"God. If you don't bring him back nothing will." Betty said looking at his wonderful creature's body. She could see the start of her pink slit through the soft curly blonde hairs between her thighs.

"Why don't you crawl up there next to him and hug him with your arms and legs?"

Annie didn't complain as she did as the nurse asked. Her thigh moved over his hard on and was only inches from her damp pussy. Her soft breasts crushed against his muscular chest. Annie was breathing heavily while her thigh moved up and down his stomach.

"That's it move rub your body against his." Betty ordered. She walked around the bed and stared at Annie's ass moving up and down her brother's thigh and hip. Betty sat down next to Annie's cute little ass. From where she was sitting she could see under Annie's ass into her opened pussy lips.

"Let me help." Betty said as she reached up between Annie's thighs and grabbed Jake's cock. Betty's wrist was now pressing against Annie's pussy.

"OH." Annie moaned. "You shouldn't."

Annie felt defenseless from the woman's touches. She tried to move back but Betty's body prevented her. "I'm just touching." Betty whispered. Her hand moved up and down Jake's hard-on as her arm moved in and out of Annie's pussy. "But, you are touching me too." Annie complained. She knew if she didn't stop soon she would lose control.

"No, if I was touching you I would do this." Betty said as she turned her hand and moved her fingers into Annie's virgin slit. "OH GOD. STOP!" Annie cried feeling another woman touching her pussy for the first time.

"Stop what?" Jake asked. "What is she doing to you little sis?"

"Oh yes. Her fingers on my pussy feel so good." Annie thought. "No, please don't." Annie spoke.

Betty laughed because she knew from the girl's body reactions she was enjoying what she was doing. Her complaining was getting less frequent. Betty had her about ready to climb the wall when she suddenly pulled her hand away.

"Oh please. I have to…." Annie moaned. Annie turned to see the heavy nurse removing her dress. "Oh god. She is getting naked." Annie thought.

"Naked?" Jake asked. "The other woman? Shit. He wished he could see.

"Move over I'm joining you." Betty said as she moved her huge breasts up behind Annie's tiny body. Her breasts crushed against Annie's back as her hand moved around her side and cupped her firm breasts. She played with her small nipple. "You make love to him and I'll make love to you." She whispered in Annie's ear.

"But, I've never." Annie said.

"I know. I'll tell you what to do."

"Play with his prick." Betty whispered in her ear. Annie's fingers moved under her thigh and wrapped around his hard-on. "Good. I want you to kiss the tip."

Annie heard what the nurse said but froze. She had heard about giving blowjobs but didn't know how to do it. "Kiss the tip and lick it." Betty directed again.

"Yes. Kiss the tip and lick it." Jake cried out silently.

Annie's body bent at the waist as her face moved slowly down his body. Her eyes watched the damp tip on top of her hand coming closer to her mouth. Her mouth was closed tightly as her lips gently kissed the tip. She made little pecks on the top and down the side.

"Lick it." Betty commanded. Annie's tongue moved out and tasted his pre-come.

Betty moved her own body forward into Annie's body. She guided Annie around until her head was at his waist and her hips up by his head. She twisted Annie's stomach around until her golden pussy lay open for her own feast. Betty smiled as she lowered her lips to the soft pubic hair. This was a lot easier than she had thought. Her tongue slithered out until she touched the top of Annie's virgin canal.

Annie was so involved in licking Jakes prick she did not noticed what Betty was doing until she felt her tongue flick against her clit. "Oh." Annie opened her mouth wide to moan. As she returned her mouth to his prick her mouth was opened wide. His crown moved in past her teeth. Her tongue frenched the tip. Betty's lips were sucking her small clit out of her protective lips.

"OH GOD. She is sucking me." Annie thought.

"She is? Oh. I wish it was me." Jake thought. He could feel Annie's lips on his hard-on and her breasts crushed against his stomach.

As Betty sucked this young girl's sweetness her hands explored every inch of her silky skin. Her tongue moved down her slit to prove she was still a virgin. She was. She moved north and again sucked in her pleasure knob.

"God. She is licking my clit and making it so hard." Annie thought.

Jake's body was so electrified he saw a flash of light at the end of the tunnel. He saw a curved shape. It was pink and holy shit it was Annie's ass by his head. His prick exploded filling his younger sister's mouth full of his pleasure. "OHH!" He tried to scream but nothing came out.

