Comforting Cammie Ch. 02


"Oh god Jade," I screamed as I came again in her mouth. It was electric, I've never experienced multiple orgasms, but I wasn't complaining about it. When I was done filling her mouth she licked it all off the rest of my dick.

"You are unbelievable Dane," Jade stated in total surprise. "Your marvelous cock just doesn't know enough does it baby?" She began to stroke me as my monster slowly went back to its more calm nature.

"No Jade. You have brought something out in me, I can't really explain it." I praised. I was so tired. Fucking Jade's amazing body left me spent. We crawled in the bed and before I knew it, I was in a deep sleep.

I woke up the next morning and my cock was once again at full salute. I looked over and saw Jade putting makeup on in the mirror. Starting at her feet, which once again were in a nice pair of stilettos, my eyes rose up her body to her skirt that fit tight around her hips. She only had a black bra on her chest, which contrasted nicely against her white silky skin.

"Hello sleepy-headed lover," greeted Jade. "I can't help it, I always have to get up early in the morning; and you looked so peaceful and so damn sexy, that I just let you lay there. I see my new best friend is awake as well!" She licked her lips while staring at my penis.

"Yes, looking at you in this way, how can he not be awake," I replied. "With an ass like that; I mean; Damn!" Her long, lean body standing there half-dressed was sending a series of urges through my body. She was too fucking sexy. I think my cock grew 3 more inches!!

"Oh you like do you?" she questioned coyly. She slid her skirt up to her hips, showing off a black lacy garter belt and black stockings but no panties. "What about now?" She didn't realize the effect she was having on me. She was standing there teasing me as I got off of the bed walked over to her. "Do something if you like it baby!"

"Oh I intend to!" I whispered as I grabbed her by the waist. " You want this don't' you baby?" I asked as I slid my dick up the length of her naked ass. She was so wet as I stroked my fat cock from her clit to her asshole and back down again. Before she nodded, I drove my cock to the hilt, and she took all of me.

"Yesssss, that's what I want, fuck me baby, fuck me!!!" she yelled as I worked her pussy. I smacked her plump ass and pulled her hair back as she watched me fucking her in the mirror. That's when I noticed how many mirrors were in her room. I moved her from the dresser and propped her on one of the ottomans in the room facing a huge mirror on the wall.

"You like watching me fuck you Jade? Tell me you love it. Beg for this dick!"

"Oh god yes, fuck me harder. Please, harder!!!" I raised her up and fucked her standing. I was so turned looking in the mirror and seeing my black throbbing cock plunge in and out of her creamy pink pussy.

"Yes, bury that black python deep inside me Dane. I love how shiny it is with my pussy juices!! Fuck me. Oh god, I cumming Dane…YeSSS!!!!" she screamed as I pulled her hair again. The glistening of our bodies from our sweat was turning me on, not to mention how sexy that garter belt looked holding up those thigh high stockings on those sexy, toned legs. Jade then began to buck back against me trying to get every single inch of my dick inside of her.

"MMMMMM," she grunted as her pussy muscles start to contract around my cock again, this time setting me off.

"I cumming Jade," I whispered in her ear as we both watched the sexfest going on in the mirror in front of us. I continued to pump and then noticed as the juices and cum rolled down her legs and my balls. I was in heaven watching myself fuck this beautiful goddess. I pulled out and just let my cock swing between Jade's legs. We both watched in the mirror as she slid back and forth the length of my dick, which to our surprises was still hard.

"Wow. A dick that amazing deserves a special treat Dane." Jade stated as she reached between her legs and lightly stroked my dick. She then led me to the corner of the bed and sat me down, right in front of a tri-cornered dressing mirror. I was expecting another lovely blow job, but Jade had something different in mind. She turned around and arched her back.

"I want that magnificent rod deep in my ass Dane. Please fuck my ass baby!"

