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Coming of Age


Author's note: All characters and companies mentioned in this story have no existence outside the imagination of the author, and have no relation whatsoever to anyone or anything bearing the same name or names. Events portrayed in this story are pure invention and have not been based on any events that have happen in real life. All the characters involved in any sexual acts if their ages are not mentioned beforehand; are over 18 years of age. Enjoy.

Hi everyone,

I know, I know, I am evil for leaving you for so long and I am sorry. I needed a little break and my editor was busy moving into her new home and doing renovations.

So that being said here is chapter 1 of my latest story which is mainly about the triplets. I hope you enjoy it.

Have fun and please feel free to comment, all feedback is welcome.

Chapter 1

The young woman bounced as she crammed the last of her clothes into her bag. She paused for a moment and glanced around, wondering if she had missed anything. Her long black hair was kept back in a long braid that finished past her shapely behind, her deep blue eyes were expressive, her full lips were curved up in an excited smile. She took a lot after her mother in the nose and jaw but after her father in height, at five foot eleven she was long and lean. She was dressed simply in a pair of faded blue jeans, a tight black cotton shirt, that enhanced her shape, and heavy boots, around her neck was a choker that had her name spelt out on it in silver blocks with black letters and read Serenity, a wide banded watch hugged her left wrist and a heavy silver bracelet hugged her right.

A head popped into her room, Temperance was an exact match to her twin physically, but in temperament they were two completely different women, one was calmness personified the other was explosive at a moment's notice. They also had different tastes in clothes; Serenity was grungy biker while Temperance dressed more feminine, today she was dressed for comfort in jeans and a halter neck top. "Come on we have a long drive ahead." Temperance coaxed her twin before ducking back out again.

Serenity smiled and zipped her bag up, if she forgot something well... she was part ancient she could simply pop back and get it. She heaved her bag onto her shoulder and followed her sister from the room and raced down stairs.

Thais was waiting to pack the last of her things into one of the two cars going with them. He took the bag from his sister, his muscles barely working as he put it in the back of the SUV, most of their things had gone ahead of them in trucks but if they wanted to get around they had to drive their modes of transport. Thais was almost exactly like his father in looks and build although without the need to shave, his jaw was strong and his nose was perfectly arched, his eyes were the same deep blue, the only thing different was his skin, it was a pale alabaster like his sisters. He favoured the grunge look like Serenity, but today he was wearing leather pants instead of jeans.

All this was watched by the three young adults' family, Amy was wrapped up in her mates arms, their youngest son Gwynt, meaning wind, watched with longing wishing he could go with his siblings. Amy wrapped an arm around her son and hugged him to her body. College didn't start for a few more weeks but they had to set up the house Amy and Wolfgang had bought for them to live in. She was glad the triplets were going together to the same college, at least they would know someone besides their inescapable body guards. However, Amy had decided that the bodyguards would be those she chose and would be enrolled in the same courses giving her children some form of normalcy. She had chosen those who would blend in, Crystal was with Serenity as she had often proven that she could play almost anything to come into her hands so would be able to do a Major in Music quite easily. Myth was with Thais as she had a great love of animals and could easily do a Major in Zoology. That left Han with Temperance doing a Major in Non-Human History which didn't bother him as he had a keen passion for the past.

Amy slid out of Wolfgang's arms and approached her children, she didn't look old enough to have adult children as she hadn't aged a day since she met her soul mate. She hugged them each then stepped back, "Drive carefully." She told them, "Be safe and if you need anything call."

Wolfgang smiled and approached wrapping his arms back around his mate and giving his children an amused look. "Don't forget... September 3rd... get your butts home or she'll go and embarrass you." He warned, before pulling Amy into the house before she started to cry and refuse to let her children move to a college so far away from home.

Gwynt walked up to his older siblings and got hugs from them, he wished he could go with them but he knew it wasn't time, even if, like his older siblings he looked to graduate from a Were high school at age fifteen. He knew the house wasn't going to be the same without them, he almost wished Sage would come home early. Almost... he corrected, his older sister was as bad as all the cubs which were currently running around the manor put together.

