tagMatureComic Con Pt. 01

Comic Con Pt. 01


This was just a short series I wrote to try and capitalize on the whole ComicCon theme. Like most of my stories, I hope to receive feedback like things that were especially liked and or disliked. I don't really do mean, but I do enjoy constructive criticism. If there is something you don't like, please tell me what could be done instead. All characters are participating in the fictional story of their own free will. Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy it.


I suppose there are lots of people my age with similar likes. At home, I know a lot of people that enjoy the same things I enjoy and some of them have similar ages. I'm a fanboy. I like comics, sci-fi and fantasy novels and gaming. For the most part, it is a male dominated genre. I do, however, know several girl gamers as well, though to be fair, for the most part, they are a rare addition to the hobby. I am also a recent retiree. Oh, I retired early at 57 after selling a couple of books, yes, they were sci-fi/fantasy books and I wrote them under a pen name. Anyway, I digress.

When I embarked upon my retirement, I examined the areas in my life where I was displeased with myself and one of them was my introversion among people I didn't know. This caused me to avoid social situations which eventually led to me spending the previous five years as a practical hermit. I sat at home and wrote and occasionally went to my local gaming store when there was an event for one of the games I played. Outside of that, my other human contact consisted of some phone discussions with my agent, publisher and my five year old grandson, Zach. I got to have Zach for an overnight every other week during which time, we played games and watched movies and I taught him about stuff he needed to know, like catching frogs, fishing and learning to whistle. It was important because his dad was trying to make a music career work for him and was gone almost all the time, so a male figure in his life was a bit lacking.

Again I am rambling on, but I wanted to provide you with an understanding of who I am so you can understand all that I am about to relate. You see, after I retired, my life began.


I had always wanted to go to one of the big Sci-fi Conventions, or Cons as they are called. So, when I was invited to come to ComicCon in San Diego this year, I was both excited and a bit nervous. Though I was just finished with the hypnotherapy which was supposed to help me with my social anxiety, I had not put it to the test. But my agent thought this was an excellent opportunity to push my new book and get some new people reading my already popular series, Galactic Hunter. So, I agreed to do a four hour signing and participate in a two hour panel called Sci-Fi Believability.

I hit the gym a lot the week before I went since I'd found that I was not going to be able to get to my gym as the closest one, for my chain, was in Escondido. I had lost 60 pounds in the previous year and I was feeling very good about it and my newfound ability to get on the floor and play with Zach. I packed my Tai Chi wear and vowed to use Tai Chi as a replacement for the gym even though I found the gym easier to stick to religiously.

The trip to San Diego was pleasant. I sat next to a forty something business woman named Deloris and we chatted about quite a few things and I began to feel a bit more confident in my social anxiety therapy. When she found I was going to ComicCon, she asked me why and wasn't that a young person thing. I told her I was a writer going for a book signing.

"Really," she said and placed her hand on my arm, "I had no idea. I'll have to look you up."

"You won't find anything under my name," I said and pulled out a copy of my first book I was going to give away at the Con. "This is my book." It had the cheesy Galactic Hunter logo on the front along with a stylized picture of three of the main characters, Max, Paulette and Roxie, with hitech looking ray guns. The author name said Zebediah Guillotine and there was a picture of me on the back flap.

"Oh wow," she said, "I think my daughter read that book and loved it!"

"Excellent," I replied, "I just wrote it on a whim and yet it seems to have taken off and there are a lot of people wanting more."

"Now I have to invite you to look me up when we are back home," she said as she became more animated. "My daughter would love to meet you, and well, I would love to get to know you better as well." She smiled and lit up her face as she gently stroked my arm.

"I think that would be lovely," I said. In response, she stood and got into her carry on and pulled out a business card and a pen. She wrote her cell number on the back and continued.

"Here is my card," she said, "Call any time, I usually don't go out much except for business meetings and those are during the day." Her tone was a bit on the hopeful side and I wondered what she was like once you get to know her.

