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Comforting Dawn


Readers: I do hope you will enjoy my latest military tale. It was written to please. :-)



It was hard to believe I had lived in Japan for over four years. Yokosuka, a suburb of Tokyo, is home of one to the largest military bases in the world and my husband Drew had been stationed there these last four years. The country was lovely and the people friendly but that didn't help the crippling loneliness that would hit me each time the USS George Washington pulled away. The GW was an aircraft carrier and never stayed in port for long. Without family on this side of the Pacific my fellow officers' wives and I tried to support each other without complaint. It wasn't always easy. The nights were long and filled with unease.

Three weeks remained until the GW left for six months and I could already feel myself slipping into a funk. Being celibate that long was no easy task. Shaking my head I stood and prepared to face the day. Revelry had just finished playing over the base which meant it was eight a.m. and time to get busy. Entering my white galley-style kitchen I poured myself another cup of French roast coffee and stared into space. Plans for the day had already been made.

Today was the ladies' luncheon at the Officers' club. Wives from the GW would meet over petite salads and miniature desserts to plan activities to keep the children left behind distracted. Though not really in the mood to socialize I had to attend anyway. At forty-five my husband was a senior officer, and as his wife, my absence would be noted.

Leftover from before World War ll my two story box shaped house was only a few steps away from where the luncheon was being held. Limited parking at the officer's club always ensured my two best buddies parked at my house. Sara and Yuki were also senior officers' wives and we had been friends for over two years. From shrine sale to downtown Tokyo we were constantly exploring our host nation together. More time was spent playing together than with our husbands. That's just the way military life was and I had accepted that reality years previously.

I hurried up the narrow stairs in the old Japanese housing. A tiny tub shower waited in the industrial style home. Turning it on, I dropped my pink oversized terry robe to the floor and stepped into the steaming water. First I massaged charcoal based Japanese shampoo into my shoulder length dark brown hair. Soaps scented with lemongrass and purchased in Bali softened and cleansed my naturally tanned skin. Shaved from the underarms down I reluctantly stepped into the small unheated bathroom. Goosebumps covered my exposed skin as I quickly wrapped my body in an oversized white towel.

Sliding the accordion style closet door open I stared at my luncheon dresses. Something in red, white and blue would suit the situation perfectly. A fitted navy and white striped dress that stopped just above the knees was chosen. Worn with red coral beads and red pumps I would be the picture of patriotism. Drew, my husband had earned my support. A better husband couldn't be found.

Staring into the mirror I surveyed my appearance. Chocolate brown hair was pulled up in a loose bun with just a few tendrils escaping next to my face. Large chocolate eyes fringed in black dominated my heart-shaped face and my full lips were a muted shade of red. The blue and white dress fitted snugly and highlighted my husband's favorite body part. My hips are lush and muscular and Drew liked to play with my ass for hours -and I delighted in his attention.

Slipping on my red pumps I headed downstairs to wait for Yuki and Sara. Yuki was a twenty- five year old Japanese national that had fallen in love with an American sailor. Only married for a couple of months Yuki and her husband Paul were distraught over their impending separation. The two of them had never been separated before.

Sara and her husband Sam were another story. The short voluptuous blonde and her better half hailed from Mississippi. High school sweethearts, they had been married for fifteen years and had endured many long separations. Sara was always cheerful and great at lifting the spirits of those wives who just couldn't shake the loneliness. Even though I hadn't known these two women long by civilian standards, our bond was solid. Military wives have to make connections quickly.

Sitting on my screened in back porch I began to surf the web as I listened for the sounds of my two friends arriving. Sea hawks flew overhead and a soft breeze moved the humid air through the bamboo which surrounded my small yard. It wasn't long before I heard giggling as the two women made their way up the steep concrete stairs.

Walking around my house I opened the front wrought iron gate and smiled as the two reached the top. Yuki looked perfect. She always did. Short black hair was cut in an angled bob and highlighted her petite features. Her deep brown eyes were almond shaped and glittered with restrained energy. A solid red cotton sheath revealed miniature perfection. Her tiny yet curved frame always drew attention from the sailors, male and female, who populated the base.