Annie was surprised when he came in her mouth. She quickly spit it out onto his stomach and moved her head back to see the rest of his juices squirt out onto her chin. She moved her hand up and wiped off her lips and chin. She closed her eyes as Betty brought her to her first climax from another person. "I'm coming too." She moaned.

Annie came and felt Betty pulling her head between the heavy woman's thighs. 'What about me honey?" Betty asked as she aimed Annie's face at her bushy pussy lips.

"Oh no. I can't!" Annie cried out as she escaped under Betty's fingers. She grabbed her nightgown and panties and ran out the door. Betty lay naked next to Jake frustrated that she had not climaxed. "I wish you could help me." She thought looking over at Jake's limp prick.

"Me too whoever you are." Jake said. Betty moved off the bed, dressed and took care of his bodily functions. She looked at her watch and knew she had to get to her hospital job. She moved up to Annie's room and knocked. "Annie."

"Yes?" Annie said from the other side of the locked door.

"I have to go to the hospital now. Are you alright?"

"Yes." Annie said. She was standing naked by the door. When she heard Betty walk away she moved over to the mirror and looked at her body. She knew she looked the same but now she felt older mainly because she had sucked a male's prick and a woman had sucked her pussy. She liked what had happened and wanted more but, she did not have a boyfriend anymore. She wondered if she could get up enough nerve to have intercourse with her brother. Why not? No one would know. She slipped on her nightgown and moved swiftly down the stairs.

"Jake. I'm back. Can I make you hard again to fuck me?" Annie thought as she walked up to his bed.

"Annie. Sure I can manage if you give me a hand." Jake laughed from his darkness.

Annie moved her hand under the sheet and over to Jake's thigh. She moved up and over to his limp prick. She didn't hesitate as her hand moved up and down his length. She smiled when it started to fill her tiny hand. In a short amount of time her hand could not surround it.

"OK Jake. Make me a woman." Annie thought as she pulled up his nightgown and climbed up on his thighs. Her pussy as already wet as she moved it up to her hand still grasping his shaft.

"Go easy sis." Jake thought. "I would feel so bad if I hurt you."

Annie moved the huge knob until it rubbed against her small but rigid clit. She made some small circles until the tip was covered with her juices. She was greased and ready as she lowered her hips. She felt the tip push against her virgin gate as she gently lowered herself more. God. He is too big. She thought.

"Take your time Annie. It will fit. Give it a chance." Jake spoke to the darkness.

She pushed some and felt her hymen give slightly. "Almost there." She thought.

Suddenly the doorbell rang. "SHIT!" Annie cried out. She let go of his prick and moved off the bed. She pulled his gown over his hard-on and pulled up the sheet. She could still see the large tent his hard-on was making. The doorbell rang again. Annie moved out and up to the front door. She hoped it was a sales person or somebody who would just go away. She peeked through the peep hole and saw her grand mother.

"Grandma." She said opening the door.

"Annie. I got here as fast as I could." Verna said as she walked past her nearly nude granddaughter. She turned and pulled her into her body for a hug. Verna could feel her unprotected young breasts crush against her own. She moved her hand down her back until she felt the top of her ass crack. "Is this all you are wearing?" She asked as she stood back to look down at her pointy nipples under the thin silky material.

"Yes." I slept in late and the nurse was here." Annie said.

"Where is Jake?" Verna asked.

"In the downstairs bedroom." Annie said pointing over to the door.

Verna moved into the door and stood at the base of his bed. "God. He looks so happy and peaceful." She said. Verna's eyes moved down his body and saw the rise in the sheet at his crotch. She knew he had a hard-on.

"My. I didn't expect to see that." Verna said looking at the large tent.

"The nurse said he will get like that sometimes." Annie whispered.

"Grandma Verna!" Jake said. "You came to see me."

"Does he get it on his own or is it caused by something else?" Verna asked looking over at her granddaughter standing in a skimpy garment.

"I guess you can say I caused it." Annie said looking down.

"But, why would you do such a thing?" Verna asked visibly upset.

"The doctor and nurse said it might help him come out of the coma." Annie replied. "Mom told Page and I to touch him."

"I'll speak to your mother when she gets home. Right now get upstairs and get dressed." Verna ordered. Annie turned quickly out of the room.

"Jake. What have these horrible women been doing to you?" Verna asked as she moved over to kiss him on the cheek.