Unfortunately, she struck me as one of those women that put up a front for those they thought might offer something they were looking for but who turns out to be totally different when you get to know her. I say unfortunately because she was obviously attractive. She had nice legs and a flat tummy, which she managed to show while she was getting her card. She even managed to capture my hand and place it on her lap, enfolded it in her long thin fingers for the rest of the flight to San Diego.

She walked with me to the baggage claim before taking her leave, "It was so nice to meet you and I hope to meet you again soon, Rick."

"I think that would be fun," I said, though really, I wasn't all too sure about it. She gave me a quick peck on the lips as she left and I watched the sway of her body as she walked away. She glanced back at one point and saw me looking, grinned, gave a small wave and was gone.

"Damn," I thought to myself, "that's something that doesn't happen every day."

"She's cute, Zebediah," came a female voice. I turned to look and she continued, "she your girlfriend?" The voice came from a young girl, probably in her early twenties with short blond hair on the sides and a long spikey up do on top. She was wearing a short skirt over a pair of purple stretch pants, army boots and a white, boat neck tee showing a pink tank top strap beneath. She had a piercing in her nose and three in her left ear. On her right ear she had was wearing a Bajoran style cuff and earring combination with the connecting chain.

"She is cute, but I don't think she's my type," I said as I turned to face her completely and continued, "Are you actually deeply spiritual and a follower of the prophets?"

She smiled largely showing even teeth that were white like a human being rather than white like a TV or movie star and chuckled before replying, "I am deeply spiritual, though I don't believe in the Bajoran prophets. I'm surprised that you picked up the reference though."

"Well, some of us old guys do know a thing or two, especially about Star Trek." I responded and she laughed this time, a full body laugh with no falseness in it. "So, are you staying close to the Con venue?"

"Well, sort of," she said, "Hey wait, how did you know I am gong to the Con?"

"It was logical," I said deadpan, "You are wearing a Bajoran earring, you know who I am, though you don't know my real name, and you are arriving on the Wednesday of ComicCon weekend."

"You're cute for an old guy," she said with a smirk, "I heard you were doing a signing so I brought my books for your to sign. This is my second ComicCon and this year, I brought some costumes. I am going to have so much fun."

"Excellent," I replied, "but I tell you what, share a cab with me and I'll drop you at your hotel. Then I'll get checked in and pick you up for some dinner. Then, I'll sign your books so you don't have to wait in line. Deal?"

"Heck yes!" she exclaimed, "But, what's your real name?"

"It's Rick." I replied, "Rick Nolan. So, do you have something other than costumes in your bag?"

"I do. I brought a couple nicer outfit since I wanted to have a nice dinner while I was here."

"Good, wear one tonight, I'll see what we can do about a nice dinner and maybe some dancing if you like." The bags started rolling down the ramp about then and we picked ours up and headed toward the taxi stand.

"Won't, um, your wife mind you taking someone out while you're here?" she asked.

I stopped and faced her then, "Look, I don't want to make you uncomfortable so here it is. I am single, a widower. My wife died of cancer two years ago. I'm retired. I live for only a few things at this stage in my life. Writing, since fans are constantly screaming for more. My grandson, Zach. And contact with interesting people. So far, you qualify as interesting people. I have no motive other than to talk as I spend the night and half the next day alone in a city far from home. I have no expectations other than having a conversation with you. The fact that you are an attractive, intelligent young woman is just a bonus."

"Okay," she replied, "I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable."

"You didn't make me uncomfortable." I replied, "I understand your asking. In this day and age, it is prudent to be careful. You don't really know me, just like I don't know you. And there are a lot of crazy people out there." I paused for a moment and said, "And I don't think you have told me your name yet either."

"Oh sorry, I'm Jax," she said, pronouncing it 'Jacks', then she held out her hand and we shook. She had a slightly chilly hand and a strong grip with long fingers and three rings, index, pinky and thumb.

"Good to meet you Jax," I said as we stepped into the taxi. She gave the name and we headed off to the hotel. On the way, we exchanged cell information so I could text her when I got back to her hotel and was ready to go.

