tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCollette Loses Her Anal Cherry

Collette Loses Her Anal Cherry


Collette is blackmailed by Pervy Pete - Pete wins a bet with Rich and I'm forced to masturbate for their delectation.


It had been three weeks since my encounter with Pete in his workshop. The whole nasty incident was beginning to fade in my mind.

I was in my office; I had a couple of free lessons and was in the middle of planning some activities for classes that afternoon. I was concentrating on the computer so didn't notice the activity going on in the corridor outside.

There was a knock on the door and I said, "Come in," without looking up immediately.

Suddenly I was aware of the room being crowded. Pervy Pete, our janitor and Randy Rich, the pool man, had filled the space between the desk and the door, which they had closed. Pete's head and shoulders were blocking the view, into my office, from the corridor.

My heart sank and my mouth became dry. After Pete, Rich had the next worst reputation as the school lecher. He had the ideal job, being able to leer at staff when he was on duty during out of school hours - cleaning the poolside, watching female staff in wet swimsuits. My colleagues and I avoided him like the plague - his personal hygiene regime was sloppy, he favoured tracksuit bottoms - which did his podgy body no favours; he was always adjusting his genitals, jiggling them through his pockets.

Pete said, "I was telling Rich about your watch, he wanted to see it as he's coming up for his 20 year award and wonders if one like yours might be a good choice. I notice you don't have it on - very sensible to keep it in the desk, you never know who is snooping about these days."

If I had any hopes of escaping what I dreaded would happen next, that disabused me. This was Pete's way of saying, "You will do what I tell you or else," and the 'or else' would be to show everyone the YouPorn video and/or the digital pictures he had taken of me.

I shivered as his veiled threat hit home. But worse was to come. Rich said, "As well as seeing the watch there's something else you can help us with. Pete and I have been having bets about the teaching staff. No offence intended, but us support staff think the teachers are a snooty lot - what with your degrees and such like.

"Pete has tried to convince me that this isn't the case, that that we are respected by you and your friends. He says that he only has to ask nicely and the teachers will help him out.

"So I have bet him that this won't happen, he's an arrogant sod and has challenged me to choose the most aloof teacher for him to ask for help, and I chose you."

With this, Rich threw a challenging look at Pete. We both looked at him for his answer.

Pete leered at me as he said, "Well, perhaps we can start with the watch. Would you show it to Rich?"

I tried to work up some saliva to wet my parched mouth. I nodded before my response came out at just below a squeak , "Yes, I'm happy to do that," I said as I took the watch from the drawer, as Pete knew I would.

Rich leant over and took it from me. I tried to hide the fact that I was trembling, terrified of what I was going to have to do to stop Pete revealing my shame and humiliation.

That this was only the hors d'oeuvre was obvious from Rich's reaction. He hardly looked at the watch before he gave it back. He glanced at Pete as he said, "Well there was one other thing...."

He let that phrase hang as he waited for Pete to intervene. Pete took his cue and moved nearer my desk, so he was almost standing over me. He licked his lips and said, "Rich doesn't think you would be nice to us, but I told him that you are such a generous person that you would help us in any way you could, that's right, isn't it?"

So I was to find out now, what was going to happen next. I nodded and whispered, "That's right, Pete."

He said to Rich, "Let's get comfortable, you are going to enjoy this," and he motioned towards the chairs beside my desk.

He turned to me and said, "Would you start by showing us your tits?"

I nodded and started to unbutton my blouse.

Rich giggled to hide his shock. Clearly, he hadn't expected me to be so co-operative.

I took off my blouse and undid my bra. My breasts are big but they stand up well. Rich feasted his eyes on them and wet his lips with his tongue. He squirmed in his chair and thrusts both hands into the pockets of his tracksuit bottoms.

I raised my eyes to Pete's. "Is that OK?" I asked.

"Nice! Next I'd like you to rub your nipples, suck your fingers and make your nipples hard and wet for us."

I had no choice, so I did as he instructed. My nipples are very sensitive and so it is very easy to make them hard. This time I willed myself not to think how lovely it felt to be doing this. But it didn't work and soon they were standing proudly to attention.

"Gawd," said Rich, "they are just like welders' thumbs." He jiggled on his chair, adjusting his genitals. I could see evidence of his arousal and quickly looked away.

Pete said "That's right, we are enjoying it, just as I can see you are." I didn't want to catch his eye again, but couldn't help looking up. He leered at me and wiped the spittle off his lips with his hand.

His next request was, "Will you take off your jeans?" He leant forward and put his hand to his ear to signal he expected me to reply verbally.

"Yes," I whispered hoarsely, any saliva in my mouth swallowed long ago.

"Excellent," he said as they both leaned forward to get a good look.

I unzipped my jeans and slid them down my legs, taking great care to make sure my panties didn't come down as well.

Rich muttered, "Oh, yum, white lace, my favourite."

He leant over to Pete and whispered a question. Pete nodded and said, "Double or quits, mate."

He turned to me and explained, "Rich has just doubled the bet , he's convinced that you won't play with your pussy for us, but you will if I ask you nicely; won't you?"

