tagErotic HorrorComing To Terms

Coming To Terms



His wrists and ankles were raw as he came to, the piercing bright light causing him physical pain. He moved his feet, and they tingled from being asleep. The room seemed to be at a cool sixty degrees. His bound wrists were attached to chains going up to the ceiling. His ankles were attached to individual chains which clamped to the floor. His arms and legs burned from standing and being chained up for some time. The light switched off, and a woman clad in leather walked in front of him. With a smile on her face, she came forward and kissed him full on the mouth. With her free hand, she caressed his naked chest. His mind swam from the kiss. What had led to his being bound by a dominatrix? She grabbed his hair, strands of spit separating from the sloppy kiss.

"You have been a bad boy, haven't you? Bad enough to end up here." She released his hair and his head sagged forward. The chains clanked overhead as he moved just a bit to try and comfort his burning arm muscles.

"We were trying to find out what to do with you, after you tried to come here and take what wasn't yours. That little stunt back in town was a bad idea. A bad idea, indeed. I'm willing to give you a little slack because you were just passing through, but what you did in the end. That just wont due." She turned to him, her leather mask with a open zipper for a mouth hole forcing her pale blue eyes to stand out, and smiled. With a flick of her wrist, she tore the mask off of her head and threw it behind her. A mane of red hear emerged.

"You like to kill your mate after fucking, is that it? A female black widow is known for doing this in the wild. It is quite prevalent in the spider community, actually. We at the club like to do that too, but the death is not as quick as the black widow exacts. Ours is grueling. Almost like torture. Well, it is torture, but the kind that gets us off. You know what I mean?" She came forward very quickly. The stench of sweat and perfume emanated from her.

"Just because I am not a complete animal, I will allow you one last chance to live this life the way you want. I have a girl that really doesn't mean that much to the club anymore, and I would like you to do what you do best. We have some first year club members that could learn something from you. Give a good show, and maybe the torture won't be so grueling. Scout's honor." She raised her hand and smiled. With grace, she walked over to a table in the shadows and grabbed a syringe.

"We can't take our chances letting you go, so this will help you relax. I actually invented it myself. It is a slow neurotoxin that paralyzes the body, but does not attack the part of the brain responsible for pleasure and pain. Also, for this specific dose, it blinds you. I can't have you seeing the club or anything you shouldn't. Just wouldn't be good for business." With that, she injected him with the serum. A few seconds later, it felt as if his body was tingling. He couldn't move his arms anymore, but he felt the coolness of the floor, and his raw wrists and ankles. A few men came into the room and began unchaining him. All the while, the redheaded dominatrix watched. Soon, his vision went black, but his ears heard various sounds.


Mike followed the girl around the corner as she led him back to her place. His dick was rock hard in his jeans, and he knew that the release was soon to come. The only problem was the preparation. He didn't have time to set up his tarps to catch any DNA that was going to fly. Regardless, the girl was adamant about him coming to her place. He had tried to insist, but then he remembered that she stayed a few doors down from his hotel. All he had to do was grab the lye and take care of the body. Within hours, there would be nothing left of what was about to happen. The other big factor was his missing pistol. He had tucked it in his waste band, but it had somehow disappeared. This had set him on edge, but he couldn't panic. This girl was into him, and he needed to have a release. As they neared her apartment, it almost became too much to bear. At the door they kissed deeply. As she opened the door, he noticed she didn't even use a key. Within seconds a rope was around his neck and he was pulled onto a bed. Three huge men wrapped tape around his ankles and wrists as another man held him just on the verge of suffocation. The girl smiled and did a little striptease for him as he blacked out.

Mike awoke again to a frigid splash of water that caused him to yell. The temperature felt as if it had been lowered just for that moment. He slowly began to move as a door slammed shut off in the darkness created by the overhead light. Then, a blonde pale girl stumbled into the light. He realized his hands and ankles were free from bondage. The girl stared at his naked body, her eyes going to his shriveled cock. As she continued to look at him, a hunger erupted in his chest. His cock rose like the phoenix, and he sat up as she came closer. Her breasts were small, but her skin was smooth like marble. As she kneeled in front of him, he put a hand to her face. She closed her eyes at the touch. He leaned forward and whispered to her.

"They are watching us. I don't know what is going on, but I think you and I can get out of here. Have you seen anything?" Her eyes went to his, and a smile stretched across her face.

"If we try to escape, they will kill us. She said I would get one last chance to show what I can do, and this is it. If I empress them, my death will be slow." Mike's face flushed. He grabbed her around the neck and slammed her on the floor. She bit her lip, and blood covered her white teeth. A smile was now permanently plastered on her face. Her legs locked around his naked waist and squeezed. He felt the air rush from his lungs. In a panicked motion, he tried to stand and slammed her back down. The floor showed a bloody spot where her head had hit the pavement.

