tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCollette's Caught Cybering Ch. 02

Collette's Caught Cybering Ch. 02


The next chapter about the consequences of cybering on scholl premises.

Nothing had happened since my punishment for being caught cybering. I gradually began to relax and hope that it was just a one-off with ~M. I was probably in denial, as I hadn't looked for the video on YouPorn.

So I was off-guard when Pervy Pete, our janitor, came to my office. He is in charge of the building refurbishment and sometimes we have meetings to discuss issues on the plans.

He stuck his head around the door and said, "Are you doing anything at the moment, only I need to talk to you about the deadlines for the part of the project -- everyone else is on vacation and we need to move things on."

"No, I'm free until lunch," I replied.

I agreed to go to his workshop -- that was where we usually held the meetings. Although there were normally three or more of us at the meetings, this felt OK, Pete wasn't a big guy and I thought if he got flirty I would be able to deal with it.

"I've put the key documents in a file for you," he said as we went into the workshop. I saw the file he pointed to on a workbench at the end of the room and I walked over to it.

"What do you think?" he asked as I picked up the first sheet and the second.

"This is disgusting -- where did you find these?" I asked sharply. The sheets were pornographic pictures of women having sex -- very clear and explicit -- I was outraged that they were lying around the school.

He leered at me, "I downloaded them from YouPorn -- do you recognise anything?"

By this time I was beginning to feel sick -- I had reached the last sheet and when I turned it over it was the title page of a video called 'English Rose Plucked'.

I thought "There's no way he could have worked out it was me from the video -- he's trying it on." So I started to get really angry...

"So what's your point? I don't recognise anything."

He said, "Are you sure its not you? Have another look."

"I'm not a lesbian, I don't do things like this, what are you up to?" I shouted at him.

"Look at the first picture again," Pete ordered. This was a close up of a woman's genitals (mine) -- you could just see my hands holding my ankles.

"So," I said, "that doesn't prove anything."

He passed me another picture, he leered, "I zoomed in on that hand and, what do you know, I saw your watch -- the unique one you are always boasting about".

Sure enough there it was. I was terrified. He saw my emotions flit across my face and licked his lips.

"We can play a little game, do a remake of the video, only this time you will have this treat." With this he grinned and used his hand to squeeze the growing bulge in his trousers, so I would be in no doubt as to his intentions and my fate.

"Run, run," I screamed in my head. I glanced at the door and started to move but before I could get a couple of feet he had me pushed back against the workbench, with a hand each side of me, on the bench's surface, and one leg jammed between mine.

I leaned back over the bench to get as far away from him as I could.

"Why would I do this?" I asked, already dreading his answer.

"Because this file will be left in the staff room if you don't. What do think of them little green apples?" he taunted.

I had no answer and he knew it. He licked his lips again and said, "OK -- Scene 1, you get to take off your shirt". With that he ran his hand over one of my breasts and pinched and twisted one of my nipples with his long dirty nails. I screamed, the pain was intense.

"So you'll play the game from now on?" he asked.

"Yes," I whispered as I pulled up my shirt.

"That's better," he said as he ran his hands over my breasts , squeezing and rolling them. He leaned down to lick them and took one of my nipples in his mouth, nipping and biting it. Then going onto the second he sucked this long and hard.

"Oh, no," I groaned in my head, my body was betraying me. My nipples stood proudly erect and the sucking was turning me on, little electric shocks were making my clit harden.

"Wait a minute," he said, "I want to take a picture of this". He had a small digital camera set up in the corner and without letting me go set up a shot with the remote. The flash showed us with his left arm around my shoulder and the right caressing one of my breasts.

"OK, where were we? Oh, yes -- Scene 2 -- you get to take off your jeans -- I notice you have your camel toes on today," he leered.

He was right - I had hoped no one would notice that I was wearing the tight jeans -- the crotch centre seam divided my mound and outlined the lips.

I shuddered as he ran a long, filthy nail along the seam, between my labia and scratched the fabric at the point where it pressed on my clit. He unzipped my jeans and eased them down over my hips.

"That's nice," he said as he bent down to get a closer look at my pants. He sniffed where the fabric was caught by my labia. I tried to lean further back to get away from him but did not realise that the height of the workbench meant that my hips were pushed towards his face. He took that as a signal of assent and thrust his nose into the crease and rubbed my clit. "Yes, that's it," he said.

I could feel my vagina and clit swelling and both getting hotter as they became engorged. I felt so humiliated when he said, "What a hot little slut you are -- you will soon be gagging for my dick .

"Let's have another picture for the album," as he stood up. Again he set up the camera and it recorded him and me -- this time with one hand cupping a breast and the other pressed into my mound.