Thais messed Gwynt's hair, "don't fret too much... aunt Sasha will be coming to stay for a while with Grams and pop."

Gwynt smiled, "thanks that makes it bearable." He loved and respected his aunt despite the fact there was almost no age difference between them, it would also be great to have Lupa around the house. He waved at his siblings before going inside.

Serenity slid her jacket on then her helmet before she mounted her 2030 Harley Davidson chopper. Crystal mounted her vintage 2001 Harley Roadster sliding her jacket on then her own helmet. Thais mounted his own vintage 1998 Harley Chopper after sliding into a jacket and into his helmet. Temperance glared at her siblings and got into her much more practical red BMW eco, Han got into his silver SUV as Myth mounted her own bike a modest 2030 Yamaha Roadster. They kicked their bikes over and followed Temperance and Han out of the big white house they lived in sometimes, when their mother had to live there, and down the long drive out of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.


They took their time getting to Oregon State University, classes weren't meant to start until the last week of August so they had plenty of time to settle in and enrol, get the lay of the land so to speak. Their parents had bought them a nice big house not far from campus which allowed the group privacy. They pulled to a stop out the front of the building that would be their home for the next few years. Those with bikes pulled into the lock up garage while the others pulled into open garage.

They then moved to the cars to unload the clothes and things that had come with them, Crystal went directly to open the house and sit on the veranda to keep her eyes on what was happening out the front. Han was around the back checking things over and Myth was the first one inside.

Serenity leant on a veranda post near Crystal, "I still think this is stupid... we are immortal... we don't need body guards."

Crystal grinned, she had been present at the 'discussion' about their security, a more apt term would have been shouting match as the triplets had been looking forward to losing their babysitters when they went off to college. They had to a degree; no longer having two bodyguards but still they would have rather not have one at all.

"Regardless of whether you are mortal or immortal, your mother is the president..." Crystal began.

"Only for two more years," Serenity pointed out glad her mother couldn't get elected again because it was against the constitution and no one wanted to change it, least of all her mother who would be retiring from the government when her term was up.

Crystal nodded, she would be glad when Amy could no longer be president, it would make her life so much easier as she wouldn't have to move so often between homes.

Myth walked out, "It's clear." She said with her musical voice, her white hair was cut short in a pixie cut which exposed her long pointed ears. Her golden eyes were shrewd, having grown up in the otherworld she was always ready for the unexpected. She was long and thin, traits which were common among the Elven race.

She had come back to the prime world, what those from the other world called this one, after she had her future foretold and had quickly made her way to Amy and Wolfgang's pack. To say that Amy and Wolfgang were surprised was an understatement, although beings from the otherworld came and went when they pleased, very few chose to stay as this world was too different to their own. However she had quickly been accepted and because she looked human, except for the ears, she fitted in and was rarely stared at.

Myth walked back to the car, leaving the others to go in and claim their rooms, which was pointless as they had already basically laid claim to their rooms when their mother showed them the plans. It was a simple two story home with a large attic and basement, Temperance had quickly claimed the attic and Thais quickly claimed the basement, which left Serenity with the run of the second floor with the living spaces on the ground floor. Their body guards would be sleeping near them.

Serenity chose her room, it was almost the biggest and had been renovated to have an en suite and walk in wardrobe. A packed up king size bed and mattress were against the wall, flat pack furniture awaited her. She didn't mind having to put her room together, in fact she relished the thought of making this blank room her own. She put her bag down and went to get the box of things from the car; she wondered briefly where the rest of her things were.

She walked her box into her room a few minutes later, Crystal followed her in with a tool box. "Let's do this room by room." She suggested.

Serenity nodded and pulled out her Badget, it was a phone, a game console, portable computer, e-book and a music player all at once, she placed it on its stand, she touched the screen and double tapped on the media player, the room filled with Serenity's favourite band.

