tagMind ControlCome On Eileen

Come On Eileen


The Reverend Aaron Aikens really wished he could cum right now.

It was obvious just from looking at him. He was hard as a rock, and the head of his cock was an angry, purplish red as he stroked up and down the shaft. But somehow, no matter how close he got, no matter how hard he pumped his fist over the sensitive flesh, he just couldn't cum.

He wasn't the only one, either. He saw out of the corner of his eye that the other men from his Light of the Lord Television Ministries had the same expression on their faces that he knew must be on his own, that mix of pleasure, arousal, and frustrated delight as they drifted on the edge of orgasm, not quite able to release. Like him, they sat there with their cocks out, stroking away but unable to get off.

With his other hand, he reached down to fondle his balls. They felt heavy, swollen with cum and aching for release, but something was holding him back. It wasn't a lack of stimulation--his fingers couldn't stop working pre-cum and saliva into his skin as he stroked and stroked (and where had the saliva come from? He tried to remember, but every time he chased down a train of thought, his hand slid back up around the tip of his cock and another surge of pleasure pushed it away.) He knew he should be able to cum--hell, he'd never thought he'd see a day when just looking at his secretary Mona's heavy, full, double-D-cup tits wouldn't pop his rocks off, but there she was, fondling his production manager's breasts while Lisa, the wife of one of his fellow ministers, licked her tits...and he still couldn't cum!

But he couldn't stop, either. It just felt too good to stop. His hand wouldn't let him stop, it just kept moving all on its own. He thought that maybe at one point he'd tried to hold his hand still and remember exactly why he was jacking off in the middle of a room full of men of faith, maybe connect the dots and figure out how the dinner party he'd organized to celebrate the success of their latest revival had turned out so strange...but his hand just kept moving, the pleasure just kept surging, and pretty soon the idea of deliberately turning away from that pleasure just to think about things that probably weren't that important anyway seemed like madness.

"Hi, Aaron," Tina said as she walked up to him. She'd ripped her dress off at the waist, and her panties seemed to have vanished. Or maybe she'd never worn any--Tina was good at seeming like a chaste, sweet young thing, just the kind of girl next door you'd want to lead your choir, but Aaron had held enough "closed-door meetings" to know that she was a wildcat in the sack. She seemed to be reveling in the attention she got from all the fundamentalist ministers in the room, but there was something about her eyes. Like she couldn't not enjoy this anymore...a throbbing pulse of pleasure chased the thought out of Aaron's head.

Tina didn't say anything more. She just climbed up onto his lap, then turned around so that her shapely buttocks faced him. It took a bit of contortion for her to find a position that allowed her to thrust her ass right at his face, but she seemed utterly dedicated to making sure he could lick her asshole without having to get up.

Aaron found that he couldn't help but reward that dedication. Literally, he could not help it--he found his neck bending and his head leaning forward and his tongue just seemed to extend itself from his mouth so that he could lick. Tina moaned in pleasure and wriggled her ass into his face, her enjoyment obvious, and Aaron was surprised to find that he enjoyed it too. The taste and smell sent shivers through his whole body all the way down to his now madly-throbbing cock...but it still wouldn't cum.

"Nnngh, ohgodyes..." Tina gasped out, her whole body writhing now against him as she moaned and pressed her ass up even tighter against his face. He couldn't see anything but her ass in his field of view, and his tongue just kept going, working its way deeper into her asshole as she whimpered and gasped, his saliva coating the whole wondrous valley of her ass now, and he just couldn't stop, couldn't cum, couldn't even think...

Finally, Tina pulled away and shifted position once again, impaling her ass onto his cock. The saliva allowed it to slip into the tight opening easily, and she squatted down all the way until her ass bumped up against his hips. With his hand free of the duty of stroking, he felt the fog in his mind clear just the tiniest bit as he looked around the room. He saw his accountant, George, getting sucked off by his personal assistant, Gina. He saw George's wife, Marcia, straddling the Reverend Daniel Haynes and pumping her hips up and down on his cock. He saw Reverend Cole and Reverend Freeman giving each other hand jobs on the couch, and everywhere, he saw that look again, that look of helpless pleasure, of-- Tina's ass gripped his cock tightly as she raised herself up and squatted down again, and the thought left his mind with a whoosh of breath as he gasped sharply in pleasure.

