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Come Together


Sasha looked down at Julia looking up at her, and the sight gave her a thrill of anticipation. Julia looked so beautiful on her knees by candlelight, like she'd been born to assume the position but was only now coming to realize it. Beside her, Valerie knelt on the soft cushions with the grace of one who'd already learned what Julia was just beginning to understand. She stared down at Sasha's ankles; Sasha knew if she lifted Valerie's chin up to meet her gaze, she'd see the glassy stare of someone already halfway entranced. "Are you ready, little one?" Sasha asked.

Julia's eyes darted downwards swiftly. "I think so, Sasha," she said shyly. She gasped a little on hearing her own words. "I mean, um, Mistress. Sorry."

Sasha reached down to stroke Julia's cheek, and smiled gently at the way Julia leaned into the gesture. "It's alright, pet. I don't expect perfection from you right away. That's what training is for. All I need from you is your desire to submit. The rest will all flow from that. And I know you want to submit to me."

Sasha felt Julia shiver under her fingertips. "Yes, Mistress," she said.

"Good girl." Sasha saw Valerie quiver just a little at the words. Even though they weren't meant for her, Valerie had been so deeply, blissfully conditioned by now that simply hearing her Mistress say them gave her pleasure. "That's why I chose you, little one. I could see it inside you. I knew you wanted this. I know what you are capable of becoming, what your deepest self truly wants to become. All that my training will do is refine your natural gift for obedience. What is obedience, Valerie?"

"Obedience is pleasure," Valerie intoned softly. Sasha heard the delicious tone in Valerie's voice that told her that Valerie was already gone, her mind anticipating hypnotic trance so strongly that it had already lost itself without Sasha even having to say a word. Reciting her mantras only reinforced the deepening trance. Next to Valerie, Julia mouthed the words silently; that had been her first lesson, when she'd first started submitting to Sasha a few weeks ago, and she'd accepted it very well.

"Good girl, Valerie," Sasha said, and Valerie visibly shook with pleasure. "Obedience is pleasure. You already knew that, little one, even before you met me. You understand it deep in your heart. All we're doing is teaching you how to obey." Sasha smiled again, this time with a bit of a wicked gleam in her eye. "And this is always my favorite part of training a new pet."

Sasha stepped over to the metronome that rested on the table by the wall. "Remember your first time in this room, little one?"

Julia's eyes locked onto the metronome, already glazing over slightly as she stared helplessly at it. "Yes, Mistress," she said, her voice softening just a little.

"And you remember what the metronome does to you. What it always does to you, little one." Sasha felt her pussy tingle as she watched. Valerie had raised her head to stare as well, now; she'd been submitting to Sasha for years, and the action had become as natural and instinctive to her as breathing. Perhaps even moreso; Valerie could hold her breath with an effort of will, but all her will melted away when Sasha triggered her like this.

"It sends me...deeper..." Julia sighed out. Her voice had almost completely softened into the quiet, dreamy tones of a hypnotized pet.

"Good girl," Sasha said, starting the metronome ticking. Both Valerie and Julia followed the pendulum, their eyes moving in perfect synchronicity as they stared at its rhythmic, regular sway. Sasha sighed happily; there was always something so fucking sexy about watching one of her pets sink into hypnosis, and seeing two of them go under at the same time made it exponentially hotter.

"That's right," Sasha purred, her own voice naturally settling into a hypnotic cadence, "deeper and deeper. Deeper and deeper for me."

"Deeper," the two girls echoed, their eyelids starting to flutter as they continued to follow the motion of the metronome. Julia's head bobbed visibly downwards as she spoke. That was an effect of Valerie's presence, Sasha knew; seeing and hearing someone go into trance right next to her helped to reinforce the seeming irresistibility of the induction. Julia saw Valerie go under and wanted to go along; next to her, Valerie saw Julia go under, and wanted the same thing.

"And sleep," Sasha said. Both girls' eyes slammed shut. On other days, Sasha could have fun drawing out the pleasure of the induction for long minutes (and as a matter of fact had done so) but today, she had other pleasures she'd been anticipating for far too long.

