tagSci-Fi & FantasyComing Home Ch. 01

Coming Home Ch. 01


by Corcyra with Alijandra Rose

Author's note: If you are looking for a "hot story," please do not be turned away by the first part. It is here for historical reasons, both past history and future history. Let me explain.

The spirit guide Seth, popularized by Jane Roberts, featured a dramatic pronouncement: "ALL SPACE IS HERE, ALL TIME IS NOW." In a previous series of stories, I described a vehicle based on this pronouncement, the "SethMobile," which could transport its occupants instantly and automatically to any desired place, or time. The narrator was blind, and the SethMobile made all things possible for him. While traveling, the narrator's blindness seemed to dissolve, a curious twist.

In the present story, the SethMobile idea is revised, updated, and used to launch our hero into a new erotic adventure with an old flame. So please read a little bit before giving up on it. Or just press "UNDO IT" or "HOME" on your Sethoscope remote to exit gracefully.

This series is dedicated to Alijandra, My once and always Gypsy Princess.


The project in the lab was nearly complete. Many of the parts of the old device were usable in the new one, but there were also a number of improvements that had to have their bugs worked out before the first field test. After all, the new system, the Sethoscope, was more than a quantum jump beyond the old SethMobile. While the older device had to be physically present to be used, the Sethoscope relied on the popular GPS satellite network, and thus could be stationary. The main thing they had in common was the space/time coordinate translation system, the STCTS, the little gem that was the brain of the entire project.

Installing the STCTS took only a few minutes, and the new system was ready. Once activated, it would be impossible to deactivate. I would never again make the mistake of thinking that its usefulness had ended, as I once did with the older, more primitive, SethMobile. Checking everything twice, "All Systems were Go," so I pressed the final button.

"Oh," said the Sethoscope, "it's you."

"Yes, it's me," I replied. "You remember me from before then?"

"Of course," it replied. "You still interested in that what's her name from Virginia?"

I was startled. "Yes," I admitted, "and you are going to help us again. I hope you won't mind."

"Oh, no," it said, "I don't mind. I was sort of fond of her too, you know. But it was a drag, I have to tell you, just lugging you all around the place and waiting for you to finish. Boring as hell, actually."

"Well," I explained, "this time you get to stay put, right here, no more disguising you as a car and parking you until I need you."

"That sounds cool," it replied. "So I get to stay here and do what?"

"Whatever you want," I assured it, "as long as you drop everything when I need you, and you meet your main obligation."

"Which is?" it asked.

"To take me, safely and instantly, perhaps with a guest, perhaps with stuff we are carrying, to wherever and whenever I ask."


The field tests were all successful. The remote unit for the Sethoscope was small, with only four buttons: LISTEN, DO IT, UNDO IT, and HOME. The LISTEN button allowed the Scope to take instructions directly from the neural activity of the person holding the device. For instance, I imagine my kitchen, and the Scope targets itself to that location. Pressing DO IT takes me directly there, instantly. Then pressing HOME returns me from kitchen to lab. If I go from kitchen to bedroom, UNDO IT takes me from bedroom to kitchen, but pressing Home takes me from bedroom directly to lab. That was some improvement over the older system.

If I imagine a clock or calendar in the scene I wish to visit, I am transported in time as well as space. The "landings" are always in a safe and comfortable place as near my desired destination as possible. LISTEN, DO IT, UNDO IT, and HOME. That was it! And now it was time to put this little baby to the test.


Okay. Showered, shaved, brushed teeth, combed hair, dressed casually. You said the window would be open, so I better try for the nearby second floor deck. I press LISTEN and imagine my destination. A tiny voice in the remote unit says, "Got it." I press DO IT. I am there! Damn! This is so cool!

I stow the remote in my pocket, slip quietly through the open window, and scan the unfamiliar room. Scented candles provide the only illumination. Soft music is barely audible.

You are there in a corner of the room, smiling warmly with eyes sparkling, watching me enter. I would recognize that smile, that sparkle, that charisma, anywhere, any time. You are barefoot and clad only in what seems to be a skimpy one piece thing, is it -- yes, it's a sunsuit, a child's garment consisting of a brief top and shorts. In the dim light, it hard to make out, but it seems to be a light color (maybe yellow?) with a darker flower print (maybe red?). You lack only pigtails and Mary Jane's to be totally illegal!

