tagLesbian SexComing Out to Christy

Coming Out to Christy


When Christy reemerged from the bathroom before their walk home Jen had not expected her to be in all together different clothes, a short denim skirt with the waist band cut off so it would sit lower on her hips. It may have not been necessary as she had such a tiny waist and her hip rose in a tight V. The back waist band of her panties peaked out from time to time as she moved and in momentary fits of sudden self consciousness she adjust the skirt until it was just so. She was eighteen but looked more an indistinct teenager somewhere between 13 and 20 more toward the latter. On top she wore a white ribbed cotton tank top which fell just above her naval and when, which it did, ride up her tummy a faux diamond piecing winked from underneath. Beneath the tank a chartreuse bra with pink flowers quite intentionally showed through.

"Oh my god! What are you wearing?" Jen said.

"What? It's hot out. I wanted to change. This is all I had."

"Sure. It is not because you want to show off for her boyfriend?" Jen said.

"What are you talking about? We should go anyways. Your being weird."

Christy's denial had brought her again down 5th street, with Jen one step behind. It was longer to walk home from school, 30 minutes more maybe but she had her reason. It was nearing the end of the year and both girls had their minds toward summer and not the few assignments left to be finished. 5th street brought them to the far end of down town before they would have to turn north again to make it back to their neighborhood.

On Christy's insistence the girls had been walking this route for the past week and strangely Mike was always outside when they arrived, doing this or that task in the yard. They were in a different part of town because they were visiting a friend. Christy had spotted him and in a shameless display asked to use the bathroom in his house. He obliged and from they on they would stop by and chat and flirt on the way home. Christy would have been unquestionable identified as the better looking of the two girls. She was taller and thinner about 5'10" and barely over 120. Though she was just 18 and in her senior year she had yet to develop any sort of curve. Her hair was long brown and straight with feathered bangs. She had fine features, defined check bones. She had large green doll like eyes and tended to wear too much eye make up. She would have the would have had the attention of the boys had it not been for her general awkwardness.

The house was on the right Christy could see it now, just the roof and Christy's pace quickened. When they finally got to the drive Jen was a full ten steps behind. The man stood in the drive with his garden hose in hand half way focused on his car as Christy made her way toward him.

"Well, look who it is. How are you guys today?" The man said.

"Good, Mike. I love your car." Christy said.

Mike stood next to an nearly new black German sedan. It appeared spotless but yet he was washing it.

"Thanks. It has been good to me so far. You can come over here and take a look if you want."

Christy grind giving the slightest shrug, pausing and then lunged forward toward the older man. Mike opened the driver's side door motioning her to sit down. Christy slid in hesitating with her legs parted, one in the car one out. Jen had arrived and stood on the drive in front of the car watching the naked flirtation. It was not long before Mike had invited them both inside.

The house was beautifully decorated if kind of sterile. White walls cold leather furniture. Large abstract paintings hung on the wall. The girls were offered a seat on the couch Jen sat close to Christy. Both girls breath was shallow anticipation of the unknown; fear and arousal. The room was air-conditioned and the cold leather felt wonderful on Christy's bare legs. She ran her hand over the soft leather as if it were more than just furniture hoping Mike would take notice.

Mike went into the Kitchen. He spoke from the other room, "Can I get you a drink?"

"Um, what do you have?" Christy Asked.

"White wine or I could make a cocktail. You are old enough right?" he knowingly added.

"I don't care make me something good. Jen will have the same too." Christy yelled.

Jen glared at Christy. Had she lost her mind Jen thought, how had they ended up in a strange mans house who was probably as old as the two of them put together. At the same time she knew Christy would be there whether or not she was and she figured she would be safer with two of them. And if she had really considered it there would have been another reason she would not yet admit to but on some level know quite well.

Mike brought the underage girl her drink and they preceded to talk, mostly mike asking questions about school or what ever else he could think of. Mike then decided remember his high school days they should play a game of truth or dare. Both girls thought it was a little strange but went along with it. It started with innocent questions about first kisses but soon got more serious. Sex as a subject was inevitable and once broached would not go away. Confessions became contagious. Jen had never had sex. Neither had Christy however she had once given a boy a hand job which she found quite exciting only he seemed to have no interest in pleasing her. Once they ruminated over masturbation, and general fantasizes. It was Jen who had come up with the dare. Had it some from Mike it might have been different. This was her friend though. It was innocent.

Christy stood up and flashing a mischievous grin slid her right hand down her stomach to her skirt button. With dramatic timing it fell open and the zipper was pulled down with a move to the right she riggled her slim hips back and forth until the tight garment hit the floor leaving her from the waist down in only a low slung cotton thong. It was white with fine back polka dots and a tiny pink bow in the front. Around the front the edges were scalloped white lace ruffles. It was exactly the kind of thing someone who is thirty and wanted to pretend to be jailbait might wear. She had got it at American Eagle a month before, too embarrassed to buy it from the cute boy behind the counter in the changing room and put it on over her panties and walked out.

