tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCome Away With Me

Come Away With Me


"Come away with me and we'll kiss
On a mountain top
Come away with me
And I'll never stop loving you"
– Norah Jones

Alex stared at the concert tickets he held in his hands. It was to the Norah Jones concert on Valentine's Day. He'd invited Susan, but she wouldn't be attending. She decided to break his heart by telling him a week before Valentine's Day that she was in love with another guy. Alex was heartbroken and felt his life was practically over. He stared sadly at the tickets thinking he shouldn't go. After all Norah Jones was a part of his and Susan's life. Her songs were theirs. They'd slow danced and made love to her soft music. There were too many memories. The tickets were going to be a present for Susan but now there he was stuck with two concert tickets and dateless.

That Saturday morning Alex lay in bed and put the tickets down on his nightstand. He'd written a few letters to Ms. Jones about how big of a fan he was. He'd sent her pictures of him and Susan together smiling just for her to let her know how much they both loved her music and how it had been a part of their lives.

Now all of that was shattered and it seemed that everything Alex believed love should be had vanished. He groaned and squinted his blue eyes as the sun peered into this window. As she turned his face towards the pillow next to him, he could smell Susan's scent and that only made him more depressed.

Why did you have to do this to me Susan? He asked himself. I miss you so much and I still love. I would take you back any day.

He would miss seeing her pretty face and hearing her cheerful voice when she would call him up. But all of that was gone. He had to start over. Starting over was the hardest thing to do.

As he lay down in bed he thought more and more about going to the concert. He had to go. Even though the songs would bring back so much heartache and memories, he had to go. He loved Norah's music. It was part of his life.

I'm going to that concert. Alone. All alone but I'm still going, Alex thought.

He grabbed his remote and turned on his stereo. Ms. Jones' CD was in the CD player and her music came on. Alex closed his eyes for a moment and felt the music move him. He smiled remembering the good times he once shared with a special lady. The song "Come Away With Me" had been his and Susan's song. He'd always tell her to come away with him and that he'd never stop loving her, just like the song. Tears filled his eyes as he remembered she'd sing the song back to him but it was all lies. She had stopped loving him.

Alex sobbed a bit before he turned off the music and got up to take a long warm shower. He missed waking up next to Susan and having her there in the shower with him. How their naked bodies would press up against each other as they kissed.

Ok stop thinking about her. She broke your heart you big dummy! Alex scolded himself.

* * *

It was Saturday night. Valentine's Day. Alex was dressed and ready to go to the concert. He'd slicked his blonde hair back. He decided to put on a nice black long sleeve sweater and a pair of khaki colored slacks. His black Doc Marten boots completed his look. It was chilly outside but the night looked amazing. Silver stars covered the sky and he saw so many couples walking outside holding their significant others.

Alex felt lonely but continued to get in his car and drive off to the concert. He took the extra ticket with him in case for some miracle Susan would happen to call him. As he drove his thoughts went now to Norah.

He remembered seeing her on TV for the first time ever. He felt his heart race just looking at the gorgeous brunette. With her long way brown hair and big brown eyes and softy pouty lips, what guy wouldn't fall in love with her? She was different than other women singers too. She had a mystery to her. She was classy. Probably the classiest woman he'd ever laid his eyes on. Immediately he fell in love with her music and voice. He had joked with Susan once by telling her that he'd runaway with Ms. Jones if she'd asked him too. Susan had just laughed and told him to dream on.

He laughed to himself as the thought about it. But deep down in his heart he knew it was true. He'd leave everything behind just to be with Norah. She had this powerful hold over him. Many normal people have crushes on celebrities but he felt something more than just a crush. For some odd reason he felt a real connection with her. Like if they were fated lovers that were destined to be together.

Oh you're such a dreamer, Alex said out loud.

* * *

Once at the concert he saw many people standing outside waiting to go in the concert hall. Most of them were couples of course celebrating their love with one another. He saw them holding hands and kissing. It made him sick to his stomach knowing he once shared that with someone.

While Alex stood in line, he heard a young woman behind him telling her boyfriend something. She sounded sad.

"What if they don't have anymore tickets? I'm going to miss seeing Norah Jones!" The young lady squealed.

"Don't worry baby, I'll give you my ticket and I'll wait for you until the concert is over," her boyfriend said comforting her.

