Come Quick

byNakod Apa©

Hi, Sis!

Help. Come quick. I've more cock here than I can cope with.

Can't believe your big sister is complaining of getting too much? That she's unable to deal with all that comes her way? You better believe it - I've got a sore pussy and boobs that ache like they been used as punch bags` - and don't mention my arse.

Meant to call you soon as I got settled here, but have been plumb too busy. The new job's brill by the way - interesting work - great guys to work with; they even helped me find this cute apartment. Two bedrooms, so there's room for you.

Well, anyway, last Saturday found myself at a loose end. Did my chores. Went shopping. Then what? Haven't had time to make any friends or search out the best clubs. Couldn't be bothered to cook so decided to get something from the chippy down the road.

Waiting to be served I noticed this guy eyeing my assets. Not a hunk, but still passable. Realized I'd seen him in the office. Gave him a smile to show I was interested, and he came over.

'You're the new girl, aren't you?' he says. 'My name's Eric.'

'Pleased to meet you Eric, I'm Rosa.' I reply.

'Settled in okay? Out on the town tonight?'

'Nah! Don't know my way round yet. Need someone to show me the best places.'

'I'd offer, but I've got people coming to my place for drinks. You're welcome to join us. If you want.'

Problem solved, thinks I. 'Love to. What time and what should I wear?'

'Come now if you like. And clothes don't matter.' He grinned as if he'd said something funny. Later I realized why. 'What you've got on will do fine.'

Just then the girl behind the counter produced my order. 'Well, need to feed myself first,' I said.

'Yeah, and I've got mine. Bring it with you. We can eat together.'

Thinks to myself "why not". Don't want to let this one escape.


His place is on an upper floor of a tall tower block. Nothing special but quite comfortable. After we'd disposed of the food and had a beer each the light was beginning to fade.

'Your friends arriving soon?'

'Hour or so, I expect. When it's fully dark.' He got up. 'You know living up here can be a bit of a bind when the lift is on the blink, but one of the pleasures is watching the lights go on over the town when night falls. Come and look.'

He led the way from where we had been sitting in the kitchen out into the living room and pointed to a large picture window that looked over the older part of the town. Standing behind me he put his hands on my shoulders. He was right. It's quite sight, all those lights.

And then I felt his lips on the back of my neck.

God, Sis, you know how that turns me on. I closed my eyes; shuddered; heard myself moan with pleasure. A sudden wave of horniness gripped me. I had an aching need to be fucked; right then and there.

Vaguely I became aware of his hand moving down to my hip and fiddling with the fastening of my skirt. Then a rustle as the material slid down my legs. His palm was warm as he fondled my butt, gently easing his fingers under the band of my thong.

Leaning my neck against his lips I pressed back, rubbing my ass against the front of him, encouraging him to slip his hand between my legs and stroke my pussy. But no, he was playing the long game. Raising his head to give himself room, he lifted my tee, unclipped my bra, and eased them over my head and off.

Reaching round he clasped my boobs, pulling me back onto him. I felt smooth skin as I leaned into him. Somehow he'd also got naked.

As my arse ground into his groin I could feel his cock, long and hard, wedge itself between my cheeks. I wiggled my hips as his mouth again found my neck while he pinched my nipples and played grab with my tits.

'Need to be laid, don't you, my little hussy?' he said rubbing his cock up and down my crack.

Call me a slut if you wish, but I wanted him inside me. After all it was nearly a month since I'd last been fucked and, even with a vibe, this girl can only go so long without a cock before she begins to get desperate.

'Please,' I told him. 'Take me, use me, but don't play with me.'

Without a word he turned me, bent his knees and slung me over his shoulder.

In the bedroom he threw me on the bed. As I stretched he caught either side of my thong and hauled it down my legs and off.

Briefly we looked at each other. Stripped he was better than I had imagined; broad shoulders, tight arse, lean legs. I could see he wasn't that big - a touch above average at a guess - but already good and hard. Still, as they say "beggars can't be choosers" - and I sure was begging for it.

Leaning over me he ran his hands over my pussy; up my belly and again mashed my tits.

'They're beautiful, such great puppies.' he whispered, leaning in and gently pressing his lips to mine.

My body softened under his touch and my nips stood up pleading for his lips. I moaned in my throat as his eye's looked deep into mine.

