It had been six years since my father died. I stared out the window and cried. Why did it still hurt so badly after all this time?

My father raised me alone. He made me a man. He showed me how to put integrity and morals over everything else. Even though I am a grown man with children of my own, I still miss my dad. I felt warm lips kiss the back of my neck. They whispered, "You OK?" I only nodded. My wife wrapped her arms around my waist and held me close to her.

Cheyenne was beautiful. A round face, smooth skin, the color of mahogany and dimples on each side of her face. She was a big girl. A beautiful big woman. She appeared to be chubby and out of shape. But I knew the truth. Yes, she had a little belly. But she had beautiful double D breasts that hung down slightly. She had an hour glass figure. Her thick waist led to massive hips. Her butt was so high and thick you could see the outline from the front.

She was beautiful because of her character and physical traits. She was always real, honest and frank. She was not mean and never disrespected me when we argued. She was a treasure worth her weight in gold. I loved this woman.

"I got something to make you feel better." Cheyenne was fantastic in bed, but that wasn't what I thought I needed.

"Baby, you know I can't get enough of you. But I just ain't in the mood. I'm sorry." Cheyenne nodded and still held me by my waist. She nuzzled my back.

"Let me give you a massage."


"Come to the bedroom and lay down when you are ready." Cheyenne walked away proudly. I loved watching her ass jiggle and sway as she moved. Her booty shorts accentuated the muscles in her hamstrings and calves. Her skin was tight with no cottage cheese at all.

Ten more minutes passed and I finally had myself together. Moving back to the bedroom, I heard music playing. I opened the door and smiled. Apple scented candles were lit all around the room. Kem and Chrisette Michele's "Is It Love?" softly played on the stereo. And there was my love. She wore a purple bra that barely contained her ample breasts. The matching thong went well with the purple garter belt and sheer purple pantyhose.

"Wow," was all I could say.

"I take care of my man. Come lay down," she said and stood up to give me a full view of her glorious body. I laid on the bed without taking my eyes off Cheyenne. She enjoyed the attention and turned so her ass was facing me. Two smooth, round mahogany globes protruded from the top of her thighs. I felt heat and arousal in my groin.

Cheyenne walked over and removed my T-shirt effortlessly. She unbuckled my belt, which caught me off guard.

"I thought this was supposed to be a massage," I teased.

"It is. Full body massage AND happy ending. Hopefully, for me too." She pulled my pants down and saw I had on no boxers. That was how I liked to roam when I would be in the house all or most of the day.

"Hello there!" she said to my penis and patted it. She grabbed it and placed a gentle kiss on the head. "Mama's definitely going to take care of you!" She gently laid it back down as it rubbed against my thigh.

"Lay on your stomach. I complied immediately. She squirted pure cocoa butter lotion into her hands and started rubbing it into my tight back muscles. Her fingers were slender, but very strong. I felt the tips working into the knots under my skin. Back and forth, she massaged away the tension in my shoulders and stimulated my brain by rubbing the spots just below my skull. This was heavenly. She put more lotion on and worked my legs.

Her feminine hands kneaded and loosened the dense muscles I developed from years of running. She rotated my ankles and worked my toes. She slowly dragged her hands back up to my ass. She leaned over and her hefty breasts brushed against my back as she tenderly kissed my ass cheeks and ran her tongue from the top of my crack to the middle of my ass.

"Feeling risqué today are we?" I said. She giggled.

"I'm just getting started. Turn over." Again, immediate compliance. She used oil to lubricate her hands this time. She started at my neck and rubbed down my biceps, triceps and forearms. She worked my chest and paid special attention to my sensitive nipples. My dick jerked in response.

"Wait your turn," she said playfully. Cheyenne bent her head to my chest and blew on my nipples. They felt hot!

"Warming oil," I moaned, straining to control my hormones.

"Yes sir." She replied demurely. She blew again and followed by flicking each nipple with her tongue. She placed her juicy lips on each one. The sensation from the oil and her mouth drove me wild. I reached to grab her breasts, but she smacked my hand away. "Just sit back and enjoy. I got this."

"OK," I sighed heavily. She used more oil and caressed my abs, careful to stay clear of my manhood, which jerked playfully at her proximity to it. She smiled and finished up work on my quads. She stepped away from the bed and danced sensually to Chrisette Michele's "A Couple of Forevers". She turned around and bent over giving me an unobstructed view of her beautiful ass.

