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Come Share My Husband


Sarah had been working for Mrs. Jennings for a year now. Karen Jennings was the head of her small publishing firm, Kelly Publishing, named after her only child. She devoted all her time to her publishing company and worked most nights till the wee hours of the morning. Her daughter had just gotten married a year ago in her last year of college but had no immediate plans to have a family she had told Sarah and her mother.

Sarah had applied for the receptionist job she had seen listed in the newspaper and was hired on the spot. All she had to do at first was just answer the phone and transfer calls. As the months went on Karen had given her a few more responsibilities in the office and looked on Sarah as a friend, as well as an employee.

Sarah had been working in a factory when she had answered the ad. She had went to work there two years ago after her divorce. She had no formal training in any field so assembly work in a factory was the only avenue left open to her.

It had been hard at first, she hadn’t worked in over 18 years but she soon got into the swing of things. She was a fast learner so advancement in the factory had been easy for her. She went from working on the assembly line to working in quality control.

She had been asked out a few times over the last two years but when the relationship started to get to serious she would back off and end it. She would not let herself ever be hurt again and to do that she refrained from getting to deep into any relationship. There was only one problem with not being in a relationship and that was the physical part of the relationship. Sarah loved sexual intimacy and that was all she required in a relationship, lots of sex.

Her husband had been an average lover she had thought when first married. She always wanted more but never attempted to tell him she needed more from him. She had found out he had been cheating on her almost from the beginning of their 19 year marriage.

Sarah was average looking. Her black hair hung to her shoulders in soft waves, her emerald eyes were her best feature and striking against the backdrop of her raven hair and fair skin. She had always been on the heavy side but as she grew older the plumpness had increased but she was comfortable with her size.

Her husband on the other hand had always been tall and lanky. He never did like skinny women and every woman he had cheated on her with had been built like her. He just was not satisfied with one woman, he loved women and loved to fuck any woman who would let him get into her pants. The only thing that they really loved and had in common was their daughter Cassy. Neither of them would ever do anything to hurt her and both would die making sure she had whatever she needed in life.

Karen had invited Sarah to dinner with her and her husband Kent tonight. She told Sarah she wanted to talk something over with her and would only have time to do so at home that evening.

Kent met Sarah at the door and invited her inside. “Karen called and said she would be a little late. Help yourself to something to drink Sarah,” he told her leading her out onto the patio where he was grilling some steaks for the meal.

Kent was an author who wrote mostly science fiction stories that were published by his wife’s company. He was tall, well over six feet and very good looking. Sarah guessed him to be a little older than Karen so he would be somewhere around 50 she guessed. She knew that Karen was 46, two years younger than Sarah.

“So Sarah what the hell are you doing having dinner with my wife and I on a Friday night instead of being out with some lucky guy?”

“You need a lucky guy first before you can make plans to be going out anywhere with him,” she told him jokingly.

“You got those steaks cooked yet babe, I have to catch my plane in a couple of hours and I’m starving.” Karen walked through the garage out into the back yard where she found Kent entertaining Sarah.

“Yes hon, grab your plates gals, dinner is served,” he told them.

They talked about Kent’s new book he was working on, a few small things at the office and the trip Karen was getting ready to take to see another of her authors who was having some kind of writers block during their meal.

“I have to get ready for my flight, will you come up stairs with me Sarah while I finish packing so I can tell you why I asked you here tonight?”

“Sure Karen, how long are you going to be gone?”

“Two days maybe three at the most I hope, so you will have to hold down the fort on Monday if I’m not back by then.”

“ No problem. So what is it that you wanted to talk to me about,” Sarah asked her watching her gather up a few last minute things she needed to pack?

“I have a big favor to ask you Sarah. It’s a little out of the ordinary but I think you will be perfect and so does Kent.”

“I’ll do whatever I can Karen, what do you need me to do?”

“I’d like you to spend the weekend here with Kent. He gets so lonely when I travel and I’m hardly ever home anymore. The poor darling is so frustrated I just hate to leave him hanging all the time to be on his own.”

Sarah was confused. She wanted her to keep her husband company over the weekend so he wouldn’t be lonely? “I’m not sure I understand what you want me to do Karen,” she asked her.

