tagNovels and NovellasColonization Ch. 04

Colonization Ch. 04


By Homealone_447 Edited by slutkimmi and c-whyte

Author's note: This story falls in the categories of incest, mind-control and nonhuman

Part 4 of 6

Sondra wrote down something on a piece of paper and hung up the phone. At the other end of the line, Laura put down the receiver and turned off the computer.

"Let's go!" Sondra ordered the three slaves that were standing rigidly beside her.

Thirty minutes later, the four women ran silently across the yard of a suburban house and broke a small window on the back door.

Brenda woke up startled by the noise and sat on the bed. She kept listening for a moment but everything was quiet.

Maybe it was in the house next door, she thought as she rested her head back on the pillow.

"Get her!" Sondra screamed from across the dark room.

Brenda jumped off the bed the moment she heard the voice but two strong women dressed in black immediately grabbed her arms and covered her mouth with a cloth. They dragged her down the stairs and out of her house wearing just her panties. The street lamps allowed Brenda to see that there was another woman waiting in a minivan with tainted windows. Brenda mumbled something but her words were unintelligible. She was pushed inside the vehicle and taken away.

* * *

It was very late and the streets were empty most of the way. Brenda looked around desperately as they parked in the front of a beautiful mansion up in the hills. Brenda was forced out of the minivan. Her legs felt weak from fear.

They entered the front door and two young naked women sitting in the living room looked in their direction. Brenda stared back at them and there she was, Susan Baker.

I knew it! Brenda thought within her contained panic.

All kinds of ideas started circling around in her head as she was led up the wide stairs. These women must be part of some kind of cult, or...

Suddenly, Brenda's mind became blank as she tried to process what she was seeing. There was an enormous and weird creature right in front of her, a blob of reddish meat moving like a lung with tentacles of different shapes and sizes protruding from the main body. Brenda screamed but the sound was muffled by the cloth in her mouth.

Sondra didn't have to hear the scream to know that Brenda felt pure terror. Looking at her eyes was proof enough.

"Don't worry honey. Very soon you will thank us for bringing you here. You will remember this day as the best of your life.

"Remove her panties and put her in that corner", Sondra ordered the slaves.

Brenda was forcibly stripped and the cloth in her mouth was removed.

"Please let me go. I swear I won't tell anyone about this... about your group," the reporter pleaded. Sondra just looked down at her and smiled.

"Guard her until she is ready to be taken," Sondra said as she left the room.

Taken! What does she mean by taken? Brenda thought, turning her face worriedly towards the creature.

It was then that Brenda noticed a blonde woman standing beside the creature. No, she was leaning back against the creature. She had her eyes half closed and her legs were spread apart. Brenda could see something moving between the blonde's legs but she couldn't see clearly because of the angled position of the woman. Then, the tentacle moved and Brenda saw what was happening.

Oh my God! She has one of the creature's tentacles in her pussy!

Brenda's heart jolted and she started to cry.

* * *

The next morning, Brenda was still sitting on the floor. Her eyes were red after so many tears but at least she was glad that she had not been taken yet. The room was empty apart from her, the creature and one slave-guard. There had been very little activity in the house during the night except for quiet moans here and there, but now there were all kinds of noises coming from the hall.

Brenda saw a naked woman come into the room. She was a brunette in her mid-thirties, slim and attractive. Brenda saw the woman's eyes stare directly at the creature, but her eyes were not vacant, instead, they showed lust, pure passion. Brenda couldn't understand how this was possible. How the brunette could be attracted to this monster?

The woman stopped three feet away from the alien and turned around, facing the door. Brenda saw one of the monster's tendrils crawl toward the woman and climb up her left leg. At this moment, two blonde women entered the room and approached the brunette. One of the blondes had a butterfly tattoo on her hip. Brenda looked at them for an instant, before looking back at the tendril as it moved closer to the first woman's crotch.

Brenda knew what was going to happen and part of her wanted to look away but she couldn't. Maybe it was her journalist instinct to see everything or maybe it was some sort of perverted curiosity, but she just had to watch.

