Come Share My Husband


Sarah had never had any man take this much time in giving her pleasure with his mouth. Her clit was so sensitive from his sucking that she would jerk each time he pressed his tongue against it then suck it harder. She was wondering vaguely in the back of her mind how Kate couldn’t make more time for her husband. She had no idea just how lucky she was to have such a wonderful lover for her mate.

Kent stood up and pulled her up with him. He quickly turned her around facing the table and moved behind her. She had placed her hands on the table, spreading her legs as he rammed his cock into her. She loved the feel of his firm hands on her hips pulling her into him with each thrust of his cock.

Sarah almost laughed out loud at the site she must be. Bare from the waist down, her blouse undone, her bra pulled up over the top of her tits, her huge tits hanging down bouncing all over the place with each hard thrust. She was going to cum again, her body so sensitive already from having so many orgasms from his talented mouth. Usually it took Sarah longer and longer to climax after having three or four orgasms but it had been so long for her that she just kept coming. She always enjoyed those prolonged sessions in-between coming again because it kept her at a high state of sexual arousal.

Kent’s fucking was harder and faster and she knew that he too was close to coming again. She lifted her head and looked back over her shoulder at the man fucking her. His body covered in sweat as he pounded her pussy with his hard cock. She noticed the plants hanging from the steel bar over in the corner of their patio and as the thought went through her head she came again just as he unloaded in her again.

He held her firmly back against him for a few moments before pulling out and turning her around to accept his kiss. The kiss was long and sensual both of them enjoying it.

“Just how good is your control Kent,” she asked him after she pulled her mouth from his?

He laughed and smiled at her, “ I think that should have been pretty evident by now Sarah that I have excellent control,” he replied trying to kiss her again.

“Let’s just see how controlled you are then,” she told him pulling him over to the plant stand. She pulled down the four hanging baskets and set them aside.

He had no idea what she had in mind but his cock was up for it, whatever it might be.

“I want you to put your arms above your head and hold onto the bar then spread your legs open slightly.”

He did as she requested, excitement building in him wondering what she had in mind.

She moved behind him talking to him the whole time. “I want you to stand just like this and don’t take your hands off the bar. You can’t touch me, nor speak, no matter how much you might want to. I just want to see just how good of control you do have.”

While she was standing behind him telling him what she wanted him to do she had removed her bra, it was uncomfortable pulled above her breasts. She put her blouse back on but didn’t button it up.

She trailed her fingernails slowly down the center of his back, all the way down the crack of his ass as well. She saw him shiver and smiled to herself. “ liked that didn’t you? I wonder what it was you liked best. My fingers slowly going down your back, or when they lightly slid down the crack of your ass?” She had retraced the path as she spoke to him and again he had shivered at her touch.

She lifted her heavy breasts and pressed up against his back, pressing them hard into him as her hands moved around to the front of him. “Could you tell when you were sucking my nipples earlier how much I loved that, how turned on that makes me?” She let her fingers lightly rub against his nipples as she spoke to him. “They are very sensitive to pleasure, I have even came before just from someone sucking them for a very long time then just as I am so close to coming they rub my now swollen clit and I have a powerful climax.”

Sarah had been rubbing his hard nipples the entire time she had been talking. She now trailed her fingers down his sides then across his taught belly until she reached his hard cock. She wrapped her hand firmly around his cock and began to slowly jack him off.

“Ever had a woman jack you off Kent? I’m sure you have but I like to do it this way. You have such a nice cock, it filled my pussy nicely and I loved the way it felt inside my mouth, all warm, throbbing and hard. You enjoyed my mouth sucking your cock didn’t you?”

Kent was having a hard time not reaching for her. She may not have been very vocal during his making love to her, but she sure as hell was being pretty damn vocal now and it was turning him on more than he could have ever imagined. Her hand was so warm and firm on his cock. Now and then she would grab his balls and work them with her hand before going back to stroking his cock.

“I bet this would feel good wrapped inside my tits. I’m sure they would completely cover your cock as you titty fucked them.”

He almost came in her hand. There was his fantasy, the words straight from her mouth while she jacked off his cock.

“Ummm....your cock jumped when I said that. Would you like to slide this cock between my tits Kent? Would you like to fill the valley with your hot cum then lick it off of me? Or maybe just fill the valley so your cock will slide wet and slippery between them as you fuck my tits?

She pulled slightly away from him letting her tits fall free but her hand still firmly around his cock jacking him off. She slid her free hand slowly down his side then over to the crack of his ass, teasing him with her finger. She stuck her middle finger into her mouth getting it wet then placed it back at his ass.

“Ummm....I do so much love to stick my finger up a guys ass while I jack him off or when I suck him off.”

He felt her finger glide up into his ass where she began to finger fuck his ass as well. The pleasure took his breath away and he knew he would soon be shooting his load into her hand.

“Oh do like that don’t you?” She started jacking him off at a faster pace, his precum making her hand wet and slippery around his cock. She knew it would not be much longer before he lost it and she was really turned on now.

He could feel the beginning of his orgasm and tried to hold it off as long as possible listening to the wickedly seductive Sarah talking to him.

“I’m so fucking hot Kent, my pussy is throbbing and wet. I can imagine your cock between my tits fucking me, getting ready to spill your cream into the valley so you can fuck them again.”

He lost it, he shot his load filling her hand with his cum. It was good thing he was holding onto the bar or he might have collasped from his orgasm.

After he came Sarah had moved around in front of him. She stood there looking at her hand filled with his hot sticky cum, then slowly lifted it to her mouth and licked it off her hand. That did it for him, he reached for her pulling her tight against him, kissing her hard. He could taste his cum on her tongue and he knew that for the rest of the night Sarah was his.....

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