"You like that?" she said flirtatiously. I only nodded. She removed her garter belt and tossed it to the floor. She took off her bra and freed her beautiful mammaries. Cheyenne squeezed and teased her nipples. She moved closer and threw one of her pantyhose clad legs on the bed. She slowly rolled it down, and ran her hands over her large firm calves and thighs. My wife repeated the process for the other leg and placed the panty hose on the floor carefully. She climbed on the bed and crawled on all fours to me like a predator slowly stalking its prey. She was on top of me and kissed me softly. She kissed me again, slowly parted my lips with her tongue, and explored my mouth. My penis jerked and bumped against her lower stomach. She responded by sliding her vagina against it, which made both of us moan.

"Now, Mr. Dick. I have something special for you." Cheyenne got off me and kneeled on the floor. She rolled her pantyhose over her hands and arms and positioned herself perpendicular to my body. She slid her hands over my chest and I indulged in the feeling of the nylon material against my skin and nipples. Her hands went down my chest, to my stomach, and then to my love muscle.

"Get ready!" she teased as she grabbed my penis with one panty hosed hand and massaged my testicles with the other. I moaned loudly. While stroking me with one hand, the other went to my nipple and teased it mercilessly. She then took my other nipple in my mouth and suckled it.

"CHEYENNE!" The multi-faceted stimulation brought me closer to orgasm. She watched my pleasure and continued to stroke, rub and lick me harder and faster. "AHH!" There was no holding back as I released my love juice in copious amounts onto my stomach and Cheyenne's hand.

"I take care of my man." She smiled at me lovingly and climbed on top of me rubbing her plump flesh against mine. The feel of her soft skin and flesh was beyond erotic. Touching her was heaven. I turned her over so that Cheyenne was on her back.

"And I take care of my woman." I kissed her mouth hard and ground my flaccid rod against her moist sex. The motion turned both of us on. I nibbled her ears, kissed her neck and slowly licked from her chin to her cleavage. I kissed up the side of her left breast and stopped just before the nipple. I kissed back down and did the same thing to the right. I flattened my tongue and lapped each nipple. Her plentiful flesh jiggled with excitement and arousal.

I traced her areola with the tip of my tongue and teased her. She grounded her pussy against me harder. I plunged into her breast and took in a mouthful. My mouth pressed so hard that the flesh came up and surrounded my whole mouth. I pulled at her nipples with my lips and flicked them with my tongue at the same time. I kneaded the other breast and rapidly flicked the nipple with my index finger.

"OH! RICHARD!" Cheyenne moaned. She lifted her hips off the bed and attempted to capture my dick. I swiveled my hips away and propped up on my knees.

"Not yet. I have something else in mind," I stated salaciously. The Isley Brothers "Between the Sheets" played in the background. I reached into my pleasure box and pulled out the silver bullet "Silver" and a vibrator named "Mandingo". The vibrating egg had three speeds and the 9 inch, phallus had realistic skin and vein texture. It was also one of Cheyenne's favorites. Cheyenne's eyes bulged and then narrowed when she saw the toys.

"What do you think you're going to do with that?" she questioned.

"You'll see. Just lay back and enjoy the ride." The silver bullet vibrated against her skin as I rubbed it all over her chest, with special attention to the nipples. Simultaneously, I dropped my head between her legs and sucked on her clitoris. With my free hand, I fingered her vaginal opening.

"AHH!" Juices covered my fingers. I raised my head and smiled. I slid the vibrating egg slowly down her chest, massaging her belly as the vibrations penetrated her skin. I stopped at the top of her labia and let it rest. She gyrated her lips wildly. Silver ran up and down her lips, touched her clitoris and then I pulled back. "DON'T TEASE ME!" she screamed. I mischievously smiled and repeated the process. Cheyenne wrapped her legs around my neck until I steadied Silver on her clitoris. Her legs relaxed and spread open. I rubbed Mandingo against her thighs, stomach, cheeks and nose. Cheyenne stuck her tongue out and attempted to lick the phallus. I moved it closer to her mouth and she voraciously grabbed it with her lips and bobbed until she had half of it in her mouth.

"You ready now?" I whispered. I took Mandingo and inserted into her sex.

"AHH!" she screamed and her hips lifted to take in more of it. I stroked it in and out, and moved it in a circular motion to tease her G-spot. Her moaning got louder and Mandingo went faster and deeper. Cheyenne suddenly sat up, rolled over and quickly got on all fours. Mandingo smashed the frontal wall of her vagina, directly hitting her G-spot. I pumped my arm as fast as I could and continued to hold Silver against her clit. With her voluptuous ass in my face I kissed and licked her crack before I tasted her perineum and jammed my tongue into her anus and swirled it around.

"AAHH!" Cheyenne's body shook as waves of orgasms rippled through her flesh. She came hard and her juices covered my chin, hand, Silver and Mandingo. She shivered a few more times and laid face down on the bed.

I watched this woman I loved so much drift peacefully to sleep. I rubbed her ass and kissed her neck. She was my wife. My love. My comfort.

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