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Come On Over


"Have a lovely day at work, baby!" I shout, wearing my light blue tube top and short jean skirt, waving at my husband who waves back as he pulls out of the driveway. Once he's disappeared from view, I shut the door and head for the kitchen for a drink of something cool and refreshing, a soft hum leaving my lips. After getting my drink, I perch myself on the sink with my legs partially spread and I peer out of the window into the neighbor's yard.

My blue eyes catch a lovely sight of our neighbor's gloriously shaped bum and the instant desire to knead and spank it overwhelmed me. Our neighbor, Alicia, was a nice young woman in her early thirties with the appearance of a fresh face 23 year old; her body was curvy and firm and looked soft to the touch. For a while now, I've craved to feel that woman and her touch; it's not that my husband isn't pleasing me anymore, I've just been curious to touch her shapely body and feel another woman against my own.

The thought of those thighs wrapping around me as I lick out her wet pussy as she moans makes me shiver on this warm summer day. She was dressed in a over-all jean dress with a tank top underneath; the dress clung nicely to her curves and moved as she moved around her yard, picking up some stuff to put back in her shed. I bit my bottom lip, setting down my drink and moving my hand down to rub my clit slowly as I watched her body (specifically her ass) move about and bounce ever-so-slight.

Recently, I've been delving into certain types of fetishes that seemed to be hotter if I imagined myself and Alicia doing them. My finger moved faster over my throbbing clit as my imagination grew of the things that I could see Alicia and myself doing on a daily basis while my husband was at work. I could just imagine her perched on the edge of her sink with her legs spread out as I knelt between them and held her thighs apart while I ate her out.

A soft whimper escaped me as I rubbed and pinched my clit as I thought of the that would squirt out of you and dribble down my chin and into my mouth. It aroused me further as my free hand moved the top of my tube top down to rub and twist my erect nipple; oh god, I was just so close to release that a little bit more imagination would make me come. My blue eyes opened as I saw Alicia bend over and what I saw was a very shocking yet arousing ordeal - not only was she not wearing panties but I saw the sight of her beautifully trimmed pussy for me to see.

This only spurned me on more as two of my fingers delved into my dripping pussy to finger and scissor myself deep and fast, my eyes closing as I delved into my fantasy. I could taste her on my tongue as I fingered myself hard and fast; she would taste of the sweetest honey mixed with fresh rain.. Oh what a taste that would be!

As I was engrossed in my own pleasuring and at the fantasy of licking and drinking Alicia's flavourful juices, I failed to notice a heated stare on my naked chest. A moan slipped past my lips as the thought of feeling Alicia's tongue on my wet and aroused pussy excited me even more. My two fingers turned into three as I finger-fucked myself even deeper and harder, causing me to writhe and buck against my hand as my come dribbled out of my vaginal hole and down the crack of my bum.

"Ooh, Alicia, ooh!" I moan out as my orgasm overtook me and for a moment, my come splattered all over my fingers and the inside of my sink. I slumped against the wall as my fingers slowly pulled out of my wet vagina and I brought them to my lips to slowly lick away and savor the flavor of my come.

Thankfully, after I opened my eyes, Alicia wasn't there so I assumed that she had gone inside for something she forgot. I don't know what I'd do if she caught me masturbating to the thought of tasting her sweet nectar from her most sacred place - hell! I didn't even know if she swung that way.

But god, that fantasy made me orgasm harder than I ever had in a long time...

- - - - - - - - - -

Hours later as I lounged on the couch, sitting in front of the television and wearing only a see-through tank top and lacy pink panties, I hear my doorbell ring. Wondering who it could be at this hour, I got up from my spot on the couch and call out, "Be right there!" and within a few moments, I was standing in front of my door.

I unlocked my door and opened it and to my surprise, it was our neighbor - Alicia - dressed in a very sexy and form fitting red dress. At that moment, I both blush and my crotch dampens a little as she sounded a little breathy as she spoke, "Earlier, I heard you call out my name..." and my heart began to race as I thought, 'Oh shit, she heard me?'

I notice the lewd grin on her face and the twinkle in her beautiful brown eyes as she says to me: "... And I was wondering if you wanted to have a little fun sometime. You know, while your man is at work?" Mutely, I nodded a silent 'Yes' with my head as my desire overflowed from my veins.

Alicia gave me a coy smile and then handed me a piece of paper and mouthed, "See you tomorrow, babe." With that, she turned and walked off, her ass swaying as she disappeared into the darkness.

Once she was gone, I closed and locked the door, pressing my back against it as I slid down it. As soon as I regained breathing, I smiled widely to myself and said, "YES!"

Tomorrow would be a good day - I just knew it.

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