tagLoving WivesComing Out of Shell

Coming Out of Shell

byJoe Bob©

I have a wife that is incredible. I don't mean she is a super model, but she is beautiful and very sexy. Her figure is very womanly and attractive, and she looks great in sexy attire. She is a very good-looking woman and gets compliments from all my friends. She is my partner, my best friend, my playmate, and the best lover a man could ever hope for.

For years I'd told her that it would be possible her to have sex with another man, and it would be ok with me to act on her fantasies if the situation should arise. I encouraged her to be open to it. Frankly, the idea excited me.

That's how we enhanced our lovemaking as husband and wife, sharing each others' fantasies and exploring each others minds. And that's how I found myself certain that my wife was willing to be with another man.

It was a Wednesday. We had gone to dinner with a couple of friends. But when we left home, she told me that she wanted to be home by 10 PM. She said that she had been flirting with Kendal who had been doing some work on our house, and she thought I would enjoy her exploring his needs. We knew he was single. She agreed to meet him at a bar later in the evening.

I was horny the entire time we were at dinner with our friends and as requested, I had her home by ten. She went straight to her closet and changed into a pair of tight black slacks over her silk panties, and sweater. I could see that she was excited, perhaps my watching her change contributed. It was an outfit she knew I liked, one that really accentuated her sexy figure. By 10:30 she was ready to leave. I told her to have fun.

The house was quiet. I was also incredibly aroused. She said she was going to meet him at the bar for a drink. My imagination ran wild. I fell asleep around 11:00 and didn't hear her return. At 1:00 I woke up and noticed that I was still alone in bed. I got up and looked out. Her car was in the garage.

There was an armchair in the den and when I walked in, that was where I found her. Slumped, asleep, for how long I couldn't tell. But her slacks were unzipped and pushed halfway down her legs, and her right hand was inside her panties. She was very sound asleep. Clearly she had been drinking, I could smell vodka on her breath. I could see the dark spot on her slacks, where they'd gotten wet.

I imagined that she came home pretty drunk and needed to finish something that had so obviously been started. Then she must have fallen asleep in the chair. I was rock hard. Before falling asleep, wondering what she was doing, I resisted the urge to masturbate. Kneeling before her, I resisted again. I gently shook her awake.

She gained a semblance of consciousness. I urged her to come to bed and helped her undress. The sweater came over her head while she was still sitting. Her bra was askew, half off her breast. I removed it. I unstrapped her heels, and helped pull her slacks off. Before she stood up, I helped her lift her hips and slid down the panties. I became eager to know.

In bed she told me. Kendal was at the bar with a friend. He bought her a vodka and tonic and then another. Alcohol loosens her inhibitions. She loves dancing. She told me she danced for them, and rubbed herself against them, particularly Kendal.

The other fellow left, and she became more intimate with Kendal. I'm sure he knew what her presence there meant. After a while she said she had to get going before she got too drunk. He walked her to her car.

She got in her car, and he got into the passenger's side. He took her in his arms and kissed her, and she didn't protest. She told me they made out for quite some time, and the windows became all fogged over. He had his hand under her sweater and bra, but he never went inside her slacks.

She was still half asleep, but my hard on was raging. She was still very wet, perhaps from recounting her tale, and I got on top and entered her. I kissed her mouth and her breasts, knowing that Kendal's hands and mouth had been there only hours ago. I began thrusting again and filled her with my load, and shortly we both were sound asleep.

Shortly thereafter my birthday was coming up. There was a birthday party planned for me by some of our friends. I got to help her pick out what to wear, I had her wear a skirt and blouse, with a matching bra and panties underneath, and instead of pantyhose, a garter belt and stockings. There were maybe fifteen of us crowded around four tables in the back and away from the dance floor. The party had started at eight and was rolling right along. Everybody was drinking lots of alcohol and you could see them all loosening up as the evening progressed. My wife was putting away her fair share, but on her it looked good. She got real loose when she drank and it showed up when she was on the dance floor. She was making "Dirty Dancing" look tame. If you went out on the floor with her it was a given that you would return to the table with a lump in your trousers. It happened to me several times that night.

As the party broke up my wife suggested that we take the party to our house and invite Kendal over to play. Kendal quickly agreed. I got in the front and Kendal got in the back with my wife and we headed on out. Just a few minutes into the ride I heard the unmistakable sound of a zipper being lowered. I looked in the rear view mirror and saw my wife's tits were exposed and in Kendal's hands and that his cock was exposed and in her hands. Neither one was paying any attention to me so I adjusted the rear view so I could watch what was going on. I always love looking at her nice tits and know how great they looked in sweaters, blouses and tee shirts, but exposed they just about took your breath away. They are very large and round with hard nipples that stood right out and looked engorged as Kendal played with them. My dick started to get hard watching the two of them go at it.

