tagIncest/TabooComing Back Home

Coming Back Home


Deana had always compared all the boys she dated to her dad, even at 18, but she figured that probably wasn't out of the ordinary for a teenage girl. She gradually drifted away from the fantasy for a real life with a husband. She was at college, and had fallen head over heels with a guy on the football team. Their brief but very hot romance ended in her getting pregnant and both of them having to drop out of college.

They had struggled from the very start. His parents wouldn't have anything to do with Deana or her new daughter. They constantly urged him to leave, and pay child support so that at least one of them could have a life. After, one fight too many, he did what his family wanted him to do. Deana's husband dumped her in the Kmart parking lot. After going through boxes of Kleenex and eventually got over the initial shock, she soon discovered that being a single mother was tough.

With every decision, you either reap the rewards or suffer the consequences. Make a wrong choice, and life can be hard, but for a single mother it can be complicated as well. It seemed many doors were closed to her and many people looked down on her and penalized her. She was a hard working individual, but try as she might, she couldn't catch a break. Daycare was outrageous.

The few times she qualified to be on unemployment and food stamps and earned any money at the same time they punished her. For every dollar she earned they would take a dollar away from unemployment and a dollar away from food stamps, so she lost a dollar for each one she earned. The support system wasn't designed for people that didn't want to stay on it. Finally fed up with bureaucratic bullshit, she said fuck you to food stamps and to the people who could care less that ran the programs. She worked multiple part time minimum wage jobs in order to make ends meet. Her ex-husband's true nature showed itself, his only contact with his daughter was a monthly check.

All of her paychecks combined didn't add up to one good paycheck. Even though she lived in a one room apartment, by the time she paid her rent and the daycare, food and things for the baby, there wasn't much left. She had tried very hard, but finally realized she couldn't do it on her own. She placed Beth in her carrier and went to a pay phone.


"I have a collect call for anyone from a Deana Taylor, will you accept the charges?"

Dean responded, "Yes."

"Hi dad thanks for accepting the charges."

"That isn't a problem, why didn't you call me on your cell phone?"

"I pawned it, along with my wedding and engagement rings and everything else that I could."

Dean could hear a mix of emotions in his daughter's voice, "What's going on?"

"Dad, I know you're disappointed in me with how I turned out, but..." Deana had to stop talking, she couldn't talk and cry. She took a deep breath, "Can I come home? Please do this for your granddaughter if not for me."

"Honey, what are you talking about? I'm not disappointed in you. I take it you didn't get my letters."

"I didn't get any letters from you, Beth and I had to move around a lot."

"I wrote and told you that you could move back in with me, if you wanted to. The post office never returned the letters to me. When I didn't hear anything, I figured you didn't want to."

Deana started crying again, "I thought you were ashamed of me."

"Baby, that can't happen, I love you."

She was overwhelmed with the thought that all of her struggling could have been so much easier if she had just contacted her dad sooner. Then she beat herself up wondering how stupid she was.

"Dee, are you still there?"

She felt her heart jump in her chest as her dad called her the name he had used for her all of her life. "Yes, I'm still here."

"Would you like for me to come and get you?"

"Yes," her tears wouldn't stop.

"You quit your job; let your landlord know you are leaving. Just tell me where you are and I'll be there Friday morning to get you, and we'll go pay any bills you might have."

Friday morning came and brought with it a knock at the door. Deana opened it and standing there was the one person that would make her life better. She hugged and kissed her dad, then brought him inside. She felt tears of happiness slide down her face as grandfather and granddaughter played with one another for the first time. Sunshine filled the day and her heart. First he took her out for breakfast. After driving around paying off all of her bills, they returned to catch up her rent and get her things. For the first time in a long time Deana felt the weight of the world off of her shoulders.

As they drove away from her apartment and the town that had treated her so badly, she got choked up with emotion, "Dad I'm sorry you have to do all of this."

"Shut the hell up. --"

She froze, had her dad just cussed at her? He had never done that in his life. What was going on?

"-- You happen to be talking about the person that means more to me than anything, and you need to stop being mean to her."

Deana smiled, "Jerk."