"Good things Grandma. Don't stop them. I really like it." Jake answered. But, she did not hear.

Verna moved away from the bed and looked at his face. "I hope you were not injured in other places." She looked at his face, neck, shoulders and arms. They all looked alright. "I guess I should check you out all over." She whispered. Her fingers gently pulled down the sheet. When she got to his large bulge she stopped. From the size of the rise he had to be pretty big. Well, it's nothing I haven't seen already. She thought as she pulled the sheet down to his knees. The bulge was now pointing almost straight upward which pulled the bottom of his gown up. Verna could see his huge balls resting under the giant covered tower.

"Touching you will help bring you back?" Verna asked her motionless grandson. "You can't be that big." She said as she grabbed the gown bottom and lifted it up, up and up until the long white column stood proudly under her hand. "OH MY!" She gasped. "I didn't know they came in giant size."

"Just for you Grand." Jake chuckled.

Annie felt ashamed as she slipped on her panties, bra, jeans and a top. She combed her hair and moved back downstairs. She would again explain it to her Grandma that her mom told her to touch him. She moved to Jake's doorway and stopped in her tracks. Shit. Grandma was jerking him off.

"Grandma!" Annie cried out as she moved to the bed.

"I think it must be helping him" Verna said smiling as her hand stroked his massive rod. "It sure is helping me." Verna thought.

"Yes Grand. It is helping. Keep it up." Jake said.

"Is that everything the doctor told us to do?" Verna asked Annie who was now smiling.

"Yes. But, the nurse told me to lie next to him naked and to rub my body against him." Annie whispered. Her eyes were still having trouble believing what she was seeing.

"Did you?" Verna asked without missing a stroke on his shaft.

"Yes. I did it this morning."

"While the nurse was here?" Verna asked.

"Yes." Annie said looking down like she had done something wrong. "Was that bad?"

"Well, not if you were doing it for your brother." Verna said. The heat from his prick had spread up her arm through her chest and down between her legs. Her husband had died at an early age of 55 three years ago. She had not had sex for over six years now. She had kept her body in good shape in hopes something came up. She smiled as she looked at her rising and falling hand.

"Is that all you did with him?" Verna asked feeling she had not heard the whole story.

Annie looked down again. "No, the nurse told me to suck it."

"She did? I have to meet this nurse. What else?"

"The nurse got undressed and she…." Annie stopped talking.

"It's OK dear. Whatever you did to your brother you did it for him."

"But, it's not what I did. It's what she did to me." Annie said still looking down.

"Oh?" Verna asked as she stopped stroking." What did she do to you?"

"She sucked and licked me down there." Annie said looking down at her pussy.

"Boy. I should have gotten here a little earlier." Verna laughed.

"Really?" Annie asked surprised.

"Sure. Your grandfather and I had a pretty active life. Sometimes we shared our bed with others. Both men and women."

"Grandma. I didn't know."

"And, you are not to tell anyone." She said. "When will your mother be home?"

Annie looked at her watch. "In about two hours."

"Well. I think I will help your brother some more. You can go or you can stay."

"You mean you're…."Annie asked surprised.

"I'm not sure what but, a chance like this doesn't come my way very often."

Verna let go of his prick and it stood up waiting. "Which one is it? Going or staying?" Verna pulled her sweater over her full mounds.

"I want to stay." Annie said with a slight grin.

"Good." Verna said as she pushed her skirt over her hips. She stood in her basic white panties and bra. "I used to have a shape like yours when I was your age." Verna said as her bra slipped off her slightly sagging breasts with huge nipples.

"God. You still look good." Annie said. Annie chuckled as she watched her grandma push her panties down over her mixture of dark and grey pubic hairs.

"Well, you are going to join me?" Verna asked as she moved up to lie naked next to Jake. Her pure white thigh moved over his stomach to push his prick under her body.

"Yes." Annie answered. She quickly removed her clothes and crawled up naked on the other side of Jake.

"Kiss on his ears and whisper nasty things." Verna directed her granddaughter.

Annie kissed his earlobe and heard her grandma. "I'm going to play with and suck your big cock."

Annie sucked on his other earlobe. "I'm going to suck your balls while grandma sucks your cock."

Jake's body was starting to slightly vibrate. He could hear both his grandma and his sister whispering obscene things in his ears. His eyes again looked up through the haze and saw the room vent over the bed he was lying on. He was coming to. "We're only doing this to bring you back Jake. I'm going to fuck you." Verna whispered.

