tagAnalCome Back When You're 18 Sweetie

Come Back When You're 18 Sweetie


The mailman had just thrown something into my mailbox, and after he drove down the road I went to see what crap I would have to recycle along with bills and the like. There wouldn't be any important or good news waiting down there for me, but when you're retired and alone it's not like you're on a busy schedule.

I was sorry I missed talking to the fellow that delivers the mail because he's a good guy. When he has a few minutes Ralph talks a bit, and while he's not quite my age he's every bit as horny as I am, and because of the old station wagon he does the route in that gets him around much of the county, modified with the steering wheel on the other side, he gets more action that I do.

One time I mentioned to him that he could probably get laid in the back of the thing, and Ralph laughed and pulled out his phone and shows me something. You can tell I'm 66 because this technology dazzles me, but however they make these things and however Ralph set it up, there he was handing me a phone with a porn video on it.

"Son of a bitch," I said when I could make out Ralph on the shaky video, his pants down and his ass bouncing between a pair of legs waving in the air in the back of the station wagon. "You lucky bastard. Who's that underneath you?"

"Some lonely widow down off route 8 who likes getting fucked and doesn't go to bars," Ralph clucked. "Every once in a while she waves at me from her porch and if I have the time I pull into her driveway. She ain't bad for 60."

"No such thing as bad," I told him. "The gal gets her letters and cock delivered for her. Wish I had a pussy wagon like this."

"I got a couple on the route that like me," he confided, and from then on I had anew found respect for the guy.

I have to go hunt for my women, and the pickings are slim around these parts. There's a gin mill in town that an old fossil like me can get lucky in if you don't mind buying a few drinks, and I think that maybe because I'm 60 something they think I'll jump their bones for a few seconds and fall asleep, but that isn't me. I still got the meat and the motion.

My eyes are still good, and when I looked up the gravel road and saw who was walking in my direction, I shook my head when I saw Trouble waddling my way. Trouble isn't her name but it's what I call her because that's what she is. Jail bait and a cock teaser to boot.

I used to see her a lot more often, peddling her bike or walked around dressed in provocative outfits, and Trouble was what you would call an early bloomer. She would wear tube tops or halters that showed more than all her freckles, and I didn't seem to mind that she was a little plump.

I'm not saying I didn't look but that was it. I even avoided saying hello to her because she would come on to me. Considering I'm a grizzled old coot I suspect she was just teasing me, but I wasn't falling for that.

"You wanna mess around?" she even said one day when I was out front trying to spruce up the place.

"Play with kids your own age," I said.

"I'm 18," she said but I knew better.

"You ride the early bus girlie," I told her, and I knew that meant she was in junior high even if she didn't look it.

That was a while back and as she neared me I noticed that Trouble was even chubbier than before, but a lot of that weight had gone in the right places. She hadn't gotten much taller, looking to be around 5'3" now, and she might not be 200 pounds but she's closer to that number than I am.

Trouble wasn't dressing quite as trashy as she used to, but the way her red sleeveless blouse and her denim shorts strained to contain her obvious assets was sexy enough for me. Even with all that I managed to just smile and nod as he went back towards my house.

"Hey Mr. Cobb!" came the voice from behind me, and when I turned and saw Trouble jogging towards me, I stopped because watching her body as she sort-of-ran was fun.

"Hello Trouble," I replied as I tried to look at her flaming red hair and the freckles around her pug nose instead of looking down.

"I'm back," she declared a little breathlessly as she brushed back her wavy locks from her cherubic face.

"I didn't know you were gone," I chuckled while noting that when she had raised her arm, her armpit was shaved, a far cry from the past when her underarms were hairier than mine.

"Dontcha remember?" she asked as she crinkled her nose, her green eyes twinkling, and although I didn't really remember saying that it sounded like something I would say. "You told me to come back when I'm 18. I turned 18 yesterday. Didn't you see the balloons and stuff outside our house?"

"Can't say I did," I confessed. "Saw some cars lined up down on the sides of the road."

"My Mom threw me a party. Mostly relatives and stuff."

"How come you didn't invite me?" I asked mischievously, knowing that me and her old man didn't get along that well.

"I would have, but I figured we could have a party of our own," Trouble suggested as she posed in a way that was goofy and sexy at the same time. "I know you used to like to look at me. How you like me now?"

"Bigger and better," I told her as my dick started to stiffen up in my overalls, and then I added, "I notice you shave your armpits now."

