Come to MOMMA!


"Hmmm so out of my whole body you loved my ass! I didn't know that you like ass that much. It was that one thing I didn't show you or talked about. I thought you liked my boobs as I have seen you many times staring at them. So can you explain why my ass?"

"I don't know. Honestly. I just love to see beautiful asses. Whenever I see a girl with beautiful ass I get attracted to her immediately. And to be honest you have the best ass in the world MOMMA. They are just so round and full. Every time I see them, a lust to savage them appears in my eyes. They are perfect MOMMA. Can I please devour them MOMMA? Please!"

She didn't say anything. She went to the side of my bed and leaned forward. Pushing her ass out in the air, she looked at me through her shoulder. She said, "You are on your own boy. Show MOMMA what you have got there in your mind. Remember I told you that you have to come up with something of your own? Well it's time to see that. Show me what you have learned and what the new ways you can come up with are?"

I hungrily knelt down behind her. First I licked and sucked and kissed every inch of her round buttock. Then I moved to her anal hole. A strong scent came when I put my mouth above it. But interestingly, instead of foul smell, it made me turned on! I licked the rim of her anal hole. I then put my tongue inside it. She was enjoying the sensation she received through this. I then moved my free hand to cup her buttocks. I squeezed them. I pulled my tongue out and started giving her a lick, right from her clit to her anal hole. She was now moaning heavily. Then I put my middle finger in her anal hole. She screamed with this sudden attack. I put my first finger in her pussy. Now I rested my thumb on her clit and started rubbing it. I thrusted both my fingers in and out of her holes furiously.

She was not able to cope up with the three times pleasuring she received simultaneously. She came with loud moans. Her pussy juices squirted out on my hand. Her body began to tremble and with a thrust she sat down on the floor, my fingers still in her holes.

"That liquid is called as female cum. When a woman receives a best orgasm, she squirts. And when she squirts, this type of liquid starts to squirt out from her pussy. Don't worry it's not a pee. You can taste it if you are into such fetishes!"

I tasted it. It was good. Mom took my hand and rubbed it on her pussy. Then she took it in her mouth. She wanted to taste herself. The look on her face depicted that she really enjoyed the taste of it. I leaned forward and kissed her. This was the first time we were kissing during this entire session. The kiss was small pecks first. Then we were parting our lips more. Finally we were tongue kissing. We kissed for a long time. No one was ready to leave other's mouth. While kissing I was also playing with her breasts.

We finally broke our kiss. She looked in my eyes and said, "Darling you gave me an orgasm I haven't received in my life till today! I am so much happy and satisfied. That girl will be lucky to have sex with you. Even before you actually have sex, you will give her many orgasms, using your hands and tongue only. Now do you want to move further?"

"Oh! Yes definitely. I can't wait now to move further. What are we going to do next MOMMA? Tell me MOMMA. Tell me."

"Patience! Boy. Patience! I will teach you everything you need to learn from me. Now do you have any fantasies about sex positions? I know you didn't have sex yet but I am sure you might be having some sort of fantasies!"

"Well I do MOMMA. But it is just that I want you to take the lead. Tell me your favorite position. I am ok with it."

"If that is so then let us try the typical missionary position first. It's best for you to learn in the most famous and widely used sex position. It is not my favorite, though I don't hate it too! I think we can try other position too depending upon how much can you last before Cuming..."

Saying this, she lied on my bed on her back. She spread her legs enough for me to come between her and set myself above her. She asked to come there and I obliged. I set myself between her legs. She pulled me down and gave me a kiss. I kissed her back. She placed her hand on my hip first and slides it down to take my penis in her hand. She puts my penis on her pussy's entrance and asks me to thrust forward, guiding my penis in her hole. I did as she said. Even though she was above forty, her pussy was still tight. I entered her with one strong thrust. She moaned loudly at this.

She pulled me further down, rising her hips to meet mine, so that I could completely enter her. When I did that, she locked her legs behind me and placed her hands on my buttocks. She asked me to slowly move in and out. I did that. Slow moans were escaping from her mouth. When I pushed inside, she raised her hips upward and pushed me more inside by applying pressure on my bum. This continued for some time. In the meantime, I took her nipples in my mouth sucking and biting them one after another. Her breathing became heavy.

She asked me to increase my pace. I did that. She asked me to increase it more. I was now thrusting inside her with such a pace that she was now screaming in joy. I got a feeling that her pussy suddenly felt too tight. It was like; her pussy was sucking my penis inside, trying to milk off the sperm from it. MOMMA's moan became very low. She stopped her response. I stopped at this point. My MOMMA was like she went into a deep sleep. I woke her up. She opened her eyes and smiled at me.

"You gave me a second orgasm to remember throughout my life, my boy. Come to MOMMA. MOMMA wants to kiss you to thank you..."

I leaned and we kissed for other few minutes. She shifted her gaze and found me still hard.

"My! My! You are still hard! I thought you must have cum inside me during first few strokes of fast pace. Now you must too need to cum dear. Come. MOMMA will help you to cum."

With that Mom made me to lie on my back in my bed. She climbed on top of me. She leaned forward to kiss me. Then she went upward so that I can suck her breasts. She straightens up and takes my penis in her hand. First she strokes it furiously then puts it in her mouth sucking on it wildly. I was now the one to moan loudly. She was sucking my penis like an expert does. When I was about to cum, she sensed it and stopped the sucking.

She got up and lowered her pussy right above my penis. Slowly and gradually she went down, allowing my penis to enter her vagina. When I fully entered her, she rose again and repeated the same process again. She did this for few times. Then she just sat on me. She starts to grind my penis in her pussy. She was moving up and down in quick motions. At last she just threw her body upon me. I hugged her tightly. She came again. She told me to hug her tightly and push inside her from beneath. I did. She suddenly broke my hug and leaned backward. She placed her hands on my chest and asked me to hold her from her hips.

"Ah Ah Ah.... Come on my boy. Give your MOMMA your cum. Her pussy needs your cum. Thrust inside me more. Give it to me baby. Give it."

"Oh yes yes yes MOMMA. I too desire to cum inside you. To fill your tight hot pussy with my cum. Oh god! MOMMA. I love you..."

"MOMMA loves you too my dear boy. Now what are you waiting for? Your MOMMA is waiting for you to cum from last 3 orgasms of her. Don't deprive her more baby. Give it to her now fast..."

With momma thrusting back down and I thrusting up, I felt a sensation in my balls. I knew it was my time to cum. I hold her still and fucked her furiously from beneath at a pace unbelievable to me. MOMMA screamed once again as another orgasm hit her. That made me to cum inside her. I came gushing inside her. Like a fire hose spraying water on the fire. Here my penis was that fire hose, my cum was water and MOMMA's sexual release was the fire.

She fell on me again. I hugged her tightly. We went into a small deep nap before coming back to our senses. We laid there as it is for quite a long time before any one was in the state to speak anything. We finally broke our embrace and kissed.

Mom said with a great smile on her face, "I think my boy now has learned many things about sex!"

"Absolutely MOMMA! This was by far the greatest lesson of my life! I hope you teach me more in future."

"Sure baby, why not? I am also excited to teach you many new things. Even now I want to try and teach you positions I haven't even tried with your father!"

"Oh! Hell yeah! MOMMA. So when are we going to start our next session?"

"Not today for sure dear. My pussy now aches from your ramming. It needs some rest now. Despite the aching, it has now become hungrier for your cock! We shall keep these sessions daily if we are alone in the house for as much time as we want. But for now, Patience! Dear boy. Patience!"

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