tagSci-Fi & FantasyComing of Age Ch. 03

Coming of Age Ch. 03


The sun was just beginning to slip below the tops of the trees lending a golden glow to the Eni encampment as it came into sight. Raife gave a couple more strokes of his powerful wings before settling into a glide, using his wings again just before he landed and slowing to nearly a hover before gently touching down. Renna's sleeping form was still cradled tenderly in his arms. She did not awake, and only stirred slightly as he laid her down, tucking his cape carefully around her. Some of the other members of the clan wandered over to curiously inspect the newcomer who had arrived with their hunting companion.

The first who came running into sight were Lily and Lyla, an identical twin pair of fair-haired females with golden colored wings. They were followed by Jasmine, who landed lightly, her emerald green wings folding neatly on her back, her black hair streaming out behind her. The twins stopped a short ways away and stood there giggling and whispering to each other in chipper tones. The next to wander over was Zephyr, who was Lyla and Lily's mate, his unruly brown hair poking in every direction as his deep red colored wings twitched with the excitement generated by the potential new addition to the clan. Being drawn by the excitement, Rosie, the Eniripsa who had begun the clan, and her mate Arkenon both came over to greet Raife and check on the Eni girl whom he had brought with him.

"Welcome back Raife dear, did your journey go well?" she stepped forward and embraced him in greeting as he nodded and told her of his flight. She listened, smiling and kissing his cheek lightly, then gazing down at Renna's sleeping form, "She's pretty, just got her wings in, not very old...you said she was alone, sounding in Cania?" Rosie's dark green wings opened and closed slowly as she wondered about the odd girl, who she was, and how she happened to be alone, as it was odd that Enis so young be left to wander solo. She slipped her arm around Arkenon's waist, her rose colored eyes rising to meet his dark steel grey ones, his small nod and expression telling her that his thoughts mirrored hers.

"Well," Arkenon said suddenly, his pale grayish blue wings flapping slightly, "enough of this standing around, we have a celebration to plan! Have Cirrus, Angel, and Ares returned yet?"

"No Arkenon," Jasmine took a step forward as she addressed him and nodded her head in a show of respect for one of their clan's two leaders, "their hunting party should return anytime though. I connected with Angel a few moments ago, she and Ares are on their way back currently," her fingers twined around the dreg claw at her neck, glittering and black, matching the ones around the necks of each Eni she was mated to and their respective mates. Jasmine and Rosie had grown up as friends in the same clan and reached maturity at close to the same time. Once the time had come for them to choose their own mates and leave their parents' clan, Rosie had mated with Arkenon, and Jasmine had left to be solo for a while, turning up almost a year later with her first mate Angel. Angel was a beautiful auburn haired Eni with white wings, and after a bit of discussion, the two couples had decided that rather than join a different clan, starting their own may be worthwhile. After a few years once Angel had taken Ares as her second mate, Jasmine met and mated with Raife, inducting him into their ranks.

Arkenon nodded then turned his attention to the twins, "And Cirrus?"

Lyla took a step forward grinning and nodded slightly before speaking, "Yes, he split from Angel and Ares to go collect a few rabbits and some carrots for roasting. He is about 20 minutes away, he should be here soon." as she finished speaking, her fingers went to the claw at her neck, a golden dreg's claw, same as worn by her sister, their mate Zephyr and her second mate, Cirrus. Arkenon had first met Zephyr when a hunting expedition had gone awry and he and the twins were passing by just in time to defend their flanks and win the fight with a nasty mob of Plains Cracklers that had ambushed them. Learning that Zephyr Lily, and Lyla were not yet clanned, Arkenon had talked it over with the others and reached a unanimous decision, and Zephyr and the twins had been inducted into the clan that same night. Lyla had met Cirrus a couple years later when she had gone to the lake to clean up one morning and found him there doing precisely the same thing, his corn silk colored hair sticking wetly to his head and his midnight blue wings stretched out to catch the early morning rays. Being quite struck by him, she had brought him back to camp and introduced him to the others who quickly welcomed him to the family.