“It’s simple Sarah, I want you to sleep with my husband while I’m out of town.”

Sarah must have stood there with her mouth open and a dumbfounded look on her face according to the laugh Karen was having at her expense. “ You want me to do what?”

“Sarah, we have talked this over for weeks and we both would like it to be you he spends some time with. He’s an excellent lover Sarah and has tremendous staying power. I can guarantee you won’t be dissatisfied with his lovemaking hon.”

“You can’t be serious Karen.”

“We are very serious Sarah. Kent’s sexual needs are not being met by me, I just don’t have the time to spend with my husband. We have discussed him finding a lover but in today’s society that just isn’t to wise. We both feel you are what he needs Sarah and I know from our talks that you need more sexual attention than I do. It would be a good arrangement for the both of you.”

Sarah plopped down on Karen’s bed, she was in some form of shock, she was positive. She has to be dreaming, this is just some crazy dream and any minute now she will wake up.

“I’ve got to get going or I’ll miss my plane. Come on Sarah, you and Kent can talk about this after I leave. I’m sure you two will come to an agreement.”

She followed Karen to the backyard where Kent was sitting in a lawn chair waiting for them to come back outside. He rose when they came out to the patio to help his wife put her bags into the car.

Karen kissed him quickly on the lips and then she told them both to have fun as she drove away, leaving Sarah and Kent to sort things out between them.

Kent moved close to Sarah but not before she noticed the bulge in his slacks. “So Sarah does the idea appeal to you to spend some time with me. I promise, you won’t regret it, I’m a very attentive lover.”

Before Sarah could say anything he had moved quickly to kiss her. His lips were firm but gentle in persuasion. He kissed her slowly, then increased the pressure of his lips when he felt her response to his kiss.

Sarah was shocked when he just up and kissed her, she had not intended to kiss him back but found herself sparing with his tongue in a very sensual kiss. Men who were good kissers always made her melt. The kiss went on for a long time before Sarah came to her senses and broke the kiss.

“Kent, I shouldn’t have kissed you back, I was in shock over this whole idea.”

He didn’t let her go, and held her firmly in his arms, knowing she would try to escape before he could try to talk her into the arrangement his wife and he had agreed on.

“Sarah, when Kate and I stated discussing me finding a lover we both agreed you would be the best choice. Let me finish Sarah before you say anything. First of all we both trust you and know you would be discrete about our arrangement, secondly according to my wife you’re a very sexual woman which is what I’m looking for. Third, we both know that you would rather have a relationship based only on sex without any other commitments. Because you feel that way we both know that we don’t have to worry about the chance of you falling in love with me or vise a versa. It would raise no complications for any of us.”

“You can’t be serious, this is a joke right?”

“Did that kiss feel like it was given as a joke Sarah?” He grabbed her hand and pulled it down to his hardening cock and pressed her hand against him. “Does this feel like I’m only doing this in fun Sarah? I’ve always been a very sexual man, I have a huge sexual appetite that needs to be fed Sarah. I love my wife and she I, and it’s because of the deep love that we have for each other that she suggested I find a lover.”

“Even if I could do this, I couldn’t do it with my boss’s husband! It would be to uncomfortable for me to look her in the eye knowing I’ve slept with her husband even if it was her idea! Did you two think of how uncomfortable that would make me feel when you were hatching up this plan?”

During all this exchange in talk he hadn’t removed her hand from the crotch of his slacks, he kept pressing her hand against him and Sarah just realized that her hand was still there. She tried to pull her hand away from his but he held her hand to him firmly. She was about to say something else when he kissed her again, catching her off guard.

He kissed her hungrily, it was a kiss demanding total surrender to the giver of it. He forced his tongue into her mouth and she responded unwillingly, against her will, against all good common sense. She felt his hand at her breast and moaned unconsciously, but he heard it. He pressed her back up against the side of the house pinning her there as his kiss deepened even more.

