tagGay MaleComing Home: Davis Brothers Ch. 06

Coming Home: Davis Brothers Ch. 06


Ben flexed his right arm at the elbow, glad to finally have the cast gone. He was over the moon at being able to use both of his hands now. He was finally back to work, driving a truck at Ace. Even though he was temporarily off the rotation for long hauls, that was fine with Ben. He could do the local transports just fine, and it kept him home with Benji. All was right in the universe as far as he was concerned.

It was a sunny Saturday afternoon and he had arranged for Lonnie to take Benji out to lunch and shopping or a movie to keep him busy for a few hours. There wasn't anything strange about that request. Benji and Lonnie had quickly become best friends over the past few weeks. The two little guys talked on the phone every day and hung out all the time. It was nice that Benji had a 'BFF' now, as Lonnie called him. It also meant that he saw more of his older brother.

Brandon had always been his best friend since they were kids. Ben couldn't recall ever seeing Brandon like this, laid-back and carefree. Ben liked hanging out with the new, happy Brandon.

As part of his plans for the big surprise, he had something he needed to take care of first, something that he didn't want Benji to know about yet. This was not a task he was looking forward to.

He put his truck into park and shut the engine off. He shifted in the seat as he reached down between his legs and adjusted his flaccid cock, pushing it down into a more comfortable angle. The head of his cock was a little sore pressing against his jeans. Ben snickered. If his cock was sore, he imagined that Benji was definitely feeling it in his ass, and that made him puff his chest out a little, and he smirked cockily. He had fucked Benji twice this morning, and twice the night before. Since he got the casts removed earlier in the week, his sex drive had kicked into high gear. Oh yeah, everything was right in the universe: Benji writhing underneath him, getting his ass pounded into the mattress on a regular basis. Just the the way it should be.

After double-checking the address against the piece of scrap paper, he let out a deep breath and got out of his truck. He walked up to the door and rang the doorbell.

The door opened and a curvy, middle-aged, bleach-blond woman with blue eye shadow and too much rouge on her cheeks answered. Before she could speak, a pudgy man pushed past her. At first sight, Ben knew it was the man he was looking for. He had Benji's height, along with his blond hair and hazel eyes, but that's where the similarities ended. He looked like he hadn't shaved in days and Ben could smell stale beer on his breath.

"Yeah?" he asked, looking up at Ben with a suspicious eye.

"Chester Carter?"

"Who wants to know?" the man asked.

"I'm Ben Davis," Ben answered, extending his hand. "I'm--"

Benji's father ignored Ben's hand as his eyes grew wide and his lip curled into a snarl. "I know who you are. What the fuck do you want?"

Ben dropped his hand and decided to get right to the point. He didn't want to play nice with the man anyway. "I need Benji's birth certificate and social security card. I don't have time to wait for the county--"

Chester snorted. "Fuck off. And tell that little faggot to do the same."

He started to slam the door in Ben's face, but Ben reached out and his big hand stopped the door cold. He was proud of himself for the restraint he had used so far, but the man was already beyond trying his patience and begging for an ass kicking. If he didn't need something from him, he wouldn't have tolerated that word used against his Benji.

"Look, I need that birth certificate. Just give it to me and I give you my word you won't have to worry about me or Benji bothering you ever again."

"I don't got it. Now go fuck yourself. Or do I need to call the cops and have you thrown off my property?"

Chester slammed the door in his face and Ben growled and flexed his fists. It was taking everything in him to not kick the door open and go caveman on his ass and beat the shit out of him, tear apart the house and take what he came for. As much as he'd like to do that, it would probably make Benji upset.

Fuck. He didn't want to wait, but it looked like he didn't have a choice. He'd probably have to ruin the surprise as well since he'd need Benji to request the official documents from the government. God damn it. There went his plans.


Brandon heard the chime of the outer door and looked up from his paperwork towards his open office door. He heard the quiet voices and giggles and didn't have to get up from his chair to know who it was. He cocked his head and tried to listen in.

After spending the day shopping, Benji and Lonnie had just arrived at the Davis & Adams Remodeling office. While Lonnie was out riding around town with Benji in Benji's little red Focus, Brandon had gone in to get caught up on some paperwork and take care of the bills.

Brandon easily recognized Lonnie's whisper. "So, if I swallow when the head starts to gag me, it'll slide in easier?"

Brandon's pen flew out of his hand and he lost his balance as he tried to grab for it and almost fell out of his chair. Surely they weren't talking about...