"You are so fucking hot." Mike said.

This made Christy's knees nearly buckle. She reached for the floor and lowered her self she leaned back with her legs in front of her well aware of what she was doing. Jen was transfixed on her slim body. Christy felt waves radiating from her mid section she hadn't been this horny before. It was like something unnoticed in side had suddenly came to life. She was dizzy and her face burned sitting in front of her best friend and a hot guy in only a thong and bra.

Mike could see it right away. He stood up and moved towards the small figure lounged now on her right hip her. Christy did not speak as he scoop her from the floor in his arms lying her on the couch. Every touch of her skin sent a tingle to her brains most important areas which sent a message straight to her pussy. She rolled over the couch with her stomach down her tiny butt sticking up in the air two perfectly round spheres split by the thin strip of fabric. Mike unclasped her bra carefully sliding it forward off her pole thin arms.

She flipped to her back then laying flat now her tiny chest sticking proudly up. Two slight slopes cresting in broad bright pink tips.

"Christy, I know you want to fuck me" Mike announced.

"You do?" She seemed surprised.

"Yeah, I just want to make sure that you feel like you are ready for this. You are not that old. I know you probably have not done a lot like this before."

Christy looked down a wet circle about the size you her finger tip had formed on thin cloth that covered her, "I am sure I want to."

She had considered what it would be like to be naked in front of a boy and how embarrassing the idea seemed. Now though the whole equation had changed. Embarrassing did not enter into it. Her exposed skin was alive, every inch. And more than anything her pussy needed to be touched by the air.

Jen had been quietly watching not wanting to interrupt, not sure she could. She'd taken he shirt off to play along but had not wanted to go any further. Her comfort had not reached that of Christy's yet. She had not had much of her drink and though a bit aroused she was obviously not in as pure heat as Christy become. The further Christy's state had deteriorated thought Jen could feel her self being affected and she was not sure why.

Jen did not have the perfect body Christy did. Her waist was not as tiny, her butt did not stick up at attention, her skin was not and even rich white. She was little thicker and her belly had a slight paunch but it seemed cute on her. Her boobs was far bigger than Christy's they hung down mid was down her torso and swung slightly as she moved. In her bra they looked big for her age. Fully formed and separate. She had blond hair and an angular face with.

"Jen, are you okay? Mike asked.

She didn't respond transfixed on Christy.

"she's hot I know." She looked at him and smiled slightly. I am okay I guess she said as if it were a question.

"good" Mike said satisfied. "I want you both to have fun. Jen come over here with us."

As if hypnotized she stood up and moved next to him

She took Christy by both hands and pulled her up to her feet. She wobbled a bit and locked her knees so she would not collapse under her slight weight. Jen was not transfixed. She reached out grabbing the sides of Christy's tummy. Letting her hands fall on the waist band of Christy's panties. She looped her fingers over the top and pulled down slowly. Beneath though seeming impossible the skin was whiter. Pure. As the panties slip a sting like secretion was pulled from her pussy firmly attached to the crotch of her panties. She was bright red and dripping. It was like a newly opened wound. Christy let out a cooing not a moan more infant like "eooooh"

Her pussy was entirely clean beside what it dripped from the barley parted slit, shaven that morning. Christy had started a week ago. She had seen girls on the internet and thought guys liked it better so decoded she had better do the same.

"What do you want to do to her Jen?" Mike asked from his seat across the room.

"I don't know." She replied.

"You are both such beautiful girls you must have noticed that in each other before? Don't you think Christy is pretty?"

"uh . . .Yeah, of course." She replied.

"Don't you think she has an exquisite body?"

Jen had not ever consider staring at her friend like this before, naked, splayed out on the couch, slightly drunk but more intoxicated by her own arousal. Once when she was sleeping over Christy had stripped down to a pair of pink and white striped cotton panties. She seemed complete comfortable in front of Jen but Jen was completely out of sorts. Nearly unable to look at her in fear should would stare, or worse be unable to look away.

"Yes. It is perfect."

The girl looked tiny on the couch her pinched hips stuck out like knife blades. Her flat stomach fell into her pelvis, a dish from which protruded the ripe mound. Pure, plain and lovely skin nearly red looking as though it had touched nothing save her worn cotton panties. Her legs, her arms were tent poles. Her torso held up by exposed ribs covered by thin ribs.

Christy came to realize they were talking about her. She smiled at Jen say what she could not out loud. "I know you secret it is okay."