Rosie nodded and smiled, looking around at each of the excited, enthusiastic faces, then back down at Renna, who was starting to come around, "Okay then, lets get some wood collected and stoke those campfires up into a couple of bonfires to help make our guest feel welcomed. She appears to be done recovering from the workout Raife gave her," she giggled and gave Raife a crooked grin and a wink, smacking him lightly on the back side as his face turned red and he grinned sheepishly back, " I trust you made it up to her for this morning from how sound she has been sleeping during this time."

Raife murmured a quiet "yes.." his face turning even redder and a sudden wave of arousal sweeping thru him at the memory of Renna's sweet body beneath him. He heard the twins giggle at him before they fluttered off to go collect wood for the bon fires, and Zephyr punching him lightly on the shoulder with a chuckle as he flew off close behind them to help. Raife cast another gentle look down at Renna and moved off to begin stacking the wood that was piled up to serve for the bonfires. Jasmine lingered for a moment leaning down to situate the cape covering Renna, who was stretching and opening her eyes, looking a bit confused as she tried to figure out where she was, how she had gotten there, and who the unfamiliar winged creatures before her were.

Renna came around slowly, her mind fuzzy and having trouble making heads or tails of what was going on. The first person she saw was Jasmine kneeling over her, smiling gently down at her as she lightly put her hand under Renna's shoulder to help her sit up. Renna gazed at the beautiful Eni female for a moment, her bright green wings, the chocolate colored skin and raven black hair, sitting up with the assistance of the gentle hand at her shoulder before her attention moved to the other two Eniripsa, a female and a male standing with their arms around each other, both of them greeting her with gentle smiles also. Once her eyes fully focused she spotted Raife close by, already making his way over to her from where he had been stacking the wood carefully for the bonfires. As he approached, the female Eni with deep rose colored hair and eyes and dark green wings started speaking.

"Hello little one, welcome to my clan's camp," then smiling, she held her hand our to Renna to help her to her feet, "My name is Rosie and this is my mate Arkenon," she looked up and smiled at the male Eni that had his arm around her waist, who nodded slightly and smiled at her, his pale blue wings flexing slightly and his dark grey blue eyes shining, "Ark and I are the leaders of the clan, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask."

As Rosie finished speaking Arkenon nodded slightly and spoke,

"Also, if we aren't nearby, Jasmine can also help with anything you may need. We want you to make yourself at home here."

With that he stepped forward and took her hands gently in his and leaned in and kissed Renna on the cheek, startling her somewhat, but the warmth of their welcome put her at ease so she smiled back in appreciation. She looked up at Raife for a moment, and he smiled back at her, leaning down and retrieving the cape she had been sleeping on and brushing a few stray leaves from it. As he was draping it over his arm, Jasmine wrapped her arm lightly around Renna's waist, grazing the bottoms of her wings and startling her with the rush of warmth that came from the gentle touch.

"First things first...Mind if I steal her for a little while Raife? I'm sure I have something that would go beautifully with her coloring," Renna felt Jasmine's hand brush lightly over her hair as she spoke, and heard Raife reply that he didn't mind. The next thing she knew, the chocolate skinned Eni was ushering her across the camp and into one of the tents, dropping the flap shut behind them and going over to a trunk that was sitting near what looked to be a huge bed that took up most of the area inside the tent. As Jasmine knelt to open the trunk, Renna saw dozens of garments of what looked to be silk and of all the colors of the rainbow, adorned with coins bells and sequins than jingled together merrily as she searched for the ones she wanted. She pulled out a good half dozen garments, turning around and holding them up to Renna to compare the colors, tilting her head to the side considering, her emerald green wings opening and closing slowly like a butterfly's. She tossed three of them on the oversized bed, speaking as she returned the others carefully to the trunk.

"I'm happy that Raife has finally chosen a mate of his own, I know he is mated to me, but Angel is still my first mate and I know he will be happier with another mate of his own choosing for times when me and Angel are alone," she collected the things she had left out while Renna tried to understand what the Eni girl was saying to her, "You are quite lovely, I can easily see why he was so smitten...He's just lucky he saw you before I did, or I may have had to scoop you up myself," with that she gave a little laugh and winked at Renna, "but either way, you will be a wonderful addition to the clan if you choose to stay."