The tendril kept climbing until it reached the top of the brunette's thigh. Then, the woman gasped loudly, throwing her head back as the phallus pierced inside. Seconds later, the brunette looked at the blonde in front of her. Her eyes still showed the same passion as before.

The reporter wondered how painful it would be to have a rod that thick penetrating her ass, but it was clear that the brunette was in no pain at all. Then, something even more disconcerting brought Brenda back from her wandering thoughts. A reddish tendril started to protrude from the woman's pussy. Brenda's eyes widened with incredulity. The tentacle was a little more than an inch thick and it slid out more and more until nine inches were waving like a snake between the brunette's legs. Then, the blonde with the butterfly tattoo turned around and moved back against the brunette. The woman's tendril curled up and swiftly entered the blonde's anus. Moments later, another tentacle was coming out of the blonde's pussy. The third woman did the same and soon, the three women were chained together in a physical and mental bond.

Brenda was astonished to say the least. She stared at the women, then at the tendrils, then at the creature and then back at the women. The women's eyes were fluttering as reinforcing commands entered their brains and new instructions were passed to the alien messengers embedded in their bodies.

Then, something else startled Brenda. Her clit was inflamed and her nipples swollen. She was feeling aroused!

No! This can't be. I can't get excited by this...

She closed her eyes and tried to get the image of the penetrating tentacles out of her mind. But then, she remembered. Something had penetrated her own ass the day before in Susan's house. Susan's tentacle! Brenda remembered the orgasms. They had been too good. Her heart jolted followed by her pussy. Brenda opened her eyes and the women were still there. Still entranced. Still penetrating and being penetrated. Brenda's pussy throbbed again.

Casey and Susan entered the room and saw the three women being reprogrammed. Then they saw Brenda, sitting on the floor, rubbing her thighs together and looking back at them. Casey noticed the erect nipples of the reporter.

"You were right. She is cute," Casey said to Susan.

"Come on honey. Its time," Susan said to Brenda.

"No please. Let me go," Brenda responded almost crying.

Casey grabbed Brenda by an arm and pulled her up. The reporter walked reluctantly closer to the alien but she knew that there was nothing she could do to avoid her fate. She was going to be taken. She was really scared but even in that moment she had a flash back of the orgasms. Her excitement just wouldn't go away. Something deep inside her wanted to surrender to the monster. She wanted to feel again what she felt before, with Susan.

Brenda saw one of the tentacles crawl towards her and she panicked again. This time she tried to move away but Susan grabbed her other arm and forced her to stay in place.

"No, please no," the reporter whimpered.

Brenda felt the tendril caressing her calves and then her thighs. It was so close now. Then she felt it rubbing her ass crack and spreading her cheeks apart.


A warm feeling started to expand from Brenda's ass to her pussy and then to the rest of her body. It felt weird. There was very little pain. Suddenly, Brenda felt a strong orgasm explode in her body like never before. A second passed as her eyes rolled back. Then two seconds. And her mind became black. It wasn't hers anymore.

* * *

Later that morning, across town, Senator Healey was sitting at his desk, reading a document. From time to time his mind wandered to his daughter Melissa, to what he had done with her, to her. He tried to get his mind off of it but it was impossible.

His secretary walked into the office, smiling. "Senator, this package just arrived for you but it has no return address."

"Thanks Julie. Leave it on the desk please. I'll look at it later."

The Senator kept reading for a moment but then he got curious and checked the package. There was a CD inside and a letter. As he read it, his face turned white and his hands started shaking. It read:

'We know what you have done to your daughter. You will do as we say or we will make it public. Instructions will be given later.'

The Senator inserted the CD in the computer and confirmed his greatest fear. There he was on the screen, lying on the bed with his beautiful daughter bouncing up and down on top of him. There were close-ups of his face and his daughter's. There was no way to deny this. His eyes filled with tears of rage and shame. His mind reeled.

Melissa has to be involved in this. She knew someone was videotaping us. How could she do something like that to me?

The Senator decided to take the day off and think about what he was going to do. He couldn't just let a bunch of lunatics blackmail him like this.

