tagNovels and NovellasColonization Ch. 02

Colonization Ch. 02


Edited by RogueLurker

Author's note: This story falls in the categories of incest, mind-control and nonhuman)

Part 2 of 6

Casey's older sister, Sylvia, discovered early on that her spectacular body and pretty face was all she needed to do well in life. She left University to marry a man much older than her, a very rich man whose lifestyle sent him to the grave sooner than expected. Although she was only three years older than Casey, Sylvia was now a rich widow living in a mansion surrounded by gardens and a tall fence.

When Sylvia received a call from Casey, she was surprised to hear from her and worried when her sister wanted to talk with her in person. She invited Casey to her home immediately.

A while later, Casey arrived and Sylvia opened the front door with a big smile, "Hi, honey, how have you been? I haven't seen you in almost a month."

"Hi Sylvia, is good to see you," Casey's voice sounded cheerful as always but her expression seemed different, as if she were detached from the world.

Smiling at her sister, Casey suggested that they relax in the Jacuzzi while they talked. She new that Sylvia loved to spend time in the bubbling waters and she was planning to take advantage of it.

"Sure. Good idea," Sylvia responded and led Casey into the house

* * *

Half an hour later, Sylvia was passively sitting in the water in front of her sister. Her eyes were lost in eternity, her mind partially subjugated and her body aroused from the inside out.

Moments before, Casey had to make a great effort not to moan when the small worm sneaked out of her pussy, but now she had nothing to worry about as the alien's chemical-messenger was already inside Sylvia's. Casey saw her sister's erect nipples through the thin fabric of her bikini, a clear indication that Sylvia was ready to become part of the colony. Just thinking about that, made Casey's pussy twitch. Soon, Sylvia would become more than her sister; they would become the same entity controlled by a single mind. Casey's pussy jolted again.

Casey moved closer and asked softly, "How do you feel?"

Sylvia stared at her, unable to focus.

Casey leaned forward and kissed her sister on the mouth, pushing the tip of her tongue between her sister's luscious lips.

Sylvia mumbled, "Ca...sey..."

Casey couldn't distinguish if her sister was pleading her to stop or begging for more, but either way she was interrupted by the doorbell.

Sondra let herself into Sylvia's mansion carrying a big box which contained the reason for her existence. She placed the box gently on the bed in the main bedroom and opened it. She lifted the alien and placed him beside the box. Casey was walking out of the bathroom, hand in hand with her sister, who couldn't quite understand what was happening but could clearly feel the increasing fire in her crotch. Both girls stopped by the bed and Casey looked at the reddish bulk with true devotion in her eyes, her fingers slowly rubbing her clit. Sylvia was standing beside Casey, eyes still unfocused, arms limp by her sides.

The alien immediately extended his tentacle and moved it between Sylvia's legs, then the flexible appendage curved upward and slid across the woman's ass crack. Sylvia turned her head and looked down at the tentacle. Her face showed a hint of fear and helplessness as the chemicals released in the initial takeover began to wear off, but she didn't move.

Casey watched with excitement as her sister threw her head back and inhaled deeply. The alien had entered her.

Sondra walked around and knelt behind Sylvia. Fascinated to be able to witness another enslavement, she spread Sylvia's ass cheeks and saw the tentacle inexorably piercing the woman's body. The veined surface of the tentacle sank in with a squishy sound as Sylvia's fingers extended rigidly and her toes curled up. Then, the tentacle stopped penetrating and Sylvia relaxed completely. Her eyes started fluttering as her mind became reprogrammed forever.

Casey leapt onto the bed and watched her sister standing like a puppet in front of her. Casey recalled when they were young girls and Sylvia had always been the one in control, managing to obtain whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted. Now, none of that mattered. It was strange and exciting to look at Sylvia's expressionless face, her eyes blank and her ass penetrated by an alien tentacle.

* * *

Sondra walked around from behind the new slave and joined Casey on the bed. Admiring Casey's perfect body, she decided that it was time for more romance, at least until she received further instructions from their master. She grabbed Casey's shoulder and pushed the teen flat on her back, just beside the alien, and then she threw herself on top of her student. Sondra locked her lips against Casey's, who responded by slipping her tongue into her teacher's mouth. Sondra's sexual fantasies had come true and she couldn't be more thankful for it. Casey was grateful to Sondra for bringing her to him and she tried to express it in the best way she could.