Dean chuckled, "I love you too."

With Beth asleep in her car seat, Deana relaxed and quit picking on herself. It was a nice day, and she had worn shorts and a tee shirt. She took her shoes off, stretched languidly, propped her legs on the open car window and stuck her feet out.

"I haven't seen you do that in a long time."

She smiled, "I haven't felt this free in a long time." Glancing at her dad she noticed him staring at her legs and she felt a charge run through her. It had been a long time since a guy looked at her like that and her dad had never done it. She knew she should be embarrassed or something but it felt nice to be appreciated as a woman, so she looked out the window at the passing scenery, hoped he liked what he saw and said nothing.

The drive home was spent in pleasant conversation between father and daughter. Nothing was said about what she was going to do or any plans she should make. Her brain had been full of things to say in response to his questions about her future but instead he hadn't mentioned it. It felt almost like a drug being allowed to stop thinking about everything for awhile. They had to pull over a few times but for the most part Beth slept or played in her car seat.

Pulling up in front of the white Victorian house she had grown up in, a flood of memories took control of her emotions; the one in front of all of the others was her mom that had been dead for 10 years. Deana had basically been raised by her dad since she was 12. Her mother had insisted that their first child be named after her husband and Deana's name was just one of many things that made father and daughter close.

The three of them spent some time getting settled in and just relaxing. They had gotten take out for supper and brought it home to eat. After supper, grandfather and granddaughter played until bedtime. Deana went to her room where the crib had been set up and put Beth to bed. When she returned she was greeted by her dad sitting on the sofa holding a couple of drinks.

"Hum," she mumbled as she accepted the drink, "That's the first time you've ever offered me a drink with alcohol in it."

"You're 22 and I'm allowed. Besides, I figured you still need to relax. A lot has happened to you in the last few years." He gave her an understanding wink, "It's also why you haven't been asked what you are going to do. I figure your brain also needs to relax."

"Thanks dad." She sipped the rum and coke and felt the liquor slide down her throat. "I've made a mess of things haven't I?"

"Dee, I thought I told you to stop that."

"I'm sorry," She saw the odd look he was giving her. She had changed into the baggie shirt she slept in. Glancing down, she realized that her shirt had billowed open and he could see her breasts. She wasn't wearing a bra but knew he couldn't really see anything. To her surprise, she liked him looking at her and wasn't all that embarrassed by it. The same sensation raced through her that she had gotten when her dad had looked at her legs. Deana rotated, stretched and put her legs on her dads lap. Cuddling up next to him, she sipped her drink and watched the television. This continued every night after that; she loved it and looked forward to it all day long.

Dean had been running late getting home from work. He was still getting changed when he heard a knock on his bedroom door. Before he had a chance to say anything, his daughter walked in. He was so stunned that he reacted slowly to cover himself up.

Deana turned beet red. She had walked in on her dad in his underwear trying to change his clothes. She stammered, "I'm sorry dad," as she backed out of his bedroom. She was totally embarrassed, and worse, she had felt a spasm between her legs at seeing her dad like that. The shock that she had liked it was too much for her and she ran crying to her bedroom and threw herself onto her bed.

Dean finished changing his clothes and went to find his daughter. He could tell she was still embarrassed and tried to smooth it over. "There you are."

Deana looked up at her dad, but wouldn't make eye contact, "I'm sorry dad."

"I think you are making a big deal over nothing. Seeing me in my underwear is like seeing me in swimming trunks."

"Dad if you saw me in my bra and panties would that be the same as seeing me in a bathing suit?" She still couldn't make eye contact with him. How could she tell her own father that seeing him that way had turned her on? Even now she wanted to kick herself because she actually liked the idea of him seeing her in the same way.

"Honey, it is the same. I love you and you need to stop beating yourself up over this."

Deana swallowed hard, "Prove it."

"What do you mean?"

She couldn't believe she was suggesting this. "Let's get a pizza and after the guy brings it and the baby is asleep, you and I spend the rest of the evening in our underwear." She could feel her face burning. Why did she want this? She knew she used to fantasize about him but this was way beyond that. Where had these feelings toward her dad come from?