Her kisses were like a drug to him, he was fast becoming addicted to them. He loved to kiss and be kissed and Sarah was definitely kissing him back. Her breast was full against his hand. When he and Kate had started talking about asking Sarah to be his lover he had fantasized about her breasts when he jacked off. His wife’s were a perky set of 34C’s but Sarah’s had to be in the middle 40 something’s. His fantasies sometimes were of her huge tits wrapped around his hard cock.

He slipped his hand up inside her blouse wanting a closer contact with her breast. He rubbed her nipple through the lace of her bra and felt Sarah’s body quiver at his touch. He wanted to wrap his lips around that nipple but was afraid if he broke the kiss now Sarah would try to push him away from her. He wanted her fully aroused until he was sure she was past the point of trying to stop him. He pulled her bra away from her tit and her heavy breast spilled out into his hand. His cock jumped when he felt the heavy tit in his hand.

Sarah wasn’t sure when she stopped trying to push him away, but she found herself now reaching for the zipper of his slacks so she could get her hand inside to caress him. She reached inside to find he wore no briefs or boxers which turned her on even more. He was warm, full, hard and ready.

He almost came when he felt her soft hand wrap around his cock. He broke the kiss and pulled her over to the double chaise lounge on the patio. He pulled her down and laid beside her. He kissed her again, more forceful this time as his hand made short work of undoing her blouse and pulling her bra up over her full breasts. He lifted her breast to his mouth and licked across and around her hardening nipple. He felt the shudders going through her body when he began sucking on her nipple.

Sarah was lost in throws of passion now. She was kissing him back with as much passion as he was giving her. She stroked his hard cock while he sucked at her breast. He pushed her hand away from his cock so he could slip his hand down her slacks to find the warm wetness of her pussy. She could tell he was surprised and pleased when he found it to be smooth shaven from the way he was caressing her.

He wanted to ram his cock into her and fuck her silly when he felt her smooth pussy under his fingertips. He couldn’t wait any longer to bury his cock in her, he would take more time with her after he had his first orgasm in her pussy. It had been a long time since his cock had had any pussy and he was hungry for it. He pulled her slacks down quickly and told her to turn around. She kicked her slacks the rest of the way off and turned around, her back now facing his front.

He lifted her leg and shoved his cock in her wet pussy. He knew he wouldn’t be able to last to long, his excitement, added to the fact that it had been six weeks since the last time he made love to his wife made that impossible. He lasted all of three minutes at the most before coming. “Oh god Sarah I’m going to cum baby!”

Sarah felt his orgasm explode inside her, he clutched her leg tightly as he spilled his seed inside her. He didn’t pull out of her, but remained inside her pussy. He started fucking her with long slow strokes, his cock still semi hard. He kissed the back of her neck, letting his tongue glide up to her ear. It had been almost a year since Sarah had been with anyone and her pussy was begging for release. His strokes increased filling her pussy walls with his hard cock. Within a couple minutes after his orgasm Sarah had hers.

Six weeks ago when he and Kate had managed to find some time to make love they had discussed Sarah during their lovemaking. Kate said she had a feeling that Sarah would be a vocal lover once she had become comfortable with the situation. Kent on the other hand felt that she would be very passionate but not much of a talker during sex play. She’s to shy and reserved honey, but you can see the passion behind the wall she has around her if you look hard.

Kate also knew in detail Sarah’s views on oral sex. His wife had gotten into a deep discussion after Sarah had ended a relationship with a man she had been dating. Kate asked her if the reason she ended it was because he was getting to clingy and was surprised when Sarah had told her it was because of oral sex. Kate had thought she meant he was no good at it and Sarah said that was true but that his idea of oral sex was taking a couple quick swipes at her pussy with his tongue and then wanting to shove his cock in her mouth. She had told Kate that if the guy spent two minutes sucking her pussy then he got two minutes of cock sucking. She was adamant when she said she would only give as good and as much as she got.

According to his wife and her discussions with Sarah on sexual matters she had told Kate that she was very good with her mouth but if the guy wouldn’t take the time with her she wouldn’t waste her time on him. The more they talked about Sarah during their lovemaking the more intense it became. He had been close to climax when his wife casually mentioned to him that Sarah just loved a man who went down after he came in her, that had sent him over the edge.

