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As you read this story you may be thinking that this is the work of a man with a very vivid imagination. However, my imagination is not vivid, I am an accountant, and this whole thing is firmly engrained in my mind as if it just happened yesterday. If I close my eyes I can still see the scenes clearly almost as if they are in slow motion.

My wife and I live and work in Vancouver, Canada. I am Glen and I am an average 48yo middle-aged father of 2 daughters who are both studying at University. I consider myself to be reasonably fit and I am a mad golfer, playing each weekend and usually at least once during the week. Melissa, my wife is 44yo and has managed to maintain a "youthful" look which is probably due to her Dutch heritage (both of her parents were born in Holland). Melissa is 5'6" tall and weighs 130lb and has a nice pair of 36C tits that have managed to keep most of their form despite 2 children and 44 years. Her blonde hair is straight but cut quite short above the collar. She is blessed with a nice tan and works out 3 nights a week teaching Pilates for her best friend's small business. Our sex life is regular but to be quite honest Melissa lacked the willingness to try new things so sex rarely involved a blow job or anything other than missionary. Over the years I have tried to introduce variety into our sex life but with very little progress. I remember early on trying to fuck her doggie style only to be told that she would never let a man take her that way as it was degrading and had no place in the bedroom!

This story begins with me being away for a week for work. During the evenings I ended up spending quite a lot of time online and eventually found myself in a popular interracial sex chat website. I spent a lot of time chatting with all types of people. When I came back home I continued to visit the site and began to fall further and further into the theme. I began to share pictures of Melissa with black men canvassing whether they had any interest in her. It did not take very long for me to realise that Melissa was very desirable to these men.

After some weeks I was regularly chatting with a Black Guy named Jason who was living near Las Vegas. At first he seemed to be quite sceptical as to whether I was real or more importantly that my wife was real. He asked me to send him a picture of her brushing her teeth and one of her loading the dishwasher. I was confused but then he told me that this would establish whether my situation was real. It actually took me a week to take the 2 pictures without her knowledge and then share them with him. This is when he became quite serious and even gave me his cell phone number to call if I wanted to chat.

He worked in Las Vegas and had a very close friend who managed a large casino resort in Vegas which allowed him to use the pool, gym and the occasional room. He told me that he had seduced several married white women using a particular scenario and tried to convince me to bring Melissa to Vegas to be seduced thinking that I had no knowledge of what was happening. He even told me that I was more than welcome to check with one of the women involved to check that he was not some kind of crazy axe murderer. He gave me her name and cell number.

By this time I was really thinking about Melissa with a fit black guy. Looking back I know that I was in fact infatuated with the idea and was regularly agreeing with the requests from Jason for pictures of Melissa or details of what she was into etc.

Then suddenly in March this year Jason tells me during one of our chats that he has invested a lot of time and effort into getting to know me and getting to know Melissa through me. He basically wanted to know if I was serious about making things happen and if so he wanted to set a date for the summer. I was quite honestly conflicted. I knew that this could end up being a real disaster and yet I was strangely drawn into this world of fantasy and the reality that I had to make a decision. I found the cell number that I had been given for the other woman and before I knew it I was listening to it ringing. The woman who answered seemed quote young. After I bumbled my way through asking her about Jason she was more than happy to give him a character reference as well as references with regards to his other abilities. I decided then and there to do what I could for Melissa and I to be in Vegas before the summer ended.

It turned out to be easier than I had thought. A woman who was in Melissa's Pilates class had just spent 2 weeks in Vegas spending her time by the pool, shopping and gambling whilst her husband played golf most days. So out of the blue Melissa asks how much I thought it would cost for us to go there for a coupe of weeks! I did the research and with a bit of help from Jason we got a special price for the resort accommodation and flights (he works for an airline associated company) and before I knew it Melissa was saying that it was such a good deal we should take it.

So it was set in stone or at least set in my credit card that we would be in Las Vegas from July 11 until July 26th. We made no plans except that I would play some golf and she would get some sun.

We arrived in Las Vegas during the middle of the day and the first thing that hit the both of us when the airport doors opened was the heat. That dry heat that drained every bit of moisture from your skin. When we arrived at the resort it was every bit as nice as it appeared on the website. We were greeted at reception by a well presented woman who was very friendly and made all the arrangements for the room and also gave Melissa some vouchers for a day spa treatment.

I contacted Jason that evening and he said that he would catch up with me later in the week and that I should relax and enjoy the Grand Canyon and to call him when we were back at the resort.

When we got back to Vegas we slept in until 10am and then headed down to the pool area for a swim and to take in the sun. Melissa wore a one piece swimsuit that was cut high at the sides which really accentuated her long legs. The top of the suit had wide bands over the shoulders and was well padded to give her tits extra support. I ordered some coffees and began to read the paper thinking that I should ring Jason so see what he had planned.