"Hold on a sec...Raife is mated to you already?" Renna gave the other girl a confused look. At her question, Jasmine gave another musical laugh, "Of course sweetie, that was how he came to join the clan in the first place. It is common for Eni males and females both to sometimes have more than one mate, and all members of a clan tend to interact pretty freely with each other, it's only when interactions occur outside of the clan that issues arise, and such instances of unfaithfulness have lead to Enis being banished from a clan. Nothing like that has ever happened in our own clan though."

Renna listened and said nothing as the other girl talked, trying to internalize all the information about her own kind as it was given to her. As her mind mulled it over, Jasmine was busy at the vanity mirror digging out bracelets and anklets and other assorted accessories to go with the outfit she had picked.

Once she was satisfied with everything she had picked out, she startled Renna by not only NOT leaving the tent while she changed, but instead, coming up behind her, and using the gentlest of hands, began to undress her. Renna felt her fingertips trail slowly over the skin of her back as she released the clasp holding her top in place, next moving up to her shoulders, her palms brushing like silk over Renna's skin as she slid the thin straps of the top down her arms, a little thrill going through her when she felt Jasmine brush her warm, soft lips over the back of her shoulder.

As her top fluttered to the floor, she felt those gentle hands slide down over her sides, her fingertips dragging over either side of Renna's belly as her hands worked their way down to her hips, the pads of her thumbs brushing the freshly bared skin of her buttocks as she dragged the garment slowly down, her hands following the path of the bottoms and sliding all the way down her legs. Renna stepped out of the bottoms as they reached her ankles, barely preventing a soft sigh from escaping her lips when she felt Jasmine press her lips wetly to her skin, kissing the small of her back, her hands slipping around to slide like silk up Renna's shins, past her knees and up the front of her thighs, pausing momentarily at the hollow of each hip before continuing up her stomach, slipping back to her sides just before reaching her breasts, but grazing the sides of them and making the nipples harden almost painfully from the light and teasing touch.

She could feel Jasmine standing behind her, not touching but so close she could feel the heat of her body on her wings and smell the scent of her, sweet like flowers on a warm summer night, and feel her breath hot on the skin of her neck.

"Your skin is amazing to the touch," she whispered softly, her breath teasing Renna's ear and her lips scant inches away, "I bet you taste sweet, like nectar from a flower..."

As she said the words she felt Jasmine lean in ever so slightly, dragging the tip of her tongue over the sensitive skin of her neck, just below her ear. Renna shivered at he feel of the heat of her mouth as her tongue slipped slowly up the side of her neck, and it was more than she could do to suppress the small sound that escaped her as the first tingles of arousal took hold, heightening her senses. Jasmine stopped just shy of Renna's ear, leaning past her instead to grab what looked to be the top of the outfit laid out for her, holding it by the shoulders as she moved to stand in front of her, lowering it to slip Renna's hands into the belled sleeves as they hung as her sides. Renna could tell by the way the fabric slipped over the skin of her arms and belly that it was silk, and Jasmine stepped in a bit closer as she pulled the top up, deliberately letting it slide over her skin slowly. She adjusted her hold on the top a bit to graze the sides of Renna's breasts with the backs of her fingers on the way up letting the hem at the neckline catch on her erect nipples, causing them to pucker more tightly and Renna to draw a short breath, her nipples lifting her breasts slightly before slipping under the fabric, the top hiding nothing as the silk clung to her body outlining her in full detail. Renna could feel Jasmine tying long ties of the top behind her neck in a simple loop before she moved to stand behind her again, untying the simple knot she had made behind Renna's neck as she leaned in to whisper in her ear again.

"Spread your wings out for me, the back gets laced up, can be difficult to get on without help," She gave another tinkling laugh as Renna complied, opening her wings fully. She felt Jasmine's hands slide feather-soft over the ridges of her wings as she crossed the ties just over top of the spot on her back where her wings attached. A pleasurable tingle swept through her body, and she nearly moaned out loud when she felt hands slip in between the top and bottom segments of her wings quite intimately to thread the ties though the holes in either side of the opened backed top. The ties were then crossed under the bottom of her wings again to tie in the middle.