Sondra moved down the teen's body, playing with her nipples for a moment before going further. As she nibbled the sensitive nub of Casey's clitoris, the young woman arched her back and exploded in her first orgasm of the night.

The alien observed Sondra and Casey as it sent instruction to Sylvia's mind through the tendril embedded in her ass. Curious, he wanted to know how far a female could endure a strong sexual stimulation. A second tendril emerged from the alien pod and snaked closer to Casey's crotch, attracted by the heat emanating from her pussy.

Sondra removed her mouth from the teen's clit as the limb curved over Casey's thigh and sank between her legs with a soggy sound. The student gasped. Sondra captured the sensitive nub of her clitoris once again while the tendril pushed deeper into Casey. Within seconds, she climaxed a second time. The contractions of Casey's vaginal muscles around the rubbery appendage fired a discharge of electrical impulses from the tentacle that replicated the orgasm over an over inside Casey's brain.

Sondra observed Casey's body shaking with spasms that didn't seem to end and she almost climaxed from the sheer delight of observing her lover's total submission and overwhelming bliss. Every muscle in the young woman's body was shaking and straining. Two minutes later, Casey was unconscious from the sexual overdose. All necessary information was recorded by the alien.

* * *

By the following day, the alien had grown a few inches wider and taller, synthesizing the hydrogen in the air as a main source of energy. The hydrogen was not abundant but it was enough for the alien to grow at a slow pace.

Casey woke up between Sondra and the alien, startled for a moment as she tried to remember where she was. Within a few seconds, her mind cleared and she remembered. She was a slave. Her pussy had mild contraction at the thought. She loved being a slave and being part of the new colony. A strange sense of satisfaction and completeness overcame everything else.

Casey turned her head and saw Sylvia still standing beside the bed. The tentacle still attached to her anus.

Sylvia! She had been there all night! Casey thought.

Casey got off the bed, careful not to wake Sondra, and walked around in front of her sister. Sylvia was moaning very softly, almost inaudibly. Casey saw Sylvia's nipples standing proud from the center of her pink areolas. Looking farther down, she saw her sister's inner thighs glistening. Casey knelt and moved closer, confirming that it was Sylvia's love juice that had been leaking from her pussy all night and now even the carpet beneath her feet was wet.

The alluring smell of sex filled Casey's nostrils. Sylvia's nether lips looked so beautiful, so wet and appealing. Casey couldn't take her eyes off them. One thought materialized in her head. It was a voice. No. It was a command.


Casey wondered where that thought came from. A slight reluctance formed in her conscience, as she knew it was her own sister standing in front of her. Then, the voice sounded again, this time clearer and stronger,


A wave of pleasure radiated from her crotch in every direction. Casey's eyes glazed as she finally understood that the command came from her master, now stamped forever in her brain. There was only one thing she could do. Obey.

Casey leaned forward and licked the length of her sister's cunt lips. Sylvia jerked and gasped loudly. Casey licked again and Sylvia moaned. Casey felt so right in giving pleasure to her sister, to one member of the colony, to him. Sylvia tasted so good.

Sylvia spread her legs and bent her knees, allowing Casey to slide within, letting her mash her full open mouth around Sylvia's pussy. Casey tongue-fucked her sister, mouth lips kissing cunt lips eagerly. Moments later, Casey felt Sylvia's legs shaking around her head and a strong contraction almost sent the older woman off her feet. As this happened, a large gush of a sweet fluid sprayed out from Sylvia's vaginal cavity and flooded Casey's mouth. Casey's heart was pounding hard and fast while she swallowed the substance. She was ecstatic, her pussy twitching in synchrony with her sister's. Sylvia had another contraction and more fluid gushed out. Casey swallowed more and her pussy twitched again, harder. The next time Sylvia's pussy contracted, Casey climaxed with her mouth attached to her sister's opening, drinking the flow as if her life depended on it. Sylvia shuddered, coming in and out of consciousness, but remained standing, overtaken by the mind-controlling tentacle buried in her ass.

After a few devastating seconds, their orgasms subsided and finally Casey moved back, her chest still heaving and her stomach full. She wiped her chin with the back of her hand and noticed that the fluid secreted from her sister's body was a whitish essence that reminded her of diluted milk.

