.

"Oh yeah," Scott sighed, smiling up at Julie. Then he glanced a little guiltily over at his girlfriend, who was still laying with her face on my dick. I have no idea what passed between those two in that moment, but suddenly Ann sat up and turned to me, a fierce and wild expression on her face.

"Our turn," Ann said firmly, throwing her legs across my hips.

Ann's dark hair made a wild cloud around her. Her face was stained with saliva and pre-cum. Her expression was fierce. She ground her wet pussy against me. Softer, wetter and even more inviting than her lovely mouth, Ann's slick folds slid along the length of my shaft. She arched her hips and the tip of my dick brushed between the folds of her pussy, touching her warm opening.

At that moment, I wanted nothing more than to thrust deep into her, fuck her wildly and fill her completely with my cum. Never let it be said I don't think of my partners, even at a time like this. Quickly, I reached out and grabbed at the nearby box. Before either of us could make another move, I brought my hand up, holding the condom up to her wild face.

At the sight of the prophylactic Ann froze. Arched above me, my naked dick pressing just through the outer folds of her pussy, she looked at me with wide eyes. Suddenly she seemed much less fierce and very young. For a moment, I confess, my hips arched and the tip of my dick thrust against her wet opening. Ann gave a little gasp. Then, for both our sakes, I put my hands on Ann's hips and firmly pushed her back until she was sitting on my thighs. Eyes locked with hers, I ripped open the condom wrapper.

"You want to do this?" I asked, holding the condom out to her and giving my best reassuring smile. Ann relaxed suddenly and smiled. I could tell she heard all the different meanings I had managed to fit into that question.

"Yes," she said, answering all my questions with just one word.

Ann took the condom from my hand and reached down to unroll it onto my shaft. I sighed as her fingers rubbed against me. Ann smiled and lightly caressed my balls. Then she lifted her hips back over my shaft. We looked at each other for another moment. She leaned down to kiss me and, at the same time, slowly lowered herself onto my shaft. Her wet folds engulfed my dick and I groaned into her mouth as her tight opening squeezed my shaft. Even muted through the condom, I was amazed at how tight she felt around me. Inch by teasing inch, Ann pushed down until I was completely buried in her warm, soft channel.

We started to move together. I let Ann set the pace. Slowly at first, and then with increasing vigor, she rose and fell on my shaft. As she found her rhythm, I began thrusting up to meet her. Ann moaned and arched her back. Her long dark hair covered her like a veil. As her back arched, her perky, bud-tipped breasts poked through that dark curtain. I lay back, admiring those proud, firm little breasts. I started to thrust harder, just to see if I could make them jiggle.

Ann fell forward, her hands landing on my chest and her dark hair falling around her. I reached upwards, cupping her little breasts in my hands and rubbing my thumbs over her bud-like nipples. Ann shuddered and signed, grinding her hips against me. I leaned upward, taking her breasts in my mouth. Ann moaned as my tongue flicked against her hard nipples. Taking a nipple between my teeth I bit down lightly, at the same time trusting hard inside her. Unlike Julie, Ann liked a little biting and I was happy to oblige. Ann gasped and her hips thrust down with bruising intensity.

The sound of Scott's deep groan once again pulled my attention away from his hot young girlfriend. Glancing over Ann's shoulder, I saw Julie on her hands and knees with Scott kneeling behind her. His hands gripped my wife's hips and his hips rocked as he steadily thrust his dick into her from behind. Julie's eyes were closed. Her heavy breasts rocked steadily back and forth with each thrust. I was amazed that Scott was hard again. I felt a brief flash a jealousy, not at the fact that he was fucking my wife, but at the fact that he was doing it for the second time tonight. The thought was quickly driven out of my mind, however, by the hot coed passionately riding my shaft.

Ann started to bounce wildly on my dick. Her hand wrapped itself in my hair, pulling my face back toward her breasts. Smiling inwardly, I passionately licked and sucked her perky little cones.

"Bite," Ann whispered, her body moving wildly over me. "Bite my tits. Oo, please bite them."

I nipped at the sides of her bouncing breast and she moaned. Taking her nipple between my teeth, I bit down. Ann whimpered. I bit harder. She grasped, thrusting down hard in my lap. My dick was buried to the hilt in Ann's tight wet channel. I bit her nipple again, a little worried I might draw blood if I bit any harder.

Ann shrieked. Her whole body tensed, arching against me as she quivered in orgasm. Her tight pussy convulsed around my shaft, triggering my own explosive wave of pleasure. My hips bucked and I felt my cum spurting up out of me, filling the latex sheath that protected Ann. Our bodies pressed together, lost in the rush of orgasm. Finally with a sigh, we both relaxed and collapsed back onto the living room floor. Ann lay on top of me, her lithe young body warm and soft against me.

Beside us, we could hear the grunting and flesh slapping on flesh. Ann, her face next to mine, gave me a funny questioning look. She turned to see her boyfriend, still vigorously fucking my wife from behind. With a little laugh, Ann rolled off me and we lay together watching Scott pummeling my wife's pussy.

Scott was thrusting so hard their bodies slapped together with a load crack each time he entered her. Julie had braced herself on one arm. With her other arm she held her full breasts, trying to keep them from bouncing painfully. Her whole body was jiggling with the force of Scott's assault. Sudden he groaned, thrusting deep and coming inside her for the second time that night. Julie, I thought, looked a little relieved that he had finished. She collapsed onto the floor, leaving Scott kneeling behind her, his latex wrapped dick still hard and waving proudly.

Pillowing my head on my arms, I smiled.

"Well, that's a good way to spend an evening," I ventured.

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