The top was truly fashioned specifically for an Eniripsa to wear. The ties were totally non-restraining, but at the same time quite noticeable as she opened and closed her wings experimentally. In between the top and bottom segments, she could feel the silky texture of the ties every time she opened and closed her wings. The sensation excited her already aroused nerve endings and causing a dull ache low in her belly and between her legs. Next, Jasmine grabbed the bottom half of the outfit, which consisted of a long strip of silk the same colors as the top, narrowing in the middle with more ties not far from the middle on either side. As she held the garment up, Renna could see that it was ankle length and designed to be worn like a loincloth, tying at each hip and the narrower spot in the middle going between her legs. Jasmine situated the fabric between Renna's feet and used the ties on either side to drag it up her long slender legs, handing one side of the ties to Renna to hold while she tied the other side. As Jasmine pulled the garment into place and tied the other side, Renna noticed that the strange garment's design required it to be worn quite low on the hips. As a result, the part between Renna's legs came quite tight to her body, riding up into every crevice.

Each little tug Jasmine gave at the ties pulled the fabric tighter into the folds in Renna's body. She could tell by how snuggly it was clinging to her it wouldn't take long for her to soak through the thin fabric. Once the skirt was in place, Jasmine picked up the final item she had selected from the trunk; a sash that was the same colors of pink as the top and skirt. Over all, the whole outfit was a deep fuchsia at the bottom lightening gradually to a paler pink that was the same color as Renna's hair. A double layer of little silver coins that accented the sash sang out with a metallic jangle as Jasmine tied it around Renna's hips. The sash rode at the same level as the top of the loincloth like skirt, and made Renna feel a little more comfortable about the two-inch gap in each side of the skirt with only the slender ties on either side covering her.

The last accessories to top off the dazzling pink, feathery light outfit were a pair of matching bracelets and anklets with dozens of tiny silver bells on them that jangled merrily as Jasmine secured one around each wrist and ankle. Once the last strand of bells was in place she took a couple steps back to survey her handiwork, grinning ear to ear and letting out a low whistle, obviously pleased with the results. She then led Renna over to the full-length mirror in the corner, and Renna nearly gasped at the sight of herself. The outfit was a perfect match for her coloring, and gave her the look of an exotic gypsy dancer like those she had seen in the city on occasions when she had gone there to go shopping with Myrma.

Just then the fair haired twins came bursting into the tent, Lyla first in, being the bolder of the two, with Lily close behind her, both giggling and bubbling with excitement.

"Ooh! That outfit is perfect for her Jazzy!" Lyla chirped, "you've done it again, she looks good enough to eat!"

At this Lily let out another giggle and replied, "Don't scare the poor girl away before she's even decided to clan with us, there will be plenty of time for that later!" At this Renna gave Lily a startled look and the other two girls started giggling while Lily herself chuckled a bit self consciously.

As the twins were giggling away, Jasmine ushered the three of them back out of the tent where Raife already had three bon fires roaring and was working on a fourth. He noticed her as she exited the tent, drawing a small breath followed by a low whistle, dropping the log on top of the small flames and nearly extinguishing it, making his way over to her. He grabbed her hands in his, smiling gently down at her.

"You look stunning," he murmured, his lips grazing her temple and making her heart flutter strangely.

"You can say that again, who is your lovely new friend Raife?" Renna turned to see the new speaker just as he dropped a big sack of wild carrots to the ground and shrugged off a rope he had strung around his neck tied to the feet of about a dozen fuzzy rabbits. He had pale corn silk colored hair and dark blue wings. As Raife sort of stammered and blushed slightly, Lyla squealed softly, throwing her arms around the blue winged Eni and kissed him, at which he pulled her close and chuckled,

"Missed you too, now introduce me. Is she the new initiate?"

Lyla nodded her head, grinning ear to ear, "Renna, this is my second mate, Cirrus, Cirrus, this is the little gem Raife found out in Cania." Cirrus stepped in closer to her, and smiling warmly, grabbed one of her hands gently, raising it to his lips and kissing the backs of her fingers softly,

"Welcome... It's a pleasure to meet you, hope you like it here and decide to stay" He smiled warmly, squeezing her hand gently then releasing it.

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