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I'd met "Jen" on craigslist when she responded to one of my stories. Most emails I get are either scams, throw-away remarks, or guys asking me to double-team their wives. Jen, however, had composed a full-screen treatise on what she didn't like about my writing. Buttons were pushed. A few emails later, we were meeting for coffee downtown. A few dates later, we were engaging in no-holds-barred, end-of-the-world-style fuck sessions.

Jen had a proposition for me. An artist friend of hers was looking to draw an x-rated comic book and needed someone to write it. I hadn't picked up a comic book since I was, like, nine. So I balked. Then the details started trickling in: the artist friend had a huge following, the artist friend was female; the artist friend was cute... After (cough) much soul-searching, I agreed to do it.

The first meeting of our amateur porn syndicate took place at Jen's apartment in the BK. I liked "Emma" right away. She was Asian; an indie girl with enough ink on her arms to print a bible. She showed me her sketchbook and I was blown away by her nude drawings. We spent the afternoon playing a perverse game of one-upmanship, throwing around story ideas that would have put the Marquis de Sade in a coma. It was all very professional, and no overt flirting took place, but the whole experience sent me home in desperate need of friction.

The following week I get a call from Jen. Emma is ready to draw the scenes, she says, but she needs references. You mean, like people to vouch for me? No, you lunatic. Live models. Would you be available to pose? Uh-huh. I could see where this was going, and I was eager to get there as soon as possible.

To be honest, I stepped into Emma's quiet studio more nervous than eager. The girls were relaxing on a ratty old couch with a bottle of southern comfort. They seemed to be dressed for a slumber-party: Jen in a bathrobe and slippers, Emma sporting flannel pajama bottoms and a tank-top tight enough to matter. A few exchanges were enough for Emma to notice my tension. Feigning interest in my smalltalk, she stood up and came around behind me.

"Let's unburden this man," she said as she took the bag off my shoulder and the coat off my back. The undressing of the model had begun. Jen leaped off the couch to tend to my front. Off came the sweater. Off came the t-shirt. She ran her fingers over my bare chest and leaned in for a series of probing kisses in hopes of relaxing me. No chance. Emma slid my jeans and underwear down and we pulled away from each other just in time to watch my cock spring out of captivity.

"You know what to do," Emma sang to Jen. Jen nodded with a smile. With ritual instinct, she took a step back, slid the robe off her body and knelt down before me. With a moan I raised my head to the skylight as she first licked the underside of my shaft, then took it all in. Eyes fixed on her subjects, Emma tiptoed to her easel, picked up a pencil and deflowered the virgin paper.

"Think you can hold that pose for a bit?" With my dick in her mouth, Jen nodded. She worked my cock just enough to keep it hard while we maintained a steady pose. Oddly enough, the slow-motion blowjob felt better than any I had had before. Maybe it was just that I was more focused on each sensation; or maybe it was the thought of Emma documenting every lick. After a few minutes, I was holding on for dear life. And that was before the dirty talk began.

"God, Jen," Em joked from behind her sketchpad, "I didn't realize how much you love to suck cock, you fucking slut."

"Mmm, it's so good," Jen replied, doing her best porn star impression. "I can't wait to slip this thing in my pussy." They both laughed. I turned red. Seeking distraction, I asked Emma if she had a good angle. You know, like a real model would.

"Best seat in the house," she said. "Don't worry about me. If I need a different view, I'll just move." And in fact, after a few minutes she grabbed her pad off the easel and came to sit cross-legged in front of us -- practically between us. It's funny, but Jen and I both almost forgot what we were doing, watching Emma do her thing. Her paper was filled with sketches of a man (me) getting head from a very hot woman. Some of the drawings were quite detailed, others barely scribbles, but they were all salacious. I wanted to give Emma the performance of a lifetime, and I could tell Jen felt the same way.

I moved Jen to the couch and nestled my head between her thighs. She raised her legs into a v-shape, holding onto both calves as my tongue found her mail slot. I wasn't going to fake this. I went to work on Jen's pussy with the tenacity of a vibrator, punishing her clit, smoothing out every fold. Her moans were award-winning. I looked up past Jen's heaving breasts to find Emma straddling the back of the couch. She was working hard on a drawing, only occasionally glancing at the paper to see what her hand was doing. The rest of the time, her eyes were traveling along the shapes of Jen's legs, her pussy, my head.

Jen, meanwhile, seemed to be losing her mind. Her moans and sighs had turned into panicky hyperventilating as she thrust -- I mean, really thrust -- her mound in my face. I decided to take action before I lost any teeth. Straightening up, I tapped her wet pussy with the tip of my cock a few times before plunging it in. My strokes were slow at first, but quicker and deeper as my pole steeped inside her. Noises erupted from Jen that made me think I was hurting her, but she pleaded for me to go harder and faster..