Casey looked up at her sister, now impassive again, and then looked down at the tentacle penetrating her anus. It took Casey a moment but then everything made sense. Sylvia's function in the colony was clear now. The master had used Sylvia's body to feed her. Casey was not allowed to eat any other way. The command was imprinted in her mind: No foreign substances should contaminate her body, the colony's body. The slaves were bounded to the alien in every possible way.

Casey, still kneeling on the floor, observed as the tentacle pulled swiftly from Sylvia's rectum and the woman crumbled to the ground, exhausted.

* * *

Sondra woke and found herself in bed with the alien by her side. She got up and almost stumbled over Sylvia, who was laying sleep on the carpet.

Sondra wondered how Sylvia could look so much like Casey and yet they were so different. But that was all in the past. Now, all of them were equals and Sylvia, just like her sister, looked like a beautiful angel. Sondra admired her breasts; they were an image of perfection, even better than Casey's. Sondra knelt beside the sleeping woman and licked one of Sylvia's nipples. The delicate nub responded immediately, swelling and hardening. Sondra slipped it into her mouth and sucked.

Sylvia moaned within her numbed mind while Sondra was surprised with a gush a fluid leaking from the slave's breast. It was sweet and delicious. Sondra acknowledged the emptiness in her stomach and suckled harder as more fluid came out. When she moved to the other breast, she obtained an identical response. Sondra was in heaven, her pussy twitching with every gulp, as her belly filled.

* * *

When Casey came from the bathroom, she found Sondra kneeling beside her sister with a fat tentacle buried in her ass, her eyes fluttering as her mind received new commands. Casey was envious; she wished it was her submitting so deeply to the master. But she knew her turn was coming soon and felt her pussy tingling with anticipation.

Casey observed as the tentacle withdrew from Sondra's ass. The woman's face remained expressionless. With almost robotic movements, Sondra stood up and moved back on the bed, kneeling in front of the reddish bulk of the alien and then bent backwards, presenting her moistened opening to him. A proboscis, different from the mind-controlling tendril, came out from an opening at the base of the alien's body. This appendage ended with a mouth-like structure that attached firmly to Sondra's crotch. Seconds later, the tube contracted eliciting a soft moan from the entranced woman. Casey was observing intently and could only imagine the small segments of the alien snaking across the leathery tube and slipping into Sondra's body, as she moaned again and again.

Casey knew that every groan of the woman represented the future possession of a new slave for the colony. It was time for Sondra to go hunting.

Several hours later, Sylvia was tenderly embracing Casey from the back and caressing her breasts, while both sisters watched the new girl. She was a blonde laying flat on the bed, her eyes fixed on the ceiling, a tentacle buried in her body and her mind completely subjugated.

* * *

Several weeks went by and Sylvia's mansion was swirling with activity. The colony was expanding rapidly. Women were coming and going in and out of the house. Some brought new slaves-to-be and others went to collect necessary materials for the nest protection and maintenance.

* * *

In another part of the city, Veronica McBride spent most of the day lying naked on her bed. Her instructions had been precise but she had been struggling with them all day. Kristy was her daughter, her only daughter. Veronica wanted to fight her commands but that word kept coming to her head over and over.


Veronica's hand moved unconsciously to her crotch and started rubbing her clit.

I can't do this. Not to her. I can't. Veronica fought back with great effort.

Enslave, her hand rubber faster, Enslave, and faster, Enslave, Veronica climaxed.

The alien had seen Kristy while he scanned Veronica's mind and he wanted her for a new experiment. The purpose of this test was irrelevant to the slave. The commands were burned into her mind and the task was inescapable.

Now Veronica was standing naked beside her daughter's bed and she stepped forward with no hesitation.

Kristy was deeply asleep and her mother began to stroke her arm, careful not to wake her. Not yet anyway. The chemicals passed from skin to skin and they slowly affected on Kristy's mind. Veronica uncovered her daughter completely and proceeded to remove her panties. It was then when Kristy woke up, confused and scared.

"Mom? ... What are you doing?"

The young woman was not sure if she was dreaming. She tried to stop her mother from pulling her panties all the way off but it was too late. Veronica jumped on top of her daughter and straddled her.