"Oh yeah," Trouble said as she glanced over at the barren hollow that glistened with a faint coating of perspiration. "Wanted to look good for you."

"Too bad," I mused aloud. "I don't mind a hairy gal. Don't mind them at all."

"Oh well, the way it grows so fast it won't be long before it's back."

"You hairy all over, Trouble?" I asked, this nasty conversation turning me on now that I didn't have to worry about getting locked up.

"Only one way to find out," Trouble teased, and then added, "And my name ain't trouble. My name's Ruth. Ruthie Goode."

"What's that way?"

"Bring me into your house and I'll show you anything you want to see," Ruth replied. "My aunt didn't shave her pits either. That's probably why you fucked her."

"Your aunt? Who's that?" I asked.

"Gladys? Gladys Kurtz?" Ruthie responded, and when I tried to remember she tried to help jog my memory. "Tall skinny lady with short brown hair?"

"Hmmm... I seem to remember."

"You picked her up down at Shooter's in Remsen," Ruthie continued.

"That don't narrow it down much," I admitted.

"She had a rose tattoo on her ass," Ruth added, and the light bulb went on.

"Oh yeah. Gladys. Works at the Family Dollar," I said. "Don't care for women with tattoos but she was alright. Haven't seen her in a while. How is she?"

"Dead," she deadpanned. "Died last winter."

"Oh. Too bad."

"I got her job down at the Dollar."

"That so? No college?" I asked, and that got a laugh out of Ruth.

"College? I had enough trouble getting through high school. Mom says I ain't the sharpest knife in the drawer," Ruth explained. "She always said that it was too bad that tits weren't brains."

"There's something to be said for tits," I said. "You ought to go down to that strip club in Utica. Make yourself some money with them."

"Too fat," Ruthie told me. "Nobody wants to pay to look at a chubby chick. Besides, I think I might get promoted to Assistant Manager at Family Dollar soon."

"Good luck to you with that," I told her, and then my curiosity got the best of me so I asked, "How in the world did you know about me and your aunt?"

"Overheard my Mom and her talking out at the kitchen table one night," Ruth confessed. "I used to like doing that because they would be drinking Old Crow and talking about all sorts of stuff while they thought I was asleep. Mom does that a lot - drinking - after Daddy left."

"Oh, your old man's gone? I got to keep up on things better," I told Ruthie. "Why did he leave?"

"Mom caught him being naughty," Ruth said. "I was doing dishes and Daddy came up behind me and reached around just as Mom came around the corner and caught him squeezing my tits. That's all he even did - nothing else - but Mom booted him out even though he was crying. Last thing he said was something like how do you expect a man to look at them all the time and not break? Hell, I didn't lead him on."

"Too bad for you both, but what about your aunt?"

"Well, they were talking and drinking before they went to bed? Aunt Gladys used to sleep over a lot. You know, in the same bed? She was my father's sister so it ain't that bad."

"Your mother goes both ways?" I snickered. "That get passed down to you Ruthie? You like girls?"

"I like folks that like me," she replied frankly.

"Back to your eavesdropping," I countered.

"Aunt Gladys was talking about this guy that picked her up at Shooter's and when he said his name was Leroy Cobb my Mom laughed and said that you lived just up the road. Said she thought you were a pervert."

"Maybe I am. A harmless one though," I offered.

"So Gladys was saying how she took you to her place out on Neversink Road." Ruth went on. "She said even though you're an old bastard you fucked like a young buck. Said that you kept getting it up until the sun rose and she had trouble walking after you left."

"Guilty," I interjected.

"She said that you kept wanting to fuck her in the ass - you said you liked it best that way," Ruth continued. "Aunt Gladys said no way because your tallywacker was as big as her arm."

"Tallywacker?" I chuckled.

"She meant your cock," Ruth tried to instruct but I waved her off.

"I know what she meant, it's just the word that tickled me," I explained and added, "Too bad about Gladys. She was a hoot. We had a couple of fun nights."

"Was she telling the truth? About your cock I mean?"

"Only one way to find out," I told Ruthie.

"So you gonna take me inside?" Ruth asked, and I noticed that her fidgeting had increased and she was showing signs that the heat was getting to her.

"I might, and it looks like you need it as bad as I want it," I told her. "Working up a sweat there."

I nodded towards the armholes of her blouse where a half circle of the red fabric was darker than the rest, and there was a dark spot on her spine as well.