"We can help each other, bitch!" He began to squeeze her throat, and her legs loosed. With all his strength, he slammed her into the ground. Her teeth clicked together, and in seconds she was out of his grip and on her feet. He tried to get to his feet, but she kicked him in the groin. A fire exploded from his balls, and he took a knee to try and fight the pain. It was an impossible battle. A small amount of vomit rose and he turned his head and puked. With the pain, an unquenchable anger rose. With a power he didn't know he possessed, he grabbed the girl's arm and snapped it at the elbow. She didn't smile as a gut wrenching moan escaped her lips. His cock stood at full attention as he grabbed her slender form and forced her to the ground. In moments, his throbbing member slid into her moist vagina. She moaned as he took her like an animal, not stopping even as he felt her vaginal muscles spasm from orgasm. He came at least four times before he couldn't fuck anymore. As he pulled his cock from her vagina, a string of cum hung off the tip of his cock. She lay there panting. Her eyes went to him, and he knew he had to finish the fight. She was in no shape to get up, seeing as he had plowed her like a field. Her broken arm hung limply as she tried to get to her feet. Mike's cock throbbed as he came forward to help her up. Her hand went to his face, and his heart sunk as he knew what he would have to do to finish the test. She nodded and closed her eyes. He grabbed her chin and snapped her neck. Her limp body fell to the floor. This was not as satisfying as his previous kills. The release was more carnal and less on his own terms. Behind him, a clapping sound began. Out from the shadows stepped the red headed dominatrix. She held a stun gun in one hand. Behind her emerged two muscled up gimps.

"Bravo, my friend. I hate that the girl gave you a little trouble. Looked like you had a good fuck, though. Well, I guess it is off to the final act. Don't mind my friends here. They are going to take care of all the heavy lifting. I really hope you are ready for what is coming next." With that she shot the stun gun at him. The electricity caused him to seize up and hit the ground. She held the trigger and smiled as the gimps stepped forward to take him to another part of the hellhole he was trapped in.


Mike came to again, bound to a doctor's gurney. His wrists and ankles were bound, and some type of cage was around the head of his cock. He was in a house of horrors because he heard sounds of torture going on in other rooms as he was wheeled into a room. The dominatrix watched as he was brought to a standing position in the gurney. Behind him, he heard a pole being put into place to prevent the gurney from moving forward or backwards. The dominatrix stepped into view and smiled, as she was prone to do.

"Now, my friend, comes something that you have most likely never experienced. My clients say that I can milk cum out of a rock, and they would be right. A man in my complete control can cum on cue. Since I believe in both pleasure and pain, I will give you a taste of both worlds." She grabbed a wire that was attached to the head of his cock, and hooked it to a small black box she held in her hand.

"First, we start slow." With that, an otherworldly vibration began on the head of his cock. It felt both painful and excellent at the same time. He couldn't stop from groaning. Within a few seconds, his cock was on fire.

"Then, we apply a little bit of juice." She turned it all the way up and Mike's body immediately tensed up. His cock felt like a live wire as he screamed. A few seconds later, his cock shot cum. She didn't stop the electricity, and he came again. It felt like he was coming lead bullet. His teeth clenched, and drool began to pool around the creases in his mouth. He couldn't scream as the electricity forced him to come a third time. It felt like liquid fire was erupting from his cock. He began to shake on the gurney as his cock readied to shoot cum a forth time.

"Milking cum from a rock. That is what they said. I figure you have one more in you, stud." His skin pricked like it was being attacked by bees. His cock felt like a raw nerve as his eyes rolled up in his head. His cock felt like someone had shoved a cactus inside of it and forced it out quickly. His teeth unclenched and he screamed. The electricity ceased and the dominatrix began to laugh.

"Five times, five levels of pain. I think you took that quite well. The next punishment may be the undoing of you, though." She reached to her left and pulled a lever. Then, she grabbed a device that had a wire she could also hook up to the black box. With care, she emptied a bottle of lubricant on the device and stepped forward. Mike was too spent to fight back as she put the device up his ass and then attached the wire to the box. With both devices attached, the stepped back and pushed a button. Overhead, a sprinkler turned on, immediately drenching him with water.

"This is most likely going to be our last conversation. The device on your cock is not meant to be played with in the water. The device in your ass warns against overstimulation. Either way, by electricity or bleeding, you will die. It really has been fun, but the club can't stand your existence. It threatens us." With that she turned the knob on the black box all the way to max. She put the device on the table, and turned to leave. The device in Mike's ass came to life and almost made him cum instantly. It must have been rubbing up against his prostate. Regardless, the cock cage made his raw cock feel like it was being pierced with needles. As he struggled against his restraints, one of the cuffs snapped off. This was all the opening he needed. Through the intense stimulating, he grabbed the cock cage and threw it away from him. He grabbed the probe out of his ass, and let it fall to the ground. Quickly, he undid his restraints. She turned just in time to feel Mike's strong hand around her neck. He smiled as she looked at him in fear.

"I would really love to try the goods before I damage them." He reached down and grabbed the probe. In seconds he was ripping her leather suit off. She screamed and tried to push him away. Her red pubic hair accented a very nice body. He held her down and grabbed the probe. With one rough motion, he plunged it into her vagina. She tried to push him away, but he held her by the neck, and plunged the probe in deeper. Tears streamed down her face as came hard. He pulled the probe out and plunged his own cock inside. It was raw, but he had someone to repay. Within seconds he and her came in unison. The release from his cock felt like a flamethrower. She was sobbing as he stepped away from her and dropped the probe.

"I won't kill you if you let them release me. All I want is to leave. You let me do this, and you will live." She tried to sit up, but he noticed she winced.

"Okay, just don't come back." She waved a hand and the doors opened from in the darkness revealing the outside. He reached down and grabbed the cock cage. It vibrated in his hand with electricity. He ripped it off of the wire, exposing a live wire. With a flick of his wrist, he threw the exposed wire into the water. It sparked, and the redhead began to spasm as she was electrocuted to death in the pool of water. He didn't stop until he was out in the sunshine and even then he didn't stop for long.

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