Committed Ch. 03


Her other hand was still moving the rabbit. Logan slowly moved back so that he wasn't touching her and marveled at the beautiful woman, his wife, now masturbating for him. She could stop at any moment, for he was not controlling her now. But she continued, a half smile on her face as she moaned and began to grind her wet cunt against the rabbit.

Adena was lost in the moment. Nothing was around her. Not Logan, not the bedroom, not the house... she focused only on her moment of pleasure. As her orgasm began to build, she thrust her hips and ground her pussy against the rabbit, wishing it was bigger. She wanted to feel her pussy being filled as it had the night before. Her fingers worked quickly on her nipple, pulling, tugging, enjoying. She moaned again and her breathing grew faster and she opened her mouth, panting.


She whimpered as she rounded the corner and the huge orgasm carried her past reasoning or understanding for the moment. Her legs bucked and her back arched. The hand that had been on her nipple was now grabbing the cover around her and her other hand continued to slowly move the rabbit, hoping for O two before O one had even completely finished.

Adena felt a shift on the bed and then the rabbit was moved. Her eyes opened to see Logan just inches from her as he moved into place. Sliding her down towards him, she felt his cock at the entrance to her pussy lips. He moaned and slid in a little and she found that her back arched to meet him.

Soon they were moving as one, his dick deep within her, his balls slapping as he thrust. His arms were around her, cradling her, and she wrapped her long, slender legs around his hips, helping him to go deeper.

The angle was perfect and he soon had her screaming as she experienced a g-spot orgasm that made the first O of the night seem tame. They came almost together, with him starting just seconds after she began screaming and begging him to keep going.

After both had been satisfied, they fell asleep, Logan holding her close.


Adena pulled herself from the memory. She was still standing on the outside of the house. Still trying to understand what brought her back. She had lived with Logan for three months before she finally devised a way to get away from him. He had treated her like a queen and she hated every moment of it. He had given her intense orgasms as well as made her learn many ways to pleasure herself for him. She had sworn that one day, he would pay for the abuse.

However, when she finally got away, she didn't even press charges. She couldn't bring herself to do it. She just wanted to forget it had all happened and walk away. Create a new life. And she did. She moved to a new state and began life again.

It had been almost a year since she had made her escape. She had dated a few guys, but none excited her. Adena knew she had probably scared one to death when she told him to punish her for not doing something that he had asked. The look on his face told her that he didn't understand, and never would. She found herself thinking of Logan. Adena wondered what he was doing and if he thought of her.

And, now, here she was, having come to town for a cousin's birthday, she stayed an extra day so that she could come back to this house.

The knob turned and Logan suddenly stood in front of her. He looked surprised, then smiled.

"My Angel. You are home. I knew you would come back."

He opened the door wider and stepped back.

Adena stepped inside and looked around. Things were more or less as she remembered.

"I was just preparing dinner. Put your things down on the couch and come help me."

Adena put her purse and jacket on the couch and walked to the kitchen entrance.

Logan moved past her and opened the refrigerator. Out came lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots and celery. Indicating all of the items he put on the bar, he looked over to Adena, who was still standing in the doorway.

"Make yourself useful, Angel. Make us a salad while I prepare the chicken."

"Make me."

Logan looked over to her. He tilted his head slightly and his eyes took in every detail about her. The flowing skirt and the feminine white shirt. It was cool out for her to be wearing those clothes.

"Angel, make us the salad."

Adena glared at him.

"Make me."

Logan smiled, then sighed.

"Adena, my Angel, you will learn that there is an easy way -- my preferred way -- and a hard way -- apparently your preferred way. However, in the end, I will have what I want."

He marched over to her and grabbed her wrist. She began to struggle against him. Yanking her hard, he pulled her close enough that he was able to give her a few good swats to her cheeks. He noticed how she arched her back as he raised his hand, giving him better access to her ass. He smiled again.

"I'm sorry, my love, but you will be punished until you do as I said."

Adena felt herself grow moist. She smiled. She was home.

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