tagBDSMComing Home

Coming Home


She walked to His door, down the long hall of the apartment building. She was dressed as He'd requested ... her red strapless dress hugging her curves, the hem brushing her thighs just above her knees ... the necklace He gave her adorning her neck ... she felt nearly naked without stockings, a bra or panties beneath the dress. Her hair was pinned up, soft curls falling around her face.

As she raised her hand to unlock the door, she slowly released the breath she hadn't realized she'd been holding. She reached for the doorknob, turned it slowly.

She stepped inside, silently cursing her shoes as they echoed in the front hall in the silent apartment. She set her small black purse on the counter. As she moved to step into the living room, she nervously brushed a hand over her dress. She wanted to look her best for Him, always did.

The first time she'd been here He'd allowed her time to look around, to take in her surrounding and makes herself comfortable in His home. She admired various items throughout the apartment, taking in the small bits and pieces of His life. Now she saw things she didn't see the first time ... she saw herself bent over the ottoman in the living room ... stretched up on her toes, hands bound to the spiral staircase ... pressed against the wall as He kissed her for the first time ... she sighed softly, felt her body already reacting.

She stepped further into the open room, debating with herself. He'd told her simply to wait for Him. He knew she functioned best with specifics, and this was a test ... a test of whether she would be able to be in His space without Him, when she was missing Him terribly. She had asked whether she should leave the dress on and, after teasing her a bit, had told her to leave it on, that He wanted to see the dress, but the shoes were up to her. And that was all He'd give her.

She glanced around the room ... the couch ... the chair ... the ottoman ... she stifled a small moan. She stepped nearer to the chair ... the chair where He'd sat last time, watching her as she lay on her back on the ottoman, arousing herself as He commanded. She slipped off her red heels and set them out of the way. She sank to her knees near the front corner of the chair, smoothing the dress over her legs and assuming the preparation position He'd taught her. She left space as she would if He were there. Space for Him to be able to sit if He wished, so that she would be positioned next to Him, kneeling at His feet ... where she belonged.

Her heart was racing. Every nerve in her body vibrating, longing for His touch, His kiss. She took a long, slow, deep breath, laying her hands upon her thighs, closing her eyes. She focused on her need for Him, immersing as He had taught her. Then she rose, slipped her heels back on and went to the kitchen to pour wine for when He got home.

She heard His key in the door and her breath caught in her throat. She smoothed a trembling hand over the skirt of her red dress as she turned away from the wine she'd been pouring.

They'd been apart for two weeks because He had been traveling for work. It wasn't unusual, but whenever they were apart she had a slight, nagging empty feeling as if something vital was missing in her life when He was away. She also had a hunger for Him, both physical and emotional hunger. She longed to hear Him command her, longed to feel Him touch her, longed to pleasure Him.

He stepped down the front hall and turned to the kitchen. He smiled as He saw her. He could see the love, devotion and pure emotion so clearly in her bright blue eyes. She stood still, watching Him, a soft smile forming. "Hello Master," she all but whispered. "Welcome home."

"Thank you pet," He said as He set His keys and phone upon the counter. Stepping into the kitchen, so nothing stood between them, He simply opened His arms. She practically ran to Him, her heels clicking on the floor. She wrapped her arms around His neck and held on so tight. He wrapped His own arms around her, lifting her up off the floor. As her feet dangled, He spun her around as He kissed her bare shoulder.

When He set her back on her feet, she released her grip just enough to be able to look up into His eyes. They stared at each other for a moment, before He wrapped a hand in her hair gently, tilted her head back and kissed her. They both poured all the passion, longing and need from the past two weeks into the kiss. Her nails dug into His shoulders as she pulled closer. Their bodies melded together. He wasn't the only one home. She was back at home in His arms.

She practically whimpered when He broke the kiss. He tugged her head back a bit more and waited for her eyes to flutter back open and focus on His. Then He tilted her head and His mouth moved to her ear. His teeth sunk in, gripping, grinding. He tightened His hold on her waist as He felt her squirm and her knees begin to buckle. He knew this drove her crazy.

She moaned deeply as He continued to bite her ear even as He growled, "I've missed My pet." He backed her up against the wall, holding her there with the weight of His body against hers. He couldn't help but moan as she began to grind herself against Him. When He finally released her ear, she was gasping, dizzy with her need for Him.

His hands slid along her arms, pulling them from around His own neck until He was able to press them over her head against the wall. He held her wrists together above her with one hand. He used His other hand to grasp a nipple through the fabric of her dress. She inhaled sharply and arched toward His hand. "Open your eyes little subbie." Her eyes, overly bright now, snapped open and found His. "Who owns you?"

"You do Sir," she whispered.

"Are you sure?" He prompted.

"Yes Sir," she nodded.

"And what are you willing to do for your Master tonight little subbie?"

"Anything," she replied, feeling it in the deepest core of her being. He could see the truth in her eyes.

"Your Master is feeling greedy tonight. It's been too long. i'm going to use My pet."

"Yes please Sir," she breathlessly whispered. Her eyes drifted closed as He leaned in close and softly kissed her forehead, then her right eye, followed by her left, before He took her hand and led her to the stairs ...

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