My dear Tonya,

As promised, here is the letter you've probably been waiting anxiously for over the past few days. You might have recognized the unusual envelope made from a recycled out-of-date geological map: This is the very same letter I mailed on the way to the airport to send you home.

But as I write this, you are still with me, in the living room. I can hear the vibrators, primarily the vibrator you're using to fuck your sweet pussy, because it suddenly gets quieter when you bury it deep inside you.

Thus far, this long weekend has been great. I have long liked you -- that should not be a surprise. The several years we've known each other online, the various letters and phone calls and small gifts, they've all been great, but it's been even better to actually have you visiting here, to actually be able to hug you tightly, to actually dominate you in person and not via IM or Webcam or phone. Selfishly, I hope that you get the job you interviewed for downtown yesterday, because I would love to get to know you even better over time, strengthening our friendship and, I hope, transform it into something more.

What form that something more could be, I don't yet know. If it's strictly friends with benefits, with me dominating you from time to time, that's fine with me. If it's a true Master/slave relationship, I would be honored to receive the gift of your submission. If it's a strictly romantic relationship, I would be happy as well.

For now, as I write this, I'm dominating you -- only somewhat "in person," since I'm in my den and you're on the living room floor using the two vibrators to keep yourself on edge. I'll admit that hearing you gasp and moan and breathe so heavily and hard is quite interesting for me. I'm hard, which is probably not a surprise to you at all. I'm waiting for the time when your willpower begins to crumble and you start to beg, your voice whining like that of a little girl who wants something her father won't let her have. I know you're not a little girl -- you definitely have womanly parts, and you definitely know how to use them to full effect -- but that's what you sound like when you're begging to cum.

Just a moment...

Much better. Hopefully you're enjoying having the penis gag now strapped to you. I know how much you love sucking cock -- and you are very good at it -- so I'm sure this is both somewhat helping to distract you from the power of the two vibrators and also frustrating you because you can't beg nearly as easily. I can still hear you, faintly, but I can hear the vibrators more clearly now.

One of the things I asked you to think about when we were out to dinner last night was what goals you'd want to achieve as a slave. Hopefully by the time you read this you will have given that more thought. I have some ideas for goals for you, but then if I impose them on you, they'll have a bit less meaning than if the goals come from your own mind and are goals which you truly want to achieve -- not for me, but for yourself. If you do move here and we do become Master and slave, I would be more than willing to try to help you achieve them all -- not all at once, but over time, guiding you step by step on that journey toward completing each of your goals. Perhaps it would take months or years. I've known Dom/sub couples who have taken over a decade to complete a single goal. Before you head back home, you will have met Derek and Cindi; it took Cindi eight years to finally be able to deepthroat Derek, and fifteen years to finally be able to stand 100 strikes of a cane without screaming and without being bound.

Another quick break...

Now I feel more satisfied. Hopefully you don't mind wearing my cum in your face and your hair. I must admit that seeing you in a fetal position continuing to hold a vibrator to your clit and fucking yourself with the other vibrator and hearing you trying to plead around the penis gag was wonderful! I should've brought out my digital camera for a picture so that you could see yourself later, plus it would've been a great picture for my desktop wallpaper. Hopefully now you feel somewhat used, even though I haven't even fucked you yet today -- you've been fucking yourself.

But now it's time to wrap this up with the promised command. Of course, I'll never truly know if you've obeyed this, but I know your mind and how you think and act, and you are so submissive that I'm almost completely confident that you will comply with this command to the letter (pun intended).

So, your command is to finally cum. Just one orgasm, since you've been denied ever since you first stepped foot in my home. You may cum once in the next fifteen minutes, and then that's it until you hear back from that company downtown. Once you get an acceptance or rejection from them, then you can cum whenever and however much you want.

I think it's time to frustrate you even more by taking away the vibrators and just holding you tightly as your body remains on edge for a while. As you can see, not all sadism involves actual pain.

- Randal

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