She was staying at one of the bargain hotels a few blocks from the while I was staying at the Hyatt, one of the expanded venues for the show. I checked in and went to my room to change. I had traveled in a pair of jeans and a tee, but if Jax was dressing for a nice dinner, I could as well. I had brought two suits, a grey one for the signing and a charcoal one for general use. I took a shower and trimmed my short beard, then dressed, skipping the tie as I don't like wearing them. I asked the concierge to recommend a mid range restaurant and got a taxi as he set a reservation.

As I approached her hotel, I began feeling a bit nervous, but then I felt a calm descend upon me as I realized I really didn't have any expectations for the night. I texted her telling her I was on the way and she replied with her room number and the invitation to "come on up". I took the elevator to her floor and knocked. The door cracked a few moments later and I caught a glimpse of her slipping into the bathroom as she said to come in, she would be done in a few minutes.

I sat down at the little dining table and waited patiently. She came out in a little blue dress that reached about mid thigh. She wore matching strappy shoes, an ankle chain and had a clutch in hand. The top was spaghetti straps and tanned skin with a silver chain and a small tasteful trifetta symbol. She was wearing her ear jewelry and a couple bangles on each wrist along with a single silver band on her left middle finger and a crest ring on her right thumb. I raised my eyes to her face and saw she had artfully applied makeup that highlighted her eyes and lips. Her hair now had blue tips and was slanted up and to the left.

"Wow," I said closing my mouth, "you are drop dead gorgeous."

"Why thank you sir," she said, "It is always nice to hear that from a gentleman."

"May I escort you to your carriage, m'lady?"

She laughed again with her throaty body laugh and tucked her hand into my arm as we headed for the door. We went down to the taxi stand and hopped in. "I hope you like Persian food," I said.

"I'v never tried it," she replied.

The driver chimed in and I placed his accent as middle eastern, "Bandar's has very good food. I would recommend the Dolmeh appetizer. It is very good. All of it is good, but the Dolmeh is like my mother used to make."

It wasn't far to the restaurant and as we stepped out, I gave the driver a healthy tip and said, "Thanks for the advice, my friend. Have a wonderful evening."

The warm night air was almost too much for my suit even though it was the lightest one I owned. We had an eight o'clock reservation so, we took a walk around the area since we had about a half hour to kill. Jax continued to hold my arm as we walked until we could hear a band doing classic rock covers.

"Can we listen for a bit?" she asked.

"You like this music?"

"I love it," she replied, "my parents were big classic rock fans. They were older and sort of hippies. So, that's what I heard growing up."

While she spoke I let her pull me into the club. The place was about half full with a few couples on the dance floor and a band playing the music just a bit too loud. But they were good, not the originals, but still good and Jax swayed a bit tot he music then bumped me with her hip and pulled me toward the dance floor. I stopped her and moved to the coat check to check my sport coat. We danced a few dances and had a couple of drinks before we had to leave for dinner.

"You dance well," she said.

"You mean for an old guy?" I asked.

"You aren't that old, Rick, what, mid-fifties?"

"I am fifty seven, yes." I replied.

"I like older men," she said cryptically as we entered the restaurant. We were seated immediately and ordered the Dolmeh appetizer which turned out to be a mixture of some vegetables, spices, and rice stuffed and cooked in grape leaves. It turned out to be an exceptional taste treat. She had the shish kabob and I had a rack of "french cut" lamb. The food was exquisite, tasteful and delicious. We finished the meal with a small cup of sherbet and a glass of wine.

"Well, what next?" I asked, "a small walk to aid digestion, then back to the hotel?"

"The walk sounds good," she said, "I ate more than usual. But if you are interested, maybe we can go back to that club?"

"That would be fun," I said, "the doors open tomorrow morning. But I don't have anything until the six o'clock panel on reality in Sci-Fi."

She laughed, "Did you just say that?"

"I know, right?"

"Reality in writing fiction," she said, "That's priceless."

"Do you want to come sit in? I can bring a guest."

"I'd love to come," she said, "I didn't sign up for any of the panels because I didn't want to spend extra money."

"Well, if there is something you want to see, let me know. I have access to all the panels and if you are with me, you can go in as well." I explained, "I just have to be at the four hour signing and talk about my book."