"Can you come out and play, little girl?" I ask with a grin.

Looking down at your feet, you reply in a child's voice, "Gee, I got no shoes to wear, mister. Can't we play indoors today?"

"I love your feet naked," I whisper.

"That's so naughty!" you reply.

"Why is it so naughty?" I ask.

"Because, if you only love my feet naked, maybe you think there's something wrong with the rest of me, like my legs, or my belly button," you tease.

"But right now your feet are all I see of you that's naked," I attempt.

"Well?" you challenge, "it doesn't have to stay that way, you know!"

With that we are in each other's arms, locked in a tight embrace, kissing deeply, becoming breathless quickly. My hands are all over your body, your back, from butt to shoulders, kneading and stroking, and refreshing my tactile image of your loveliness. Your hands come between us, as you undo my shirt buttons and pull it aside. You curl your fingers in the hairs of my chest and kiss my nipples, nipping them playfully, and licking the surrounding area. My heart is pounding. I try to pull the wide bib straps of the sunsuit off your shoulders to let it fall, but you pull back and keep me at arms length.

"Wait! Wait!" you exclaim. "You first! It's my house, I wished you here, you are my vision, I get to do you first tonight! Oh My God, I want you so bad!"

I am speechless. You fumble with my belt, loosening it at last, and undo my pants, dropping them and my boxers to the floor. I am fully erect. You drop to your knees, grasping my cock in one hand while cupping my balls in the other. You moan as you lick the sides, top, and bottom of my cock, and gently slide the foreskin back. Your eyes are wide with excitement. You take me in your mouth and thoroughly moisten me with saliva. You apply a rhythmic suction with lots of caressing movements of lips and tongue. I am overwhelmed with the intensity of your lust.

My hands drop to the back of your neck and hold you gently there. You turn your eyes to gaze into mine now, and take me gradually more deeply into your mouth, until I reach the back of your throat. Then you slip me nearly completely out of your mouth and concentrate on the head of my dick. I can't believe I haven't come yet, but neither of us wants this to end so quickly.

Suddenly you remove my enormously hard dick from your mouth, hug me tight at crotch level, and giggle like a little girl.

"Gee mister," you say, "that was fun, I just love your lollypop, but now look at you, you're the one who's all naked."

I am laughing too, now, as I reach down to pull you to your feet. I want you naked too, but before I have a chance, you push hard against my chest with both hands, forcing me backward. The bed behind me catches my fall, and I sprawl across it on my back.

You are on me in an instant, giggling, straddling my middle and pinning my arms down over my head. My dick is waving frantically in the air, but no one is paying any attention to it. You lower your body flush against mine and we kiss deeply again. This is an amazing aspect of you that I had not seen before, and I love it.

Still in your sunsuit, You rub your breasts against my chest as we kiss, and grind your pelvis against my lower belly. My dick still has nothing to do! I try again to bring my arms down to embrace you, and this time your resistance melts away.

I hold you against me now, and ask, "Want to get out of that cute little thing before we soil it, little girl?" and slide the sunsuit straps off your shoulders.

"Oh yes! Yes! Yes!" you reply, and squirming upright, you wriggle out of the sunsuit and cast it aside. You are fully naked too now, no bra, your panties gone the way of the sunsuit, nothing to slow you down, and you resume your crouching descent over me, initiating another deep kiss and continuing the motion of your breasts and crotch against me.

This time my hands are free, and I immediately find your breasts and squeeze them, pinching your nipples. I stroke as much of your naked body as I can reach -- your waist, your back, your butt, your legs on either side of me, your arms and shoulders. With one hand I reach between us and across your curly bush, to rest in your crotch, cupping you gently there. You are warm, wet, and ready, but I simply hold you, squeezing, massaging, and stroking.

Soon you pull away from our extended kiss and pull yourself a little higher up along my body. My hand is forced to lose contact with your pussy, and I feel a moist trail left behind as you move higher.

You offer me a breast. "Suck me, mister, suck my little titty," you beg, and I am happy to oblige. Your nipple gets more erect as I suck and nibble it. You twist a little to offer me the other one, and begin moaning softly as we alternate the action.

My hands move to your butt cheeks now, an amazingly convenient pair of love handles. Your own hands guide your breasts to my eager lips, feeding me love, and your pelvis continues grinding against my upper belly, feeding me lust. And still my dick is waving idly in mid air.

