tagMind ControlComing Into His Own Ch. 05

Coming Into His Own Ch. 05


AUTHOR'S NOTE: Thomas learns more in London.

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Thomas lay in bed, thoughts of his impending meeting with Alexander Browne racing through his mind. The possibility that he would finally have some answers was in equal measures thrilling and terrifying. Thomas would be grateful to know what was actually happening to him, though he could not help but worry about the way that he seemed to be able to affect others so easily. Lord Acton's words about power corrupting gave fuel to this worry. Thomas told himself that there was little to be done about his current situation until he learned more, and finally drifted off to sleep, where he dreamed about friends from college.


Sheri and a few of her friends from Dr. Portillo's psych class got together at the Arts Garage for a girl's night out. The Arts Garage was one of their favorite hangouts, as it had a variety of artists and entertainments styles, including music, dance, spoken word, comedy, and theater. In short, it was a perfect place to go with no expectations and be truly amazed at what was happening any given night.

Sheri flagged down one of the servers, and ordered a round of Pabst Blue Ribbon for the girls. Renae and Brenda decided to check out the dance floor, while Joy, Marilyn and Kelly stayed at the table with Sheri to chat and drink. "So, Sheri, tell me about this mystery guy you've got all dreamy over," said Kelly with a smirk and a wink. Sheri blushed hotly as she thought back to her encounter with Thomas the day that Dr. Portillo let them off the hook on the essay.

"He's no mystery guy. Tom is in Doc P's class with us. I had talked with him about assignments before, and we went out with a group of friends, but we have never dated. I think he's cute, and I'd go out with him if he asked me, but so far he hasn't."

Marilyn spoke up, "Tom? You mean the guy that had the balls to ask Doc Portillo about getting out of the essay? OK, I can see the attraction, but what changed to make you so hung up on him?"

Sheri blushed again. "Well, you guys know that my scholarship kinda depends on me keeping a good grade in my psych classes, so I was very happy to have dodged the bullet on that essay. I was not well prepared for writing that day, and when I saw the essay sign on the board, I was a little panicked. Dr. Portillo is nice and all, but if I'd have done poorly on that assignment, it could have dropped my grade low enough that I would have jeopardized my scholarship. When Tom got us out of the essay, I wanted to thank him for saving my ass."

Joy snickered as she asked, "What didja do to thank him? Give him a beej?" Kelly and Marilyn joined in laughing about the idea, until one look at Sheri told them that Joy's comment was way too close for comfort.

"Damn, Sheri, I was just joking when I asked that. I had no idea...."

"Well, I didn't start out to do that. I just wanted to tell Tom thanks, and maybe make him dinner to show my gratitude. Plus, I figured if I he was the shy type, me asking him to come over for dinner might break the ice. I was just working up to asking him about dinner, when the urge to get a little freaky came over me. The next thing you know, I'm pulling him into one of the empty labs and swallowing his cock like it was the last meal on earth. God, I hope he doesn't think I'm a total slut now."

Marilyn patted Sheri's shoulder. "Hun, if he does think that, he doesn't deserve to date you anyway. And think of it like this -- you have a 'wild college girl' story to tell later on."

Sheri nodded at Marilyn's words, though her thoughts kept going back to Thomas and how hot being with him had made her. She took another sip from her PBR, then slid the can along her neck and down the front of her top to try and help her cool down. Just then, Renae and Brenda came back from the dance floor. Brenda grabbed a beer and took a long drink, then said to the group, "Damn, it's crazy on the floor tonight. I thought it was gonna be performance art night, but this is just unbelievable!"

Renae took a drink, her face flushed and glowing with a light sheen of perspiration. Always the wild child of the bunch, it was no surprise to the group that Renae had shed her blouse while dancing, and was now only wearing her sports bra and her mini skirt.

"I thought Brenda was going to flip out when she saw the pole in the center of the dance floor, but she held it together pretty well -- at least until I walked over to it and started dancing, that is. Turns out that tonight's performance art is all about audience participation. The DJ is playing what he calls his 'pole dance monster mix', and waiting to see which girl is going to take the bait and pole dance."

