tagLesbian SexComforting Paula

Comforting Paula


"He cheated on me!"

She cries. Mandy thinks desperately for something to say, something that will make Paula feel better, something that will ease the pain, but she can't think of anything. Instead, she pulls her best friend close, and lets her cry against her shoulder. She caresses Paula's beautiful hair; it's soft and curly and the same colour as chestnuts. She kisses the soft waves and ringlets, lifts up Paula's head and kisses her forehead, her wet eyes, her blushing cheeks.

"He's an asshole," she whispers. "You deserve someone better."

Paula sobs, and dries her nose with the back of her hand.

"You're so sweet," she mumbles. "What would I do without you?"

The rain grows stronger outside the window. Mandy wraps a blanket around Paula, and gets out of the sofa. She lights the candles on the coffee table, and gets a bottle of wine and two glasses out of the kitchen. She returns to the sofa and curls up under the blanket, close to Paula. She pours them both a glass of wine, and hands one of them to Paula.

"I knew there was something wrong when he suddenly had to work overtime every week," says Paula. "So I went down there tonight and walked in on him and one of the girls from the accounting department, humping on top of his desk!"

She cries again.

"That bastard!"

Mandy washes down her anger with a mouthful of wine.

"I never want to see him again!"

"You shouldn't. Just tell him he's busted, and that it's over between you two."

Paula empties her glass. She's still sobbing quietly. Mandy strokes her knee repeatedly.

"I shouldn't cry like this," says Paula. "I'm getting a headache."

"You should get some sleep," says Mandy. "Come here, you'll sleep in my bed, I'll tuck you in."

Paula doesn't protest. Soon, she's lying in Mandy's bed, dressed in nothing but her panties. Mandy tucks her in like she was a little girl.

"Stay with me," Paula whispers. "I don't want to be alone."

"Let me just turn the lights off," says Mandy. "I'll be right back."

She turns off the lights in the other rooms, then comes back to the bedroom. She takes off her jeans and socks, but keeps her T-shirt and her boxershorts on. She crawls into bed. It's narrow, only made for one person, and she has to lie close to Paula. The latter sobs pathetically, and Mandy puts her arm under Paula's head, to let her sleep on her arm. Their breasts are pressed against each other.

"You're the greatest," Paula whispers.

"You're a doll," Mandy answers, and kisses Paula on the lips, lightly.

Paula kisses her back. Suddenly, she moves her hand to rest around Mandy's neck, and she puts her tongue into Mandy's mouth. Paula's tongue is small and pink and wet, and it tastes sweet. Mandy marvels at how much softer a girl's mouth is than that of a boy. Paula is soft all over. Mandy caresses her curvy, feminine body with the smooth, warm, tanned skin. Her hands go down to Paula's breasts, so different from her own small tits. Paula's breasts are big and round, and feel soft and elastic to squeeze. She rolls one of Paula's nipples between her thumb and index finger, gently lay her down, and tower over her as she bends down to taste the chocolate-coloured nipple. It's small and hairless, not at all like a man's nipple. It hardens in her mouth. Paula moans and arches her back to offer her chest to Mandy, who moves one hand down Paula's body, lets it slide against the smooth skin of Paula's flat belly, and down inside her panties.

She knows this body, it's just like her own, and she knows what feels good. Her fingers are slow and gentle, they spread the thick, hairy lips and slide in between them, slide in between silky-smooth pink folds. She buries one finger into Paula's opening. Paula moans and stretches her arms up over her head in a lazy, sensual movement. Mandy penetrates her cave a couple of times, to wet her fingers, and then she moves up to the main part, the clit. She draws geometric shapes on it, varies the direction and the speed until she finds one that makes Paula's parted thighs tremble wit excitement. She sticks to that one, and teases Paula with it, plays with her, until Paula jerks her lower body up in the air, panting and crying. She does it again, two more times, and then she scoops Paula up in her arms and lets her rest her head against Mandy's chest. She puts her arms around Paula, and the girls doze off to sleep, both very tired.

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