The door opened and Sue looked up. The smile on her face fading to concern as she looked into the face of her long term lover. Terry stood, a small smile on her face, it usually lit up with her smiles, this one hardly touched her face never mind her eyes. She stood to one side and let Sue in, watching as the taller woman went to pass her. Sue dropped a light kiss onto Terry's lips and scrutinized her face.

"You ok?" She asked.

Terry nodded mutely, fighting tears she had been fighting for days, not knowing why, simply knowing that if she did not cry at some point, she would fester beyond all reason. Sue took her hand and led her into the living room. Putting her bag down she took off her shoes and jacket and turned to face her lover. Opening her arms, the younger woman stepped into them and was immediately wrapped in love and concern. It was like opening the flood gates. She stood and the tears flowed.

The women stood in silence, Sue's arms tightly holding Terry as she silently broke her heart, she felt as though she would never stop, she simply took comfort in the warmth and care around her.

Sue moved and took Terry's hand.

"Come on you, upstairs." She said.

Terry followed in her wake, allowing Sue to take charge, needing to let go, to stop fighting and simply be. Sue walked into the bedroom and turned to Terry. She bent and kissed her gently, softly. She moved across her face, kissing her tears, her cheeks, her nose and finally her eyes.

"I'm sorry." Terry whispered sniffing.

"Hush." Sue answered gently and reached down to grab a tissue from the box at the side of the bed. She handed it to Terry and smiled. Terry took it with a crooked grin and blew her nose hard. Sue handed her another one and watched as Terry finished blowing her nose and trying her face.

"Better?" She asked.

"Yeah, no, maybe, I dunno." Terry answered with a shrug, another tear rolling slowly down her face.

"Oh you silly." Sue smiled as she lifted her hand and wiped away the tear with her thumb. She gathered the shorter woman into her arms again, kissing the top of her head and laying her cheek against it as she felt Terry's arms come around her.

Terry stood and breathed in deeply, the smell of Sue was so distinctive, perfume and washing powder, clean clothes and clean skin. She ran her hands gently around Sues waist and tightened her grip, holding as though her life depended on it, as though if she let go, she would lose everything she had ever known, had ever held dear.

Sue sighed as Terry held her, her own fingers gently moving over the shorter woman, instilling comfort. She lifted her hand and ran her fingers lightly over her head, trailing through her hair softly. Terry lifted her head and looked at Sue who bent her head and kissed Terry softly. A long deep breath left Terry as Sue kissed her, it was like being home. Sues hands moved over Terry with a practice borne of old. One by one clothes dropped to the floor until she was left standing in her panties. Terry lifted her head and the two women kissed once more, Sues tongue sliding across Terry's lips as she responded. As they kissed, Terry's hands deftly undid Sue's clothes and they joined hers on the floor. Sue moaned softly as Terry bit her bottom lip, tugging on it slightly before going back to take and capture Sues tongue. The two women stood, bodies pressing together, the warmth of their skin passing between them. Sue pulled away.

"Bed." One word, softly spoken.

Sue turned and moved onto the bed, Terry followed and curled into Sues arms once more. She lay with her head on Sues breast, hearing her heart beat, her fingers moving slowly over Sues skin. Sue trailed her fingers up and down Terry's back, running like water trickling in a brook over pebbles worn flat with age and time. Terry closed her eyes and breathed in deeply once more. She wished she could stay in this cocoon forever, closing the world and all its pains out, the hurt that had built over time forgotten, the pain currently locked away until she could stand it no longer and it had overflowed and spilt over everything she held dear, everyone precious in her life. Her hands stopped moving and she lay still, surrounding herself in her own personal bubble wrap, quietly drifting off to sleep in the arms of someone who truly cared, truly loved.

Terry was woken sometime later by Sue's fluid hands moving over her. She woke her so very gently, touching, exploring, although she knew every inch of Terry's body. Sues hands moved lightly as though touching her for the first time ever. Terry responded to her touch and Sue moved down the bed slightly until they faced each other. Her hand came up and she traced the lines of Terry's face, across her cheeks, the bridge of her nose, around her eyes and then the line of her lips. As her fingers left Terry's lips, her own lips replaced them. So softly it was almost a whisper and Terry sighed as the tip of Sues tongue traced the line of her lip. Lips met gently, a kiss as soft as the recently heard sigh, barely touching but as deep as the ocean. Sue pulled back and watched Terry as she savoured what she had just been given.