"Good girls," Sasha said as she rejoined them on the cushions in the center of the room. "My good girls, so obedient." She sat down in front of them and stroked both their cheeks at once, reveling in their tiny whimpers of bliss. "And it's always so easy to obey when you're like this. Your minds just don't want to resist."

"don't want to resist," Valerie husked out. By the last word, Julia had joined in.

"Feels too good to resist," Sasha said.

"too good to resist." This time, both girls spoke in mindless unison.

"And you know you can open your eyes and stay just this deep for me, don't you, pets?" Sasha asked. She already knew the answer.

"yes, mistress," they responded, both opening their eyes immediately. The hazy, unfocused look in their eyes was enough to make Sasha's cunt slick and wet all by itself, but she knew that this was only the beginning.

"Very good, pets." Sasha began pulling her clothes off, impatient to get rid of the confining fabric. She liked dressing appropriately to set the mood, but now that was out of the way and she wanted to be naked. And clearly, her pets agreed--even when hypnotized, Sasha heard Valerie give out a happy little sigh on seeing her Mistress' nude form. "Now, little one, do you know what your lesson is today?"

"no, mistress," Julia responded. She looked almost sad at not being able to answer Sasha's question, and Sasha stroked her arm gently to reassure her.

"Today, little one, I am going to teach your body how to feel my pleasure within yourself. I will train you so that when you give me pleasure, you will feel it in your own body. You will find that this is very easy, and very pleasurable for you to achieve; your body already knows what pleasure feels like. It's just a matter of evoking that memory. Disrobe for me now, pets."

Both Valerie and Julia undressed, their hands moving as if they were underwater; Valerie had more practice taking her clothes off for Sasha while hypnotized, but Julia had on a simpler outfit, so they both finished at around the same time. Of course, as far as she was concerned, Sasha was the real winner in all this. "Good girls," she said. "Now, back on your knees, facing each other."

The girls turned to stare into each others' eyes, still on their knees. Sasha was tempted to just discard the lesson plan and leave them like that for a few hours, whispering a mantra or two in their ears and letting them echo it back and forth to each other while she jilled off.

But no, there'd be plenty of time for that kind of fun once Julia was properly trained. Instead, Sasha said, "Now, I want you both to reach down between your legs. Rest your hand on your cunt for me, pets. Feel how warm and wet you are down there. Feel how aroused you are. Feel how needy your pussy is."

Valerie panted softly as she obeyed, her breath coming in short, shuddering gasps as she held her hand perfectly still against her vulva. Julia wasn't quite as well trained; try as she might, she couldn't stop her hand from rocking back and forth ever so slightly against the sensitive flesh. She keened softly, and Sasha could see goose-pimples rising on her skin as her nipples tightened into hard buds.

"That's right, good girls. Good girls." Sasha just loved repeating that phrase sometimes, just to see the effect it had on them. It was even more enjoyable right now; Valerie inhaled sharply when she said it, while Julia's low, keening moan became quite unsteady in a way that made Sasha want to reach down and play with her own pussy. So she did. What the hell was the point of being a domme if you couldn't do whatever you felt like?

"Now, Valerie, go ahead and begin to let your fingers explore. Feel how good it feels to touch yourself at my command, knowing that it is my will. Feel how slick and wet you are. You may not cum just yet, though. You know you need my permission to cum."

Sasha knew that Valerie had already learned this lesson and many more; Sasha could trigger her into orgasm with a whisper in the middle of a crowded room, and nobody but the two of them would ever know it. But Valerie loved having her programming reinforced every bit as much as Sasha loved reinforcing it, and Sasha wanted Julia to see how a properly trained pet obeyed. It would help to cement Julia's own programming, in the same way that seeing Valerie go under had deepened her hypnosis.

Sasha joined right in with her, pressing a finger just lightly onto her clit and rubbing it gently. "Now, little one, you may pet yourself for me. Your hand mirrors Valerie's hand, and everything she does, your hand does all by itself. You don't need to think. You don't want to think. You're too hot to think. All you need to do is watch and obey."