I saw the look on Kendal's face and I recognized the bliss that I felt and I knew that was exactly what she was doing. He moaned softly as she slowly worked her way down the shaft, taking more & more of his length into her warm, wet mouth and he began to breathe more shallowly. At about halfway down she started rising back up to the top of his cock, & on reaching the end of his tool, completely removed it from her mouth, pursing her lips so that he ended by kissing it. It was all one smooth action & it turned me on seeing her do to him what usually put me on cloud 9. She turned her head to one side & began making her way down the shaft towards his ball sac. Then, she worked her way back up to the top, changed to the other side & did the same. Another couple of minutes went by and then her head went down and she started sucking his cock. I couldn't take it any longer and I took my dick out and started playing with myself. Another few minute went by and I heard her make a noise. It must have just been the surprise of his cumming that made her pull away because her head immediately went back down. As we now pull into the drive way, they pull their clothes together enough to move inside.

Once inside, my wife leaned over enough so that Kendal could look down her blouse and see her tits. She smiled at him and ask him if he liked what he seen. He was having a hard time, and said yes he did and they were lovely. Then she asked him if he would like to see all of them. She told him to follow her into the bedroom.

The sweat broke out on his forehead. As she slowly walked to our bedroom, making sure that he was watching as she walked away. She stood with the bed in front of her knowing what was awaiting her and turned to face both of us. She kissed me first, tasting my tongue, feeling the familiar heat of our kiss. Then she moved to Kendal, letting his firm lips caress hers. I then moved behind her and began kissing her neck, letting my hands roam over her body. I was trembling with want. Yes I wanted this. I knew we had fantasized about this and now it was coming true. She turned back to kiss me again, letting me feel how swollen her lips were becoming from the passionate kisses.

She then pulled away from both of us and wiggled out of her skirt, wearing just a pair of black silk panties. She sat on the bed and looked at the two fine men before her. She then reached one hand to each and pulled at the buttons on our pants. Kendal followed my lead and unbuttoned himself, the sound of his zipper echoed as she freed Kendal's cock and took it into her mouth while lightly stroking it.

She led him by his cock to the bed and they laid down, she never letting go of his cock. They kissed again, she is still stroking his cock. She told Kendal how badly she wanted his cock and that she could hardly wait to get it in her pussy and for him to fuck her. He began playing with her tits again and took his other hand and moved it to her pussy. He then began massaging her pussy and a low moan escaped from her. He slid one finger into her wet pussy and began finger fucking her. She in turn increased the speed of her strokes on his cock.

Kendal pushed her head down further onto his cock and as she felt me put all my weight on the bed behind her while gently moving her legs apart. She felt Kendal's cock twitch and looked to see him enthralled with the image of me sliding my hot cock tip over her slit. My wife's moans telling Kendal of each movement he could not see. And the final deep push as I entered her pussy.

She began to moan louder as my cock was pumping deep into her. She felt the heat rising in her pussy. She lifted her head off of Kendal's cock and stared deep into my eyes. Watching my face contort with pleasure, during my breathy pushes for more depth and wettness. I say to her "That is my girl, god you look so good when you are getting fucked. Does his cock feel good in your mouth, Baby?" I exploded and filling her cunt. I then slid my cock out of her drenched pussy. Kendal then slid in her stroking his cock over her pussy and feeling the swelling in the lips and the wetness from her excitement. His cock slid in easily, filling her again.

Kendal was now moving her now at his rhythm. Kendal was fucking her sloppy wet pussy. Every cell in her body trembled. I reached to her hard nipples and pulled at them. She could not make sense of anything. There was no thought, no anything, just a hard cock filling her pussy. Her orgasms came - wave after wave. Leaving her not spent, but aching for more. She wanted them to cum. She wanted more. She wanted his cum. Her hands grabbed at his ass as he thrust deeper and deeper into her. She could not keep track. She just wanted to be fucked and fucked.

Her fingers dug into the flesh of his butt. She arched her back and screamed. I knew from experience that cunt juice was dripping down her ass onto the bed. The proof was the sound of Kendal's balls slapping wetly against her each time he buried his cock in her twitching pussy.

She was still screaming and digging her fingers into Kendal's butt when he grunted and thrust hard and deep into her body. She arched her back and pushed him even deeper into her cunt. He exploded. I sat there with a hard-on and watched as another man's cum pour into my wife's body. When Kendal's cock was finally drained of its fluids, she sat on the side of the bed and sucked his dripping cock clean of their combined juices. I could see a bead of pussy juice running down her thigh.

She was hot. She stroked me rapidly. I then kissed and sucked her sweet nipples. They were as hard as pencil erasers and about the same size and shape. After a few minutes I kissed my way to her dripping little hot pussy. I took my thumbs to spread her pussy lips wide and slurped up all her juices. I then cleaned and caressed her pussy for a long time until she pulled my head up to her clit. She was getting to the really intense orgasms now, writhing around and squealing loudly. She pulled hard on me now, wanting me inside her. I then slipped my rock hard cock slowly in her, feeling the wet warm walls of her vagina grip me tightly. I then started long slow strokes deep into her. She was getting loud now and was having one of her orgasms. I thrust faster and faster, harder and harder. She was really clutching my butt hard and felt my body tense as my cum blasted inside her. She quivered and lay still.

Not long after we all came, we all fell asleep on the bed. We had been kind of laying in a tangled mess with her between us. We both had been running our hands over her naked body. During the night I woke up to Kendal fucking her again, it turned me on so much that I also fucked her again. My dreams were lurid and sexual and it was noon the next time I woke up. Kendal was gone. I fucked her again, then got up to shower.

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