Crystal smiled as she nodded her head to the beat pleased that Serenity had good taste in music as she would go nuts if Serenity's music choices were in her opinion crap, "So where do you want the bed?" She asked.

Serenity glanced around, "Against that wall." She said pointing to the far wall.

Crystal nodded and together they got to work.


Serenity glanced around Crystal's room as they finished making the bed several hours later, her hands slid against the black silk comforter. It felt delightful against her hands making her wonder what it would feel like against her naked body, she also knew that everything below the comforter was also black silk so that every surface would come in contact with silk. She had wondered for a moment why black but the simple answer came, dark colours would hide blood and didn't ruin as quickly, not that Crystal fed off humans or non-humans. Crystal chuckled as she watched Serenity's hands, "You should try it sometime, it feels awesome against bare skin."

Serenity blushed as she had been thinking about that, "Are you going to become the campus sex fiend?" She asked as she plumped a pillow before she placed it at the head of the bed.

"I have never been a sex fiend," Crystal denied.

Serenity snorted, "Right..." she said thinking of the long line of women who had fallen over themselves to get into Crystal's pants.

"Oh... that... I never pursued them they came after me." Crystal chuckled as she remembered waking up one night to a woman between her legs. She shook her head, "Nah... I'm beyond meaningless sex. I'm more interested in finding my soul mate." She added the last few cushions then glanced around, impressed with what they had managed.

"So how does a... whatever you are find your mate?" Serenity asked curious.

Crystal shrugged as she sat on her bed. "I honestly don't know, there are only three of us... and Destiny... well Amy shoved Susan into Destiny's arms and it was Susan who jumped Destiny. I've asked how Destiny knew... she said she didn't... Susan did and that was enough for her."

Serenity thought for a moment, "have you released her yet?"

Crystal shook her head and lay back. "She doesn't want to be released."

"Why?" Serenity asked curious.

Crystal looked up, her eyes focusing on the ripples in the paint, she wasn't surprised that Serenity was asking these questions. She frowned, no she was surprised it didn't come sooner, all three were inquisitive in nature to the point of being nosey. However sometimes they just knew when not to ask questions, to not interfere and to just wait for the right time, the right opening.

"Just how much do you know about me?" Crystal asked, curious, as all three were intuitive and would have pieced together some of her past.

Serenity perched up the other end and gestured for a cushion which Crystal threw at her, only when her back was protected from the sharp corners of the bedpost did she start to talk. "Not much." She said finally answering Crystal's question. "Even less about Vlha and Destiny from before ma brought them into the pack."

Crystal sighed, "I guess we should start with how I came to be... whatever I am." She didn't let her eyes focus on Serenity, knowing if she did she would find it hard to continue. "My mother was an Elemental, she was close to giving birth to me when Judas stole her. He had it in his head to make a true Vampire child, to see if it would be similar to his maker, to father of Vampires... to Vlha."

Serenity's eyebrows went up, but she said nothing to disrupt Crystal's flow. She could feel her siblings in her mind, using her ears to hear this as they have been as curious as their sister, doing it this way meant Crystal would only have to tell her story once. They didn't know why they could use each other's ears and eyes as their own or how they could give complete recall of what the others had done in different parts of the house. They just could and chalked it up to the fact that they were litter mates as well as whatever else they technically were.

"He kept ma until she was ready to give birth, then he turned her. You were wondering why Destiny obeys me, although I didn't turn her, my blood did. It's called the Makers bond and it is a way of controlling the blood lust of a newly turned vampire. But it doesn't come into effect until after the heart stops beating. So ma knew she was dying, that soon she would have no will, so she did the only thing she could think of to protect me and thwart him." She shifted a little in her seat before continuing.

"She cursed her body, pouring every scrap of magic and even some of her life force into the curse. Her curse was simple, in the name of the goddess I curse this body to NEVER give birth to a Vampire child. A few hours later, I was born, strong healthy and with a heartbeat and since Judas had no idea what to expect and or of my mother's curse, I was a success and he considered when he should try again but was shrewd enough to wait and see." Crystal took a deep breath.

