tagRomanceColors of Lust

Colors of Lust


A ruby-red room with a mirrored ceiling.

A round bed with ivory posts stood in the center of the room, covered

with satin sheets and silk pillows.

Candles of different shapes and sizes were lit in spots around the room.

Rose petals were scattered on the floor.

Jana was wearing a gold corset that laced up the front and pushed her full breasts up besides a gold g-string. Her hair was down. Her lips were colored fire-red. Long, gold satin gloves adorned her hands. Jana was sitting on her knees with her legs apart, waiting for Marc, her lover. He was wearing only a pair of navy blue satin pajama pants with nothing to cover him on top.

Marc slid his hand through her parted legs and caressed the lacy g-string, feeling how wet she was. He kissed her full mouth, sliding his luscious tongue inside, and pulled her close to his body. He could feel her breasts quivering against his chest. Smiling, Marc lifted one breast at a time so they could hang over the corset. Jana's nipples were hard as diamonds under his touch. His hands caressed her tits, playing with the nipples, pinching and squeezing gently. Their mouths were locked together in a hot kiss, tongues playing with each other that sent a wave a pleasure through Jana's heart down to her pussy. Marc laid her down on the bed; he massaged her breasts, licked and sucked on the tender skin of her neck, causing her to cry out with pleasure. Jana pulled him even closer, burying her hands in his wavy hair. She pushed his head down her body, having him kiss all the way down to her lovely cunt. Jana felt a burning tongue licking her lips and love-hole, tasting her sweetness, her honey of lust. Her clit was throbbing, aching to be touched. Marc sensed her wanting; grasping her pleasure-button between his fingers, he rubbed it to make it hard just like his hot tool. Jana cried out with pleasure, wanting him not only to touch it, but to also suck on it. Marc then licked the kernel of pleasure until it was red and hard. He put his hard cock between her legs, rubbing himself against her but not putting it in just yet. Marc was on top of Jana, kissing, caressing her body, her breasts, and her hair.

Jana was arching her back up towards him, wanting him to mold his body to hers. Marc teased his prick at her hot hole, making Jana lurch forward to meet it. he smiled mischieviously and pulled away, then came forward again without warning and slid his cock into her box. Churning his sword into her shield, Jana was tight, but it felt so good. Marc put his arms around her and rolled onto the side, holding her tight ass to keep her with him. His cock was loving the feel of a tight, hot wet cunt, causing him to moan with pleasure. They were kissing again, with the touch of the tongues electrifying pleasure through their bodies writhing on the bed.

The candlelight cast shadows at different angles, creating a hauntingly romantic sight. If one glanced up at the mirror, one would see two bodies in lust, wanting each other. Hands and mouths and skin molded to each other like fire, burning in each other's embrace.

Jana was now on her knees receiving Marc's prick doggy-style. She was rubbing her clit and feeling his cock slide in and out of her dripping pussy, all clean-shaven. His balls were swinging and bumping against her ass. He suddenly pulled out of her and told her to get on her knees again. His hand moved her head to his cock, telling her to suck it well. Jana licked, sucked, and kissed his dick, making it harder. She even caressed his balls, even moving her fingers to the crack of his ass. She slid a finger into his asshole, making him groan with lust. Jana fucked Marc with her finger while sucking on his lovely prick, making him feel very good.

Marc caressed her hair and face, smiling down at her. He pulled her head away when he had enough, and laid down on the bed. Jana got on top of him and rode his cock like a wild horse, her breasts swinging in front of his face. His mouth grasped her nipples when possible, and his hands grabbed her ass as she rode on. Jana leaned over to kiss Marc, sliding her tongue into his mouth as she caressed his chest, feeling the muscles from within. Marc abruptly held her tight to his being and rolled over together, landing himself on top of her, and started to give her the ride of her life. The rubbing of her clit caused Jana to moan loudly and quiver under his body. Her clitty was exploding into a million flames; her body arching up towards his, urging him to take his pleasure.

Marc moved fast and furious, faster and faster, and started to groan. He pulled out, exploding his love onto Jana's tits. Jana massaged the hot, white cream into her skin, smiling up at his face. Marc gathered her into his arms and kissed her deeply, and caressed her. He unlaced the corset from her, and tossed it onto the floor along with the g-string. All the candles were extinguished except for two, and the two lovers were snuggled in bed together, their bodies molded as one, still kissing, caressing, and whispering lusty words until sleep overtook them.

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