Brandon uprighted himself in the chair as Lonnie and Benji walked into his office. Lonnie's cheeks were flushed red, the same as Benji's. When they saw Brandon, both of them laughed nervously as if they were embarrassed. Brandon couldn't help but smile. Fuck, if Lonnie wanted to practice deep-throating cock, Brandon would be the first in line. No, he'd be the only one in line. Not that Lonnie needed practice as far as Brandon was concerned; his skills were already first rate.

Lonnie set down his shopping bags and gave Brandon a dimpled smile that almost stopped his heart. Damn, he liked seeing his Lonnie happy.

Brandon stood as Lonnie came around the desk. "You have a good time today, cupcake?" he asked.

"Yeah," Lonnie said as he put his hands on Brandon's bulky waist and pushed up onto his toes. Brandon leaned down and gave him a quick kiss on the lips. "We had fun." Lonnie brought both hands up to Brandon's face and scratched his fingers through his thick beard. "Missed you," he whispered only for Brandon's ears. Lonnie's words simultaneously warmed Brandon's core and sent his blood pumping south. Brandon gave him another longer kiss, making Lonnie moan softly against his lips.

"Hi, Brandon," Benji said from the doorway. He had a little smirk on his face as he watched Brandon and Lonnie kissing. "Aren't you guys sweet?" he said with a snicker.

Brandon didn't care that Benji was poking fun at him. He'd steal kisses from Lonnie any chance he got. If that made him 'sweet', then fuck it, he was sweet. He pulled Lonnie against his body and rested his chin on top of Lonnie's head as he looked over at Benji. "Hey, little bro. Thanks for keeping Lonnie company for me while I was at work."

"Of course. Anytime. We had a blast," he said. He turned to Lonnie. "I better go. Ben should be home by now. I'll call you later, okay? Let me know how that... thing... works out."

Lonnie's eyes widened. "Okay. Bye, Benji," Lonnie said with a nervous giggle.

Benji gave the men a quick wave and left the office.

"Did you get a lot of work done?" Lonnie asked Brandon, looking down at the papers and envelopes on Brandon's desk.

"Yup. What was that 'thing' Benji was talking about?"

Lonnie cleared his throat and his eyes darted away from Brandon's. "Nothing."

Brandon smirked. Right. "I'm all set to go."

"You know, I can help you with that stuff if you want," Lonnie said, nodding towards Brandon's desk. "I want to be able to help you, make things easier for you."

"Yeah. I'll probably hand off some of this stuff to you."

"Good. Oh," he said with a snap of his fingers as he remembered something. "We saw a really nice bedroom set today. It was on sale. Maybe we could go look at it together?"

"Sure," Brandon said as he picked up Lonnie's shopping bags. "When I asked you to look for a bedroom suit, I didn't mean you had to find something on sale. I want you to get something nice, something we'll both like. As long as the bed is big and really sturdy." Brandon gave Lonnie a quick wink.

"Oh my god," Lonnie muttered as he rolled his eyes. "Subtle."

"While we're there, I'd like to look for living room furniture, too. We need a couch. So did you find some good stuff?" he asked as he peeked into the bags.

"Just a few things for the house, some curtains for the bedroom, a doggy bed for Ricky, and a pair of pants and a shirt that were on clearance."

Brandon locked up the office, put his arm around Lonnie and walked to the truck. Brandon opened the passenger door and helped Lonnie up into the cab. After he put Lonnie's purchases into the back seat, he walked around to the driver's side.

Lonnie looked over at his man as he got into the truck. After Brandon backed the truck out and pulled onto the street, he reached over and laced his fingers with Lonnie's, holding his hand while he drove.

They had been together for almost two months now. Lonnie was madly in love with Brandon and things were so great between them, better than Lonnie ever could have imagined. He was still amazed at how Brandon's 'coming out' was a non-event. He had expected the macho guy to want to hide in the closet, but not Brandon. Brandon didn't hesitate to tell anyone who asked that Lonnie was his boyfriend. He was even 'touchy-feely' in public. Once Lonnie got used to the PDA, he found that he liked it. He had once accused Brandon of being a coward, scared of what others thought. Knowing Brandon better, he realized that wasn't true at all. Brandon couldn't care less what other people thought of him. Lonnie strived to be more like Brandon in that regard.