Julia whimpered in ecstasy as she followed Sasha's command. Her fingers stroked along her labia, slowly and delicately sliding along the slick pussylips in a perfect echo of Valerie's masturbation. Sasha started to mimic Valerie as well; as much as she really just wanted to hump three of her own fingers until she came, she had a purpose in all this beyond just a hot mutual masturbation session, and right now that meant doing whatever Valerie did.

"That's right, little one," she cooed out, "see Valerie's fingers moving, and as you do so, feel the pleasure in your own body. You know exactly what that pleasure feels like, as Valerie strokes...and rubs...and pets. You can feel it, and it feels so very good. It feels...mmmmm...so hot, so sexy..." Valerie slipped a finger inside herself, and Sasha lost her train of thought for a second as she did the same.

But only for a second. "You can feel that connection, can't you, pet? We are as one, here. All three of us, moving in perfect unison, feeling the same sensations, and it's so perfect. Your body feels every second of our pleasure, doesn't it?"

"y-yes, mistress," Julia husked out, her voice shaky as her fingers continued to move. Her eyes drifted back and forth between Valerie and Sasha, no longer entirely certain of which to follow. Valerie was building up nicely, her finger now stroking in and out of her pussy rapidly while her thumb danced on her clit, and Sasha had a pretty good idea of what it was doing to the two of them because she was doing the exact same thing and it was driving her pretty fucking wild right now.

"Feel that pleasure, little one, feel it, oh, feels so good, you're so aroused, Valerie's fingers making your body so hot..." Sasha knew that Julia wouldn't catch the phrasing, not consciously, but her subconscious would make the connection between Valerie's motions and the feelings her own fingers were giving her. And right now, Julia's subconscious--her hot, submissive, achingly adorable subconscious--was in charge.

"Perfect unison, perfect arousal, perfect pleasure..." Sasha's hips bucked a little, and both of the other two girls followed along, their rapport so strong now and the pleasure so intense that none of them were certain anymore who was leading their dance of bliss. Which was Sasha's cue to clarify things. "Freeze, little one. Body totally frozen now, by my will. Freeze now."

No matter how many times Sasha did this, it never stopped being unbelievably fucking sexy. Julia suddenly went completely still, a slight tremble now the only outward sign of the pleasure coursing through her body. Her eyes drank in the sight of Valerie and Sasha's continued explorations in a way that made it absolutely clear that their rapport held perfectly; she'd completely accepted that she would feel every sensation the other two felt, and that continued even when her own fingers stopped moving. "Good girl," Sasha whimpered out, "good girl, good girl, pleasure building, Valerie's fingers making your body so hot now, can't stop, can't think, my fingers making your body...nnnnh...body so aroused and needy and horny and...and..."

Valerie shuddered, only her intense conditioning holding her back from a massive orgasm. Sasha wished she had it that easy; it took all her willpower not to just let her body go and cum like crazy. But she wanted to hold off as long as she could, and bring both girls to that endless plateau right on the edge of orgasm. "So hot now, so obedient, feels so good to....ohhh..."

Sasha knew she couldn't take much more. "Freeze, pet. Freeze now," she moaned out, and Valerie joined Julia in total immobility. The two of them both trembled now with arousal as Sasha's fingers became the focus of their whole world, and that was almost enough to push her over the edge. But she held out just a little longer, wanting the sight of both girls utterly lost in pleasure, mindless with bliss as their will broke completely under the onslaught of sensation and they gratefully gave themselves to her...

And when she saw that look in their eyes that told her that they'd gone that deep, when they were totally lost in pleasure, she gasped out, "Cum, cum now, cum now, cum now," as her fingers plunged into her own pussy and her thumb jammed down on her clit and her cunt clenched around her hand and she came and came and came. And the best part of all, the hottest part of all, was hearing the moans and whimpers from her two deeply hypnotized pets and knowing that they felt every second of it too. Sasha's pleasure deepened Valerie's pleasure and Valerie's pleasure reinforced Julia's pleasure and both of their hypnotic orgasms made Sasha so hot that she came all over again.

It felt like an eternity before the orgasms finally ended and she could whimper out, "Good girls. Release." Then she crawled over to them, still shaking as residual endorphins made tiny starbursts inside her head, and held them tightly as they collapsed against her in utter, obedient bliss.

And when she had finally recovered, she did it to them all over again...


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