He entered the front door of his house and walked toward the bar to prepare a drink. He heard something in the living room and looked in that direction. His car keys fell to the marbled floor and he just stood there, perplexed.

Carol, his wife, was standing completely naked in the center of the living room and their daughter Melissa was standing in front of her, also naked. They were both looking at him. Carol's arms were wrapped around her daughter from behind and she was caressing her breasts.

The Senator blinked twice trying to assimilate the scene and then he slowly approached the two women. He looked around making sure that nobody else was there.

"There's nobody else here. We are all alone," Carol said with a sensual voice.

The Senator got closer, still unable to speak. He looked at Melissa. Her ravishing body brought back flashes of their recent encounter and the Senator tried to push those thoughts away. But something was happening to her. He realized that Melissa was not looking at him; she was looking through him. Her eyes were open but she was looking nowhere. Her whole face was completely slack. Melissa's arms were hanging feebly at her sides. Only her breasts moved according to her mother's tender caresses.

The Senator finally found his voice, "Carol, what the hell is going on?"

"I believe you got the video CD?" Carol asked back.

"What?! Are you on this too?"

"Of course I am. Who do you think convinced Melissa to do it."

"But why?"

"Melissa and I have a new family now. All that matters is the safety of our colony."

"Colony? What are you talking about?"

"You don't need to know any details about us. What you need to know is that you will do whatever we want you to do."

"What if I refuse?"

"I know you. You won't. Your political career means everything to you. Anyway, you know me too. And you know that I think that convincing is a better strategy than obligating. So, if you do this for us, we can give you a big reward."

As Carol said that, Melissa rolled her eyes back into her head and moaned softly. The Senator couldn't see the tendril retreating from Melissa's ass and retracting back inside Carol's body.

Melissa walked slowly, still submerged in a deep trance, and kneeled in front of her father. She reached for his crotch and the Senator pulled back away from her.

"Don't move Robert. Let her do it. She won't stop following you until she has your cum in her mouth."

"What? What have you done to her?" The Senator asked worriedly.

"She is our gift to you, as long as you help us."

The Senator stood there, considering his options, while Melissa reached into his pants and pulled his cock into her mouth.

"Oh God!" the Senator mumbled.

"We have taught her how to do it right. We have taught her how to do everything right."

The Senator was finally understanding that he had no options but to do what his wife said. And every second that passed, he worried less about the future and concentrated more on the tender but hungry mouth that sucked his cock with unrestrained eagerness.

He saw his wife looking back at him. Her body seemed to have regained a firmness that it had lost a few years ago. He saw her butterfly tattoo on her hip. He loved that tattoo.

Meanwhile, Melissa sucked him hard. She was able to get his whole cock inside her mouth without gagging one bit. She worked him like a pro and she was taking him to climax very fast. The Senator was beyond caring at this point. Having his wife in the same room made it even more kinky and exciting for him. He had come in his daughter's mouth the day before and today he was going to do it again, no matter what. He grabbed Melissa's head with both hands and sprayed his load. The Senator heard Melissa moaning while she kept her lips tight around his cock until he was finished.

He released his hold and Melissa immediately pulled back and stood up. Her eyes showed fire. She turned around and walked toward her mother. Carol embraced her and kissed her on the lips. Melissa let the sperm roll into her mother's mouth and some of it spilled onto their breasts.

The situation had become so surreal, that the Senator could not believe what he was seeing. His wife had never let him cum in her mouth and now she was drinking it from her own daughter's mouth. Then, he heard Carol's voice.

"Are you going to just stand there or do you want these," Carol said, grabbing Melissa's ass cheeks.

The Senator thought about it for a second and then hurried toward the women. He grabbed Melissa by her waist and threw her on the sofa, and then he sank his head between her legs. He licked his daughter's pussy while Carol sat beside them and caressed Melissa's breasts.

The Senator's cock got hard again very quickly and he jumped onto the sofa, making Melissa straddle him. She mounted on top of him and started to impale herself on his dick with the same eagerness of the previous day. She just moaned and panted in accord with the motion.