It was about a week after Lonnie moved in that Brandon took him on what he considered a 'real date'. They decided to go simple and easy. They went out to dinner together at a local Japanese steakhouse, then caught a movie.

The hibachi style restaurant wasn't exactly authentic Japanese like his Mom used to take him to, but it was fun watching the chef cook at their table and the food was good. And Lonnie even got Brandon to try sushi, something the big man swore up and down that he'd never eat. Lonnie knew that Brandon was loathe to admit it, simply because it would be bad for his image, but Brandon actually enjoyed it.

On that day, the older man had on that ever-present beat-up Browning ball cap and a pair of Oakley knockoff sunglasses, a flannel shirt over a wifebeater, worn-out jeans and his big-as-hell work boots. He looked so comfortable, so macho that it made Lonnie feel a little bit self-conscious. He had worn a black fitted shirt and a pair of jeans. Standing next to each other, they must have looked like an odd couple, total opposites.

Despite his redneck image, Brandon was quite the gentleman. He opened doors for Lonnie and helped him into his chair. It was weird since they were both guys, but Lonnie found that it was kind of nice, too. After dinner, Brandon put his hand on his back as they walked out of the restaurant. Brandon seemed oblivious to the looks that people were giving the pair.

As they stood in front of the movie theater box office, Brandon's hand slid down the small of Lonnie's back, resting just on the swell of his ass. Brandon leaned down and spoke softly towards his ear, while they discussed which movie they wanted to see. Lonnie knew that this time Brandon didn't miss the muttered comments and nasty looks from a group of men walking past them. Brandon didn't flinch and he didn't back off. The heated look he gave them just dared them to say something. Given Brandon's size and appearance, they would have to be damned fools to say anything to their face.

Lonnie looked up at Brandon and met his eyes with a smile. The way Brandon looked down at him, his eyes were filled with such affection, Lonnie thought that Brandon was going to actually kiss him right then and there. Lonnie's cheeks pinkened at the thought and Brandon's mouth turned up in a smirk as he watched him. Feeling safe and treasured, Lonnie cuddled in closer to Brandon, and happily agreed to Brandon's choice of a big-budget action movie.

That was when Lonnie realized that Brandon knew exactly what he was doing. He knew that people were watching or whispering about them. Brandon was trying to make a point to Lonnie. He wanted to be in a relationship with Lonnie and he just didn't care what other people thought. It was only him and Lonnie that mattered. Lonnie admired him for that and it inspired him to be a little braver himself. It also helped him to be more confident in their relationship.

Lonnie smiled at the memory and gave Brandon's hand a little squeeze. Brandon looked over at Lonnie and smiled. He pulled Lonnie's hand up to his mouth and gave the back of his knuckles two quick kisses.

Once they got into the house, Brandon tossed his keys and cap onto the table at the door. He scratched his fingers over his short hair.

"Gotta pee!" Lonnie groaned as he raced through the house.

Ricky yapped at him as he ran past, then ran up to Brandon and bounced around in circles, yipping happily that his daddies were home. Brandon scooped the little dog up and gave him a kiss on the top of his head. Ricky squirmed around until Brandon nearly dropped him.

He set the little dog down with a laugh. After petting and loving on him a little more, Brandon took him out into the yard to do his business.

No sooner had Brandon stepped inside, when Lonnie yawned and stretched his arms over his head. "I think I could use a nap."

A smile crept over Brandon's mouth. That was Lonnie's way of getting Brandon into the bedroom. And that meant that Lonnie wanted to fool around. "Me, too."

Brandon shut the bedroom door behind him, leaving a highly annoyed Ricky in the hallway.

Lonnie quickly got naked and pushed back the covers and climbed onto the bed. "C'mere, stud," he whispered.

Brandon didn't need to be told twice. He shucked his clothes in record time, tossed his cell phone on the night table, and pounced on Lonnie, making the flimsy bed frame creak in protest. Damn, they needed a new bed.

Lonnie managed to roll Brandon onto his back, and then slid down his body.

"Fuck," Brandon groaned as Lonnie's hot mouth surrounded his cock. He quickly stiffened to full bone as Lonnie proceeded to relentlessly suck him dry, expertly milking him with his mouth and hand.

When Brandon felt an extra inch slide into Lonnie's throat, deeper than he'd ever gone before, he gripped Lonnie's hair in his fist and shouted his name as he pumped his mouth full of come. He felt Lonnie's jerking hand movements against his leg and then warm splashes of liquid soaked the hairs on his leg, accompanied by Lonnie's soft moans around his cock.