I spotted Jason walking around the side of the pool. It was hard to miss him as he was well over 6' tall and was very fit and he walked with a confidence in the knowledge that many were probably watching his movements. He walked right past us and gave little indication that he recognised us (although I know that he did). He sat down on a lounge and took in the sun whilst reading a book. I tried to catch his eye but he never looked directly in our direction but was definitely discreetly checking out his prey. After about an hour I got up and went to the bar. As I returned I noticed that Jason was no longer in his chair but had instead moved into the chair that was beside where I would be sitting. I walked back slowly wondering what was going to happen when I returned to my chair. I sat down and there was silence -- he said nothing, not even looking up from his book. I chatted to Melissa and she was keen to go and get lunch so we got up a prepared to leave. She threw a sun-dress over her swimsuit and put on her heels. Then suddenly Jason asked if we wanted him to mind the seats for us whilst we were away. Melissa immediately thanked him and said that would be nice but we might be a couple of hours so it might be difficult for him to do so. Jason responded that nobody would take the chairs as they would be scared of the only big bad black man around the pool. We walked away and Melissa commented that he seemed to be a nice guy, but she wondered what he is doing here on his own (if only she knew the truth).

We returned to the pool about an hour later and Jason had saved our chairs. During the afternoon we all took in the sun and chatted. Jason and Melissa really got on well (mostly because Jason already knew so much about her interests). It was a great afternoon and Jason was a real pro -- never once being sleazy or suggestive. We headed back to the room to get ready for dinner and Jason simply said that he hoped that we would enjoy our stay in Vegas.

Later in the evening Jason gave me a call. He told me that I should make myself scarce for the day tomorrow. He had arranged a ticket for a golf day tour and told me to get them from reception and that there was also a room key there for me to use the next day. The plan was that I would show Melissa the ticket and tell her that they were complimentary and that I would be away all day. In fact I would be in a room where the balcony overlooked the entire pool area. I was to call Jason when Melissa got to the pool so that he could make his play.

I left for golf right after breakfast and decided to go to the mall to get some supplies for what I figured would be a long day alone on the balcony. I got a book and a pair of binoculars and made sure that I had worked out how to turn off the flash on my camera.

I got to the room at around 1pm and it was a suite. There was a nice lounge setting, large flat screen television and a bar and large bathroom. The large bed was right next to the sliding door to the balcony and I quickly discovered that those inside the room could not see out onto the balcony but if I got up close to the glass or screen I could look all around the room from outside.

I spent my time reading the book in the room and constantly going outside to check if Melissa had arrived at the pool. Late in the day I began to worry that she was going to skip the pool today and I had Jason calling me twice to check that all was going to plan. I decided to call Melissa to see what she was doing. It turned out that she was in our room getting ready to go to the pool. She had spent the morning shopping and had got a new swimsuit that she teased I would be sorry that I missed.

Ten minutes later she appeared in the pool area walking in her heels and a hotel robe. She looked around for some time before choosing a chair that was on my side of the pool so that I almost looked directly down on her from behind. She looked so sexy as she moved and I considered how lucky a guy I was to have her. Her blonde hair was done in a ponytail and she wore her gold rimmed sunglasses which helped show off the tan that she was developing over the past couple of days. She stood next to the chair and removed the robe to reveal a white bikini that almost had me coming in my pants. The bottom was tied on both sides whilst the top had string type straps and her tits sat low showing a great cleavage and did little to prevent he tits from moving about as she got her towel ready. She applied the sunscreen slowly and deliberately obviously enjoying being able to take her time.

Suddenly I was startled by my phone vibrating in my pocket. It was Jason and I informed him that she had just arrived. He made sure that I was okay with everything and then hung up.

Jason arrived at the pool wearing bright red swimming trunks that really stood out against his black skin and shirtless chest. He wandered around the area for sometime and walked straight past where Melissa was laying on the chair. I saw her look up from the magazine she was reading and she called out to him. They exchanged pleasantries for a while and Jason pulled the chair up opposite her and set up facing the hotel where I was hiding above.

They were chatting on and off for about an hour. It was obvious that she was enjoying his company and they had a several drinks from the bar. I could see from my vantage point that Jason was beginning to form a bulge in his trunks and I wondered if Melissa had noticed and if she did would it scare her off him? They were chatting some more and I could tell that the conversation had become a bit more serious. Jason was laying on his side facing Melissa and was now quite obviously adjusting himself inside his trunks. Melissa had her back to me but I knew she could not have been missing what he was doing. They continued talking and I could tell that Jason was hitting on her and that up until now she was resisting.

I got up and went inside to get a drink as the balcony was quite warm. When I returned Jason was gone and Melissa was by herself. My mind immediately came to the conclusion that it was over before it really began. I then heard the room door open and in walked Jason. As asked him what went wrong? He replied that she was a hard nut to crack and he had given her the room number and told her that he would be leaving in an hour to meet some friends -- if she wanted to come up for a while she was very welcome to join him for a drink. He excused himself to take a shower whilst I decided what I could do to put things back on track. About 10 minutes later I heard a knock on the door -- my heart suddenly raced -- could it be?

Jason came out of the shower wrapped in a hotel towel and signalled for me to get back out on the balcony. He shut the sliding door closed so that it was about 6 inches open and drew the curtains across the same distance. He checked around and did something over near the bar and then answered the door.