"So... he left me in my mother's care, until I was old enough to be moulded. He didn't see that the sun held no sway, that silver was harmless to me and most importantly, that human blood disgusted me. He also didn't see what she was teaching me. See somehow she had retained her humanity, she hadn't turned into the blood crazed creature that most newly turned were, she taught me compassion for humans, taught me to see them as more than food, not that I saw them that way." Crystal closed her eyes.

"So I grew up, he trained me in battle, I was stronger than even his strongest tribe members, tactics, everything to be a leader, to lead his personal army. I did everything he wanted because ma wanted me to. I was a hundred years old when he brought in a human and ordered me to turn them. I couldn't, I wouldn't, I glanced to ma but she said nothing, gave no indication to obey, so I refused." Crystal suddenly stood and walked away, to her window as she didn't want to see Serenity's eyes when she learnt what happened next. She hadn't realised until now that Serenity's opinion mattered to her and she didn't want it to change.

She took a deep breath, closed her eyes and continued. "He ordered me... as my maker... ma just started laughing. She then said, 'you didn't make her... I did and as her maker and mother I release her, forever.'" She paused as this still pained her even today. "He killed her, I wasn't fast enough and he killed her." She heard movement as Serenity moved to comfort her, before Serenity could touch her she lifted her left shoulder in a clear indication she didn't want comfort at this moment.

Serenity stopped but didn't back away. She couldn't relate to Crystal's pain at losing her mother, even though through her own special ability she could feel the desolation Crystal felt. But she would be a cold bitch if she didn't sympathise at least, even without her ability, losing someone you loved always left a mark.

"Rage like I had never known consumed me, he destroyed my world, so I destroyed his." Crystal's fists clinched. "We always kept silver chain, for whatever reason. I bound his arms legs and neck to hold him still, then one by one I killed his tribe members before him. He pleaded for some of them... my mother he could kill without hesitation but his precious ones, he cried for them. Dawn was approaching when I finished, the familiars would come soon and keep him from death so I left him as he was. I warned him before I left, he was not to fuck with me, if he did I would come and stake him out."

She paused and waited, wanting to know if Serenity's opinion had changed. Serenity knew that now it was okay to talk if she wanted to, she also knew that Crystal needed to know if they were still okay even after what had happened in her past. Serenity said nothing she just wrapped her arms around Crystal and pressed her cheek against Crystal's. Crystal's scent slowly crept up into her nose, it always calmed her, mind you Crystal's scent had a calming effect on all three, which was strange as her scent normally freaked out others.

Serenity slowly tugged Crystal to her bed and pushed her to crawl onto it and onto her stomach. She tugged on Crystal's shirt and pulled it up. Crystal didn't fight; she had never been on the receiving end of one of Serenity's massages but knew they were comforting.

Serenity rubbed her hands for a moment before she placed them on the smooth softness of tanned skin that was Crystal's lower back. A tingling zing filled her hands like it always did when ever her skin touched Crystal's, the same tingling zing Thais and Temperance felt when they touched Crystal and since no one had yet to be able to explain why this happened they just did their best to ignore it.

Serenity started to knead her thumbs into still tense muscles, relaxing them one by one. "So what did you do after you left?" She asked as her hands moved and the heels of her hands started to move in slow circles. Crystal moaned, she couldn't help it, Serenity's hands moved like magic against her skin, loosening muscles she didn't even know were tight.

It took her a moment to wrap her mind around Serenity's question. "I took what I needed and fled, I went to my mother's coven, they distrusted me at first but they disliked the thought of an untrained Elemental even less. They trained me out of respect for my mother then told me to leave and to not return. I wandered alone for a long time, I resigned myself to a life of aloneness, I hated Vampires and everyone else pretty much hated me." She said as goose bumps broke out across her skin, Serenity had stopped kneading and had started to gently run her nails against her back finding all those places which were hard to get at. Crystal stopped talking and pressed her face into the mattress as she groaned, but suddenly Serenity was back to kneading her muscles, turning them into putty beneath her knowing hands.

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