"Do you want to make love to her?" Mike asked.

Jen froze. Christy did not react.

"I think so." Jen said.

"Christy is it okay if Jen touches you?" Mike asked.

Christy nodded.

Mike moved behind Jen gently placing his had beneath her forearm. Pushing her hand forwarding and finding rest just beneath Christy's belly button. Her muscles tightened beneath the touch her skin had grown ultra sensitive. She was warm to the touch. Jen and Christy eyes had not left one another. Jen on her own power this time slid her had up Christy's torso, over her belly to her ribs between her small breasts and back down again this time down across her nipple down to her waist. Christy reacted with a low moan as her nipple was briefly stimulated.

Christy with all her strength sat up and pulled Jen closer who was now on her knees she was now between Christy's wide legs. Jen sank into her they met, bodies there mouths pressed against one another first lip then one moving down the neck and back. The moved quickly and slowly but together.

Christy had never considered a girl to be something desired in this way. She had been obsessed with a different boy it seemed every other week. She thought Jen was pretty but would never thought of actually kissing her but now she was. Her horniness had gotten the best of her. One some level she had suspected Jen was a lesbian.. She seemed only to have a sort of perfunctory interest in boys more than that their relationship had always been about more. This didn't matter though in the moment that was passing between them.

Instinctively Christy wrapped her legs around Jen as they embraced. Her obscenely swollen pussy pressed into Jen's belly. Warm and moist. The girls were locked for what could have been two minutes or two hours. There hands going further, new places, more stimulation.

When there was the briefest pause Mike who had been seated in his chair stood up putting his hands on both girls backs and said "why don't we go into the bedroom?"

Jen stood up not saying anything still taking in Christy's beauty. Christy looking up at mike with a child's eyes, "Okay, but I think you will have to carry me." She raised her arms. Mike scooped her scant body up like she were no more than a house cat.

Lowering her on the bed her first fanned her hair and the pushed her ankles apart. Jen was not a step behind. She fell on top. Jen was naked from the waist up but still had on here shorts. They were light blue cotton and exceedingly tight with the waist band rolled down once.

"Christy" Mike said with a serious tone "I think Jen should eat your pussy now. That means she is going to lick you. All around your pussy but mostly on your clit until you cum. You can just lay back and relax and not do a thing. Do you want her to do that to you?"

"I think so." Christy looked and Jen who's expression had not changed. "I have never had anyone do that to me before though. It seems kind of weird."

"Just relax and enjoy it" mike said.

He rested a hand on Christy's check and kissed her on the forehead. He nodded to Jen who moved forward like a cat on its prey. Her arms eased up to the thin girls chest, cupping each breast. Her face slid into place. The dripping pussy she had waited so long for this. She could feel a warmth coming off of the organ, engorged with so much blood. With her tongue she led starting at the furthest reaches of where her wetness had dripped to the tip of her clit.

The sound that escaped Christy was one of wonderful agony. Some where between a groan and scream. The noise seemed to only encourage Jen though. She went for a second pass. Mike was now not far away watching every hungry lap.

"How does that feel?" Mike asked.

"mmmm, Really nice. Mmm my it is making my belly and legs all ting . . .Ughhh." Jen had laid a direct blow to her click causing her to both lose concentration and the ability to speak.

From the beginning it was clear that Christy did not have the ability to last long. Her empty moaning betrayed how far gone she was. Jen expertly massage each breast squeeze and tweaking one nipple and then the other all while keeping a steady lap one Christy's raging clit. The only movement in Christy's body was the flexing of her abs and ass as she was obviously trying to bear down and reach orgasm. It was all instinct she hadn't an idea why she was doing it she just new it felt right.

To her credit Jen was able to control her pace allowing the ordeal for Christy to be extended longer that it seemed she would have liked. Jen face was buried in her pussy moving in unison with the mound as it rhythmically tried to grind into what every she could fine to get some relief.

The orgasm started with an extreme increase in her breathing her eyes clenched and head thrown back. Then a sudden and complete suasion; a high pitched but restrained girlie scream Jen began licking as fast as she could as together they rode out the all to brief moments.

In the end Christy lay dazed unfolded across the bed her wetness soaking into the sheets. Jen kept her spot her eyes still locked upon the source of Jens pleasure. She gently stroked it as to not over stimulate the spent girl but still to help bring her down slowly.

Outside it had just started to dim as the sun had set but none of them carried how late it was now. It was not the end but the continued satisfaction. Drinking still in the moments, continuing as it had started, it was quite but that was only right now. It had not needed to be said in the first place was less necessary now. Jen still petting Christy's sensitive pussy laid her head on the her stomach and lay there and time had seemed to stop..

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