Alex turned to see the young couple holding hands. The girl was beautiful and her face looked so sad. Her eye met with Alex's.

"Hi. Did I hear you say you needed an extra ticket?" Alex asked the couple.

"Yes!" They both answered in unison.

Alex smiled and pulled the extra ticket from his wallet. "Here. I was supposed to come with someone tonight but I guess I didn't get lucky."

The girl's blue eyes widened and her boyfriend smiled. "Oh my God! Are you serious?" She shrilled.

Alex laughed and nodded. "Yes. Please take it. It's front row though."

The girl grabbed the extra ticket and sighed holding it against her chest. Her boyfriend began to pull out his wallet. "Thanks man, how much do we owe you?"

Alex waved his hand in the air. "Nothing at all. Just take it. Think of it as a Valentine's Day present."

The girl bit her lower lip and snuggled against her boyfriend. "Thank you so much. I originally bought two tickets, but one ticket got lost and we couldn't find it anywhere in the house. I had promised her that I'd bring her to see her favorite singer. I felt so guilty when I'd lost the other ticket. You really saved our night. I'll try to trade with someone in our row for a front row ticket so we can sit together." The boyfriend said holding his girlfriend tight.

"My pleasure. I love Norah Jones too so I know how your girlfriend feels." Alex responded feeling his hear touched by the glow of the girlfriends face.

* * *

Alex walked into the concert hall, which was already crowded with fans. He'd been lucky to buy front row tickets. He knew he'd have a really good view of Norah Jones as she sang her beautiful songs. He made his way down to the front and found his seat number. There were couples surrounding him and a few single people that had come with friends. He knew going to the concert was a good idea. He couldn't let Susan interfere with his fun. She was going to be his past now. It was time for a new beginning.

His heart raced as the lights went out and everyone clapped. When the stage curtain rose, Alex felt his breath go short as he got a perfect view of the beautiful Norah Jones sitting by her piano. She was wearing a gorgeous tight dark red sweater and snug black pants. Her brown hair was loose and flowing so beautifully. Alex just sat there mesmerized at the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen.

"Hi everyone," Ms. Jones said softly. "Thank you for coming tonight to see me. Before I begin, I want to say that Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday. It's about showing your love for one another. I'm happy to see many couples out here tonight. And those of you who are single, just know you're not alone. I'm here with you."

With that, she began to play. Her opening was her new song called "Sunrise" from her up and coming album. Alex watched her play and sing. Her eyes met with his almost immediately. He swears she had smiled at him for a brief moment.

No it was probably just your imagination, Alex thought.

The entire night was filled with the enchanting sounds of Norah Jones' music. Alex had found himself singing along and smiling up at her each time she glanced down to the audience. Some of the songs had made him teary eyed as thoughts of Susan crept in his mind but he pushed those thoughts away and concentrated on Norah. Her voice, her face, her passion for singing.

It felt like only an hour but it had been really almost two hours before the concert ended. Alex had been lost in the music and thoughts. His eyes never left Norah.

"Thank you!" Norah announced standing up and waving to everyone as they did a standing ovation for her.

Alex stood up to and smiled up at her. Her eyes met with his again. He saw her mouth a "hi" to him and his heart almost stopped. She blew kisses into the audience and one directly at Alex. Alex was speechless for a moment. He felt like he couldn't breathe. He watched her walk off stage and then his sad reality hit him again.

He waited for a while to let the big crowd go first. A girl walking around selling roses caught his eye. She was tall and blonde with beautiful brown eyes. "Would you like to buy a rose? It's only two dollars."

Alex looked up at the pretty girl. He shrugged. "What for? I don't have a date."

She made a sad face. "I'm sorry. I hope I didn't get you upset?"

Alex scoffed. "No you didn't. I'm the one who should be sorry. Look I'll go ahead and buy a rose from you."

The girls face lit up and Alex handed her two dollars. She looked at all the roses and handed him one. It was a single rose with a red bow tied to the stem. "Here you go. You never know, maybe you'll meet a girl outside."

Alex laughed. "Yeah right. But thanks anyway. Take care and I hope you sell a lot."

