tagNovels and NovellasComing Into The Mob... Ch. 04

Coming Into The Mob... Ch. 04


It was almost six in the morning when Tom and I fell asleep so naturally once eleven thirty came around we were still dead to the world. Tony had tried calling Tom's phone right before then to make sure I was still there. Getting no answer Tony went back to the house to check on me... us. He found us in Tom's bed curled up to each other spooning, with Tom behind me. In all the years Tony saw Tom with women he never was found like this. His father would walk in and see Tom sleeping on one side of the bed, the women usually sleeping on the floor. Tom was a violent thrasher in his sleep and the women would be pushed off the bed. But now as Tony looked down on his son, he saw him at peace. Tom's right arm was under my head supporting it, his left around my body with his hand resting snuggly in my breast. His face was buried in the crook of my neck. I think if I would have woken up I wouldn't have been able to move without waking him. Tony cocked my gun that Tom had taken and pointed it at my head.

"Wake-ie wake-ie," in an eerie voice he called out as he kicked the bed slightly. Tom picked up head up with one eye open a t his father at the same time I opened my eyes. I flipped over Tom's body onto the floor screaming,

"NO! NO! NO! THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO BE THERE I SWEAR!" My worst fears had just come to reality. Tony started to bust up laughing upon seeing my reaction as he lowered the gun.

"Pops come on! Fuckin' A, you almost made me piss myself!" Tom yelled at his dad. Tony was still in hysterics as he sat on the bed. I was still tangled in the bed sheets, naked trying to calm down after Tony's little idea of a 'joke.' Tom turned over, petting my head.

"Sorry baby, dad thinks he's funny like that," he was so empathetic in his speaking to me. His tender touch on the side of my face helped calm me down quickly.

"Well I'm awake for the day... Thanks Tony!" I joked.

His father was practically hyperventilating from laughing so much as he gave us a good ole thumbs up. I sat up on my knees and kissed Tom delicately rubbing my nose to his. I could sense his smile. His dad finally regained composure and stood up.

"No, Jenna ya did good girl. The cops were there at eleven-thirty on the dot. They got nothing. Not even dust on the ground. So now, I want to know everything you know," he had the most serious face now, even though he was still red as a tomato from his laughter.

I nodded and smiled weakly. We met in the office a few minutes later after Tom and I dressed. Tom was proud of me for giving his family a heads up. We all sat there for two hours. I literally gave them all I had. I told them about every deposition, shred of evidence, and even how and who they get to bug houses and when that was to be expected. I wrote down dates, times, etc for them for important things to remember. Normally it would be horrible to betray one's family but I was so hurt and angry that it had been almost a week and there still was nothing about me missing. In my eyes, Tom was all I had now. That quickly I trusted him completely. I couldn't tell you why or how, I just did.

Tony requested a drink from the bar and I stopped Tom,

"No, I'll get it," smiling at him, "Sit, let me serve you both."

I got up and went to the dining room where the bar was to prepare a couple of Crown's while the men stayed and talked to each other. His father was still cautious about me but, despite who I was, liked me so far. He saw the spark in Tom's eye that he himself had when he met his wife, Tom's mother, Catherine. I brought them drinks and then excused myself to make some lunch.

As I was in the kitchen making BLT's Tom and Tony talked about me still. Tony asked Tom if he was just keeping me around out of fear or if it were something else. He shrugged and told his father I was a good fuck and I kept his stomach full. He wasn't ready to tell his father what he thought he may be feeling. He pushed his thoughts aside and started cracking jokes with his old man about my 'abilities.' I walked in while he told his dad about the first night and the van ride. His father turned and looked at me with inquiring eyes and my blushed cheeks let him know all he needed to.

"Lucky bastard," is all he said as he scoffed and got up to come and eat in the dining room.