Jake could now see clearly and could feel their naked bodies rubbing against him. His grandma's naked breast was pushing against his arm and her nipple was jabbing into his elbow. He realized he was not dreaming anymore and that they were only doing this to bring him back from his long sleep. He thought about telling them he was awake but, decided to let it play out.

"I'm going to let you fuck me too." Annie whispered in his other ear. "You're gonna take my cherry big brother." Jake could feel her stomach pushing against his hip. Her small mound of pubic hair was tickling the sensitive skin on his hip.

Verna couldn't stop now if she wanted to. Her body was begging to have his large prick inside of her neglected hole. "It's time." Verna whispered as she threw her leg over his body and lay directly on top of him. Jake peeked out to see her familiar face. He never thought it would be like this. Her thighs opened and she moved her pussy up to rest on his prick. Her small hand moved between their bodies until she grabbed him. She aimed the tip into her dripping gray bush and pushed her hips downward.

Annie peeked under her body and watched as his tip moved into her body. "Go Grand." Annie whispered.

"Oh God. It's splitting me open." Verna thought to herself but didn't stop pushing until he filled her cavity up completely.

Jake peeked out and watched her face as she lowered her pussy down his shaft. He heard her say, "Oh God, It's splitting me open." But her lips were not moving. He knew he was awake but he was now hearing what they were thinking.

Verna's body was close to coming even before she put his large tool inside of her. "Jake, I'm not going to last very long." She moaned as her elderly body slithered up and down his shaft. "Fuck your Grandmother Jake." She thought. Jake almost blew his cover by giving her what she wanted but held back. Suddenly Verna screamed. "I'M COMING!" Her body moved up and back down where she froze and her body tightened. "Wow. I needed that."

Annie wanted some of that as well. She gently pulled her grandma up and placed her naked body to the side. She looked down and smiled. "Still hard for me Jake?"

"Sure am Annie." Jake thought. "Just bring that tight pussy over here and let me break it in right."

Annie took the same position as her grandma and pushed down again to break her virgin barrier. This time she pushed harder and felt it give away. It hurt some but she slowed down until it felt better. Her yellow pubic mound moved lower until he was in almost two inches. He was in.

"That's it. Open your thighs." Verna coached as she watched her granddaughter's cherry give away. Verna's fingers moved under her stomach and touched her hard clit. "Oh Grandma!" Annie moaned as her grandmother fingered her clit.

Annie forgot about any pain as she lowered her hips until he was all the way inside. "OH JAKE!" She screamed as her hips moved faster and faster. Her cheerleading and gymnastics was paying off because her muscles allowed her to easily rise and lower her torso.

"I'm….I'm….Coming!" Annie yelled as her body exploded. Verna laughed as she flicked her clit faster. "Again!" Annie screamed. She came twice. "Oh god. I never knew it would feel so great."

Verna looked at the clock. "Let's get ourselves cleaned up before your mother gets home. No need in telling her anything about the intercourse is there?"

"No. It's out secret." Annie giggled at her grandma.

Jake waited until they left the room and opened his eyes. He tried to remember what had happened for him to be in a coma. He could remember coming home and red lights. Shit. He must have had an accident. He looked down his body and wiggled his fingers and his toes. Everything still worked. He tried to move his legs but they were stiff. He did not know how long he had been out. He smiled as he thought about his grandmother and younger sister riding his hard-on. They did not know he was aware what was going on. He remembered his mother and other sister jerking him off. He fell asleep with a grin on his face.

Verna and Annie took some showers and were sitting at the kitchen table when Brenda got home. She looked in at Jake and saw him in the same position. She had hoped he had awoken and was sitting up. No such luck.

"Hi Mom." She said as she came into the kitchen. She wondered if Annie had told her about touching Jake. "I see Jake is the same."

"Yes Jake is doing OK. I think I detected some type of movement today." Verna said. She had thought he was pushing up slightly as she fucked him.

"Really! Tell me what happened." Brenda said excited.

Verna looked at Annie and smiled. Annie held her mouth with her hand to keep from giggling out loud. "I heard about the therapy the nurse ordered."

"The nurse?" Brenda asked acting like she didn't know. "Oh yeah. That. We don't enjoy it but we are doing anything we can to help."

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