Again Sara was her opposite. Her thick blonde hair was curled and had that I-just-got-fucked look and her makeup was expertly applied. Round blue eyes, small nose and sweet smile gave her that all-American look. But of all the wives I had met over the years, Sara was the wildest. You just never knew what she would do. Voluptuous is the only word that described the forty-four year old woman's body. DD tits, a tapered waist and hips that were full and curvy made her a standout everywhere she went.

A smile crossed my face as I took in what Sara was wearing. Solid blue silk purchased in Thailand had been turned into a simple yet elegant sundress. Without discussion the three of us had managed to look like an all-American singing trio. A hot trio if I did say so, myself. As close as the three of us were I knew no one would believe our coordinating outfits were accidental.

"Dawn...hi. You ready?' Both women looked to me as Sara spoke. Nodding my head I stepped through the gate and closed it behind me. First I hugged each woman briefly. As I pulled away from Sara she kissed me on my cheek. Though unusual I didn't think about it at the time. With Yuki on one side and Sara on the other we headed down the winding steps and onto the main drag of the base.

The Womble gate was located directly to the right of the stairs and always buzzed with those entering and leaving the base. Turning to the left the three of us headed the two blocks to the Officer's club. Our walk down Nimitz Blvd. was shaded by cherry trees in full bloom. Pink petals lined the streets and ground like cotton candy sprinkles. Any breeze would lift the petals into the air like pink snow. Despite the industrial post World War ll buildings that filled the base it remained beautiful. Tokyo Bay was to one side and tree-lined hills to the other. Calling this place home wasn't too difficult.

As we walked, many sailors outfitted in blue camouflage passed our way on the narrow sidewalk. Each time long and lingering looks were shot our way. With embarrassment I felt my body respond. I wasn't proud of it. I just couldn't help it. Being stared at had always made me wet and marriage hadn't changed that. Tingling between my legs accompanied me as we continued on.

Approaching the two story club I smiled at the women congregating around the sweeping entryway. The majority wore outfits in patriotic hues and all were groomed to the best of their ability. It was expected. They represented their husbands and they were never allowed to forget it living overseas. The pressure could be intense for those not used to this way of life.

Though as a whole the women resembled one another, individually they were quite different. Every ethnic group, age group and personality type was represented. Some sailors brought wives with them around the world. Others gained wives in different ports along the way. A diverse group was always guaranteed.

Greetings exchanged and hugs traded the women headed upstairs to the banquet room. Dark red carpet led the way up the sweeping staircase and under a giant crystal chandelier we all came together. Approximately thirty circular tables that would hold eight people each were draped in white linens and held red, white and blue centerpieces. These would be today's door prizes. Special prizes would also be given to select women.

Pinning my name tag on I moved with Sara to the front of the room and we took our seats at the head table. Yuki's husband was not in command so she joined another group of wives. As the women took their seats, coffee and tea were served. If you wanted alcohol with brunch you better bring it in your purse. Officers' wives were never seen drinking publicly before five p.m.

Chatter rose and filled the room which was decorated in red and gold. Women talked about children, travel and the upcoming deployment. Despite the festive air sadness could be felt each time the word deployment was said. The loss these women had signed up for when they married a sailor never got easier, in fact, in some ways each absence was more difficult than the last. In the fifteen years since marrying my naval officer at twenty I had been left behind countless times.

The roar in the room lowered to a soft murmur as white porcelain bowls full of steaming miso soup appeared on the tables before us. Smartly uniformed Japanese servers efficiently refilled glasses and removed plates as the conversations continued. Plans for the upcoming six months was the topic on everyone's mind. Boredom was the death of a military wife.

As the small bowls of green tea ice cream were removed the door prizes were called. One after another a wife stood holding her small red ticket in one hand and a centerpieces in the other. Each win was followed by soft applause and a wave from the winner. More centerpieces than I would ever need filled my outdoor storage shed. I purposely had left my name out of this drawing.

Finally it was time to hand out prizes intended to amuse those gathered. The first name called was for a woman in her early fifties. She had lived through the most deployments and was being honored with a gift certificate for a massage. Thrilled the older, yet still well maintained brunette waved her win in the air and sincere applause erupted. This was a woman that had sacrificed a lot for her country.