I looked pleadingly into his eyes and saw only determination and no mercy there, so I nodded.

Rich must have been holding his breath and he let it out noisily, "Strewth, I've got to hand it to you mate, never thought she'd agree to that."

Pete said, "She's a very good friend and knows that I like to see things done properly," he looked at me and continued, "Why don't you rub your body for us, to get you in the mood and then slip those panties off."

I followed his instructions and started at my breasts, I ran my hands gently over them and down my tummy to the top of my legs. Then I stroked down my outer thighs softly, and returned up, running my nails up the inside of my thighs and then up my body to my breasts again. I sucked my fingers and ran wet circles around my nipples. I tried to ignore what this was doing to me but as I carried on I realised how hopeless this was. I was becoming as aroused as Pete and Rich.

Up until now I had avoided my mound and what lay beneath the white lace, but I could see that Pete wanted me to move on. I lifted my cheeks off the chair and slid my panties down my legs, Rich put out his hand and took them from me.

He put the crotch of the panties to his nose and inhaled deeply, "What a souvenir," he leered, "I can't wait to see what's in there," as he pointed to my slit.

"Yes," said Pete, "let's see how you bring yourself off when you are at home."

I slid two fingers into my slit and began to rub them either side of my clit. It was no good, I wasn't going to be able to divorce myself from what I was doing and quickly the warmth developing in my snatch started to spread. My legs opened under their own volition revealing a hard clit and rapidly swelling vulva to their eager eyes.

I put the fingers into my mouth, sucked them gently and returned to stroke and circle my clit with them. My arousal was building and I was helpless to stop it, despite the feelings of self-disgust I was experiencing. This wasn't helped by the running commentary that Rich was providing to accompany the changes in my genitals that were apparent to him and Pete.

He muttered, "Look at her clit, it's really hard now, I can see her fuck hole and it's getting wet - gosh, she's gagging for it, look at that juice it's starting to soak into the chair."

He was right, my vagina was red and swollen, it was aching for release, and juice was oozing out, driven by the little muscular spasms that were signalling the beginning of my orgasm.

Pete could see I was getting close as the stroking speeded up, my breathing was ragged and I was beginning to pant. He could also see my vagina and urethra opening and closing with the increasing muscle spasms.

He checked that he and Rich were directly in front of me and issued his order, "Cum now for us, Collette, cum now you little slut."

I groaned and let go, my orgasm was immense, the muscle spasms forced the juice out in long strings that spattered over the floor, over Rich and Pete's hands and trousers.

"Fuck," shrieked Rich, "She's squirting as well." He was right, the jolts going through my pussy were so strong that they pushing out little spurts of urine.

Pete got up and pulled me to my feet, I was shuddering so hard I couldn't fight back so I wasn't able to stop him pushing me face down over the desk. He positioned me so that my snatch was fully exposed, with my puckered anus pointing directly at them. He pushed my legs fully apart so they both could see my vaginal opening still pulsing out juice.

He spread my arse cheeks and pushed a finger into my virgin hole. It slid in easily with all the lubrication.

He said to Rich, "Shove your hand up her fuck hole and I'll show you something."

Rich didn't need telling a second time and with a groan of delight he rammed four fingers up my cunt. At the same time Pete started to pump two fingers up my anus. I couldn't tell you to this day what did it, whether Rich hit my G-spot or Pete's invasion set me off again but I had another massive orgasm - just as Pete hoped I would.

Without their hands buried in me, I would have slumped, writhing to the floor. I moaned, shuddered and spurted juice and urine for the second time.

Rich pulled back, massaging his dripping hand that had just received a mauling from my vaginal muscles, against his shirt. In the other hand he held a massively erect, purple-headed cock that he started to pump.

"No," said Pete, "I've got another treat for you, how do you fancy cumming up there?" as he pointed to my vagina.

Rich didn't hesitate and quickly jammed his prick right up to the hilt, in my vulva. As he pounded away it was too much for me and the thrusts pushed me headlong into a third orgasm. I screamed, he shouted, as we both came together as he filled me with spunk.

As Rich pulled out, dripping cum and spunk across my anus and down my legs, Pete took his place and forced his penis into my arse.

"I've dreamt about doing this," he said, as he slowly and luxuriously pleasured his prick up my hole. I moaned and shuddered as I felt his meat stretch and fill the narrow space. He groaned as he increased his thrusts.

"Fuck me," he shouted, "she's loving this, look at her hips go."

Rich was watching eagerly and could see that Pete was right, totally out of control now, I was thrusting back to match his rhythm.

Suddenly I was overwhelmed, "I'm cumming," I screamed as my entire body convulsed in a fourth gigantic orgasm. The anal spasms milked Pete dry as he was unable to stave of his orgasm any longer. His final thrusts were spunk-less heaves as my muscles sucked the last drops of jizz from his prick.

Rich pulled up his trousers and took his wallet from his pocket. "I've never been so happy to lose a bet, mate," he said as he handed a wad of notes to Pete.

"It's been a pleasure for me too," replied Pete as he accepted the offering.

He winked at me as he pushed Rich through the door.

"Look after your watch now, Collette."

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