The young girl winked at him and continued to try selling her roses. Alex took a whiff of the rose. It smelled so fresh. He really wished there was a girl he could give the rose to. He grabbed his leather jacket putting the rose on the inside pocket and began to make his way out the door. By the time he reached the front, most of the people were gone. He walked to his car, which was parked far. The cold air hit his face so he walked faster hoping to get to his car fast.

"Hey there," Alex heard a soft female voice speak to him.

Alex jumped up and turned around. He froze for a moment not believing his eyes. It was Norah Jones inside of her limo. She had rolled the window down and was smiling up at him.

"N-Norah J-Jones?" Alex said nervously.

She laughed softly. "Yes that's me. Are you Alex?"

Alex felt as if this was all a dream. "Y-yes I'm Alex."

"I thought you looked familiar. I read all of your fan letters that you sent me. I remember your face from the pictures."

Alex sighed. "Oh you did read them?"

Norah raised a brow. "Yes. Did you think I just threw fan mail away?"

"N-no of course not," Alex stammered.

She looked around and signaled for Alex to walk closer. Alex nervously walked towards the limo. "Listen, I'd like to know more about my biggest fan. Do you want to come with me to my hotel? We can have some coffee since it's so cold out here and you can tell me everything you said in those letters."

Alex nodded. He knew this was all good to be true but he wanted more than anything to be with Norah. Just to talk to her and be able to stare at her lovely face.

"Great, then get in. Don't worry my limo driver will bring you back later so you can pick up your car."

Alex put his car keys back in his jacket and hopped in the limo. Inside he sat in front of Norah while she stared at him with a beautiful smile on her face. "Where is…Susan is it?"

Alex cleared his throat. "Susan? Well, we…we broke up."

He could see the apologetic look on Norah's face. "Oh I'm so sorry. I figured she'd be with you tonight but I saw you alone in the audience."

Alex shrugged. "Well that's the past. I didn't want to miss your concert though. At first I wasn't going to come. I didn't want to come alone."

Norah reached out and put her hand on his knee sending chills all over his body. "Well you're not alone now are you? I'm here with you."

Alex shook his head and blushed. "Yes. Thank you so much Ms. Jones."

"Oh please call me Norah. Ms. Jones makes me feel old."

They both laughed and continued talking on the way to the hotel.

* * *

Once at the hotel Alex and Norah walked to the dinning area together. It was late that night and the kitchen had closed but since Norah was a VIP person, they opened it just for her.

"What can I get for you Ms. Jones?" Asked the waiter with his eyes glued to the beauty.

"Just a coffee for me thank you."

"And for you sir?" The waiter asked Alex in a snobbish tone.

"A coffee for me too."

The waiter went off to get the coffees for the two.

"Are you sure coffee is all you wanted. You weren't hungry?"

"No. I'm too nervous to eat."

Norah narrowed her eyes. "Alex there's no need to be nervous. I'm just a person. Just an ordinary girl."

Alex nodded. "No you're not. You're amazing Norah. I mean your music, your voice, your lyrics!"

Norah blushed. "Well I'm glad I reached out to someone like you. You know I read your letter over and over. I get fan mail but your letters really touched my heart. That's why I made sure to come here and play. It wasn't part of the tour but I demanded to be here hoping to meet you."

Alex gulped. "Wow. You don't know how much that means to me."

Norah reached out and put her hand over his. Her touch was so soft and warm. They were interrupted by the waiter setting their cups of coffee down.

"Here you go. Just call me if you need more coffee Ms. Jones."

Norah seemed to ignore the waiter. Her eyes were locked on Alex.

They both prepared their coffee to their liking and were silent for a few seconds. Alex felt nervous now more than ever. He'd written some pretty deep thoughts in those letters and feared of what Norah might say about them.

"You really moved me with your words Alex. Did you mean everything you said in those letters?"

Alex nodded. "Yes. Every word."

Norah smiled shyly. They drank their coffee slowly and continued to chat about music and her future plans with her new album and future duet songs.

It was the most wonderful conversation Alex had ever had with another female. Norah had taken his mind off Susan completely. For that moment Alex felt so happy. Happier than he'd ever been.

"That was pretty good coffee," Alex said sipping the last drops of his coffee.

"Would you like some more?" Norah asked softly.

"No. I guess I should go back now. I mean if that's what you want."