"Honey, I don't know if that's such a good idea."

"See, it is different."

Dean had no idea how this had happened, "All right, if that's what you want."

"Mm," Deana closed her eyes picturing the two of them and the warm feeling started between her legs again. What was going on?

It seemed like no time at all that the pizza was delivered. Dean answered the door and brought it to the living room, "Pizza's here." He saw Deana had already brought them some Cokes. "Honey maybe you should rethink this underwear thing."

Rethink it! She had thought of nothing else since he had agreed to it. "No dad, I want to do this."

Neither one of them said much as the night progressed, both were waiting nervously. When Deana returned from putting Beth to bed, Dean knew he should say something as to why this was a bad idea, but as he looked into his daughters penetrating pale brown eyes, he couldn't think of any. Swallowing, he kicked his shoes off, stood and let his pants drop to the floor. His pants soon joined his shoes on the floor and his shirt soon followed.

Deana stood, stretched and pulled her top off. Unbuckling her belt and unbuttoning her jeans, she pushed them down and just stepped out of them and her shoes at the same time. A charge ran through her as she sat back down next to her dad and grabbed a slice of pizza to nibble on. She tried to keep her eyes on the television but every now and then stole a glance at her dad to see if he was looking at her. The feelings between her legs got warmer as she saw that not only was he looking, he liked what he seeing.

Dean had to admit his daughter was hot. He had always thought she was pretty even though he knew she would never be a model or anything. She had a nice smile. Her curly dark brown hair had highlights that caught the light and fell everywhere, accenting her tanned skin as well as her white bra. She had a flat stomach, small waist and muscular legs. All of that was taken in as his eyes were drawn to her white panties and the hair and pussy lips outlined beneath. He couldn't keep his eyes off of her. This may have been his daughter but her being so near, wearing very little, was making him feel things he hadn't felt in a long time.

With her legs across him, Deana felt her dad having a reaction. She casually stretched and pressed against him. When he closed his eyes to the pleasure, she just smiled. As her legs rubbed the front of his underwear, she felt his hand rest on her leg and it took her breath away.

Both of them were going out of there minds. Each night after the baby was asleep; father and daughter would strip and sit on the sofa. His daughter's legs rubbing the front of his underwear gave Dean an erection his daughter couldn't possibly miss seeing or feeling. By the end of each night his cock wanted to be out of his underwear so badly he was tempted to do just that. Deana loved teasing her dad, but, at the end of each night it had a down side to it, she was just as turned on as he was. She would lie in her bed and fantasize about him, just like she used to do.

Dean had taken to rubbing his daughter's legs as they lay on top of him. Then one night, as father and daughter snuggled, he let his fingers run up. Slowly he let his fingers drift across her stomach. Feeling her muscles flex but not hearing her tell him to stop, he continued to let his hand run across her smooth skin.

She felt goose bumps as his hand traveled in circles, getting a little higher with each pass. She tried to control her breathing as she felt his fingers on her bra.

He felt her nipples reacting even through her bra. As he felt her nipples get hard and push against his hand, he pushed his hard erection against her legs.

Deana was lightheaded with passion. His fingers brushing across her legs, her stomach and her bra sent shivers through her. She wanted to say something to him but had to lick her lips that had suddenly become dry and said nothing.

This continued each night for a week, father and daughter each teasing and being teased. Then Dean nervously suggested, "Dee, it's not fair you know?"

Deana was surprised she could talk, "What's not fair dad?"

Dean swallowed, "I have on only underwear and you have on underwear and a bra."

Hundreds of things raced through her mind, "Your right dad, I should take my bra off." Raising off of the sofa her hand nervously went behind her. She fumbled with the clasp and finally got it open. Watching his face as he looked at her breasts, she dropped her brat on the floor and lay back down.

Neither one said a word as he slowly ran his hand up and down her smooth skin. Tenderly, gently he dug his nails into her watching little white scratch marks appear on her tanned skin. Up and down he went, going a little higher each time until he finally brushed against the bottom of her breasts.