Carol stood up and observed the couple for a while. She rejoiced that everything was going just as planned. They had served their master well and knowing that, gave her a rush that traveled from her head to her pussy.

Carol had an idea, or maybe the idea was introduced into Carol's head. She couldn't distinguish anymore which thoughts were hers and which came from the tendril inside of her. It didn't matter as they both were one now. She approached her daughter from behind with a naughty smile on her face. She made sure that Melissa was blocking her husband's view and then closed her eyes. Carol moaned as the tendril extended out of her pussy once again. She leaned over and introduced the limb into Melissa's ass. Melissa gasped and stopped moving.

"Please don't stop honey. Don't stop," The Senator pleaded.

The young woman resumed her motions exactly as before. Carol let the tendril push deeper into her daughter until the connection was made. Carol could feel everything that Melissa was feeling and both women started moaning in unison.

Carol waited a few more minutes and when she sensed it was right, she pushed a powerful orgasm into Melissa's mind. Her daughter squealed and her whole body started to shake. Her pussy contracted over and over around her father's cock and he couldn't hold it any longer. He squirted his sperm into her pussy until his balls were drained completely. Carol sent another orgasm into Melissa's mind and the spasm continued. The Senator naively felt flattered that he had triggered such a strong climax in his daughter.

As Carol withdrew the tentacle back into her body, Melissa feebly crumbled down onto her father.

"I have to go but Melissa will remain here with you. Don't forget that she is just a loan as long as you help us," Carol said.

* * *

Detective Samuel Briscoe was reviewing some papers that were scattered over Laura's desk. He knew that she was up to something and he wanted to know what it was. He was jealous of her rapid career success. Laura Mackenzie was a very efficient woman and she had been upgraded to Detective only two years after joining the department. It had taken him seven years to get there.

Samuel had been an outstanding soldier a long time ago but that was all in the past. He knew that his performance as a cop was a lot less than perfect. He often did questionable things and his superiors knew about it. That was the reason why he had been overlooked so many times. He knew it but still he thought it was unfair to him. He hated being a cop but he couldn't bring himself to quit.

Sam had been observing Laura the last few weeks. She was assigned to investigate the mysterious increase of missing persons but she hadn't had much progress. The always-efficient Laura was failing at this job and maybe this was Sam's opportunity to outshine her.

Sam didn't find any useful information on Laura's desk except for one address. He checked it on the computer and found that it belonged to Brenda Miller. The name sounded familiar to him. Then he remembered. She was reporter for a local channel. He called Brenda's house but he got the answering machine. After a few more calls, he discovered that she hadn't showed up for work the last three days. He decided to investigate.

The detective parked under the shadow of a big tree a few houses down the street and was about to get out of his car when he saw a woman walking out from Brenda's house. It was Laura! He saw her locking the door and walking hurriedly to her car. Samuel wondered why Laura had the keys to Brenda's house. This was too weird. Laura drove away and Sam followed her. During the ride, Sam call Brenda's house again and the answering machine picked up the call again but this time there was a different message indicating that Brenda had to leave town for personal reasons.

After a thirty-minute ride, Laura arrived to the large mansion and entered the front gate. Sam parked across the street and observed for a while. There was not much to see behind the tall fence but there was a lot of activity at the main gate. It caught Sam's attention that only women were coming in or out of the house. He sat there for more than two hours and not a single guy crossed his view.

It was getting dark and Laura never came out. Samuel drove away thinking of his next step. He had to know what was going on inside that house. Maybe all the missing persons were in there. He could become a hero.

* * *

After a quick sex session in the afternoon, Samuel was lying in bed watching his friend Marsha, who walked around the room wearing just her panties, looking for a cigarette.

"You should quit smoking you know? Those little things will kill you," Sam said.

"We all are going to die sooner or later," Marsha responded with her usual phrase.

"So, are you going to do it or not?" Sam asked his friend.

Marsha was a private investigator and Sam had told her about the missing person reports and his findings about Laura and the mansion.

"Why do you think only women can get in?" Marsha asked.

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