tagHow ToCommon Errors Ch. 02

Common Errors Ch. 02


Errors occur every day in the manner in which words are used. Let's talk about some of the most common.


GOOD is an adjective and is used to provide description to a noun. Some examples are: The good boy always gets a reward or He settled into bed with a good book.

WELL is an adverb and is used to modify or lends description to adjectives, verbs and sometimes, other adverbs. An example is: She did well in the time trial.

However, there is a huge exception which is one of the most common errors and it has to do with how something or someone feels. Good should be used when describing how one feels, such as I feel good.


ITS is a pronoun and relates to the item that follows it. For example: The cat licked its fur or The tree loses its leaves in the fall.

IT'S is a contraction of the words, IT and IS or HAS. Any time you use this word, break it down into the two separate words and read your sentence. An example is: It's about time that you got here.


The word ADVICE is a noun and means to offer instruction. Some examples are: His advice saved them a lot of money or Nothing takes the place of good advice.

ADVISE is a verb and means the action of offering instruction. An example is: She is advising her client to remain silent or I advise you to accept his offer.


FARTHER is an adverb and generally means adding physical distance. The exit for Atlanta is just a bit farther down the road or The pen is farther down in my purse are examples.

FURTHER is an adverb that means adding depth. The police said that they wanted to talk further with her or Further discussion will have to take place before we sign the contract.


LOOSE is an adjective or a verb that means to release or free. Some examples are: All the boys knew she was loose or She felt so much better when she let her hair loose.

LOSE is a verb that means to not win. She did not want to lose to the other girl or To lose a game would mean losing the championship are some examples.


REIGN is a noun or verb and it means to rule. Some examples are: The king's reign was long and prosperous or She wanted to reign as wisely as her father had.

REIN is a noun or verb that means to pull back or a method to control or pull back. I had to rein in my jealousy after I found out that he was her brother or As the president, he took over the reins.


BREATHE is a verb and means the act of breathing or taking a breath. Some examples are: I went outside to breathe in the fresh air or 'Breathe Again' is a hit song by Toni Braxton.

BREATH is a noun and means to take an inhalation or exhalation of air. Some examples are: Her smile was like a breath of fresh air to him or She released her breath slowly, afraid to make any noise.


CLIQUE is a noun that signifies a group of people, usually with something in common or a common mindset, which are arrogant and stuck-up. A common example of the use of this word is: All the cheerleaders are in a clique and they don't like anyone else.

The word CLICK is often confused CLIQUE. It is a noun or a verb that implies a sound or a motion that creates a sound. I clicked my fingers in time with the music or The soft click told me that the door had closed are good examples of the correct use of this word.


A PRINCIPLE is a noun or a verb. In noun form, the word means a code or set of standards and in verb form, it would be used to show the application of the code or set of standards. It can also be used an adjective, describing someone or something that uses the code or set of standards to govern its existence.

Some examples would be: Tom Cruise believes in the principles of Scientology or He is a man that leads a very principled life.

We all know what a PRINCIPAL is. Just about everyone who went to school knows that the PRINCIPAL is the person who administrates the school. A PRINCIPAL is a noun and can also mean the person or thing that is the most important or has the highest stature. An example of its use is: Our principal is also an English teacher.

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"Hey, stud, you did well," is technically correct. But to Literotica readers expecting a more slangy (or even crude) style, the incorrect "Hey. stud, you did good," may resonate better. The yet moremore...

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