Kent would have liked to have taken Sarah to the bedroom but he was afraid if she came down from her sexual high she might not wish to continue and he needed to make love to her again. He was a voracious lover and that had been one of the reasons he and Kate had decided he needed to find a lover. When Kate had time for him it was never enough to quench his hunger for sexual pleasure.

Sarah had herself gone over the edge, she was past the point of caring that this was her boss’s husband making love to her. It had been to long for Sarah and once her juices had been turned on it was hard to shut them off. It was to late now to try to stop what was happening so she might as well enjoy herself in the meantime. Kent was about to find out that Sarah was every bit as voracious as he was.

Sarah turned around so quickly that she took Kent by surprise. “Let me up Kent.”

Kent thought she was going to stop their lovemaking from the tone of her voice and was disappointed, but he did as she requested. He was totally shocked when she told him to lean back against the cushion. She grabbed a cushion from a nearby chair and placed it on the patio floor between his legs which she spread wide when she got down on her knees in front of him. Before he could say a word she had wrapped her mouth around his hard cock and began a slow exploration of his cock with her mouth.

Sarah already could tell that Kent wasn’t a selfish lover and she wanted to give him that special kind of pleasure all men enjoyed from the women in their lives. She didn’t know of any man who didn’t like his cock sucked, trouble was there were quite a few of them who felt it was a given, no matter if they had went down on their woman or not.

Kent had thought she had wanted to end their session and was both surprised and pleased when she knelt between his legs. Her mouth was like slick satin on his cock, wet and slippery. She let her tongue play with the head of his cock teasing him with it before sucking him deeply into her mouth. He was of average size and thickness so she easily deep throated him.

Sarah felt his hands in her hair, pushing her hair back so he could see her face as she made love to his cock with her mouth. She looked up at him as she sucked his cock slowly, seeing the pleasure on his face. She removed her mouth from his cock and sucked his balls gently into her mouth. She heard his indrawn breath as she licked and sucked at his ball sack.

“Ohhh...fuck Sarah that feels wonderful baby.”

Sarah wrapped her mouth around his cock again, sucking him deeply into the recess of her mouth, her tongue licking and teasing him. She loved the feel of his cock as it throbbed in her mouth, that always excited Sarah, knowing that the man was enjoying the attentions of her mouth.

He was close to coming again and tried to pull Sarah up. “You have to stop Sarah or I’m going to cum hon,” he told her trying to pull her away from his cock. She put her hands up between his arms pushing his arms from her shoulders letting him know she was not moving. She sucked his cock deep into her mouth, working her mouth over his cock at a faster pace. Just before he exploded into her mouth Kent realized that not once had her hands touched his cock, her mouth had given him all the pleasure.

As soon as the last spasm shot forth Sarah slowly removed her mouth. She sucked his sensitive cock slowly upwards until her mouth let the head of his cock plop slowly out of her mouth. She had swallowed most of his cum but still held some in her mouth when she pulled his head down to hers.

Kent had never had anyone, including his wife, keep his cum in their mouth then kiss him, sharing his cum with her in a hot kiss. He loved going down on his wife after he had just came in her so tasting his own cum was nothing new to him. But this sharing it in a passionate kiss was very new to him and it turned him on more.

He stood up quickly after the passionate kiss he just shared with Sarah pulling her up and shoving her down to take his place on the lounge. He pulled her forward quickly and spread her legs wide as he knelt between them burying his face deep into her pussy. He loved the taste of his cum mixed with the woman’s, this always made his cock rock hard again as he delved into her cum soaked pussy.

He slipped his finger into her hole, finger fucking her slowly as he ate her pussy. His tongue hard and practiced in the art of pleasuring a woman. Her clit was hard and protruding, larger than his wife’s and easy to suck between his lips. Sarah was moving all over the lounge, her pussy grinding into his mouth as he got her off.

Kent showed her no mercy with his mouth as he continued to suck, lick and pleasure her with his finger and tongue. He loved eating pussy and early in his marriage his wife found out that he could very happily eat her all night long with a little fucking in-between. He held her down when she begged him she could take no more, only latching onto her clit firmer, sucking her into having one orgasm after another.

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