Surprised that Cammie's mom actually partook in anal sex, I guided her hips back to my waiting lap. My cock was still wet from our most recent fuck, I guided my dick in her pussy for a little more lubrication. I slid out and Jade let out a whimper when I placed the tip at her ass. I felt her breathing heavier as she totally relaxed her ass and I slid in with rather ease. That's when I realized that this was not her first time. With slow pumps, each time Jade slid an inch more at a time down my shaft, and soon took all of me in her ass. When she was comfortable, I saw her open her eyes in the mirror and then she went crazy. Jade began to almost jump up and down on my cock and I loved it. I pulled her hair and loved the view as her breast stretched forward. I was getting more turned watching her calves and thighs flex under the stockings as she rode my cock. The garter belt was so sexy, but not as sexy as her skirt up around her waist, and her still wearing that bra. Being half-dressed was such a turn on to me. I was loving it.

"I love this cock up my tight ass baby. Fuck that ass!!" she screamed out in sheer pleasure. I reached around stuck my finger in her mouth and let her suck on it. Then I slid it down and fingered her clit. My dark finger working her creamy pussy was beautiful in the mirror as well as our contrast. We locked eyes again and I stuck a couple of fingers up her cunt, and worked her clit with my thumb while I pumped her ass hard bringing her to another orgasm. This one took a toll on Jade, as her bouncing slowed.

"You like this baby?" I asked.

"Oh yeah lover…mmmmm," is all she cooed back. I then picked her up and still fucked her ass as we both looked on in the mirror.

"Damn that black cock fucking my white pussy is beautiful!" she yelled as her body began to jerk once again as another orgasm took over her body. I continued to fuck Cammie's mom in her ass while standing. I then laid her on the bed and still fucked her ass. I grabbed the back of her feet and pinned them by her waist as I still pumped, not allowing her to go anywhere; steadily getting more turned on by her moans and screams. Watching her as ripple with each stroke just about sent me overboard.

"Jade, I'm gonna cum again baby. Where do you want it?" I asked, still hoping she would deep throat me and do that flutter thing with her throat again.

"In my ass Dane, let that monster explode in my ass!!!", she hissed and I had to grant her wish, as I buried my cock deep in this fantasy woman's ass and let out an enormous eruption filling her tight ass. This made Jade start to shake as she was having another orgasm of her own. I didn't think my dick was ever gonna stop spewing in this sexy ass, so I pulled out and jerked over her ass.

"MMMMM. Yes baby, yesssss!!!!" she screamed as I shot out a powerful stream, hitting Jade on her heart-shaped ass, only to be followed by and enormous jet that shot up all over her skirt and stockings, while the last stream flew up her back and got all in her hair.

"Dane, yess, cum baby!!" Jade orgasmed again and I collapsed right beside of her. I was lost in her awesome hazel eyes again. We didn't say anything, just layed in the afterglow.

"Thank you Dane, for quite a weekend," said Jade. "You are absolutely amazing!"

"You are quite welcome madam." I answered. "You are a legend Jade. Damn, I think I'm getting hard again just by looking in your eyes!" She smiled shyly and began to stroke me.

"Cammie was right about you. You're out of this world!" she said. I immediately tensed up.

"You mean she told you what happened?" I asked, not really wanting to know the answer.

"Oh yeah, she wouldn't shut up about it. Thank you for taking care of my baby girl. And her mom too for that matter." Jade laughed, but could tell something was wrong with me. "Don't worry Dane, Cammie set this whole thing up. You know, you bringing me to the hotel?" I felt like I had been taken advantage of a little, but also flattered.

"You mean…" I started.

"That's right Dane, I told you mom and I share everything!" Cammie exclaimed excitingly. I quickly sat up and was astonished to see Cammie standing there butt-ass naked, fondling herself. "I'm the one that woke mom up this morning, and hung out in the bathroom while round two took place.

Jade increased her stroking of my cock as Cammie made her way closer with an open mouth.

"Oh, I'm so lucky", I said as she looked up at me with those piercing blue eyes.

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