Deana was one big nerve as her dad's fingers raked across her whole body. She wanted him so bad. Each circle of his hand brought his fingers a little higher on her stomach. After a few more times he reached his fingers out and raked across the end of her nipples and a soft moan escaped.

Dean trapped her nipples between his thumbs and fingers. He heard her breathing get faster the more he played. Her nipples had gotten rock hard and his cock strained against his underwear and he pressed her down against him.

Deana felt his cock against her butt and could barely think. He had her nipples standing a full inch away from her breasts. Father and daughter stayed that way for a long time. One hand played with her nipples and his other hand rubbed across her. He drifted closer and closer to her vagina but never touched it. The evening ended with both father and daughter wanting the other but doing nothing.

Tossing and turning, unable to get to sleep, Deana had tried playing with herself pretending it was her dad and it just made her more frustrated. She was so restless she worried about waking the baby. Finally getting up, she walked down the hall and knocked on his door. "Dad are you awake?"

"No." Dean smiled at the giggle he heard.

Deana walked into her father's bedroom; she didn't turn on the light but used the moonlight streaming through the window to see by. She only had her sleeping shirt on. Stopping when she reached the side of his bed, she slowly pulled the top off over her head. She took her time undressing for him, seeing if he liked what he saw. Feeling pleased with what was reflected on his face, she dropped her shirt on the floor. Her eyes never left his as she pulled back the covers and slid into bed with him.

Even in the shadows Dean could see every detail of his daughter undressing for him. Her slow unhurried movements only served to intoxicate him as he saw her body reflecting the moonlight. He had been just as frustrated as his daughter, even so, he whispered, "Are you sure Dee?"

Hearing his pet name for her, a warm feeling of love rushed through her heart, "I'm sure dad." She wanted him and meant to have him. Deana whispered, "Your turn."

He slept in his underwear, hooking his thumbs in the waistband he soon had them off. Father and daughter lay next to each other, seeing and desiring the other. Dean brought his hand not to her breasts that were so inviting or to her vagina that promised to please, but to her face. A face he had known and loved as a daughter and now would know as a lover.

Deana felt her dad's lips on hers and wrapped her arms around him. Returning his kiss she wanted him so bad she could scream. Ready to explode, she definitely did not need foreplay. She stopped him when she felt his hands on her breasts, wanting him inside of her. Throwing her leg over him, she got on top. Wrapping her fingers around his semi hard cock, she started rubbing the head against her sensitive flesh. As she rubbed him against her clit, an electric charge shot through her. Her playing made his cock go inside of her, more and more, a little at a time.

Dean felt her cool fingers on him and his cockhead sliding against her slick pussy. Finally, as he slid slowly inside of her pussy, he gave a little thrust and found himself buried deep. It felt scorching hot like being inside a blast furnace.

Deana was so wet her dad slid in easily. Everything she had gone through and felt in the past year joined with what she was feeling now, threatening to overwhelm her. The frustration of her life of hardship with the many months of living from day to day not knowing if she would even survive, combined with a total lifting of the world's pressure. All of that was added to the time she and her dad had just spent teasing each other. Now, finally, having him was too much for her. Her lips pressed to his, her arms wrapped around him, and her legs pressed in to hold him tight. With him deep inside, she exploded. Wave after wave of released energy coursed through her. Her orgasm shattered her mind. Intense pleasure burst through her and all she could do was hold on.

With a long low release of air she finally relaxed her arms and legs and sat back up. Her brain tried to comprehend that her dad was still inside of her. She realized that he had wrapped his hands around her hips and was making her gyrate. The way his hard cock was moving around inside of her made her giddy.

It had been a long time since he'd had sex much less with a woman on top. His wife had been uncomfortable doing it that way. Being a little overweight, she had been self-conscious about the way she looked. He had loved her just the way she was.

Deana loved this position. It put her in control. How fast they went, if she moved to tease or to please and how deep inside of her he went was totally up to her. Moving his hands away, she started moving up and down. Then she switched to sensuously grinding into him which made her clit rub against the entire length of is hard cock. After she went back to moving up and down she built momentum slowly moving from side to side or in circles.

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