"Renae gave them an eyeful too, when she started dancing. Girl, if I didn't know any better, I'd say there's a stripper hiding inside you, waiting to get out! Remind me to check our closet for tacky stripper shoes when we get home. Anyway, Renae walks up to the pole like she grew up on one, and starts dancing and grinding like crazy. What really sent things over the top was when she went way up on the pole, held on with her thighs, and took off her blouse. I thought for sure the guys on the floor were going to start throwing dollar bills! Of course, I was getting a bit worked up myself. It's a good thing she stopped when she did, or I might have raped her right there on the dance floor."

"Now come on, Brenda, you know you can't rape the willing!" All the girls laughed at this, knowing that if Brenda had made a move on Renae there on the floor, it would have been welcomed, and would only have been a preview of what was in store when they got home.

"I could go back out there and dance a little more, Bren -- we could always bring home a little boy-toy to add to the fun."

"Not tonight, sweetie, this is our date night. Maybe next time we can do that, but tonight you're all mine!"

Renae purred happily to herself. Brenda wasn't the jealous type, but it was still nice to know that she had the same desires.

"Did anyone see where Sheri went? I bet all this talk got her hot and bothered for her mystery man."

"Renae, he's no mystery guy. She's got the hots for Tom Crawford, one of the guys in our class. I was teasing her about giving him a 'happy ending' kind of thank you for getting us out of that essay, and it turns out that's really what happened."

"No shit?!? Lucky guy. Lucky Sheri, too -- he's pretty hot himself. Anywho, that still doesn't solve where little miss Sheri has disappeared to."

While the girls were talking about Renae's show on the dance floor, Sheri's thoughts drifted off to what it might be like to pole dance for Thomas. Figuring this was a great opportunity to see how it was done, she headed off for the dance floor, determined to make the most of this chance. When she got there, she was a bit disappointed to see that no one was currently occupying the pole. Sheri stood off to one side, watching the people on the floor dance, and waiting to see who would be the next willing participant in tonight's performance art.

After about ten minutes of waiting, Sheri was about to give up and head back to her friends, when the opening beats of Nine Inch Nails' "Closer" came pouring out of the speakers. Sheri walked up to the pole, grasping it in her left hand, and slowly began to twirl around it, before starting to grind the pole as the chorus proclaimed "I wanna fuck you like an animal, I wanna feel you from the inside". Slowly, Sheri began to unbutton her blouse, letting it fall open and reveal her lacy black push-up bra. She kept dancing, flailing her head side to side with the beat, her blonde hair whipping around her erotically as she shrugged off the blouse. Sheri continued to dance and grind, imagining that Thomas' eyes were devouring her as she moved. Soon, her hands move to the back of her miniskirt, and she unzipped it, letting it slide down her shapely legs before pooling on the floor at her feet. Sheri stepped out of the skirt, her right foot kicking up and launching the garment so she could catch it and toss it to the side with her blouse.

Nothing existed for Sheri but the music, the pole, and the image of Thomas watching her. She grabbed the pole again with both hands, and began to grind against it once more, keeping beat with the music. Sheri danced and swayed her heart out, picturing Thomas taking her at the end of the song and having his way with her. Just as the song ended, she closed her eyes and shuddered against the pole as an orgasm washed over her. Opening her eyes, Sheri saw the entire crowd watching her with expressions that ranged from surprise to admiration to out-and-out lust. Unselfconsciously, she picked up her skirt and blouse, got dressed, and walked back towards the table where her friends had been sitting.

"Damn, girl, that was hot! Tom better watch out when he gets back, because I think Miss Secret Freak plans to do a little dancing on his pole!"

"Have you been taking lessons? You looked so good out there, I can't believe that it was all just natural moves."

The girls kept chattering on about Sheri's dance, and she smiled at them, still surprised that she did something so daring. All at once, the full realization of what she did hit her, and her face burned crimson with embarrassment. Sheri was no prude, but stripping to her bra and panties in front of a crowd was not something she had ever imagined she would do. She looked at her watch, and seeing that it was 1 a.m., used the late hour as an excuse to leave and deal with her sudden shock.


Thomas yawned as he turned off the alarm clock. I thought England was supposed to be a more civilized country. Why would anyone make me have to get up at 6 a.m. for some meeting at 9 with the lawyers? Thomas' ill humor at the hour did not last long, as he felt Angie's nude body move against him. Watching Angie wake up was worth the earliness of the hour.

