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Come See the Game


"Why don't you all come and see the game at my place on Saturday?" invited Eddy.

The consensus was that this would be a fine idea. Eddy had converted his basement to what he called a media room, but what anyone else would call a man's hideaway. He had mounted a big plasma screen on one wall and put in a pool table and a fridge. We had to supply our own beer of course, but with six of us contributing we'd be able to mix the drinks up a bit.

I was the first to arrive on the Saturday, and so I copped the initial chill. Eddy's wife, Jasmine, hadn't been asked about the little get together, apparently, and had made alternative plans that Eddy had ditched without a qualm. She was livid and Eddy was oblivious.

When I arrived Jasmine invited me in. The words she spoke sounded reasonable, but there was a chill in them that made me look up at the sky to see if snow was falling. Jasmine was being icily correct, directing her husband's guest down to the media room. (You may have noticed I said her husband's guest, not hers.)

Jasmine, what can I say about Jasmine? She was about twenty five, slender but with a pair of prominent attributes. When she was walking away from you, you found your eyes automatically following that swaying bottom and wishing. Today she was wearing yoga pants and a tight top. It was an odd situation. She was walking around looking like a Playboy fantasy, while icicles formed in the air around her.

When I met Eddy downstairs I thought that maybe I'd imagined the chill coming from Jasmine. Like I said, he seemed completely oblivious to it.

Then Brian and Mark fronted up, Mark winking to me, hitching a thumb in Jasmine's direction and making hot, hot, hot, signs. They didn't seem to notice any ice.

Shortly after the others arrived and I put Jasmine out of my mind while we settled down to watch the game, which soon proved to be rather boring from my point of view. It's odd, but I always get bored watching a game where my team is losing. Does that ever happen to you?

Just after quarter time I needed the bathroom, but the one in the basement was already in use, so Eddy told me to just run upstairs to the main bathroom. So I went, went when I got there, washed my hands and started to return to the game. That's when Jasmine struck again.

As I stepped out of the bathroom Jasmine swept past me and in. Conspicuously straightening the towel I'd used and checking the room generally as though I might have turned it into a pigsty in my brief visit.

Now the correct way to handle a situation where your host's wife is being rude and obnoxious, is to smile politely and pretend you don't notice anything is amiss.

So I smiled politely and said, "Jeez, Jasmine. What is your problem? You're snarling around the place like a bear with a sore tooth."

"I'm sorry?" she comes back at me. "I'm not sure what you mean?"

"I mean that you're acting as though I'm carrying the plague and that the slightest bit of civility will cause you to catch it," I said.

"I am being perfectly polite," she told me, ice literally forming on the walls as she spoke.

"Why bother? You're not fooling anyone. If you want to have a go at someone, go right ahead, but if you're thinking of trying it on me take a friendly bit of advice. Don't."

"Or what?" she challenged. "You'll run crying to Eddy?"

"Now why would I bother Eddy about a silly little thing like you being rude and disrespectful?" I asked. "No, I'd just smack your bottom and tell you to behave and leave you to go running crying to Eddy for protection."

It appeared I'd finally got through to her. She wasn't trying to hide the fact that she was angry and spoiling for a fight.

"You wouldn't dare, you great oaf," she said. "Eddy would kill you. Not that I need him to handle the likes of you."

"Eddy would laugh," I told her, "and say it probably serves you right. And you couldn't even begin to handle me, so don't get carried away by your fantasies."

"Ooh, big man," Jasmine sneered at me. "All talk and no action, I think."

Have you ever noticed how some people have to learn the hard way? You can give them a gentle hint and it will be ignored. You can flat out tell them and still they'll push. It seemed that Jasmine was in that sort of mood.

I pressed against Jasmine's shoulder, getting her to turn to face the bathtub.

"Bend over and put your hands on the side of the bath," I told her.

Jasmine did so, thinking she was calling my bluff. We'd see who backed off first.

So there we were, Jasmine bent over, pretty little tush temptingly presented and her head turned to look at me, daring me to do anything about it. If she was expecting me to just give her a quick smack to the bottom or even to back off, she must have been disappointed with what followed.