Melissa stood there wearing a hotel robe and carrying her towel. Jason greeted her with surprise and said that he had begun to think that she would not take him up on his offer. She responded that she had to admit that curiosity had gotten the better of her BUT she wanted to be clear that she was not some slut who had come up to his room to fuck him -- she just wanted to see for herself if his dick was really as big as it had appeared at the poolside. He ushered her into the room and towards the lounge. I watched as she nervously walked to the lounge looking around the room. He offered her a drink which she readily accepted. I watched him poor a large amount of vodka into a glass followed by a drop of soda. She accepted the drink and took a sip obviously very aware of how strong he had made it.

Once on the lounge Jason asked her if she was ready to be shocked? She laughed nervously but did not say anything. Jason teased her that perhaps she had lost her nerve which was okay because he didn't have to make anyone do anything that they did not want. He walked over to her and stood over her in his robe. He teased that she just had to open the robe to see what she had said she had come to see. She again did not respond. He took her hand and guided it to his groin but she quickly removed it. Jason smiled and sat down beside her on the lounge, they both had their backs to where I was positioned. He offered her another drink but she responded that she had had enough to drink. Jason stretched back and put his arm around her shoulder and she rested her head on his shoulder. Jason asked her if she wanted to go, but she said that she had come to satisfy her curiosity and she was not going until she had seen what she had come to see.

I could tell that Jason was opening the front of his robe and her eyes were glued to the opening. "Oh My" she exclaimed. "It really is big and so dark." Jason then told her that it was not even remotely hard yet and that he was proudest of it when it was at it hardest. Once again the nervous laugh came out, she knew what he was asking her to do but she was now not at all confident in the situation that she now found herself in.

"Go on, give it a stroke" Jason suggested. She did not respond but her shoulder was moving to indicate that she was following his request. Jason then suggested that she use some lotion to help. He got up and walked to the bathroom and came back with 2 tiny bottles of hotel lotion. His cock swung between his legs as he walked back -- impressive but certainly not hard. I was beginning to wonder if that thing would ever get hard. He tossed the bottles in her direction but proceeded to walk across to the bed and sat on the edge less than 10 feet from where I was hiding. I was watching Jason so I had not noticed that Mel had got up and was squeezing the moisturiser into the palm of her right hand. She slowly knelt at the bottom of the bed on the floor and between his legs. She slowly took a grip of his cock and moved her hand slowly from the base to the tip repeatedly so as to apply the lotion all over. Jason then suggested that she remove the robe so that he could watch her tits move around in her bikini top. She hesitated and seemed to be thinking it over, but then dropped the robe onto the floor revealing her bikini covered tits to her new friend. Her nipples were poking predominantly through the fabric.

Melissa went back to slowly and deliberately stroking his cock. It was shining like a brand new toy from the lotion she had applied and yet it was not fully hard..... Finally Jason asked if he could fuck her tits. She replied immediately okay, but this is far is this is going to go. Jason agreed and Melissa moved up from the floor so that his cock was positioned in line with her cleavage. With her hands either side of her breasts she lifted them up and over his dick so that the tip sat up right through the top of her chest. She slowly moved them up and down around his dick which obviously stirred the giant and it became quite hard. Jason was moving his hips in rhythm with her movements and finally the bikini top was dislodged and Jason was fucking her tits like it were pussy. Nothing was said between them and Melissa was concentrating hard on the dick that was right next to her chin as it reared upwards.

As I stared at the scene unfolding in front of me I suddenly realised that Jason was giving the signal for me to call his cell. I was confused, but he was looking in my direction with an urgent look on his face. I called the cell and he fumbled on the bed for his cell while telling Melissa to just slowly stock him while he sorted this out. He answered the phone and was talking as though he was talking to his work. Wow he said that is serious, and of course, I will be there ASAP. He hung up and got up suddenly telling Melissa that he had to go as there was something serious happening at work.

Within minutes he had dressed and walked out the door after telling Melissa that he was sorry that the show was over, but perhaps some other time....

Melissa sat on the bed and starred at the mirror. Finally she got up put on her rope and left.

I let myself out of the room and headed down the road to a bar and had a good drink. After a couple of hours Jason called and I quizzed him to why he had stopped. He told me not to worry things had gone well and were going to get so much better. He told me that he would contact her later and copy me in on his and her text messages when the time was right.

I arrived back at our room later in the afternoon from my golf day. Melissa was quiet but when I suggested that we go out for dinner she readily agreed. We had a great evening and as soon as we got back to the room she was all over me. The sex that night was the best I had since before we had the 2 children.

The next morning was routine and Melissa decided to go shopping while I thought that I would spend some time at the pool. Melissa quickly suggested that I go shopping with her or perhaps we could shop and have a look at a casino. I wanted to go to the pool in the hope of catching up with Jason but when Melissa suggested that she wanted my opinion on a new bikini she had my attention.

Whilst out shopping I received a text from Jason asking me to call when I was alone. I told Melissa that I wanted to go and look at some golf clothing and headed of to another part of the mall. I called Jason and he told me that he planned to send Melissa some texts and wanted to check that I was not around when she received them and that he would forward me her replies.

A few minutes later I received texts:

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