Lonnie let Brandon's spent dick fall out of his mouth with a plop. He crawled up to the head of the bed and flopped onto his back, with his head on his pillows. "Whew."

Yeah, whew. Brandon was so sated, he didn't even care that his leg was covered in Lonnie's rapidly cooling spunk.

"You came quick," Lonnie said.

"Yeah. You're just too fucking good at that."

Brandon rolled onto his side. He rested his head on his hand and looked down at Lonnie. He rubbed his finger down the middle of Lonnie's chest to his belly button. "So, what was all that for?"

"No special reason," he replied with a shrug. "Just missed you is all."

Damn, his cupcake was a sweetheart. Brandon dipped his head down and kissed Lonnie, sweeping his tongue into Lonnie's mouth. He tasted the remnants of his own semen and pulled away, licking and smacking his lips with an unhappy frown. Lonnie looked back at him and snickered as Brandon wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

"Hey, you don't see me complaining when you shoot my mouth full of the stuff. A little bit won't hurt you."

Brandon licked his lips once more. "I guess it's not that bad. It's more the thought of it."

Lonnie reached over and began rubbing Brandon's belly with his hand, letting his fingertips brush through the hair and run over the warm skin.

Brandon stared down at Lonnie for a moment. "You know I was thinking... You need to call your mom, cupcake."

That was not what Lonnie was expecting Brandon to say at this particular moment. He sat up and looked at Brandon like he was crazy. "Wha-huh?"

"Yeah. I think you should start calling her once a week at least, to talk for as long as you want, no matter the cost."

Lonnie started to argue how expensive international calls were, but then Brandon said, "She's your mom, cupcake. You'll regret it for the rest of your life if you don't take this opportunity to keep in contact with her."

Knowing Brandon's situation with his own mother, there was no way he could argue with him. Lonnie pressed his hand to Brandon's bearded cheek and leaned in and kissed the big man. He took the offered cell phone and sat back on their bed to make the call.

He hadn't realized how much he missed his mom until he heard her voice. When he started to get emotional, Brandon moved around the bed and moved up behind him. Brandon sat with his back against the wall and moved Lonnie so that he was sitting between his thighs, resting back against his chest.

Lonnie didn't tell his mom about the situation with his dad because he didn't want her to worry. But he told her all about Brandon, how much he loved him and how happy he was living with him. He told her about his new job, and she gushed on and on, making it sound like he ran the office, when all he did was answer the phones and did the computer work. And all the while, Brandon held him tight, comforting him and pressing gentle kisses to his head.

She even talked to Brandon for a few minutes, telling him embarrassing stories about when he was little, like the time when he was a toddler and he pulled off all of his clothes and his diaper and ran stark naked through the aisles at Target. It moved Lonnie to hear the two of them laughing together on the phone.

After Lonnie promised to call again in a week and hung up, he and Brandon sat in silence for a while until Brandon said, "We should go to Japan and visit someday. I bet it would be nice there. Maybe this winter, you think, after Christmas?"

Lonnie turned around and sat back on his knees and looked at Brandon in amazement. He leaned in and placed tender kisses on his lips, making sure that Brandon knew that he was loved. "I love you," Lonnie told him, whispered against his lips. "My big teddy bear."

Brandon slid his tongue into Lonnie's mouth and slowly, deeply loved him back.

The pair settled into the bed and Lonnie pulled the blankets up around them. He settled onto Brandon's chest. He softly stroked Brandon's chest fur as he listened to the man's soft snores.

It was all so perfect.


The only thing that was missing were those three little words. In all this time, Brandon still hadn't said that he loved Lonnie. Lonnie promised to be patient and didn't want to push, but still... He told Brandon he loved him all the time. He was sure that Brandon was in love with him, but it would be nice to hear it back at least once.


When he heard the clomping of heavy cowboy boots step into his office, Benji lifted his head from his computer and smiled at his partner. He looked over at the clock and saw that it was after 5:00. "Oh, wow. I've been so swamped, I didn't even realize what time it was. Mondays suck."

"No problem," Ben said. "I was running a little late. I had a big load to deliver."

Benji smiled and lowered his voice. "Oh, too bad. I was kinda hoping that I'd get your big load delivery tonight."

"You little dirty-mouthed slut," Ben laughed out loud. "I might just have to wash your mouth out... with one of my big loads."

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