Reaching between us I wrapped my hand round his shaft and guided the head to my hole. 'Now! Do me now,' I was shaking with my need for him.

With a groan he slid into me, gave me a few strokes, then paused.

'Nooo! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!' I pleaded, closing my eyes and letting my body go limp.

'Sure, and why not?' He pulled nearly out then drove back in. Getting his rhythm, he started ploughing and hammering me.

I wrapped my legs around his waist, pulling him to pump deep into my hot cunt, the spreading, tingling warmth tightening me around his shaft. I moaned and shuddered with pleasure.

Suddenly they arrived - the pulsing spasms. I could take no more and cried out as I felt his jism flood into me. Afterwards I lay back on the bed with my eyes closed, softly panting. Neither of us said anything for several minutes while his cock slowly softened inside me.

Abruptly a voice asked, 'Can anyone play?'

Lifting himself off me Eric said, 'Hi, guys.'

What the? I turned my head and saw three figures standing in the open doorway leering at us.

Instinctively I tried to cover my naked assets.

Triumphantly Eric grinned at me, 'I told you I had some guys coming in for drinks. And now . . . for you.'

Waving an arm he pointed toward the door. 'From the left Duke, Hank and Tom. Guys meet Rosa, our entertainment for the evening.'

'Oh, goody,' thinks me - more cock for horny Rosa. Little did I realize there's a limit to even the best of sessions.

Of the four I most enjoyed being done by Hank. But you know, Sis, I still reckon I'm going to make Eric my long term lay. I'll tell you why when I see you.

When it came to his turn Hank whispered, 'You little whore, you little bitch.' as his hands moved to milk my engorged tits. "You want more cock?"

"Mmmmmm . . . " I purred.

He shoved me back onto the bed. "Roll over," he ordered, 'bitches in heat get fucked on all fours, from the back.'

Stark naked, he positioned me on outstretched arms and widespread knees. 'I'm going to have you like the bitch you are.'

'Okay - pussy still wet?' he demanded as his fingers found my slit and briskly rubbed along its length before sliding between my swollen cunt lips.

"Ahhhhhhh . . . ," I sighed.

He didn't hesitate. Hauling my hips up to meet his cock, he slammed his full length straight in, filling me completely.

Slipping his hands under my belly he reached up to grab my hanging tits. Clasping them, roughly milking them he started riding me faster and faster. His pumping, pounding cock filled me to the brim. My mouth opened, my eyes closed. I moaned and groaned as I came once more.

He didn't stop. His fingers were pulling, bruising my tits. I didn't care. I wanted more. I wanted him to fill me with his lovely hot cum.

At last I felt him stiffen. He was nearly there. A deep groan. He went rigid for a moment. With a shudder he erupted, then with a deep sigh let go my wonderfully abused fun bags and collapsed on me.

As I stayed slumped on my knees he patted my back, 'Well done, little bitch. You're a great fuck.'

Its task complete his softening tool slipped out. 'We'll have the encore in a bit. Let's have a beer until I'm ready to go again.'

And he did go again; twice more. In between Duke and Tom enjoyed me. Not that I noticed much. It was Hank's big one I wanted.

All good things cum to a end (Hey! I've made a pun). Not that I minded too much by then. It was getting near dawn and they'd damn near exhausted me. When did you last hear me say I'd had enough? Yeah! Never! Well, for the first time I had, so I called it a day - the next day - and came back to this place.

They weren't too bothered - reckon they'd also run out of steam and needed a few hours to get it up again. Still, as I hobbled out Eric said, 'You up for a return fixture. Dave's place, next Friday. Paul and John should also be free by then. We can make it a full forty-eight hours.'

'What six of you? No way,' I told him. 'Even four's too many. No more than three. Besides I'm due to have the rags on at the end of the week. Possibly the Friday after. I'll let you know at the office on Monday.'

Of course I'm going to say yes - but with conditions. First that Eric doesn't keep me waiting 'till then. My place or his, I don't care. just as long as he gives it to me regular. Oh, and second, that I have you here to help with the gang-bang.

So there you have it little sister. Hurry on up here and join me. Then we can share and share alike. Three cocks for you and three for me. That's what I call sexual equality.

Come quick.

Your horny slut of a sister,


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