Savouring the tiny kiss, Terry instantly wanted more, feeling as though it had lasted forever but was gone as quickly as it had arrived. She ran the tip of her finger over her lips as though to rub the kiss in, in some small way. She opened her eyes to find Sues deep blue ones looking at her. Under the scrutiny, Terry blushed and Sue smiled, leaning forward to kiss the rosy blush on her cheeks. Terry giggled and she smiled as she looked at her lover once more.

Terry watched Sue, drinking in the woman lying next to her, the deep blue eyes watching her still. She lifted her hand once more and touched Sue's lips. Sue closed her eyes and just as Terry's finger reached the centre of the rose bud she moved her head slightly and parted them. As she captured Terry's finger she pursed her lips around it and sucked gently. Terry watched as Sues tongue played with the tip of her finger, her mouth slightly open, her breathing quickening. Leaning forward she pulled her finger from Sues mouth and replaced it with her own lips. Small kisses placed one after the other until finally neither of them could hold back.

Terry's tongue slid in between Sues lips and took possession of her. Sues hand moved to Terry's hip and rested there as Terry's own hand cupped Sues face gently. Eyes closed, the two women lost each other in kisses, bodies moving closer together as Sues hand slid further around Terry's back. Terry's hand moved around Sues head and her fingers wound into her hair. Her fingers tightened and a mewl of pleasure left Sue as she felt the tug against her scalp. her kisses becoming more empassioned, harder, deeper, her arm pulling Terry in.

Pulling her head right back, Terry rolled Sue onto her back and broke their kiss, moving down her throat, biting first lightly and the more deeply, wanting to illicit a response, any response from her lover. Sue squirmed under her, a myriad of moans escaping her as Terry alternated between soft kisses and angry, temper filled bites. She lay and took it all, savouring them, each one a release, not just for Terry but for her too. having taken on the angst of the woman beside her they both now felt the need to release it.

Sues hand trailed softly up Terry's back, her long fingers snaking up to the nape of her neck and into her hair. Terry in turn, moved down and reached Sues nipples, taking one and biting it hard. Sues back arched as she squirmed and drew her breath in sharply. Sues fingers tightened in Terry's hair and she pulled hard. Terry continued to bite on Sue, her moans vibrating around her teeth and in turn around Sue's nipple. The harder she bit, the more Sue pulled, each of them knowing the other would not win. In all their time together, neither had found the others pain threshold. It wasn't about to be found now and Sue released her grip slightly, indicating to Terry to loosen her grip also. Terry gave one final tug and let it go with a small snap of her teeth.

As Terry moved down Sue's body, her nails trailed behind her. Sometimes deeply. sometimes softly, yet again bringing different moans from the woman in her care. Sues fingers stayed in Terry's hair, moving with her, directing but not, as Terry kissed and bit her way down. Terry breathed in deeply, taking in Sues scent, overlaid heavily with the smell of Sues sex, the closer she got the headier it became. She bit Sue's stomach, the legacy of childbirth evident, loved by Terry, hated in turn by Sue. As she reached Sues mons she placed a heavy kiss on the smooth skin, sucking, leaving her mark, her brand, claiming her.

Sue arched her hips up to Terry, the need growing in her to be taken. Terry's tongue snaked out again and the tip of it flicked the curve of her slit, collecting the wetness, loving the taste. Sue moaned and pulled on Terry's hair, pulling her away from her, needy but wanting to prolonge the need. As she pulled on her hair, she pulled her upwards again, up her body. Terry had no choice but to follow. As she reached Sues breasts she tried to stop and toy once more but Sue had other ideas and Terry whimpered in frustration as she was pulled upwards.

Sue stopped pulling as Terry drew level with her face once more and puller her in towards her, kissing her deeply and passionately. Her hands possessively gripping at her, one around her backside, the other on her breast, kneading and squeezing as if to leave lasting imprints. She bit Terry's tongue as it slid between her teeth, then sucked it into her mouth, fucking it as she would have sucked a cock.

Sue lifted her leg and threw it over Terry's hip, wrapping it tightly and pulling her in, taking the place of her hand which was now travelling possessively up her body, until it reached her head once more. As suddenly as lust had taken a grip, it let go again and Sues hand cupped Terry's face so gently that she was taken aback.