We all sat and ate like I was never a hostage. It felt normal like I had been there for years until Nicky's longtime girlfriend came in. she always loved Tom but settled for Nicky because Tom always thought something was off about her. She was beautiful, five foot ten, a short edgy black bob, with porcelain skin and grey eyes. Small tits though and no ass. It was later learned that Monica, was born in the Bronx, New York and her father was the lead man there. She came to Chicago for school but met Nicky and Tom. School was in her past as she got in deep with 'the family business' here in Chicago. She saw me as I rose to greet her and offer her food.

With her nose upturned at me she looked at Tom,

"Tom baby can I have a minute of your time?" she pondered to him. Her fake lashes batting at him and her ultra red lipstick being scraped off by her tooth as she bit the bottom part trying to seduce him. With an exasperated sigh, he reluctantly agreed, only because she had a manila envelope for him. I naturally assumed it was money. They waltz off to the office and I heard the door shut hard. I looked at Tony and with a devilish smirk,

"I do believe that she doesn't like me already!" my finger waved in the air in a comical sense with my eyes wide and brows raised and bouncing a few times.

Tony chuckled and nodded.

"She doesn't like anyone who has a cunt, because of Tommy boy. That may be Nicky's woman but Tommy has always had her heart even though he's never fain interest in the poor girl. She has single handedly ruined every single date he's had for the last 6 months but we have no proof. It just feels like Monica, ya know?"

"Well as long as she doesn't kill me, she wont make me run off. And besides, how many women have lived here with Tommy?"

Tony sat back in his chair surprised I was not the least bit intimidated by Monica and rather impressed. I cleared away lunch and started cleaning the kitchen as Tony left for the day to go get much needed sleep. Monica and Tommy were in the office still and even though I wanted so badly to go in and see what was happening I did not dare cross that line.

Tommy had sat in his chair as Monica practically slammed the door shut. He looked up at her as if to say 'what the fuck' but she sauntered over to him in her tight blue skirt that would have been better worn while on a stripper pole, and her white button down, which was buttoned pretty damn low. She sat on the edge of his desk, legs crossed and smiled at him.

"So who's the fat bitch baby?" she asked while trying to feel his chest. Tom resisted and pulled back,

"That is none of your business, and I don't know how many times I have to tell you not to touch me Monica!" He grabbed her wrist and threw it at her side. "You are Nicky's bitch!" He was trying to get her mad enough to leave. He didn't want to hit her but he was about to.

Monica didn't take the hint and just giggled. She teased him a bit with the envelope so he couldn't grab it right away. Eventually he was able to snatch it away from her and go through the money and supporting paperwork. He set it aside for his bookkeeper when he would come the next week. Monica wasn't giving up. She stood up and leaned into his ear and told him how badly she wanted to mount him right then and there. Tom's dislike grew more and pushed her backwards, successfully making her fall on her ass.

"Get out NOW!" His voice stern but low. He didn't want Monica and he wasn't going to betray his best friend and partner. Monica, being highly agitated at Tom, picked herself up and stormed out of the office screaming at him,

"This aint ova Tommy baby!" she saw me now dusting in the living room and shot me the dirtiest look she could mumbling that I was a whore. Tom then came out and ran upstairs without speaking a word to me. He seemed angry so I let him be. He came down a half hour later showered and redressed. He left without saying anything, just getting into his Cadillac. I sat there not knowing if I had somehow upset him. I sat and watched television for a while before deciding to take a hot bubble bath in his bathroom upstairs.

It was ten-thirty and I still hadn't heard from Tom I started to worry more. I knew his lifestyle and that this could and would happen but u worried non the less. I had cleaned the whole house, all his laundry was done and I was bored. I started to watch a movie and ended up falling asleep on the couch.

I was woken to the sounds of keys dropping on the table, I sat up and saw Tom drunker than a skunk. I got up and tried to help him steady himself but he pushed me away.

"Fuck that! I can handle myself," his slurred speech let me know how far he was gone.

"Tom you can barely walk...let me help."

"No bitch! I don't need you... or...or...or Maw-nic-CA or any slut."

He stammered up the stairs, knocking into the wall as he ascended. I fought back tears at his cruel words and left him to his self. I retreated back to the basement, now feeling like a caged animal again. Weeping myself to sleep, I felt used. What did I do wrong?

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