Norah stood up and offered Alex her hand. Alex took her hand and held it firmly. He never wanted to let it go.

"No I actually want you to come up to my room with me," Norah whispered.

Alex gasped. He couldn't believe it. Norah tugged on his hand as she walked out. He followed her feeling scared but yet so excited. He followed his dream girl into the elevators and they held hands all the way up to the penthouse where she was staying.

There was a bodyguard guy there standing in front of her hotel room door with his arms crossed. He was a tall and muscular man in his mid 30's.

"Good evening Ms. Jones," said the big guy.

"Evening. Listen me and Alex are going to be alone for a while, so you can go ahead and go get some rest for the night," Norah told the guard.

His face lit up but he still looked concerned. "Are you sure?"

She nodded and the guard left. Norah winked at Alex and pulled out her hotel room key from her tiny purse. Alex was astonished just looking at the gorgeous room. The carpet was white and the bed was huge with red silk sheets covering it. There were a few red and white candles in the room giving it a soft cinnamon smell.

"Wow! I wish I could afford to stay in a place like this," Alex said looking around the room.

Norah shut the door behind them and lightly touched his arm. "You don't have to wish now. You can stay here tonight you know."

Alex looked shocked. "Y-you want me to s-stay here tonight with y-you?"

Norah bit her lower lip smiled seductively. "Unless you don't want to."

"No but I do!" Alex blurted out.

Norah smiled and took off her velvet jacket. "Please take off your coat. Make yourself comfortable."

Alex took off his leather jacket and as he was about to hang it on the coat hanger, he saw the red rose that was sticking out. He grabbed the rose and saw Norah was turned around getting something from one of her suitcases.

"I want to-" They both said at the same time as they faced each other. Norah stared at the single red rose and her face was glowing.

"Is that for me?" She asked.

"Yes. I bought it tonight. You know the girl who sold it to me said I might meet a girl who would like one and I feel you are the girl."

Norah blushed. "Thank you. It's beautiful." She took the rose and smelled it.

Alex saw she was holding something in her hand. "What do you have there?"

She looked up at him and handed him the envelope. It was one of his letters. "I want you to read that to me."

Alex looked at her. He felt his heart wanting to jump out of his chest. How in the world would he be able to read Norah Jones a letter he written to her a while back about all the things he'd love to do to her if they were ever alone?

"I-I can't read this," Alex murmured.

Norah put the rose down by the nightstand and slipped off her shoes. "Yes you can. You wrote it. All you have to do is read it to me. You don't know how many times I've read that letter and dreamed of you reading it to me."

Alex took the letter and opened it up. He swallowed and took a deep breath. Norah sat on the bed looking up at him with those mesmerizing brown eyes that always made Alex melt.

I often find myself thinking of you, well more like dreaming of you. I go to bed almost every night to the sound of your beautiful voice singing to me. In my dream your music plays in my head and I see you standing there naked in front of me. You're nipples are pert and you smile at me telling me you want me.

I know it's a dream but I don't care. I want you so bad. I walk to you and we share a long wet kiss. Our tongues glide against each other's and as we break our kiss I realize I'm naked too. My erection shows how much you turn me on.

You reach down with your hand to touch it and stroke it. I feel your warm hand jerking my cock slowly. I feel as if I'm going to lose control and explode on your hand right then and there but you make me wait.

You run to my bed and lay there spreading your legs open for me. I see you and realize I've never seen a more beautiful sight. You look so ready for me. I walk slowly towards you feeling nervous but yet so anxious to be inside of you. You pull me down to you and we kiss passionately. You whisper in my ear to put it inside you so I do. I slide my cock in you and we slowly begin to make love. We become one and you're legs wrap around me as if you don't want me to ever leave. I slide in and out of you so fast and furiously since I know I can't ever have you in real life. It's my dream, I keep thinking yet it's the closest thing I'll have to reality. I pump you hard and find myself exploding deep inside of you. I watch you orgasm on my cock and we cum together. It's a dream that I never want to wake up from.

He looked up and saw Norah looking so lustfully at him. "I loved that letter. It was sexy and so wonderful."

Alex put the letter down on the nightstand and joined Norah on the bed. She put her hands over his. "Norah, You don't know how much that means to me to hear you say that."

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