The deep, passionate kisses subsided into smaller, gentler ones as Sue showered her lovers face with them. Small butterfly kisses all over her face and neck, her thumb smoothing her cheek as the fingers on her other hand loosened their grip and simply played gently with her hair.

Sues leg remained latched over Terry's hip and she now rolled her onto her back, going with her until she lay fully on top of her. She still showered Terry's face and neck with kisses but her hands now moved gently and softly over her body, never possessing, simply partaking. She sat up and her finger tips took in every inch of skin that it could, following the line of Terry's shoulder, neck and throat, a single fingernail run lightly down the centre of her décolletage was enough to make the woman shiver and Sue smiled as she felt the ripple go through her body. Not a word had been spoken between them, but it was not needed. They had known each other for so long now that it was simply there. No demands, no doubts, just comfort. Being.

Sue ran one hand down each of Terry's arms and interlinked their fingers. As she leaned forward to lie on top of her once more, their breasts melting together almost as one, skin on skin. Terry sighed, feeling some small amount of peace back in her life, if only for the shortest time. That single thought made her draw a shuddering breath and once more her eyes threatened to overflow with the tears so readily shed these days, tears that frustrated her, tears that made her a different person, a person she hated, a weak person with no worth.

Sue looked up at her and stretched up slightly placing one kiss on each eyelid. The threatened tears overflowed once more and Terry bit her lip in frustration, screwing up her eyes tightly.

"Hush." Sue said as she laid her cheek against Terry's.

"I'm sorry." Terry whispered.

"Don't be sorry for being human," Sue answered her back. "Don't apologise for these tears babe, they have been a while coming."

"But I don't WANT to cry, I don't WANT to let it get the better of me. I'm stronger than that," Terry growled angrily. "I'M the fixer, not the one to be fixed, this ISN'T me." She finished, her voice cracking in frustration, the tears now slipping unchecked down the side of her face.

Sue let go of one of Terry's hands hand brought it up to wipe the tears away.

"Hush now. You cry all you like, god knows I've watched and seen you over the years, now does not make it any different." She answered softly as she wiped the tears away and gently kissed where they had run.

Terry smiled "Well that's true enough," she said, "I am just so SICK of crying." She finished lamely.

"I know babe," Sue answered with a wry grin. "Makes your face awfully snotty."

Terry let out a hiccupped giggle and Sue leaned forward again to kiss her. Her gentle tongue slid between Terry's lips and she responded hungrily once more.

Sue wriggled her hips down onto Terry and let out a soft moan into their kiss, her fingers hyper flexing as they travelled up and down Terry's arms to finally intertwine with her fingers. She then lifted Terry's arms above her head, holding them there.

Sue broke the kiss and started to kiss around Terry's neck and shoulders. Terry sighted as Sues lips travelled over her, working their way down, She let go of Terry's hands and continued her downward journey, this time it was her fingernails trailing and Terry's voice bringing forth the moans.

Sue knew Terry's pain levels would take almost any level of biting or scratching, even physical hand contact would be soaked up if she wished to give it, Terry would simply moan and want more. Her nails dug deeply into Terry's skin and she writhed and moaned, rolling against Sue's fingers and lips. Small needy moans leaving her constantly as Sue's lips and tongue worked their way over her body to her breasts.

Sue took each one and suckled on each nipple softly, alternating between them, her teeth closing around them, tugging slightly until they slipped from between her teeth to land softly, rolling, back into place. Sue bit into each breast softly, nipping with her front teeth, leaving small red butterfly marks on the warm soft skin. With each bite, Terry moaned.

Sue continued her downward journey, kissing her way further down her body until it was her turn to reach the warm smell of sex.

Small kisses landed all over Terry's thighs as Sue slowly and gently made love to her, kissing across the smoothness of her mound and down the creases of her inner thighs, nipping and licking across and around them, kissing her lips, biting them softly as she drew them into her mouth. Her tongue licked the rim of them as she enjoyed the taste on the tip of her tongue before she slid it slowly inside to taste the wetness completely.