"I don't smell," Ruth said as she sniffed her armpit. "Took a shower before I came down here, but I'll take another one if you want."

"Why? If you're coming inside you're going to end up looking like a drowned rat anyway. You and me both," I assured her. "I don't mind a sweaty gal at all, especially when I made her that way."

"Well?" Ruth said impatiently.

"You go in there and you play it my way," I explained. "And your aunt was right. I do like it up the ass. You woman enough to take it?"

"Don't know. One guy tried it but it couldn't reach because I have a fat butt."

"That won't be a problem."

"Was she right about your cock. Is it as big as my arm?"

"You have big arms Ruthie," I noted. "Why don't we go in and check each other out?"

"My Mom, she told my aunt that she called the cops on you a long time ago," Ruth said. "Said she heard a lot of screaming from down here, But one night it was worse than usual. Sounded like you were putting a beating on your wife like my Daddy used to do to Mom."

"She's the one that called?" I asked before laughing. "Heck girl, my old lady was a screamer but she wasn't getting hit. I never laid a hand on a woman."

"Why is she gone?"

"She got older and people change," I explained. "She knew she couldn't keep up with me, so we talked and she left. Helped her pack and gave her what I got from selling those 90 acres down the road that my Daddy left me to a speculator - damn fool that thought the state was keen on building a prison near here. She's doing fine in Arizona."


"You ought to tell your mother that," i told her. "Maybe she would like some company when winter sets in now that your Daddy flew the coop. I always thought she was a cutie."

"I know. That's why Daddy didn't like you," Ruthie said. "But I ain't busy setting up my Mom. I'm working on me."

"Then let's go in," I said as I herded Ruthie towards the door, my eyes on that sweet juicy ass all the way.


"Maid's day off," I said as a sort-of apology for my house, which while it was clean was a bit cluttered as I'm a collector of sorts.

"Seen worse," Ruth said as we entered the kitchen. "All you old dudes can't throw stuff out."

"You really been with other guys before? Old coots like me?" I asked as I offered her a drink while waving a bottle of cheap bourbon at her.

"Sure. Guys my age are dorks. Looking for some bitch that looks like Pink. Older guys like the way I look," Ruth said as she accepted the drink but refused the glass and took a belt out of the bottle, and if she was trying to impress me she succeeded.

"I do too," I said as I ushered her to the bedroom.

"Feel a little weird," Ruth admitted as she looked around the room that I hadn't changed anything but the bedding in over ten years. "Pictures of your wife and all. Most guys turn them down."

"Not me. She still gets me hot, and she would probably enjoy watching anyway," I explained while getting undressed fast, and after I stripped down I opened my palms and asked. "What do you think?"

"Pretty cool. I like your hairy chest. It's like the Oakland Raiders colors," Ruth said, and after she looked at my wrinkled manhood she added, "Pretty big, but the way Aunt Gladys was talking..."

"That's where you come in," I told her as I sat in the comfy chair that my wife would have thrown a fit if I sat bare-assed in it. "If it gets turned on by you, it will grow plenty. Now why don't you start taking them clothes off nice and slow."

"That ain't slow," I complained after Ruthie ripped off her red blouse and stood there in a bra that barely contained her gifts. "Damn, What size bra you wear?"

"I dunno. Mom buys them through a catalog because Sears don't sell anything bigger than double D's in the store."

"They look good to me," I said as I looked at what seemed like torpedoes encased in a harness that hung low enough to hide much of her thick waist. "Now why don't you take them shorts off for old Leroy?"

"Your dick is getting bigger," Ruth observed as she unbuttoned her denim shorts, her eyes fixed on my hand as I stretched my flaccid cock out.

"It likes what it sees," I said as my eyes devoured Ruthie, ignoring the soft belly after the shorts came down past her panties, normal white undies that couldn't even begin to control the wild jungle underneath. "Damn."

"Told you I was hairy," Ruthie said as she played with the burnt orange curls that sprouted out the sides of the leg openings, with the outline of her bush pressing into the cotton panel in the crotch.

"Sweet," I said while enjoying the teen's reaction to what I was slowly stroking. "What's the matter?"

"Your dick. It's freaking huge," Ruthie said as she gawked at my uncut beige spear that was beginning to point at her.

"It'll get even bigger - longer not thicker," I said of my trusty member. "That's what makes it perfect for asses because it's long and sleek and still gets as hard as blue steel. Now take that bra off for me."