She tried to push her away but, although Veronica was a small woman, she was very strong. She grasped Kristy by her wrists and pinned her to the bed. Kristy's head was spinning from the first dose of chemicals but she already knew that this was not a dream, even if it made no sense.

Veronica moaned loudly and Kristy, trembling with fear, looked up at her mother's face. She was crossed eyed and her mouth was slack and partially open. At that moment, Kristy felt something rubbing her pelvis and when she looked down, she screamed.

A reddish tendril was pushing out of her mother's pussy and was slipping down to her own crotch. The worm quickly found her tight opening and snaked forward, penetrating Kristy's vagina. Immediately, it started to dissolve, releasing a torrent of mind-numbing chemicals directly into the young woman's blood stream.

Moments later, Veronica came back from the delightful stupor of releasing the enslaver segment. Her angelical daughter was looking back at her with a serene expression. Veronica released her arms and Kristy lay there, immobile, with her hands resting on the pillow at either side of her head. The maternal love of Veronica had been replaced by a different kind of love; one filled with sexual desires impossible to resist. Looking at that young woman with her tight and creamy body, so inviting and defenseless, she just couldn't fight the urge to savor a bit more of her. The older woman moved down slowly until her face was aligned with her daughter's pussy and licked. Kristy gasped softly.

* * *

Two hours later, mother and daughter were back in Sylvia's house.

"Bring her," Sondra ordered.

Despite the large amount of chemicals released in Kristy's slim body, too much time had passed since she had been taken by the numbing tendril and he was regaining some of her awareness as she walked passively holding her mother's hand toward the main room.

As they passed through the door, Kristy saw the alien, now a large reddish bulk of meat, about three meters wide and two meters tall, sitting against the back wall. The light filtering through the window was reflected on the slippery surface of its skin. Immediately a sensation of panic invaded the young woman's soul. She felt the urge to scream for her mother but her mother was right there, holding her hand.

Kristy saw three other girls, one blonde and two brunettes, standing rigidly beside the alien, their eyes fluttering. Three tentacles were buried in each of the women's anuses. She gasped from the surreal image in front of her as fear showed in her eyes. Noticing this, her mother whispered in a soothing voice,

"Its ok baby, come with me and you will feel much better in a second."

Kristy walked with uncertain steps behind her mother until they were two meters away from the creature. Kristy looked at the alien knowing that something bad was going to happen to her but her mind was still too numb to do anything about it. Veronica stood behind her daughter and wrapped her arms around her body, caressing her small breasts and pinching her nipples tenderly.

Kristy heard a squishy sound beside her and turned her head in time to look at one of the tentacles retreating from the blonde's anus. The blonde and the teenager heaved a sigh at the same time, as Kristy saw inch after inch of the phallus pulling out from the woman's body. When it finally came out, the wetness of the waving tentacle revealed that at least nine inches of the tendril had been wedged inside the blonde. Kristy felt her legs go weak and whispered to her mother,

"Mom please, lets get out of here..."

The same tentacle that had been inside the blonde moved in front of Kristy, as she tried to leap back. Veronica just continued to fondle her daughter's nipples, holding her in place at the same time. The phallus moved between the Kristy's legs and curled up, snuggling against her ass cheeks while her body tensed. The tentacle pulled back and pressed at the anal entrance, first lightly then increasing in pressure. Kristy lifted her body standing in her toes, trying unsuccessfully to avoid the penetration. A second later, the shaft was inside of her.

"Ahhh... mom!" Kristy gasped.

Veronica's pussy was twitching with the knowledge of her daughter becoming part of the colony. She moved her hand down and cupped the teen's mound, finding and rubbing her clitoris. Kristy moaned. As the tentacle crept deeper inside her, she fell slowly to her knees, with her hands by her sides and her eyes fixed, unblinking.

Veronica heard a soft voice coming from the bed, "You have done well". It was Sylvia, who was lying on her side with her luscious breast standing full and round. Her belly was a bit swollen and Veronica wondered if she was pregnant.

"Come here," Sylvia told in a commanding voice.

Without saying a word, Veronica approached the woman and kissed her on the lips. Tongues dueled for a few second before Veronica's mouth was directed to one of Sylvia's fully erect nipples. An instant after the older woman's lips closed on the pinkish nub, a trickle of fluid poured out and filled her mouth. Veronica swallowed while her pussy moistened.

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