tagMind ControlComing Into His Own Ch. 04

Coming Into His Own Ch. 04


AUTHOR'S NOTE: The truth about Thomas' ring.

LEGALESE: Don't read this if you are underage, if it is illegal in your area, if it is offensive to you, or if you cannot distinguish fiction from reality.

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Copyright (c) 2013 by PhantomOp

After the shock of Angie's reaction, and the time and energy Thomas had to spend helping her calm down, he was grateful for the assistance that Browne, Holt, Banks and Simmons provided on their arrival at Heathrow. Thomas and Angie were met at the gate by one of the firm's paralegals, Harrison Marshall. Harry, as he preferred to be called, had expedited the immigration checkpoint for them by having their landing cards ready to sign, as well as guiding them to a Border Force station reserved for VIPs and sponsored guests. In much less time than he imagined, Thomas and Angie were seated in the back of a limousine with Harry serving as impromptu tour guide on their way to the hotel.

Christ, I know he means well, but after all the things I've just been through, I don't think I can take a cheerful tour guide yammering away about everything we pass. Harry, I want you to not be so talkative right now. It's not you, I've just had a bad day. Whatever Thomas had hoped to cause with those thoughts, he was not prepared for the results he got. Harry paused in his running narrative, looked Thomas in the eye, and quietly said, "My apologies, Mr. Crawford. My enthusiasm at being chosen to meet you got the better of me. I can assure you that it will not happen again. Although, you didn't have to use those means to gain my cooperation. You could have simply asked."

Thomas gaped at the man. Everything he thought he knew about what was happening to him went out the window with that one simple statement. While he was by no means fully versed in what he was able to do ever since he got the ring, he had been certain before today that he was able to quietly and completely influence someone sitting close to him, as Harry was. Instead of reassuring him that he was not some freak, it brought Thomas to a level of self-doubt he had not experienced before.

Harry favored Thomas with a smile, guessing at the young man's current emotional state, and said simply, "You are not the first Választott I have met, Mr. Crawford. I just happen to be far more aware of what is in my mind, and what isn't, than most people." The paralegal's cryptic comment did little to settle Thomas' discomfort. The events of his life had long since surpassed strange, taken a sharp left at bizarre, and then plunged directly down into You-have-got-to-be-fucking-kidding-me-ville. Thomas was as much unsettled by the lack of Harry's response to his thoughts, as he was by the man's usage of a term he had only heard in his dreams.

Angie, who had been quietly observing the scenery outside the limousine, turned and looked at Thomas, her electric-blue eyes wide and innocent as she asked, "What's a Választott, Master?"

The remainder of the ride to the hotel was a blur to Thomas, who sat with his head in his hands, wondering just how his life had taken all these twists at once. He thought about when it all started, and recalled the ring once again. Growing frustrated with the whirlwind of changes in his mind and the people around him, Thomas once again tried to take off the ring, hoping that it would make everything stop. As he tugged at it, another massive migraine slammed into his head, leaving him dazed. He could barely see or hear anything about him. Thomas knew that Harry and Angie were trying to talk to him, but their words faded away under the waves of pain.

"Mr. Crawford, please don't bring harm to yourself like that. The ring is there to..."

"Master, are you okay? Please be okay! I love..."

Thomas shut his eyes, and the pain seemed to lessen slightly. The limousine pulled up to the hotel, and Angie and Harry helped him get out, putting his arms around their shoulders and half dragging him in. Harry spoke to the desk clerk, informing her that Mr. Crawford and his companion had arrived, though Mr. Crawford was a bit under the weather from the long flight. The clerk signaled a pair of porters to help Mr. Crawford to his room, then turned back to Harry to complete the paperwork for Thomas' check-in.

One of the porters took Harry's position at Thomas' side, while the other one retrieved the luggage from the limousine. Angie and the porter got Thomas into the elevator, and Angie steadied him as the porter used the key for the fifth floor penthouse. When the door opened, Angie gasped in surprise and awe. She had never seen a hotel room as opulently appointed as this one. Furnishings, china, silverware, and fixtures all spoke of an elegant, highly refined, and probably extremely expensive eye for details. She wanted to look more later, but her first concern was beginning to stir and groan beside her. She looked at Thomas with love and concern in her eyes and said, "I'm right here, Master. I'll take care of you."

Angie got Thomas onto the turned down bed and thanked the porter for his assistance. Nodding to her as he took his leave, the porter shut the door to the bedroom as he stepped out. Angie began to carefully and lovingly remove Thomas' clothes, her only concern being his comfort and care. Soon she had Thomas completely undressed and settled on the bed. After drawing the drapes to help darken the room against the midday sun, she set the air conditioner to low cool and quickly undressed herself before slipping into bed with Thomas, spooning behind him, and wrapping her arms around him in an effort to comfort him and ease his pain.