Several other prizes were handed out and then it was time to award the prize everyone was waiting for. This "treat" always went to the woman that had been married for the shortest amount of time. Newlyweds always suffered the most and this was how the older more experienced women helped the younger wives to laugh at what wasn't really funny.

Catching Sara's blue eyes, I grinned conspiratorially. Yuki was shy and demure. This was going to be fun. As Yuki's name was called Sara burst into smiles. Dimples on each side of her smiling mouth made her look far more innocent than she really was. As Yuki maneuvered around the circular tables I stood. Grabbing a previously hidden blue bag with a red ribbon I approached the naive young Japanese woman as she neared the front of the room.

With much flourish I handed the bag to Yuki. Snickers could be heard around the room. Most of the women had been around long enough to know what goodies were in the innocuous looking bag. Smiling sweetly at all the staring women, Yuki untied the red bow and reached inside with one slender bejeweled hand.

A blush dark and pink spread across Yuki's now frozen features as her free hand flew to her face. Covering her mouth demurely she giggled. Calls for her to show what was inside the blue bag began and grew louder as she resisted. Finally she removed the hand covering her flushed face and withdrew the object of so much interest.

A coral colored Rabbit vibrator slowly came into view as the young Japanese woman tried to control her giggles. This gift had been picked picked on my recommendation. The attached clit stimulator couldn't be beaten and Yuki was going to need a little help in the coming months. Laughter burst forth in the estrogen drenched room as advice was thrown the young woman's way. Repeatedly Yuki was told to stock up on batteries. The base had trouble keeping them in stock when the giant aircraft carrier was gone. Eventually laughter receded and the officer's wives began taking steps to leave. Purses and centerpieces were grabbed, hugs given and farewells said.

Yuki, Sara and I headed back down the pink-confettied street towards my home. This would be the last time I saw both of them till the guys left. After that we would become inseparable again. Over the next couple of weeks every spare minute would be spent in our husbands' arms.

But the second the ship broke anchor, the three of us had a date. Both women were going to join me for a sleepover. The first night alone was difficult so we had made plans. Dinner at my house with unlimited beverage service is what the three of us had decided would make that first night bearable. At the bottom of the stairs I hugged both women goodbye. Sara's hug was longer than usual and had felt somehow odd. Reminding myself that she too had a husband about to deploy I shrugged it off.

Walking up my stairs I felt my heart sink with each step. In only a few weeks I would have to wait 180 days to be held in my Drew's arms. Shaking off the funk I continued upstairs. My husband's car was in the carport and that meant Drew was waiting for me. I knew why.

Led Zeppelin hit me as I opened the door. Not romantic in my opinion, at all, it was without a doubt Drew's favorite fuck music. Heading into the kitchen with arousal already beginning I looked for my husband. Fucking sounded good to me. He wasn't there. Next to the kitchen was our small dining room which I had had painted in Tuscan yellow. Looking out the sliding glass doors that led to our yard I caught sight of my handsome Navy man.

Throwing a ball to our chocolate brown labrador he stood wearing only his navy gym shorts. His back to me I continued to watch. Well over six feet tall and with thick black hair cut in military fashion he was a man that commanded respect from other men and second looks from the women who crossed his path. Sweat ran down the lines of his naturally- tanned back and his sculpted muscles flexed each time he threw the tennis ball.

My gaze continued down Drew's familiar body with sex on my mind. A tight ass and long muscular legs with an anchor tattoo on his left calf completed the package. Across the tattoo he added added my name on our tenth anniversary. At the time he announced with a laugh that I was no longer on probation. Desire welled in me as I thought of the night after he got his tattoo. He had forced six orgasms from me before my pleading for him to stop had finally worked.

Stepping into the yard I called to my husband. Dog forgotten Drew turned towards me and his light brown eyes reflected what I was feeling inside. With a sly smile on his angular face he dropped the ball and hurried towards me. Giggling I ran back into the house. Before I had even reached the kitchen Drew's right arm encircled my trim waist. Without even a grunt he lifted me and pulled me into his arms. Cradled to his broad chest I felt small and wanted. The look in his big brown eyes told me I wouldn't have to wait long for the party to begin.