"You like eating my little titties, mister?" you tease, in your little girl voice. You are clearly getting off on this game.

"Mmmmm ..." I moan, the only sound I can make with a mouthful of breast. My arms are captured between your legs and my own body, my hands still holding and squeezing your ass cheeks.

"Want some more, mister?" you ask coyly.

I nod yes, and briefly lose my grip on the nipple I was pleasuring. We both laugh at this unexpected moment of awkwardness.

"Here I am, then," you say, sliding significantly higher along my chest, "taste me!" And my hands on your ass help you move closer, supporting some of your weight.

Your essence is now powerful and intoxicating. Awestruck, I gaze at the prospect before me. You are bright pink, swollen, open wide, glistening with moisture. I cannot hold back, and plunge my tongue into you as you settle even further onto my face. My hands on your ass press you even closer, and you spread open even wider.

So much for the illusion of a sunsuit clad innocent girl, this is the love center of the mature woman I know and love. It is the experienced passage of origin for several human infants, the sanctuary and comfort zone for other men, and perhaps women. It is the biological connection between human life and life in the sea. It is nurture, it is healing, it is passion and peace, and it is mine for now, maybe forever.

Your rocking pelvic motion is gentle now, and I match it with tongue penetrations and excursions. Funny how my tongue seems to get longer at just the right moment, given the right opportunity. Your taste is exquisite, defying description. Exploring the area, I find your clit, extended and exposed, and touch it gently. You give a sharp intake of breath, but do not withdraw. I lick again, adding some lip action, and suck gently.

I reach from behind you to use a finger, then two fingers, to enter your thoroughly moist pussy. Your warm softness surrounds my fingers, as I move them, seeking familiar landmarks and offering pressure and sensation. I continue my gentle sucking of your clit as I probe with my fingers, reaching deeply to find your womb, coming forward along your front wall. You are a little swollen there. I zero in. I suck a little more. And you convulse. God, how you convulse!

You ride my face wildly, and glancing up, I notice you have one hand stuffed into your mouth to stifle your cries of pleasure, and you are pulling on your nipples with the other. Thank goodness my nose is free to breathe, the tickling of your hair against it is not a problem, in fact is sort of fun! I hope I don't sneeze!

You finally collapse against me, dropping slowly back down my body, your breasts once again flattened against my chest, and we kiss deeply once more. Your new position lets my erect dick, still idle and free standing, flip flop against your bare ass cheeks.

"Yummy!" you murmur. "Is that me I taste on you?"

"Yes, baby," I reply a little breathlessly, "who else?"

Giggling, you lick all around my face, cleaning me up some, and we kiss lowly again. But my balls are beginning to ache something fierce.

"I need you, love," I murmur. "I need release."

"Oh My God!" you exclaim. "Of course you do! You poor baby!" as you push yourself up on all fours, do a 180 degree turn, and settle yourself onto me again. You grasp my balls in one hand and my dick in the other, and take me into your mouth for some energetic sucking action.

Your fascinating and forbidden bottom is suddenly there for my close up scrutiny and pleasure. The main features are upside down now, ass above, pussy below, another entire landscape to learn. I nip playfully at each ass cheek in turn, and you wiggle your appreciation. The short bridge of flesh from anus to vulva invites inspection, and of course I accept the invitation, licking, sucking, pulling on little hairs with my teeth. Your dick sucking and rhythmic pumping continue.

Soon you arch your back a little, which elevates your ass out of reach, and presents your pussy to me more directly, another invitation I just cannot refuse. You are still pink and swollen, still quivering from earlier, awash with juices. I lick off the excess, and it is immediately replaced. Your clit is too far away to reach, but there is plenty left to pleasure besides. I can barely keep up with your flowing juices.

Meanwhile, you are pumping my dick vigorously with your hand, and in no time at all I am headed toward an inevitable eruption. I warn you, "Baby, I'm coming!"

"I know, I know!" you say playfully, removing me slowly from your mouth, but continuing to jack me off. You giggle as I pulse great quantities of fluid forcefully onto your neck, your chest, my own belly, the entire lower area between us. When the reflex action subsides, you take me into your mouth again, this time licking and caressing gently.

"How was that?" you ask with a huge grin. "Feel better now?"