"Yeah, you and one other author were on my list," she said. "I so love Roxie. She is one of my costumes for the Masquerade. I just haven't decided which to wear. I have an Ensign Ro Laren, Black Widow and Roxie. I will wear all three during the weekend, just haven't decided when."

"Well, I have a set of Marshall's Leathers to wear as Max." I said, "That is the only costume I brought. Plus a light green body wash which lasts about seven hours or until I shower it off."

"Oh my god, you're kidding me, right?" she gushed.


"Can we, um, I mean, would you mind," she stammered, "would you escort me into the Masquerade as Roxie?"

I laughed, "Which outfit do you have?"

"I have the one from the cover that she didn't wear anywhere in the book."

"Mmm," I said, "I love that one, even though I didn't write it. Very sexy, I can't wait to see you in it."

She squealed and hugged me tight for a minute before dragging me into the club. "Now we need to dance some more!"

We danced for about an hour until the band slowed it down. I took her in my arms and we slow danced for the next three songs. She was a wonderful dancer and I was having a great time. My hands were around her waist as we swayed to the music and hers were around my neck. She was about the height of Roxie from the book, though possibly a touch taller especially in her heals. I have to admit, I was getting a little excited by her attention. As we danced, she looked up at me with her blue eyes and I didn't think, I just leaned in and kissed her, soft, slow and languorous. She sighed and moaned slightly as she pushed against me.

"Maybe we should call it a night," she said without letting go as the song ended and the band took a break.

I tried to speak and croaked, so I cleared my throat and said, "Okay. It has been a long day."

We took a taxi back to her hotel and I walked her to her door. On the way, all I could think of was should I or shouldn't I. When we got to her room, she turned to look at me and I could see she was a bit flushed, perhaps confused and definitely a touch tipsy.

"Are you going to be okay?" I asked and she nodded. "Then I look forward to see you tomorrow. Do you want to grab a burger or something for lunch?"

"Sure," she said, "about one?"

"That sounds great, um..." I said then simply did what I wanted to do. I kissed her again. I was already pretty excited internally and her response did nothing to quell that feeling. Her arms wrapped around my neck as I pulled her close and pressed my lips to hers. She moaned into the kiss and I pressed my tongue against her lips. She opened her mouth and we Frenched for a few moments before I released her.

"Until tomorrow, one o'clock, at the registration desk" I said before I released her and stepped away. I reached up and fingered her Bajoran earring then trailed my hand down her jaw line. Her eyes half closed and she leaned her head into the caress for a moment before opening her door and going inside.

I went to the elevator and pushed the button for the lobby in a daze. I don't know quite how I got there, but the next thing I knew, I was back in my hotel room. I replayed the evening in my mind's eye and came to the conclusion again that she actually had wanted me to kiss her. And with that memory came the memory or her in my arms. The feel of her nubile young body pressed against me, her breath on my neck and then the press of our lips. I hadn't felt like this in a long long time. I was excited and looking forward to the day tomorrow more than I had before. Truthfully, I was looking forward to spending more time with this young beauty. These thoughts ran through my head over and over until I fell asleep somewhere late in the evening or maybe you would call it early in the morning.


I woke up just after ten which meant perhaps six or seven hours of sleep, but I felt great. I usually only sleep for seven hours anyway and I was buoyed by a feeling of youth I had not felt in a couple decades. I floated through my morning and prepped my casual look for the panel, a pair of jeans, casual hiking shoes and a tee shirt with the cover of the new comic offered for the first time at my signing before the release the following weekend. Since today was a casual day, I avoided any hints at my costume for tomorrow night's Masquerade.

I arrived at the Con site registration desk at noon. I picked up my badge and a packet and was escorted to the green room which was actually white with a maroon carpet. Food was offered, but I only had a couple pieces of fruit and a mocha. I reviewed the schedule and saw that the initial parade for costumes was just before dinner tomorrow with the Masquerade starting at eight. My panel was still tonight at six but the signing was earlier tomorrow from noon to four instead of starting at two. One other thing I had brought with me was one of the three advance copies of my new book, Galactic Hunter: Into the Lion's Den. I had brought them as a surprise for a random few from the audience at the signing, but I decided to give one to Jax for such a good time last night.

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