Melting into his arms I relaxed as he carried me with ease up the narrow staircase. His musk combined with the sandalwood soap he used and encircled me. Sighing I planted small kisses on his neck. With a growl he increased his speed and carried me into our small master bedroom. American- sized furniture overwhelmed the Japanese-sized room and Drew carefully stepped around the maple dresser that partially blocked the bedroom door.

Tossing me onto our queen sized bed he instructed me to strip. I complied happily. Blue and white sheath removed I stood there in a red lace thong, red coral bead necklace and red three inch high pumps. Lifting my slender arms, I slowly removed the pins in my hair as my husband watched intently. Knowing how much Drew loved my thick brown hair I shook my head and let my bun disappear. With a low moan he stepped forward and grabbed my hair. Twisting his hand roughly he pulled me forward.

My pumps caused me to stumble as I stepped off the bed and I clumsily landed pressed against my husband's broad chest. As Drew lowered his head to mine he whispered in a voice hoarse with emotion how beautiful I was. My mouth opened of its own violation as Drew's searching lips captured mine. Kisses deep and passionate consumed me and I felt my dark red nipples harden and my core tighten.

Moaning I pushed my bare, size C breasts into my lover's chest. With one hand still holding me by the hair he grabbed my lush ass with the other. Squealing into Drew's mouth I felt him grinding his rigid member into me. Rotating my pelvis against his, I moaned softly. Moisture pooled between my legs as my heartbeat increased. Between kisses I whispered softly, "Please fuck me baby, I need you so bad..."

"Be patient. We have all evening honey," he teased, as kisses began to descend upon my neck. Goosebumps followed his lips as he moved lower. Releasing my hair he lifted me by the waist and sat me on the side of our high bed. Passion filled brown eyes locked on my bare breasts. Large dark rose nipples engorged further as he stared and I reached for him.

"No, I want to memorize your body. I'm going to miss you so bad..."

So I scooted back further onto the bed and lay back onto the silky red coverlet. Spreading my long tanned legs slightly I kept my deep brown eyes on my husband. Lust filled his face as he growled, "Touch yourself."

Slowly I cupped my full breasts and squeezed them together. The whole time I kept my eyes on my husband and a sexy smile on my full lips. As he watched, my long red nails pinched and twirled my swollen nipples. Arching my back slightly I sighed softly. As I continued to manipulate my breasts Drew rid himself of his shorts. Now all seven inches of him stood straining towards me as he wrapped his hand around his thick cock. Rolling the head of his member around with his thumb he began to softly stroke himself as he stared at me.

And as I watched him stroke his cock I moved my hand lower. The only sound left in the small room was heavy breathing as we continued to dance the dance of self-pleasure. Fire burned inside me as my hands gripped the sides of my red lace thong. Lifting my hips I wiggled out of the panties and tossed them to the floor. Spreading my lean thighs further, I continued to tease my husband.

Drew's gaze burned with lust as he continued staring at me and softly stroked himself. As my left hand kneaded my left breast my right hand settled between my spread thighs. Quivering inside I slipped one finger between my bare lips. As it slowly circled my clit my scent was released into the air.

Slipping the finger deeper into my dark rose folds I thrust back and forth. Soon I added another digit and continued to finger fuck myself as moisture grew under my strokes. Lifting my hips I moaned softly. Drew's eyes never left me as I played with myself.

As I continued to tease Drew he continued to stroke his rigid cock. A coiling rose deep within me and I couldn't wait any longer. Softly I began to urge my husband to join me. Small whimpers escaped me as I returned to rubbing my clit. Need demanded satisfaction and I again plead with my husband to join me.

With a growl, low and dangerous, my husband began to move towards me. Spreading my legs even wider I welcomed him into my waiting arms. Drew crawled on top of me and released his weight. Immediately I felt consumed as his mouth claimed mine with demanding kisses and he began to guide his straining cock into my welcoming wetness.

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