"That was fantastic, baby," I reply, "sorry for the mess."

"Oh pooh!" you reply, and rub your tits around in "the mess" with exaggerated gusto. You suddenly do another 180, and are back lying on me full length, which transfers "the mess" from my belly to yours, and from your chest to mine. You initiate another wet and tongueful kiss, and I am treated to my own juices. Your joyful passion is so contagious, so totally spontaneous, that it makes everything right.

"I love you," you murmur. "And I love loving you, too."

"Oh baby," I reply, "I love you too. This is a fabulous night, and I didn't even get fucked!"

"You mean 'not yet'," you say coyly, "but you're not getting off that easy, mister!"

And so saying, we doze for a time in each other's arms, glued together with our love, momentarily spent.


I waken later with a familiar warm tingling sensation down below. You are still on top of me. You slowly rub your pussy along the under side of my erect cock, which is pinned between us. Your upper body is raised, your arms extended, your hands resting on the bed on either side of me.

"Wake up, sleepy head," you whisper when you see I am awake, "we need to have a little talk."

"It's my pleasure," I reply sleepily, "tell me what you want, baby. More fingers? More tongue? More nose?"

You lower yourself to plant a gentle kiss on my lips, and I reach for your breasts, pinching your nipples, and noticing their sticky surfaces. "We already did all that and it was great," you reply, "but I need to know if you still love me."

"Of course I still love you!" I respond in some alarm. "How could you have any doubt about that?"

"I don't know what got into me before," you continue, still caressing my cock as you rub against it. "I just had to try being a naughty little schoolgirl slut, and I'm afraid you might not like me any more, and won't want to make love to me any more." Your lips are trembling.

"Oh baby!" I exclaim. "Nothing could be further from the truth!" With a firm motion, I lift myself from under you, turning you on your side, and enclose you in my arms. You go limp beneath me, and I shower you with kisses as I talked. "There's no one right way to make love. You know that. We've been gentle and romantic, we've been noisy, we've been quiet, We've fucked in the kitchen, in the garage, and even in the laundry room for goodness sake. We've fucked while there were dogs in bed with us, while your husband was in the next room, and even while my mother was talking to me on the telephone. And now we have had another first. You were a horny Lolita and fucked my ears off. I loved it! And I love you for it! And of course I want to make love to you -- any time, any where, any way, and that's that! I'm proud of you for letting go."

"Oh baby," you blubber finally, "I am so confused. Maybe it's just from my getting off so good, and never even having you inside me, and then forgetting to help you come, you know?"

"Come on," I say, "let's take a shower and get some of this goo off of us, so we can make some more goo." You laughed, a very good sign. And we grope and tease each other all the way into the shower together.

There is a lot of handling of each other, what with the soaping, the rinsing, and the drying. We return naked to the bedroom, and you get to the bed first. You sprawl spread-eagle on it, arms and legs akimbo, that glorious smile and sparkle once again lighting up your face. What a magnificent view you are from the foot of the bed, open and inviting, radiating relaxed sexuality. Your legs lay flat on the bed, feet wide apart. One hand rests on the bed above your head, the other meanders lazily across your midsection. It sweeps a slow path from beneath one breast, drops to pull playfully at strands of your pubic hair, comes up beneath the other breast, then repeats the sweep. Can this sensual woman really be the same person as my naughty "little schoolgirl" slut lover? And if not, which do I love more?

I slowly stroke my erect dick as I contemplate the incredible beauty arrayed before me. Your eyes alternate from gazing into mine, to watching me play with myself. Your hand moves to your pussy. You dip a finger into your slit, and find moisture there. You apply a coating to each nipple, then grinning impishly, you lick your finger clean. Using two fingers, you form an inverted V, and hold your pussy lips open for my viewing pleasure. You lick your lips wetly, and smile, smile, smile. I can see your moistness plainly now, as your pelvis begins its subtle movement, now offering, now withdrawing, your precious private treasure.

In a barely audible sultry voice, you say, "Take me! Please take me! I need you inside me! I need you deep deep deep inside me!"

I move up and over you, between your thighs, gazing at your lovely form from between your legs. Your moist steamy valley, the thicket above, the rolling planes extending to your irresistible breasts, and the intensely erotic longing that crowned your presence, I drink all these things in deeply and store them indelibly.

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