Terry moaned softly and opened her thighs widely, as Sue slid one hand under her to hold her ample backside. Terry slid one hand down and laid it flat against her mound pulling it back to expose her clit, her middle finger moving in to toy with it. As she did, Sues tongue lapped at her and she half moaned, half giggled at the sensation. Sue drew Terry's finger into her mouth, sucking softly on it, her warm breath flowing down over Terry's wet lips.

Terry's hips rolled as Sue lay between her thighs, her face buried, small soft sighs leaving her as she continued to suck on Terry's finger, finally letting go to flick her tongue over her clit once more. Terry moaned and lifted her hips to meet her, resisting the urge to hold her head as Sues tongue started to play in earnest.

Her tongue circled around, collecting the taste, savouring on her tongue as she moved slowly around, relishing. Her moans echoing the woman above her, losing herself in her work the single thought of pleasing her lover in mind. Sue continued to circle her clit, dipping her tongue deeply occasionally, making Terry moan loudly and lift her hips towards her once more.

Sue moved her free hand and ran her finger from Terry's arse slowly upwards, a single fingernail scraping from bottom to top, catching the tip of her clit and making her shudder, before moving back down to slide two fingers into her slowly, crooking them against the front wall over her. Terry moaned and bore down on Sues fingers as she penetrated her shortly, rubbing her deeply. She bent her head once more and nipped on Terry's clit making her yelp but immediately want more. Sue wrapped her tongue around it and sucked it between her lips, her teeth closing around it as the tip of her tongue teased it.

Sue continued to move her fingers in and out of her lover, rubbing as Terry moved against her, alternating between bearing down and raising against her, riding her fingers, feeling her orgasm approaching, her wetness now audible as Sue made her puddle. Her orgasm rushed through her suddenly, short but oh so sweet, rippling through her quickly, making her shudder and groan. Terry arched her back towards Sue while her hands moved and gripped the bed sheet, her entire body rigid as the quick orgasm ran through her.

Sue never stopped as Terry's orgasm passed, her fingers continued to move, her tongue continued to toy with her, flicking against her clit, nipping every so often to illicit small squeaks of pleasure from her. When she finally let go of her clit, Terry whimpered in need but was soon quieted by Sues tongue circling across her entire labia, great broad strokes, her tongue brushing every available inch of her as Sue relished the taste.

Sues fingers continued to work as her tongue and lips took in the taste. Slowly and carefully she inserted a third finger to join the second and then a fourth to join the third. Her thumb took over on Terry's clit as she showered her thighs once more with kisses, working her fingers harder and faster as Terry drove her body down onto her, matching Sue stroke for stroke.

Sue moved her thumb from Terry's clit, and brought it into line with the other fingers, not knowing if what she was about to try was possible but judging by the large patch now on the sheeting and the amount still flowing from Terry, each stroke into her bringing a fresh wave, trickling down her hand, what she was about to try was possible.

Each stroke Sue made into Terry moved her thumb in a little more and with each stroke she pushed harder as Terry bore down deeper onto her. With a final push, Sues hand slid into Terry and she found herself wrist deep in Terry's cunt. Terry gasped and an animalistic growl was ripped from her as Sue twisted her hand, pumping hard and deep.

"Oh Beautiful, now you are mine." Sue breathed.

Her hand slide deep inside her lover and she placed a gentle kiss on Terry's thigh, setting to work. Twisting her hand as she fisted her, listening to the moans flowing continuously from Terry growls ripped from her, whimpers she was unable to contain as Sue pushed her closer and closer to orgasm.

With a smile Sue upped the tempo and moved her hand inside Terry deeply, listening to her moans turn to whimpers as she fucked her, still amazed at the fact that she had been able to fist her at all. The wetness from Terry continued to flow from her, soaking Sue and spreading the already large patch on the bed.

With a long drawn out groan, Terry curled up. Every muscle in her body contracting as her orgasm ripped through her massively. The groan turned to a whine, high pitched, as her back arched upward and her legs contracted towards her stomach. The contortions came and went quickly as her feet fell back onto the bed and her hips lifted. Sue pulled out her hand and Terry squealed as she came, the sudden loss within her triggering another wave. As one orgasm rolled into the next and the walls of her cunt contracted viciously she squirted. Sue yelped in glee, bringing her hand to Terry's clit. She rubbed deeply as Terry writhed about, her thighs becoming wet with her cum. As Sue continued to pay attention to Terry's clit, she went into another spasm of orgasms.

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