Thomas woke several hours later, the migraine having finally dissipated. As he became aware of his surroundings, he felt the pleasurable warmth of Angie spooned behind him, her right hand holding his cock reverently, lightly stroking it. Thomas felt wetness on his shoulder, and slowly turned to look at Angie, seeing the tears streaming out of the corners of her tightly closed eyes. As soon as she felt his movement, Angie's eyes flew open wide. He could see that she was holding her breath, as though she were afraid he might break if she moved.

"Master? MASTER!!! Oh my god, I was so scared Master, I was afraid you were dying, and I'd be here all alone without you. I love you so much, Master, and I can't bear to think of what would happen if you weren't here anymore." Angie began to punctuate her words with kisses and caresses, her need for Thomas only second to the absolute love that shone in her azure eyes. "You're going to be all right, aren't you, Master? What happened to you? I was looking at the scenery outside the limo, and then when I turned to look at you, you were as pale as a ghost. Next thing, you just slumped over in your seat, and wouldn't respond to anything. Please tell me you're going to be all right, Master. I have been so scared for you."

Thomas' mind raced as he listened to Angie. Whether or not it was what he intended, it was apparent from the way she addressed him that Angie saw Thomas as her Master. OK, Thomas, time to man up and deal with what's in front of you. No more trying to make things go away and pretend this isn't happening. Thomas hoped his mental pep talk would help. Yes, I am way out of my element here, but I also have to think about how this is affecting Angie. Until I can get some answers, I am just going to have to accept how she feels. I am pretty sure that if I tried to think my way out of this, I'd only end up with another migraine, or scramble her mind, or some other equally unpleasant prospect.

Thomas laid his hand against Angie's face, and gently caressed her cheek. He smiled softly as she visibly relaxed, relief apparent in her eyes. "Angie, sweetie, I have no idea exactly what has happened on this trip so far, but I can assure you that what hit me in the limo was a really nasty migraine, not something fatal." He pressed his fingertip to Angie's lips softly to silence her, as she started to ask more questions. "I am so sorry that what happened frightened you as it did. I'm much better, in large part due to the way you took such good care of me. If you hadn't gotten me into a dark, cool room my migraine would probably still be throbbing in my skull. And I have to say, waking up with a beautiful girl wrapped around me is one of the best things I have ever felt."

"Master, you mean everything to me! Of course I took care of you -- I couldn't imagine letting you suffer if there was anything I could do." Angie smiled at him, and the happiness that radiated from her infused Thomas, though her words brought more questions to his mind.

"That brings up another thing I need to ask you about, Angie. I remember in the limo, just before my migraine hit, you called me Master for the first time. I'm a little concerned about this change, and I need to hear from you how you feel about all this."

Angie's smile faded slightly, as she began to fear the worst. "Please don't send me away Master!" Her eyes began to brim with tears, until Thomas gently lifted her chin with his fingertip, smiled at her, and then kissed her softly on the lips. As the kiss ended, Angie's smile returned. "Thank you, Master." Angie took a few moments to compose her thoughts. "I know that everything has been so sudden, and I have been over this hundreds of times in my mind, trying to figure out what has happened. I remember the night you came to the restaurant with your mom. When I saw the two of you being seated in my area, I got a little thrill of excitement. You were by far the cutest guy in the place, Master."

She smiled shyly at Thomas before continuing. "Much of the evening was a blur, though I remember getting aroused whenever I got to be near your table. I had this really vivid fantasy of stripping off my top and sitting on your lap, letting you have your way with me. The next thing I remember, I was back in the bathroom, fingering myself because the idea turned me on so much. When Emil gave me your card, I just know he had to smell the sex in the air, because he caught me just outside the bathroom. I raced up front, hoping you hadn't left yet. When you invited me to take this trip, it was like a dream come true, even though I know it was impulsive and crazy. I mean, I barely knew you then, Master! But I didn't think about anything other than getting to spend some time with you."

Angie leaned in and kissed Thomas lightly on the lips, then backed away to look at him as she went on. "The trip has been incredible so far, with limos and first-class seating and this amazing hotel. I know things got strange on the plane, but it was so hot at the same time, Master. I wanted you so bad, and it was incredible, but then I got freaked out and mad and thought that you were doing things to my head. I thought I was losing my mind, and then you said the words that saved me. You told me that I belonged to you, and that you would never just use me." Angie smiles radiantly as she recalled the words. "And that's when I knew that everything would be fine, as long as you owned me."

Thomas tried to think back to what he had said to Angie on the plane, and how she could have interpreted it as him owning her. When he realized that he had said " I am enjoying having you with me, but I will never just 'use' you" and coupled that with the dream voice telling him that he was indenturing her, it made sense -- perhaps an extremely out-of-the-ordinary kind of sense, but it at least gave Thomas a frame of reference. If someone had told me before my birthday that I would be able to affect people with my thoughts, and end up 'owning' an absolutely hot girl, I would have said they were crazy. Now it's my own sanity that I keep questioning.