"That's it," I encouraged while watching Ruthie reaching back to unhook it, and after she did it her breasts lurched forward, the pale jugs falling down to her waist. "Yeah."

"Fuck," Ruth mumbled under her breath as she saw the very angry cock I was stroking in full bloom, the beet red head playing peek-a-boo as the foreskin slid up and down.

"In time girl - now those panties," I said, salivating as I watched the girl pull them down, exposing a thick jungle of curls that might have even been denser than my wife's had been, and that was saying something.

"Damn child - you wet?" I asked.

"Course I am," Ruth whined as she raked her pudgy hand through her bush.

"Why don't you turn around for old Leroy here?" I suggested, and to my delight she did as I asked, exposing a freckled broad back and stocky but shapely legs, but most importantly her greatest gift.

Ruthie's tits were big alright but they were no match for her butt. The large pale cheeks beckoned to me like a moth to a flame, and the fact that despite their size they looked pretty firm made it even better. Seeing as how cooperative the teen had been thus far, I decided to test her willingness to please.

"Now why don't you spread your legs a little bit - that's it - and now if you would just bend over a little bit," I asked, and after she complied I suggested she bend over further. "Nice, now why don't you spread your cheeks for me?"

"Like this?" Ruthie asked as she actually grabbed her fleshy buttocks and did just that, causing me to involuntarily moan in response.

"Just like that. Good grief girl, that bush of yours doesn't know when to stop does it?" I wondered aloud as I enjoyed seeing the red curls that grew up between her legs and into her crack, although her bright pink anus was free of hair. "You do some gardening around that sweet balloon knot of yours?"

"Got to, otherwise it gets to be nasty," Ruth said as she looked back over her shoulder at me.

"Why don't you take a few steps back for me so I can get a better look?" I suggested, and once again Ruthie did not disappoint, waddling back until her ass was in my face. "Beautiful."

"OOOOH!" Ruthie cried out after I pushed my face into that steamy crack and started to swab her puckered ring with my tongue. "You're licking my asshole!"

"You offended?" I asked before diving back in, and although Ruthie didn't answer she did lean back into my face and spread them wider for me.

As I savored the pungent anal banquet I had to stop stroking myself or else this wasn't going to last. Even the sight of Ruthie bent over like she was the center and I was the quarterback was too much, so as I kept running my tongue all over I reached into the drawer of the night table for my trusty lube. Ruthie caught a glimpse of what I was doing and chuckled.

"I was hoping for that," the redhead chirped, and as I oiled a finger and introduced it deeply Ruthie cried out.

"Let's switch places honey," I suggested as I got up from the edge of the bed, and after I put her on all fours I kept her knees near the edge so I could take her standing up, at least at first, a concession to my aging back.

"Oh damn!" Ruthie yelped when after I greased another finger and pushed it in.

"Just relax," I said softly as I stood behind her, spinning the two fingers in and out and enjoying the teen's groans while my lubricated cock bobbed anxiously, the veins seeming to throb in anticipation. "I'll be gentle at first."

"Not too gentle Mr. Cobb," Ruthie said as she pushed back into my fingers, presenting her butt high for me.

"Damn girl, you sound like you want it as bad as I do," I declared as I pulled out my fingers. "And I would have sworn that was impossible."

"AW!" Ruthie crowed as I pushed the bulbous knob into that tiny orifice, and after the ridge of the head popped in I was able to ease into her a bit.

I was prepared to stop for a second but Ruthie was pushing back into me and so I sunk all I could into that oven while bending over and reaching around to grab her swaying tits.

"Yeah!" Ruthie choked. "Give me all your horse cock Daddy."

I gave her what she asked for, straightening up and grabbing her flaming red hair in my fist while thrusting in and out, first slowly and then quicker. After a while I could see droplets of sweat landing on Ruthie's back and my back was aching. As for Ruthie, she kept saying one word.

"Harder!" he insisted as the sounds of our flesh slapping together echoed in the room like thunder.

Ruthie wasn't on all fours anymore because she had managed to get her right hand down and between her legs, and while this made her a crooked target it also made her cum.

Ruthie squealed while I erupted into her bowels, and I held her hips and kept thrusting until I was spent and limp. Only then did I stop, and as I pulled my limp tool out of the girl I shook my head at the gaping orifice which was taking its time to contract back to normal. By then Ruthie had collapsed into the bedding where she stayed on her face until I knelt next to her and asked if she was okay.

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