"Good morning, Master! Did you sleep well? This bed is soooo comfy!"

"Yes, Angie, I did sleep well. I remember having a dream about some of the girls from school just before I woke up, but I can't recall any details. Other than that, I slept like a rock after a certain sex kitten took it upon herself to see if she could re-enact the entire Kama Sutra in one session." Thomas grinned at her as Angie began to blush. "Mind you, I'm not complaining I the least. I just hope they have some strong coffee to help me stay awake through this meeting."

"Master, I did not mean to make you overly tired. Please don't be upset with -- mmmmmpfh." Thomas silenced her apology with a deep kiss that told her all was well, and that he rather liked the reason he was tired this morning. He smiled down at the auburn-haired beauty beneath him, and began kissing his way down her body. Angie gasped with arousal as Thomas took first one nipple then the other between his lips, sucking them and lightly nipping them with his teeth. "Oh damn, Master, that feels so good!" Thomas continued kissing his way down her body, tasting the sweetness of her skin as he licked and nibbled his way across her belly and down one thigh. He then started kissing and nibbling his way back up, until Sheri shuddered in anticipation as she felt the heat of his breath caress her damp labia.

Thomas flicked the tip of his tongue across Angie's swollen clit, silently chuckling to himself as her body jumped as though electrified. I wonder, can I enhance her responses by thinking them into being? Only one way to know for sure. I'd like to see what happens if Angie's clit became twice as sensitive to my tongue. Thomas flicked his tongue across her clit once more, and nearly got his neck broken for his efforts. Angie bucked and thrashed, screaming out her orgasm as her thighs clamped around Thomas' ears. "M-m-m-master, oh My GOD!!!!!!! What did you just do? No, don't stop! That felt so good I thought I was going to die from the sensations, but don't stop please, Master!"

Thomas continued to use his tongue on her hyper sensitive clit, while sliding two fingers into her drenched cunt, crooking them upwards and finding her G-spot. Angie continued to writhe and scream in ecstasy as he drove her to orgasm after orgasm before finally letting her collapse back on the bed. Angie lay there, gasping for air, her eyes glowing with lust for Thomas.

"Just you... wait for me... to catch... my breath... Master...."

Thomas grinned down at her.

"Maybe I'd prefer to take advantage of you while you're short of breath, like THIS!" He punctuated his final word by thrusting his cock fully into Angie's still-clenching cunt, watching with pleasure as her eyes snapped fully open and her legs wrapped round his waist. "Is this what you want, my sweet little sex slave? To have your Master use your body for his pleasure, and leave you too weak to move?"

Angie could only nod, as she had tried to scream out her pleasure, but found that she was beyond words. Thomas took hold of her hips, and began to fuck her in earnest, varying his strokes from long, slow, deep ones to rapid pistoning ones. As Angie continued to thrash in orgasm underneath him, Thomas knew that he would not last much longer, and in a low, guttural growl he thrust deeply one last time and flooded Angie's cunt with his thick cum.


Showered and dressed after their morning's diversions, Thomas and Angie met Harry downstairs and ate a quick breakfast before the limousine arrived to take them to the offices of Browne, Holt, Banks and Simmons. Harry went over a few of the more mundane details of the meeting ahead, but just smiled and politely dismissed Thomas' questions about the Választott, the ring, or anything to do with the powers Thomas had developed. Mildly frustrated, Thomas grumbled at Harry as they rode to the meeting.

"Talk about attorney-client privilege to the extreme...."

Harry smiled warmly at that and said, "Well, Mr. Crawford, not to put too fine a point on things, but you are not yet a client of the firm. Today's meeting will rectify that, and then I will be at complete liberty to discuss these matters with you."

As much as it frustrated Thomas to not know, he found it comforting that the firm took its responsibilities towards their clients so seriously. He was, after all, the heir to one of their clients, but that alone was not enough to gain the information he sought.