He saw someone else, a man he didn't recognize wearing black clothing, filming it all with a digital video camera. The man changed angles to get an unobstructed view of Aaron's face as he fucked Tina up the ass, and Aaron realized that the man could blackmail him, that screen-captures could wind up on the Internet, that the whole thing could wind up on the nightly news...and somehow that thought got him even hotter, the kinky thrill of knowing he could be exposed as a shameless perverted sex maniac stiffened his cock even more and would have made him cum if he was only capable of it. He redoubled his thrusts into Tina, hearing her shriek in orgasmic bliss.

She pulled off of him then, dropped to her knees and started to clean his cock off with her tongue. His hand returned to its stroking as she licked around it, bathing his dick in a fresh coating of saliva (and that sparked a memory for a moment, fleeting before the pleasure wiped it away, of the man in black drifting from person to person as the party went on, whispering things in their ears, of his secretary dropping to her knees as he pulled out his cock in front of everyone so that she could...) And then his hand stroked up to the tip again, and the memory was lost in the need to cum.

The need was endless now, maddening, it made it impossible to do anything but stroke as Tina wandered away to service another man. All Aaron could do now was whip his hand up and down along his cock with urgent, jerking motions, even as he watched Lisa slide down from Mona's tits to her pussy and start licking like mad. It wasn't fair, he thought! Mona was shaking and trembling, her orgasm clear just from the look on her face as Lisa licked and licked and licked, her face becoming absolutely coated with Mona's pussy juices...but Aaron couldn't cum, his balls just ached more and more with the need to release.

When Marcia came over to him, her dress pulled up to her waist, he almost wanted to wave her away. He couldn't take any more of this. He couldn't handle any more stimulation without release, and he knew that Marcia was just going to climb onto his lap and jam his cock into her pussy and fuck him until she came...but just the knowing of that made it impossible for him to refuse, just as Marcia couldn't stop offering her juicy cunt to every man there. She needed to fuck, and he had to fuck her. Aaron knew this, but the sensation of sliding into her slick pussy drove out the understanding of why he knew.

His cock was absolutely priapic now as he thrust up to meet Marcia's hips as she thrust down, the orgasm only held back by some mysterious power that he couldn't remember because remembering involved thinking and thinking was impossible when he was this fucking horny. His whole body felt like it was immersed in pleasure, just on the very edge of cumming so hard...but all he could do was fuck, fuck and watch as all around him, his fellow Lights of the Lord gave in to the very same pleasures they spent all day condemning. And the man in black filmed it all.

Marcia finally whimpered out an orgasm, her eyes glazed with an overdose of sheer bliss as her body forced her to move on to the next man, to fuck him until she came yet again, as she discovered that she was capable of more pleasure than she'd ever imagined, and Aaron's hand moved automatically back to his slick and greasy cock to stroke again. He knew it had to end sometime, he knew he couldn't take this forever...

And then his wife, Eileen, approached. Even as his eyes took in her helpless smile and the thick, ropy strands of semen splattered across her face and bare tits, the final piece of the puzzle clicked into his mind and he knew what his body had been waiting for. She looked at him, and he understood that she wanted this, that she would enjoy this even though they both knew she had been made to want and enjoy it. That knowledge somehow made it even hotter. They were both tangled up in the trap of desires they couldn't fight, and they enjoyed it because they were forced to enjoy it and they enjoyed being forced to enjoy it because they were forced to enjoy that, and it just never seemed to end and the pleasure built until Aaron felt his cock spurt burst after burst of cum onto her face.

Eileen smiled as his cum splattered onto her make-up. The man in black smiled as he filmed it. And Aaron smiled as he felt his cock begin to harden again.


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