I ran my hand lightly over her bottom and then hooked my thumbs in the top of her yoga pants and started pulling them down, slowly, so she had plenty of time to protest. I'm not sure which of us was more surprised as I just kept pulling them lower, firstly starting to expose her bottom and then, by collecting her panties on the way down, stripping her from the waist to the knees.

Now Jasmine was bent over with pretty little naked tush temptingly presented, and because she had been standing with her legs slightly apart, her bare pussy was also on display.

Her head was still turned to watch what I was doing and this time when I ran my hand over her bottom she flinched slightly, and when my hand drifted slightly lower and cupped her mound she jumped slightly.

"I thought you said you were going to smack it," she reminded me.

I just grinned at her, and then my hand came down with a swift spank on her bottom.

"Consider that a warning to behave yourself," I told her.

Sarcasm ruled her answer. It was a case of "Oh, wow. You smacked my bottom. I am so upset. I must go and complain to Eddy. I've been hit harder swatting a mosquito that landed on me," she derided.

"Don't let it worry you," I told her. "You'll find you're getting it a lot harder in a few moments."

As she was watching me she could see that I was now undoing my zip, and she started to blush as I pulled out my cock, half erect and rising fast. She looked at what I was now revealing and then her head snapped to the front, not looking.

But she didn't move, nor did she protest. She stayed there, bent over the bathtub, presenting her bottom and pussy to me.

I rubbed her pussy, feeling its heat. Slipping a finger inside I was surprised to find that Jasmine was already wet. I rubbed inside her any way, waking her pussy up a bit more, reminding it of what could happen.

Withdrawing my finger, I used both hands to spread her lips slightly. Moving forward I pressed the head of my erection lightly against her lips and pushed in. Just a little. Just enough for her lips to be able to close on the head of my cock. Just far enough to signal earnest intent and if she was going to say no, now was the time.

I don't know why Jasmine didn't say no. Did she think I was bluffing and get taken by surprise, or did she want it as a counter to her anger and frustration? Whatever the reason she stayed silent, but her body responded, starting to press back against me, demanding I enter.

Instead of pushing forward, I pushed Jasmine's top up. Up and over those lovely breasts that were suddenly dangling before me, waiting for my hands, and my hands accepted them.

Holding her breasts firmly, I started to press forward more forcefully, sliding swiftly into Jasmine. As I moved fully into her, my groin pressing forcefully against hers, she finally broke her silence with a drawn out "Yessss" and a loud gasp.

I withdrew slowly then drove forward with a hard thrust, our bodies slapping together.

As I thrust into Jasmine, I reprimanded her for her behaviour, every comment I made being backed up by a hard slap of body meeting body. She seemed to be in agreement with this mode of lecture, as she willing offered herself up to me, her hips adding impetus to the way our bodies slapped together.

We were both a bit too excited and a bit too eager for it to last long. (Probably a good thing, because the game was still on. It might be a bit embarrassing if someone came upstairs because it was half time.)

I was enjoying the sensation of thrusting my cock into Jasmine's willing pussy. She was tight and hot, wet and eager, and we came together as though we had done this a hundred times before. Too soon I was coming, and I considered myself fortunate that Jasmine was coming at the same time. I slammed hard into her, spilling my seed and feeling her shuddering with her own climax.

Jasmine squeaked as she came, the noise escaping her despite an attempt to be silent. The full blooded scream that she wanted to give would have been a bit hard to explain away.

Finally we were both standing still again, still joined but no longer moving. Slowly I withdrew and laughed to myself. At least we were in the right place for a quick clean-up.

Standing Jasmine up, I turned her to face me before she dressed herself.

"I want to see you first," I told her softly, my eyes running over her nakedness.

"I have to go back to the game, or they will wonder what's keeping me. You need to tidy up and relax a little. Make yourself a cup of tea or come down and have a beer with us."

I headed back down to joins the others, and it appeared the game was now a lot more interesting. (My team was winning.)

Eddy quirked an eyebrow at me. I told him I'd stopped to chat with Jasmine for a minute.

"I told her she needs to bend a little," I said. "She makes things hard for herself at times. She needs to relax and take what comes, meeting it half way. I also invited her to come and have a beer with us."

Eddy grinned. "She's more likely to have tea or coffee. She was feeling a bit irked as she had wanted to go shopping or something and I wanted to watch the game. She'll cool down."

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