"Ready for Scene 3?" he said, " let's have those pants off now," and with that he knelt in front of me and slowly pulled them down. As he did so he pushed his nose between my labia again and inhaled, "You are a sweet slut, I'm going to enjoy fucking you.

"This is where we change the plot a bit -- I enjoyed watching you -- so I want you to play with yourself so we get that pussy good and wet -- start at the top and give those titties a good rubbing... Oh, and by the way I want to hear how you are enjoying it."

He moved back and sat on the bench opposite, he unzipped his fly and started to slowly rub his erect penis -- whilst looking at me intently, "Get on with it" he snapped, "my dick won't wait forever for his pleasuring."

Reluctantly I started to caress my breasts, rubbing gently in circles around my nipples -- wetting my fingers so that they would slide easily across my skin. The skin became goose bumped and my nipples swelled and pulled the areolas into stiff peaks around them. At the same time I said what I hoped he wanted to hear, "My titties love being stroked, they are so sensitive, the feeling is going deep into my pussy. Ooh, that feels so good, it is turning me on, making me feel horny, and I feel hot."

Trouble was it worked -- I was beginning to lose control -- I really wanted to rub my clit.

Pete motioned for me to move lower , "Show me how your skin burns for your touch." I ran my hands up and down my chest, onto my navel and down to my bush, then down the inside of my thighs. As my fingers trailed up the inside of my thighs I moaned, my legs opened of their own accord. My accompanying commentary grew increasingly inarticulate as my actions drew me to ever-higher level of arousal. By the time I started stroking my clit all I managed was, "So hot, pussy is creaming, clit is going to explode, need a good shagging, need a fist up here." At the same time I couldn't help thrusting my hips in time with the rubbing, I must have looked like I was fucking the air -- my juice was beginning to fly in droplets.

He stood and moved over to me, "Scene 4 -- you get a good fucking -- prepare for heaven," he said. His cock was huge, the head was purple and shiny as the skin stretched to its full capacity, and precum glistened on the tip. It twitched as if it had a life of its own. He grasped it, to put it inside my pussy and to my shock I saw that he could hardly get his hand around its girth.

"It's too big to go up -- you will split me in two," I pleaded.

"Let's see shall we", he said and with one smooth movement rammed its entire length up me. I groaned, moaned and whimpered as I was impaled - it felt as though the head of his prick filled me past the neck of my womb.

"Feel this, slut, isn't it good, don't you just love it, take it, take all of it," he shouted as he rammed in, pulled back and rammed it in again and again. I couldn't help it - my hips rose to meet his thrusts.

I was lost in my lust -- I wanted it, I wanted the pain, I wanted to be fucked. I shouted, "Yes, yes, yes -- fuck me big boy -- give it all to me."

My ecstasy began to build, I was nearing orgasm. As I started to arch my hips and tense my leg muscles he must have sensed how close I was. He pulled out and I moaned the loss, "Please fuck me, I need your dick," I pleaded. He squatted down between my legs and said, "I want to watch you cum, like you did on the video -- but this time it's for me."

He pinched my clit between two fingers and started to pump it. This sent me wild. He watched intently as my vagina opened and closed with his rhythm.

"That's good, I can see your piss hole, your lovely wet fuck hole, aren't you juicy....Cum for Pete, now."

"Ooh, I'm cumming, I'm cumming," I screamed as I went headlong over the edge into my orgasm. My hips arched and my vagina contracted, the spasms pushed the juice out in short, sharp, spurts. It hit Pete in the face, went into his hair and dribbled down onto his shirt.

"Shit! Never seen that before -- never thought we'd get you to do that." He sat back and wiped his face with his shirt. He stood up, gripped his cock and started to pump it with his fist, "Now it's his turn," he said. He moved up really close and rubbed his prick up between my breasts.

"See how your titties like to be fucked," he said then he groaned, "I'm cumming," and the cum shot all over me -- it went on and on as he pumped his prick, spurting out creamy ropes of spunk that covered my breasts, filled my navel and soaked into my bush.

He pulled back and started to rub his gizz into my skin, as he pushed down through my bush I started to explode again, he looked surprised, as though he hadn't seen a multiple orgasm before.

"Shhit -- are you cumming again you little slut?"

He rammed his fist up my pussy, "Let's feel that," he said.

"Yes, yes, yes," I moaned as the third orgasm hit and I fucked his fist, my vaginal muscles clenched his hand so hard it made him gasp.

He let me go and I stood up very shakily, I felt so drained but humiliated, I needed to get away and wash him off me.

He patted me on the arse and said, "That was great -- let's do that again soon."

I sobbed as I pulled on my clothes, vowing to never fall for his tricks again, I would need to put my watch away.

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