Arriving at the office, Harry exited the limousine, then came around and opened the door for Thomas and Angie. As the three entered the building and rode the elevator to the 7th floor, Thomas noticed that Harry appeared more excited than when he met them at the airport. Well, I guess this is a big deal for everyone here. It's probably not every day they get a descendant of one of the original clients showing up, let alone one who turns out to be a mental freak that has accidentally enslaved his female travel companion.

When the elevator doors opened, Thomas saw Alexander Browne waiting for him by the reception desk. He recognized Mr. Browne from his photo on the firm's website. Thomas stepped up to the desk,extending his hand in greeting. Mr. Browne greeted him with a firm handshake and a ready smile.

"It is so good to finally meet you, Thomas. I trust your flight was a pleasant one?"

Thomas chuckled as he thought back to the flight. "It was certainly an experience like none I have ever had before, Mr. Browne. I was very grateful for the sleeping compartment, and the privacy it afforded. It would have been a bit difficult to talk my way out of trouble had we not been in private, that's for certain."

"Please, dear boy, call me Alex. I feel as though I have been a part of your family for some time, having been your grandfather's solicitor and confidant for all these years." Mr. Browne then turned to Angie, taking her hand and lifting it to his lips, gently kissing it before releasing his grasp. "You must be Angelica. I am Alexander Browne, managing director of Browne, Holt, Banks and Simmons. It is my humble pleasure to welcome you to London. Have you enjoyed your stay so far, my dear?"

Angie smiled shyly at the older gentleman. "Yes, sir, it has been an absolute dream come true to be here with Master. The flight and the hotel and the limo and everything else have made me feel like a fairy tale princess."

To his credit, Mr. Browne took the "Master" comment in stride. "That is wonderful to hear, Angelica. I wonder if I might trouble you for a bit, and borrow your Master for an important meeting?" Thomas was a bit surprised at this, as he had expected that Angie would accompany him into the meeting.

"Um, Alex? I would really prefer that Angie stay with me, if that is possible. That is, if it doesn't break any of your firm's rules or anything."

"Well of course she may attend the meeting, if you wish. I did not want to presume upon your desire in the matter, Thomas, so I allowed you the opportunity to decide what you would prefer." With that, Mr. Browne ushered the trio into the conference room, which was dominated by a massive mahogany boardroom table and elegant chairs. At one end of the table was a monitor and DVD player, along with a sheaf of paperwork.

Thomas and Angie took seats on the far side of the table, with Harry and Mr. Browne taking seats opposite them. Once they were settled in, Harry dimmed the lights as Mr. Browne started the DVD. Thomas had been expecting a video reading of the will, but to his surprise the DVD was a history of Browne, Holt, Banks and Simmons. He learned that the firm had been founded in 1873, and had been shaped by the changes in British judicial procedures. The firm prided itself on being able to handle any and all of their clients' legal needs without having to hire specialists. This provided the charter clients with a level of privacy that had been unheard of in prior years.

Thomas began to wonder why these families required such privacy in dealing with their legal matters, but did not wish to interrupt the presentation to ask. The video highlighted the advances in law that were either established by or refined by Browne, Holt, Banks and Simmons. The presentation concluded with welcoming the viewer as a new client, and provided contact details for their personal representative.

When the lights came back up, Mr. Browne slid a document across the table to Thomas. "My dear young man, this is the contract for retaining Browne, Holt, Banks and Simmons as your legal representative. It was your grandfather's wish that you would choose to do so, but that choice is entirely yours to make. If you decide not to retain the firm as your solicitors, there are documents regarding your grandfather's estate that will have to be transferred to your new firm, and they can disclose the contents to you after they have taken possession."

Thomas thought for a moment, then picked up the pen to sign the form. I might as well stay with these guys, since I don't know any other lawyers here. Besides, they have already been serving my ancestors' legal needs for a very long time, so they must be doing something right. Thomas signed the document, then returned it to Mr. Browne. "Okay, Alex, I'll keep you. So, what can you tell me about this estate?"

"I have taken the liberty of sending the financial records to your Mr. Carnahan for independent verification, as I understand that he has been retained by you as counsel in the States. I advised Mr. Carnahan that we would be meeting this morning, and asked if he would be so good as to be available for a video conference with us to verify the accuracy of the figures. He advised me that even though it would be the middle of the night for him, he would gladly be available. Shall we proceed?"

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