Regardless of his personal feelings, Thomas knew he could not hurt Angie by rejecting what she believed. He turned to look directly into her eyes, and softly said, "Angie, this is all very new to me, but I will do my best to take care of you properly. I can't promise that I will not get things wrong at times, but I can promise that I will do everything in my power to fix whatever I am able to fix. Since you have already accepted this as your reality, is there anything you can think of that I should be doing as your Master?"

Angie smiled seductively at his words, and told him without words what a good Master should do with a willing slave. Kissing her way down his chest, stopping to flick her tongue across his nipples, kissing and licking lower and lower until she reached a spot just above his quickly hardening cock, Angie silently explained to her Master that her need was to be used by him, to be found pleasing to him. Sinking to her knees before him, Angie looked at Thomas with a gaze that exuded raw lust, then slowly engulfed the head of his cock with her lips.

Thomas moaned in sheer pleasure as she swirled her tongue around the head of his cock, before slowly beginning to bob her head up and down, her right hand fondling his balls as her left hand stroked his shaft. The sensations Angie gave him were nearly impossible to describe, as words like "amazing", "incredible", and " awesome" were too poor to convey the magnitude of pleasure Thomas was receiving. Angie changed speed and movement regularly, so that Thomas could never predict what she would do next. Just when he started to think that it was impossible for Angie to do any better, she began to hum as she sucked his cock. With that, Thomas could no longer hold back, and succumbed to the ministrations of the self-proclaimed slave at his feet, erupting in orgasmic bliss as Angie gulped every bit of his semen.

Dazed, Thomas lay back on the bed, unable to believe what had just happened. Angie smiled, though her expression was one of amazement as well. "Master, I've never done that before!"

Thomas looked at her with disbelief. You've never given head before? I find that hard to accept, as talented as you are."

Angie giggled lightly. "No, that's not what I meant, Master. I've given head a lot to my old boyfriend, but I never let him or anyone cum in my mouth. I thought I would gag, or it would taste funny." She licked her lips and grinned up at Thomas. "But I have to tell you, you tasted yummy!"


Thomas lay on the bed with Angie, holding her close and relaxing, basking in the afterglow of the most amazing sexual experience he had ever had. The reverie was all too soon broken by the ringing of the telephone.

With a touch of annoyance at being disturbed, he answered the phone. "Thomas speaking."

Harry's voice greeted his ears. "Ah, Mr. Crawford, you sound much better than you did when we arrived at the hotel. I trust the rest and quiet was beneficial?"

"Yes, Harry, I do feel much better after the rest, and Angie's ministrations." Thomas chuckled to himself, thinking that he would soon be ready for more of Angie's attentions, as well as return the pleasure she gave him.

"That's good, Mr. Crawford. I hated to call and bother you, but I felt it important to go over the schedule for tomorrow if you were up to it. I have taken the liberty of making a reservation at Thirty-Six for dinner. I hope that 7 o'clock will be suitable for you?"

Thomas glanced at the clock, noting that it was half past five P.M. "Yes, I think that should work. Is there a particular dress code of which I should be aware?"

"A dinner jacket and tie for you, sir, and a nice cocktail dress for the lady."

Thomas was relieved that Harry had included Angie, as it would likely not be a working dinner with her present. "Very good, Harry. We will see you downstairs in an hour."


The last of the dinner dishes had been cleared from the table, and Thomas sat back in his seat, sipping his coffee. Harry had briefly outlined the meeting agenda for tomorrow, but those details were not foremost on Thomas' mind. It was an almost-offhanded comment that Harry made that was puzzling him. "Harry, I'm just a little out of my depth here. Can you please tell me again what you were saying about this ring in the limousine?"

Harry gave a slight smile, tugged at the collar of his shirt, and glanced at Thomas, before looking away again. "I'm afraid I really shouldn't have spoken out of turn, Mr. Crawford, but I was rather concerned with your well being. Mr. Browne wanted to be the one to explain the details about the ring to you, along with a number of other related matters, as he had been one of your grandfather's oldest friends. I certainly hope that he will forgive my indiscretion. I will tell some of the details of the ring, but will ask that you permit Mr. Browne to complete the description." Thomas nodded his assent to this.

"Very good, sir. The ring is a family heirloom, one that has been used by your family for generations. When a Választott turns 21, the elder male of the family has used that ring in a ceremonial ritual to mark the young man's coming into his own as a Választott. Those things that you have discovered for yourself since placing the ring on your finger are things that are normally explained to boys when they are young, and learned slowly. The fact that you have been "awakened" all at once is highly unusual, and so the ring serves to help dampen the full range of your talents until you can be properly instructed. Once that has been accomplished, you will be able to freely remove the ring without suffering any further ill effects."

Thomas sat, once again a bit stunned by Harry's using a term that previously had only been heard in a dream. Thomas asked Harry, echoing Angie's earlier question in the limo, "What exactly is a Választott?"

Harry smiled enigmatically, and said, "Well, Mr. Crawford, you are. I will leave the full explanation to Mr. Browne, sir, and I ask that you let that suffice for now."

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