tagErotic CouplingsComing of Age Ch. 01

Coming of Age Ch. 01


Fuck, she thought, what was it with boys her own age, why must they be so inept when it comes to sex with girls?

Once again she was let down sexually by guys in her so-called age group. They could care less about what she wanted or the other girlfriends needed; all the guys cared about was their fucking little cocks being sucked and spewing their sticky cum out the end of their pathetic dicks!

Marissa decided things had to change; she had to experience real sex; after all if what she had read was right, sex should be exciting and mind blowing, orgasms should rock. She should not just lay there as some young guy pushed his prick in and out of her tight young cunt. She needed an experienced lover, a man who would make her do what he wanted in a way that let her be the slut she wanted to be, and let her learn what all is out there, how to let her be the sexual being she desires inside.

Marissa went home and in the privacy of her bedroom scoured the internet, reading and learning as much as she could. Her fingers learned her way around her pussy, her small tits with their hard aching nipples. For being 18, she was more sexual and more in touch with what she wanted out of sex, probably even more so than most 30 year old women. She wanted to be a slut, and not in the way that so-called normal people used the word, but in a liberated sexual way. She was a young woman who was going to love sex, and on her terms. Even if others did not understand, she had a desire to be submissive, but only to men that understood her, that would respect her decision to submit, who would see it as a gift.

Before long she had found him, the man that would be able to show her what she not only wanted, but so desperately needed. A man that would treat her like the lady she is in public, yet treat her like a slut and whore when it counted. Every woman's dream man, so to speak. Well at least for a lot of women.

As they exchanged e-mails, he slowly taught her things, small things that would have a huge impact.

For one, never go with a man or boy that will not perform oral sex on her, will not kiss her after she sucked their cocks, because it shows just how immature and not giving the assholes really are.

Marissa explained how she had been fucked, but never well, how she longed to suck cock, have anal sex, yet all the boys were interested in was cumming and cumming quickly. Her only orgasms came with her young fingers, and while they were good, they were missing that intimate touch that she knew would send her over the edge.

It was then Marissa decided she had to meet this mystery man, to make him walk the talk.

Finally Rick conceded, agreeing to meet her at a local coffee shop.

Nervously Marissa fixed herself up; already knowing that Rick preferred the look of a sensual woman to that of a grunge teenager, she dressed for the occasion. She wore a summery dress that showed off her lithe legs, spaghetti straps and low front that showed her braless breasts needed no support, leaving just enough to the imagination.

They met at a coffee shop close to campus, some place safe as Rick had suggested. They made small talk, allowing each other to get comfortable, yet still eyeing each other up physically.

They talked about his job, his family, eventually moving on to her school, her future plans. Soon they were holding hands across the table, neither one realizing that they had just naturally shifted positions. Their eyes locked, amazed that for the age difference they had so much in common. She was very mature in her thoughts for someone so young.

A few hours passed as if they were minutes and Rick realized it was best to leave for a few days, but not before he told her that he wanted her to think long and hard before embarking on a sexual journey with him. He explained that although legally she was a woman, she was in the mid stage of life where she was part girl, part woman, and that once she moved forward, there really was no going back, no erasing the past. The innocence of youth would be lost forever, and that is something that should not be taken lightly. He went on to explain, that he was not your average man, average lover, that he would introduce her to a sensual world that people read about, some fantasize about, but few ever enter. He would introduce her to a world of sensual illusions, where pleasure couples with pain, where helplessness can empower you, where once seemingly disgusting things can become the ultimate erotic highs. Not a place for young girls, not a place for those that are scared of adventure of the most decadent kind, a place where debauchery runs amok. He was not saying this to scare her, although if it did, now was the time to do it, a time to pull out while she still could. No, he was warning her that once she got a taste, a love for it, it would be the most addictive pleasure in life and she would never settle for vanilla again. With that, he stood up, pulled her chair out, letting her experience what he believes every woman should be used to, the man being a gentleman, something that seems lost in today's world. As she stood up, he pulled her close, hugging her closely, allowing his breath to graze her face, yet no kiss. He told her to sleep on what they had discussed for a few days, and if she was prepared for what lies ahead, to contact him. He told her not to feel pressured, but to do what is right for her, not to allow himself, nor anyone else to make her decisions for her.

Marissa went home excited, filled with anticipation, yet scared of his warnings as well. Her thong stuck to her wet pussy, soaked with watching this confident man talk to her, knowing she needed a man more than ever, one that would guide her, one that would push her, one that would take her and turn her into a sexual dynamo, the slut that she knew she needed to be.

When Marissa got home, she headed straight for the bathroom, turned the shower on and then slowly peeled the dress from her young body. She looked in the mirror, her 34 b tits proudly standing up, the small hard pebbles aching to be squeezed. She allowed her hands to slide down her sides, pushing the thong to the floor, admiring her still trim waist to the fine wisps of pubic hair that highlighted her tight cunt. Her fingers parted her slit, her clit tingling with sensations that very seldom came without extra rubbing. She was becoming aware of how much the brain played in sex now. Her fantasies, her desire, her wants, all adding up to an uncontrollable urge to cum.

Climbing in to the shower stall, she allowed the hot spray of water soaking her already over heated body. Her hands caressing herself, her thoughts already engaged in full sex with Rick.

She imagined being forced up against the wall of the shower, him grabbing her hair, pushing against her back. With her face stuck against the tub he pushes her legs open, His hand comes roughly up between her legs, pushing two soapy fingers into her tight almost virgin pussy. She gasps, her own fingers mimicking what her fantasy lover is doing. Marissa's wet long dark hair clinging to her face, her small tits flattened as her fingers massaged herself. Her mind drifted back, Rick breathing in her ear, whispering what a naughty girl she is, how it is not nice to cock tease, and there is only one way to punish her.

His finger strummed her swollen clit, already sticking out from its protective sheath. Red, hard, vibrating as he rubbed his meaty digits over the sensitive nub. Marissa's knees started to buckle and he wrapped one arm around her waist, holding her up, making his thick cock push into her ass cheeks, like a hot dog in a bun, sliding up and down between them. "Oh, God," she had never felt anything so large against her. She tried to push back, wanting to feel him even closer, and he slowly lifted her, just her toes on the shower floor. He removed his fingers from her twat and let his manhood rest just at the entrance to her now parted lips. Marissa waited and when nothing happened, she pushed back, feeling herself lower her nubile young body on to him. He slid in as if they were meant to fit together.

Marissa rocked against her fingers, unaware that she was lost in her own sexual fantasy, feeling more liberated than ever before. One hand was rubbing her cunt, fingering herself, the other squeezing those delectable orbs, pinching her nipples hard. She had already loved the pain of clothespins on them, now she was twisting violently. Wishing it was Rick biting them.

Without warning the first orgasm hit her, dropping to her knees. She need more and she frantically fingered her clit, kneading her tits. Another one , then a third smaller one, leaving her laying on the bottom of the tub, water streaming down over her.

Marissa regained some composure, rose up and shut the water off. After drying herself, she went to her bed, and again allowed her thoughts to drift to Rick; she knew it would not take days to decide, hell she already had made her mind up. She wanted this world, needed it, it was who she really was.

She drifted off to dreams of him eating her wet pussy, licking her clitoris for the first time, him teaching her to suck cock properly, not as a way of getting young boys off, but where she could control any man with her oral expertise, this is what she desired, sex the way you read about.

Yes, Rick, you will be my mentor she said to herself, as she fell into a sleep, her fingers still playing with her new favourite toy.

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