"Not too fast," Emma quipped. She had repositioned herself on an arm of the couch. I took a moment to study her as my cock drilled away at my modeling partner. She looked so serious, I wondered if this scene was affecting her in any way. How could it not? Then I noticed how hard her nipples were, bulging through the cotton of her top. I wanted to rip that tank-top apart and devour them. But first things first, you greedy bastard. "Let's try cowgirl," Emma directed.

Jen sat up, gave me a hungry kiss and promptly knocked me backwards onto the rug. I had a brief moment of disorientation, but that's all Jen needed to pounce on top of me, guiding my shaft back into her box. Despite her hedonist frenzy, she worked her hips with the skill of a belly-dancer, and I was mesmerized watching her tits bounce up and down as her pussy slid along my cock. I put my hands around her waist to give her better range as I drank in her yelps and squeals.

"Hold still for a second," Emma said. Jen and I gave each other sheepish grins. Seems we had forgotten ourselves once again. It was good timing, though. Jen was breathing hard and I was very close to cumming. "Could you lean back a little further, Jen? No, not that far..." Emma put down her pad and walked over to us. She placed one hand on Jen's abdomen and the other on her back, gently guiding the model -- who was still firmly planted on my cock -- into one pose, and then another. None of them seemed quite right.

"Maybe you should show me what you're looking for," Jen playfully suggested. For a second, you could see the wheels spinning in Emma's head, and then with a big smile she said OK.

Jen got up to make way for the artist, who plunked her petite Asian frame right down on my groin. My penis rubbed up against the crotch of her pajama bottoms, and without meaning to, I let out a soft moan. I looked up at her, somehow surprised to find her looking back at me. Her lips were pursed. her eyes waiting to see what I would do next. I placed my hands on her hips, as I had done with Jen, but this time my fingers wrapped around the elastic waistband of Emma's pants. That one gesture sent the damn bursting.

"Oh god oh god," said Emma. She leaned back so I could slide her pants off in one fell swoop. She raised her legs in the air and I got a good look at her tight ass and the furry lips peeking out from between her thighs. We both sat up as she struggled frantically to get out of her tank-top. Jen giggled at that. I had never seen nipples that plump or that dark. I wrapped a forearm under her ass and pulled her in close to bring her tits up to cruising altitude.

"God I need to taste these," I blurted as I wrapped my lips around one nipple, then another. In my lust, I was probably rougher with those jewels than I should have been, nibbling and sucking on them as I did. Emma did not complain. She oohed and ahhed and ran her fingers, almost lovingly, through my hair. We then kissed for what seemed like a very long time, me sitting cross-legged on the studio floor, Emma with her legs wrapped around my torso, her arms around my neck. I pressed her body tight up against mine.

"I want you inside me," she whispered into my ear. I nodded, but our embrace felt so good, I did not want to let go. I got to my feet with her still clinging to me; she was light enough for me to do that. She held on tightly to my neck as I maneuvered my staff into her preheated slit. Instant madness. Her legs dangling over my forearms, I grabbed her ass with both hands and rammed it up and down my shaft. "Yes yes yes yes yes," Emma screamed as I jackhammered her soaking wet twat. Her ass made a deliciously loud sound as it slapped up against my thighs over and over again.

Somewhere in this insanity I caught a glimpse of Jen, who had returned to the couch. Her legs were spread wide and both hands working her clit hard as she watched Emma get done. It brought me no small amount of satisfaction to know that she was someone who could watch her lover fuck another woman and take pleasure from that. This was the beginning of a whole new adventure for us. I knew it there and then.

Emma and I were clearly playing for all the marbles. Given our apocalyptic pace, it did not take long for the end to come. My legs went weak as I gave Emma my last frantic thrusts. I plopped her down on the couch right next to Jen before the eruption came. My entire body convulsed as I sprayed my cum over my partners in crime. I was a little embarrassed to hear myself moaning so uncontrollably, but the girls seemed impressed with how much came out of me, and that made me feel a little better. I collapsed between them and they pawed at me affectionately as I caught my breath.

We spent the rest of the afternoon going over the drawings. They were beautiful, and without a doubt the coolest document of any sexploit I've ever had. We all agreed that many, many more sessions would be needed to get the comic book done. But for now, we were content to just lay on that couch laughing and kissing, admiring each other. We were three naked bodies entwined, bathing in the sun that poured in through the skylight..

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